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E1 2.048 Mbps
EA Engagement Areas
Electronic Attack (Formerly ECM)
Executive Agent
EAC Echelons Above Corps
EACIC Echelons Above Corps Intelligence Center
EAF Expeditionary Air Field
EAM Emergency Action Message
EAP Emergency Action Plan
EASTLANT Eastern Atlantic
EASTPAC Eastern Pacific
EC Electronic Combat (Air Force)
ECAC Electromagnetic Compatibility and Analysis Center
ECAX Enhanced Combined Arms Exercise
ECB Echelons Corps and Below
ECC European Communist Countries
Error Correcting Code
ECCM Electronic Counter-Countermeasures (Now EP)
EC&D Electromagnetic Cover and Deception
ECIT Enhanced Communications Interface Terminal
ECM Electronic Countermeasures (Now EA)
ECMA European Computer Manufacturers' Association
ECMO Electronic Countermeasures Operator or Officer
ECP Entry Control Point
Engineering Change Proposal
ECU Emitter Classification Unit
Environmental Control Unit
EDD Estimated Departure Date or Earliest Delivery Date
EDL Equipment Density List
EDM Engineering Development Model
EDP Emergency Destruction Plan
EDS Electronic Distribution System
E&E Escape & Evasion
E3 Electromagnetic Environmental Effects
End-to-End Encryption
EEFI Essential Elements of Friendly Information
EEC European Economic Community
EEI Essential Elements of Information
EENT Ending of Evening Nautical Twilight
EEOB Enemy Electronic Order of Battle
EEP Estimated Error of Probability
EEPROM Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory
EFC Executive Function Commands
EFD Executive Function Data
E-FOG-M Enhanced Fiber-Optic Guided Missile
EFTO Encrypted For Transmission Only
EFVS Electronic Fighting Vehicle System
EGRAM Electrogram
EHF Extremely High Frequency
EIA Electronics Industry Association
EIC Electronic Imaging Center (USAF)
EID Electronic Identification
EIDS Electronic Information Delivery System
EIRP Effective Isotropic Radiated Power (satcom)
EIS Enhances Imagery System
EJ Escort Jamming
EKMS Electronic Key Management System
ELD Emitter Location Data
ELF Extremely Low Frequency
ELINT Electronic Intelligence
ELS Emitter Location System
ELSEC Electronics Security
ELT Electric Light Table
ELVIS Enhanced Linked Virtual Information System
EM Electromagnetic
Electronic Maintenance
Enlisted (Service) Member
E-MAIL Electronic Mail
EMC Electromagnetic Capability
EMCON Emission Control
EMF Electromagnetic Field
EMI Electro-Magnetic Interference
EMID Electromagnetic Intrusion Detector
EMLOC Emitter Location
EMLP Expandable, Multi-Link Processor
EMP Electromagnetic Pulse
EMPSKED Employment Schedule (USMC)
EMSEC Emission Security
Emanation Security
EMTI Enhanced Moving Target Indicator
EMUT Enhanced MANPAC UHF/VHF Terminal (AN/PSC-5)
EMV Electromagnetic Vulnerability
EN Electronic Notebook
ENTICED Enhanced National Tactical Imagery & COMINT Externals Dissemination
ENWGS Enhanced Naval Warfare Gaming System
EO Electro-Optics
End Office
EOB Electronic Order of Battle
EOC Electro-Optical Countermeasures
EOD Explosive Ordinance Disposal
EOM End of Mission/Message
EOT End of Transmission
EP Electronic Protection (Formerly ECCM)/
Electronic Publishing
EPB Electronics Publishing Board
EPDS Electronic Processing & Dissemination System
EPL Electronic Parameter List
ELINT Parameter List
EPLIS Enhanced PLRS Interface Segment
EPLRS Enhanced Position Location Reporting System
EPROM Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory
EPS Encapsulated Postscript
EPSCS Enhanced Private Switched Communications Service
EPUU Enhanced PLRS User Units
EPW Enemy Prisoner of War
ER Electronics Reconnaissance
ERB Engineering Review Board
ERDAS Earth Resources Data Analysis System
ERIM Electronic Reconnaissance Intercept Message (TERPES Generated)
ERIR Electronic Reconnaissance Intercept Report (TERPES Generated)
ERMAR Electronic Reconnaissance Mission Analysis Report (TERPES)
ERO Equipment Repair Order
EROSAT Ocean Reconnaissance Electronic Intelligence Satellite (CIS)
ERP Effective Radiated Power
ERW Enhanced Radiation Weapon
ES Electronic Warfare Support (Formerly ESM)
Exploitation Support
ESC Electronics Security Command (Air Force) Now AFIC
ESD Exploitation Support Data
ESF Extended Superframe Formatted
ESJ Escort Jamming
ESM Electronic Warfare Support Measures
Electronic Support Measures
ESP Exploitation of Signals Parametrics
Electronics Signals Parameters
ESR Exercise Support Request
ESS ELINT Support System
Electronic Security Squadron
ESSM Electronic Shop, Shelter-Mounted
ESTS ELINT Satellite Tasking Summary
ET Earth Terminal
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival
ETB Exercise and Training Branch
ETC Expected Target Coverage
ETIBS Enhanced Tactical Information Broadcast Service
ETP Extended Tether Program
ETRAC Enhanced Tactical Radar Correlator
ETU Encoder Transmission Unit
ETUT Enhanced Tactical User's Terminal (ELINT- related [Army])
EUCE End-User Computer Equipment
EUCOM European Command
EW Electronic Warfare
Early Warning
EWC Electronic Warfare Coordinator
EWCAS Electronic Warfare (During) Close Air Support
EWCC Electronic Warfare Coordination Center (Army)
EWCS Electronic Warfare Control System
EWIR Electronic Warfare Information Requirements
EWISP Expeditionary Warfare Intelligence Support Products
EWO Electronic Warfare Officer
EWPE Electronic Warfare Preprocessing Elements (USAF)
EWR Early Warning RADAR
EWS Electronic Warfare Support
EWSM Electronic Warfare Support Measure (More Commonly-ESM)
EWTG Expeditionary Warfare Training Group (Formerly LFTC) (PAC & LANT)
EXCAP Expanded Capabilities (EA-6B)
EXDRONE Expendable Drone (COMM Jammer)
EXES Exploitation Engineers
EXFACTS Expeditionary Factors
EXJAM Expendable Jammer
EXPLAN Exercise Plan
EXRAND Exploitation Research and Development (Working Group)
EXSCHED Exercise Schedule

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