Index Military Acronyms, Initialisms, and Abbreviations

v [JP 1-02] velocity of target drift

V 1volts, 2vertical, 3electronic tube, 4voltmeter, 5vacuum tube, 6aircraft symbol- staff (VIP) or VSTOL/VTOL, 7[FM 101-5-1] veterinary (graphics), 8[JP 1-02] sector pattern, 9[JP 1-02] SRU ground speed

V&V validation and verification

V-22A Osprey

V-MAN vehicle management

V.FC version.first class (communications standard)

V/D voice/data

V/F voltage to frequency

V/G variable geometry

V/m volt per meter [unit of picofarad electric field strength]

V/mil volt per mil

V/STOL vertical/short takeoff and landing aircraft

V/T voltage limited/temperature compensated

VA 1value analysis, 2Veterans Administration, 3Virginia, 4vital area, 5volt-ampere, 6virtual address, 7USN attack squadron, 8variance analysis, 9visual aid, 10[JP 1-02] vulnerability assessment

VAAP [AR 310-50] Volunteer Army Ammunition Plant

VAB voice answer back

Vac volts alternating current [preferred]

VAC 1volts alternating current, 2vector analog computer, 3variance at completion

VAD value added dealer

VADC voice analyzer and data converter

VADD value added disk driver

VADE versatile auto data exchange

VADM [AR 310-50] vice admiral

VADS Vulcan Air Defense System

VADSL very-high-rate asymmetric digital subscriber line

VAEP variable, attributes, error propagation

VAES voice-activated electronic system

VAH [AR 310-50] Veterans Administration hospital

VAID variable air inlet duct

VAK tactical aerial refueling squadron

VAL 1validated, 2value, 3USN light attack squadron, 4voice application language, 5Vulnerability Assessment Laboratory (Army), 6visit authorization letter

VALIDATE vulnerability and lethality improvement and demonstration for tanned

VALSAS variable length word symbolic assembly system

VAM 1vector airborne magnetometer, 2voltammeter, 3virtual access method, 4vertical angle measurement

VAMOS [AR 310-50] verified additional military occupational specialty

VAMOSC visibility and management of operating and support costs

VAMP 1vector arithmetic multiprocessor, 2visual-acoustic-magnetic pressure

VAN value-added network

VANWACE [AR 310-50] Vulnerability Analysis of Nuclear Weapons In Allied Command, Europe

VAP value added process [Novell]

VAPI virtual application programming interface

VAQ 1USN tactical electronic warfare squadron, 2visiting airman quarters

var volt-ampere reactive

VAR 1visual aural range, 2value added reseller, 3value added retailer, 4variable

varAD varying radiation

VARCS vehicle application and replacement categorical system

varHM var-hour meter

vari [AR 310-50] varityper

varISTOR variable resistor

VARITRAN variable-voltage transformer

VARR 1variable range reflector, 2visual aural radio range

VARS vertical azimuth reference system

VARVAL [JP 1-02] vessel arrival data, list of vessels available to marine safety offices and captains of the port

VAS 1vehicle allocation and summary (MAC), 2visual augmentation system, 3voice-activated system, 4value added service

VASCAR visual average speed computer and recorder

VASG VHDL analysis and standardization group

VASI visual approach slope indicator

VASIS visual approach slope indicator system

VASRD [AR 310-50] Veterans Administration Schedule for Rating Disabilities

VASS visual analysis subsystem

VAST 1versatile automatic specification tester, 2variable array storage technology, 3versatile avionics shop test

VAT 1voice-activated typewriter, 2virtual address translator, 3video audio tool, 4validation assessment team

VAT B [JP 1-02] (weather) visibility (in miles), amount (of clouds, in eighths), (height of cloud) top (in thousands of feet), (height of cloud) base (in thousands of feet)

VATE versatile automatic test equipment

VATLS [AR 310-50] visual airborne target locator system

VATS vibration analysis test set

VAUB vehicle authorization utilization board

VAUO vehicle authorization utilization officer

VAW [USN] carrier airborne early warning squadron

VAX 1virtual access extended [DEC], 2virtual address extension

VAX/VMS virtual address extension/virtual memory system [DEC]

VB 1variable block, 2vertical bomb, 3Visual Basic [Microsoft]

VBA 11vibrating beam accelerometer, 2Visual Basic for Applications [Microsoft]

VBD voice band data

VBE VGA standard BIOS extensions

VBE/AI VESA BIOS extension/audio interface

VBF USN fighter-bomber squadron

VBI vital bus inverter

VBITS Video Based Information Transmission System (FORSCOM)

VBM volatile bulk memory

vBNS very high speed backbone network service [MCI & NSF]

