Russian-Leased Missile Center Poses Environmental Threat

Minsk BELAPAN 13 Mar 95

As is generally known, in accordance with the Belarusian-Russian agreements signed on January 6, Russia will keep its military establishments near Baranavichy and Vileyka for the next 25 years. In the opinion of experts, which was supported by the parliamentary opposition, the unfinished center for missile attack notification, situated 10 kilometres from the town of Hantsevichy in the Brest region -- the Baranavichy Centre -- will be a serious danger to the environment from the ecological point of view when it is commissioned. In this regard the parliament decided to send its representatives to Krasnoyarsk where there is an analogous establishment. However it became known that the establishment at Krasnoyarsk had been closed as, in experts' opinion, it had been constructed with technological defects. Nevertheless, the other day the Embassy of Latvia submitted to the Supreme Soviet a package of documents concerning the functioning of the radio-locating station at Skrunda, which is also analogous to the Baranavichy Centre. The inhabitants of this Latvian town achieved the closing of the station as in June last year scientists from Israel, Sweden, Russia and other countries proved the harmful effect of electromagnetic waves on the human organism at an international conference in Riga. The chairman of the Supreme Soviet committee for ecology Barys Savitski pointed out in an interview with a BELAPAN correspondent that they had already started studying the documents, and, most likely, their conclusions would be known to the MP's before March 20, the day the Belarusian parliament resumes its plenary sittings.