Whom Does the Mysterious 'Chernobyl-2' Serve?

Kiev VECHIRNIY KYYIV, 12 Apr 96 p 2
by Yuriy Samoylov

There is probably no one on earth who has not heard anything about Chernobyl. But there are much fewer people who are familiar with the name "Chernobyl-2." What is more, this facility seems to have nothing to do with the ChAES [Chernobyl power station] and was named strictly due to geographical considerations... In the extremely contaminated stretch of the 30-km [exclusion] zone, there is a former space communications station and a government communications line running at a distance of less than 10 km from the operational Chernobyl reactors and the infamous sarcophagus. But is the station really former? Just as all other facilities of this kind which used to be subordinated to the Defense Ministry of the USSR, "Chernobyl-2" had the status of a super secret facility in Soviet times. However, it seems to continue to have this status because no senior official from the Ukrainian Defense Ministry leadership, the Chernobyl power plant, or the MNTK [expansion unknown] "Prypyat" have as yet informed the public or people's deputies about who and for what purpose is presently using the facility named "Chernobyl-2". However, the Committee for the Protection of State Secrets said that the facility is not protected by a state secret.

Oleksandr Lalak, deputy of the Kiev Council and head of the Independent Association of Ukrainian Servicemen (NPVU), sought answers for the above questions when he made a tour around the "secret" facility accompanied by NVPU members Mykola Boyko, Anatoliy Murachov, and Viktor Sidletskyy. Unfortunately, a comprehensive inspection of all four technical zones proved impossible -- ostensibly because of the absence of a competent person. Moreover, when the inspection team went to the No. 3 technical zone, a group of very hostile people emerged out of nowhere. By the way, they had two-headed [Russian] eagles shining on their service caps.... Because the aggressive strangers were more numerous, the group had to leave zone No. 3. Incidentally, the chief of the secret part of "Chernobyl-2" was not surprised by this incident. Nor did he provide any explanations. Besides, Oleksandr Lalak's group was watched from several automobiles whose license plates were deliberately stained with mud....

The investigation revealed that the facility's ground equipment is completely destroyed. This is shown in the pictures that Mr. Lalak gave our newspaper along with documents about the inspection of "Chernobyl-2." On the other hand, the inspection group has established that antennas of the horizon radar complex [zahoryzontnyy radiolokatsiynyy kompleks] and the space communications system "Kruh" remain operational. Second, the facility employees confirmed that the biological antenna and the laser interferometric graviton, also operational, actually exist in zones No. 3 and 4. However, these two facilities are maintained and protected by certain subunits which have nothing to do with MNTK "Prypyat" or the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

Summing up the inspection's evidence and certain well- known facts, we have to draw a sad conclusion. After all, as early as in 1972, the Soviet Union and the United States signed the "Brilliant Bable" [preceding name rendered in English; as published] treaty on joint efforts in the plasma antirocket defense sphere. Last year, that treaty was unilaterally cancelled by the United States because the Soviet Union, and then Russia, failed to make good on many of its provisions on the exchange of technological information. To make it more simple, the USSR used American research results to develop defense systems against American missiles.... This is the reason why zones similar to the "Chernobyl-2" were set up in the USSR. They have no analogues anywhere in the world....

According to some evidence, there are six zones of this kind in Ukraine alone. Hence, American missiles must be aimed at such zones. Considering the fact that modern missiles have cluster warheads which are designed to spread destruction along the ground, it is easy to imagine what will happen after a "preemptive" strike of an American missile on "Chernobyl-2." After all, the operational ChAES reactors are at a stone's throw....

Meanwhile, the whole facility is continuing to operate for someone. Not for Ukraine, Oleksandr Lalak believes. And all this on the territory of a sovereign state which declared its neutrality six years ago, let alone the fact that this facility consumes a great deal of energy -- which is also Ukrainian property. Perhaps the time has come for broad social circles to learn for whom the mysterious "Chernobyl-2" really works?

Editorial Postscript: Our paper raised the issue of the "Chernobyl-2" facility several times; in particular, its connection with the research on psychotronic weapons. They looked at us as if we were kooks; or, they lied, saying that nothing of the kind ever existed. Will the reaction be similar this time? We are waiting for relevant institutions, primarily the Ukrainian Security Service and Defense Ministry, to provide their explanations.