Press Release #18
July 11, 1997

A CIA Report to the US Congress on non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and advanced conventional weapons has been made public in Washington. It accuses Russia of alleged assistance in programs for creating weapons of mass destruction and their delivery systems conducted by some countries. In this regard we would like to state the following:

Russia has been strictly fulfilling its international commitments for nonproliferation of weapons of mass destruction and their missile delivery systems. It cooperates with foreign countries in strict conformity with the Russian legislation which is based on the guidelines of international export control regimes.

Russian export control system fully meets international standards. This has been repeatedly confirmed by high-ranking of many countries including the U.S.

With regard to the accusations put forward against Russia, the real state of affairs is as follows.

The Nuclear Area

Iran is a party to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. All its nuclear activities are conducted under the IAEA safeguards. Inspections undertaken by this agency have not revealed any violations by Iran of its international commitments. This country has a legitimate right to develop its national nuclear energy industry. And it is in this area that Russia provides its assistance to Teheran. Such cooperation has been and will be realized certainly in full compliance with all nuclear non-proliferation requirements.

Our cooperation with India is based on the Agreement on scientific and technological cooperation of January 12, 1979 and on the Agreement on cooperation to construct the "Kudankulam" nuclear power station of November 20, 1988. All deliveries are made under the IAEA supervision. As regards the IAEA full-scope safeguards it should be stated tat in accordance with Article 4 (C) of the Nuclear Suppliers Group Guidelines the application of this principle to the non-nuclear states does not extend to the agreements signed before April 3, 1992. Thus, our cooperation with India does not contradict Russia's international obligations.

There is no Russian nuclear exports to Pakistan whatsoever.

The Missile Area

Russia has not delivered to Iran any goods related to ballistic missiles. There is no Russian cooperation with Iran in the missile area that runs counter to the MTRC guidelines. The information obtained from a variety of sources about alleged violations by some Russian exporters of the national export control regulations has been investigated by the appropriate authorities, but no such facts have been revealed. We intend to continue following this issue in the future.

A similar situation exists with regard to Egypt. Russia has not delivered any ballistic missile equipment to this country in violation of its international obligations.

These are the facts. However, the release of such a report has not come as a surprise to us. There has been lately a noticeable increase in the activities of those forces in Washington that attempt to provoke a significant toughening of American policy toward Russia, not to mention their desire to prevent the process of putting the US-Russian relationship in line with the realities of the day. The most recent example that attests to this is the decision by the US Administration to tighten export control on sales of dual-use items to the Ministry of Atomic Energy, Arzamas-16 and Chelyabinsk 70. To achieve those objectives steps are being taken aimed to discredit Russian foreign policy and to cast doubts over our country's ability to fulfill its international commitments. The CIA report is yet another link in this campaign.