No. 558-97
IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 21, 1997 (703)697-5737(public/industry)


Gen. Eugene E. Habiger, U.S. Air Force, commander in chief, U.S. Strategic Command, will be visiting senior members of the Russian Strategic Rocket Forces (SRF) at the invitation of Gen. Col. V. N. Yakovlev, commander in chief, Russian SRF. The visit will occur betweenOctober 22-28, 1997 as part of the continuing military-to-military contact program sponsored under the Nunn-Lugar Cooperative Threat Reduction Program.

This is Habiger's second visit, but it is the third visit for a U.S. Strategic Command CINC. While there, Habiger will meet with senior leaders in Moscow and elsewhere and visit a number of facilities. Among the sites he will visit are: a SRF Reserve Command Post in Balabanovo; Valadimir Missile Army Headquarters; a SS-25 Division in Tejkovo; and a SS-24 rail garrison Kostroma. At each of these sites, Habiger will receive orientations and briefings on Russian SRF organization, systems and operations.

This is part of a long-running program that has helped increase stability by fostering trust and understanding between our respective strategic forces.

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