Index Military Acronyms, Initialisms, and Abbreviations

Y 1yes, 2aircraft symbol – prototype, 3emergency command precedence symbol, 4[JP 1-02] search and rescue unit (SRU) error

Y2K Year 2000

Y2KWG Year 2000 working group

YA yet another

YAA yet another addition

YABA yet another bloody acronym

YACC Young Adult Conservation Corps

YAFIYGI you asked for it, you got it

YAG miscellaneous auxiliary service craft

YAHOO Yet Another Hierarchically Officious Oracle [Internet search engine]

YAM Yet Another Modem [Omen Technology]

YC [USN] open car lighter

YCF [USN] car float

YCV [USN] aircraft transportation lighter

YD floating crane

YDT diving tender

YE [FM 101-5-1] Yemen

YF [USN] covered lighter (self propelled)

YFB ferry boat or launch

YFD yard floating dry dock

YFN [USN] covered lighter (non-self propelled)

YFNB [USN] large covered lighter

YFND dry dock companion craft

YFNX [USN] lighter (special-purpose)

YFP floating power barge

YFRN [USN] refrigerated covered lighter

YFRT [USN] range tender

YFU harbor utility craft

YGN [USN] garbage lighter

YIL yellow indicating light

YLC [USN] salvage lift crane

YM dredge (self propelled)

YMN dredge (non-self propelled)

YN [USN] yeoman (secretary-type)

YNG [USN] gate craft

YO fuel oil barge (self propelled)

YOB [AR 310-50] year of birth

YOC [AR 310-50] Youth Opportunity Corps

YOG gasoline barge (self propelled)

YON gasoline barge (non-self propelled)

YOP Youth Opportunity Program

YOS oil storage barge (non-self propelled)

YP 1[USN] patrol craft (training), 2[AR 310-50] yield point (psi)ield point

YPD floating pile driver

YPG Yuma Proving Grounds [AZ]

YR 1floating workshop, 2[JP 1-02] year

YRB repair and berthing barge

YRBM repair, berthing, and messing barge

YRDH floating dry dock workshop (hull)

YRDM floating dry dock workshop (machine)

YRR radiological repair barge

YRST salvage craft tender

YS 1yield strength, 2[AR 310-50] yardstick, 3[AR 310-50] yield strength (psi)

YSF yield safety factor

YSLF yield strength load factor

YSR 1sludge removal barge, 2[USN] seaplane wrecking derrick

YTB [USN] large harbor tug

YTD year to date

YTL small harbor tug

YTM medium harbor tug

YTT torpedo trials craft

YU [FM 101-5-1] Serbia and Montenegro Federal Republic

YW water barge (self propelled)

YWN water barge (non-self propelled)

YYDDD year/Julian day

YYMMDD year, month, and day