VBR variable bit rate

VBRUN Visual Basic runtime

VBSS [JP 3-07.3] visit, board, search, and seizure

Vc design cruise speed

VC 1vector control, 2voice coil, 3[USN] fleet composite squadron, 4virtual call (X25), 5Veterinary Corps, 6variable cost

VC/L vehicle container/launcher (UAV)

VCASS visually coupled airborne systems simulator

VCATS Visually Coupled Acquisition and Targeting System

VCC 1voice control center, 2virtual channel connection, 3voice communication control system, 4[JP 1-02] voice communications circuit

VCCS voltage-controlled current source

VCD 1variable capacitance diode, 2virtual communications driver

VCDS voice communications distribution system

VCF voltage-controlled frequency

VCG vertical location of the center of gravity

VCI virtual channel identifier

VCID voice-controlled interactive device

VCJCS Vice Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff

VCL 1vertical center line, 2visual component library, 3Visual Computing Library [Borland]

VCM 1version compatibility matrix, 2visual countermeasures

VCNO Vice Chief of Naval Operations

VCNOG [CJCSI 3410.01] Vice Chairman, Nuclear Operations Group

VCO 1voltage-controlled oscillator, 2vehicle control officer

VCOPG [CJCSI 3410.01] Vice Chairman, Operations Planners Group

VCOS Visual Caching Operating System [AT&T]

VCP 1vehicle control point, 2visual control position, 3vehicle control program, 4[AR 310-50] vehicle collecting point

VCPI virtual control program interface

VCR video cassette recorder

VCRM verification cross reference matrix

VCS 1visually coupled system, 2vehicle control system, 3versatile console system, 4video camera system, 5virtual command sphere, 6visual control station, 7voice communication system, 8virtual circuit switch

VCSA Vice Chief of Staff of the Army

VCSAF Vice Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force

VCNO Vice Chief of Naval Operations

VCT voltage control transfer

VCU vehicular communication unit

VCXO 1[JP 1-02] voltage controlled crystal oscillator, 2[JP 1-02] voltage controlled oscillator

Vd maximum dive speed

VD 1voltage drop, 2[AR 310-50] venereal disease

VDAC video display-controller

VDAM virtual data access method

VDAS vibration data acquisition system

Vdc volts direct current

VDC 1virtual device coordinates, 2volts direct current

VDD 1virtual device driver, 2version description document, 3vehicle detection device

VDDM virtual device driver manager

VDE 1video display editor, 2visual development environment

VDET voltage detector

VDEV [AR 310-50] "V" Device

VDF 1VHF direction finding (station), 2video frequency

VDI virtual device interface

vdiff visual difference.

VDIG vertical display indicator group

VDISK virtual disk

VDM virtual DOS machine [IBM]

VDMAD virtual direct memory access device [Microsoft]

VDP 1video display processor, 2vertical data processing, 3vehicle down for parts, 4validation demonstration phase

VDR 1voltage-dependent resistor, 2[JP 1-02] voice digitization rate

VDRA voice and data recording auxiliary

VDRT visual display research tool

VDS 1vehicular data system, 2variable depth sonar, 3virtual DMA services, 4variable depth sonar (USN)

VDSD [JP 1-02] visual distress signaling device

VDSI video distribution subsystem Interface (USSPACECOM)

VDSL very-high-data-rate digital subscriber line

VDT 1video dial tone, 2video display terminal, 3virtual dumb terminal, 4video display tube

VDU 1video display unit, 2visual display unit

VDUC 1[JP 1-02] visual display unit controller

VE value engineering, 2[FM 101-5-1] Venezuela

VEA 1validation and edit acceptance, 2validation edit addition

VEB variable elevation beam

VEC value engineering coordinator

VECI vehicular equipment complement index

VECO vernier engine cutoff

VECOS vehicular checkout set

VECP value engineering change proposal

VECTA virtual environment configurable training aid

VEFCO vertient functional checkout

VEGA Video-7 Enhanced Graphics Adapter [Video-7, Inc.]

VEH 1[JP 1-02] vehicular cargo, 2[JP 1-02] vehicle

VEI value engineering incentive

vel [AR 310-50] velocity

VEL [AR 310-50] variable enlistment legislation

VELF velocity filter

VEM vasoexcitor material

VEMM virtual expanded memory manager

VEMMI versatile multimedia interface

VEP value engineering proposal

VEPIS vocational education program information system

VEPM value engineering program manager

VEPR value engineering program requirement

VEQ [AR 310-50] visiting enlisted quarters

VER 1verify, 2version

VERNITRAC vernier tracking by automatic correlation

Veronica Very Easy Rodent-Oriented Net-Wide Index to Computer Archives [Internet]

VERR verify read access

VERRP Voluntary Early Release and Retirement Program

VERS versed sine

VERT venture evaluation review technique

VERTREP vertical replenishment [helicopter transport of supplies to warships]

VERW verify write access

VESA Video Electronics Standards Association

VESP value engineering study proposal

VESS vehicular smoke system

vet 1[AR 310-50] veteran, 2[AR 310-50] veterinary

VET [AR 310-50] verbal test

Vetronics vehicle electronics

VEV voice excited voicecoder

VEX voice encryption accessory

VF 1voice frequency (30 – 300 MHz), 2variable frequency, 3video frequency, 4[USN] fighter squadron, 5virtual floppy

VFA [USN] strike-fighter squadron

VFAS Vertical Force Accounting System (Army)

VFAT virtual file allocation table

VFC 1voltage-to-frequency converter, 2USN fighter composite squadron

VFCT voice frequency carrier telegraph

VFD vacuum fluorescent display

VFDMIS Vertical Force Deployment Management Information System (Army)

VFFH very fast frequency hopping

VFGH [AR 310-50] Valley Forge General Hospital

VFK variable function key

VFMED variable format message entry device

VFMP Vehicle Fleet Management Program (Army)

VFO variable frequency oscillator

VFP USN photo-reconnaissance squadron

VFR [AR 310-50] visual flight rules

Vfr/VFR visual flight rules

VFTG 1voice frequency telegraph group, 2[JP 1-02] voice frequency telegraph, 3[AR 310-50] voice frequency telegraph terminal

VFU vertical format unit

VFW video for Windows [Microsoft]

VG 1variable geometry, 2vertical gyro, 3very good

VGA video graphics array

VGAS Vertical Gun for Advanced Ships (Navy)

VGC video graphics controller

VGG visual graphics generator

VGH velocity, gust, height

VGPI visual glide path indicator

VGSA visitor group security agreement

VHA 1variable housing allowance, 2[AR 310-50] very high altitude

VHD video high density

VHDL 1VHSIC Hardware Description Language, 2very high density logic

VHDU visual hand copy display unit

VHF very high frequency

VHFDF very high frequency direction finder

VHM virtual hardware monitor

VHS 1video home system, 2very high speed, 3virtual host storage

VHSIC very high speed integrated circuit

VI 1visual information, 2Virgin Islands, 3Visual Interactive (editor) [UNIX], 4visual identification mode

VIABLE Vertical Installation Automated Baseline System (Army)

vic vicinity

VIC 1Vector-in-command model [simulation module], 2variable instruction computer, 3visibility of intransit cargo (Army), 4vulnerability/incident control

VICD vendor item control drawing

VICE [JP 1-02] advice

VICTORS Variable intensity Computerized Training System

VID 1virtual image display, 2visual identification

VIDAC visual information display and control

VIDAMP video amplifier

VIDAT visual data acquisition

VIDF video frequency

VIDOC visual information documentation

VIDSMAF visual information distribution system multi action forum

VIE virtual information environment

VIEP visual information equipment plan

VIF 1virtual interface, 2virtual interrupt flag

VIFF vectoring in forward flight

VIM 1vendor independent mail, 2vendor independent messaging, 3video interface module

VIMIS vertically integrated metal insulated semiconductor

VIMOS vibration and noise monitoring system

VIMS Vehicle Integrated Management System (USAF)

VINES virtual networking system [Banyan]

VINSON family of tactical secure voice equipment (e.g., KY58)

VINT video integration

VIO 1video input/output, 2virtual input/output

ViP visual programming [Lotus]

VIP 1variable information processing, 2visual information projection, 3video information processor, 4very important person, 5vehicle improvement program, 6video information provider, 7virtual interrupt pending, 8visual information processor (Honeywell)

VIPER 1video processing and electrical reduction, 2verifiable integrated processor for enhanced reliability, 3[JP 1-02] vertical takeoff and landing integrated platform for extended reconnaissance

VIPP variable information processing process

VIPR versatile intelligence portable receiver

VIPS voice interruption priority system

VIQ variation in quantity

VIR vulnerability/incident report

VIRIN VI record identification number

VIRNS velocity inertia radar navigation system

vis 1[AR 310-50] visibility, 2[AR 310-50] visual

VIS 1visual information specialist, 2visual instruction set [Sun], 3voice information system, 4video information system [Tandy], 5virtual instruction set [Sun], 6voice interactive system

VISA [JP 4-01.2] voluntary intermodal shipping agreement

VISC visual information support center

VISIT visual survey of infantry troops

VISMOD visual modification

VISTA 1very intelligent surveillance and target acquisition, 2Variable In-flight Stability Simulator Test Aircraft [a modified F-16], 3visual imagery simulation training aid, 4visualization of intelligence supporting three-dimensional analysis

VITAL variably initialized translator for algorithmic languages

VITD vector interim terrain data

VITS 1vertical interval test signal, 2VHDL initiative toward ASIC Library

VJ HEADER Van Jacobsen Header (compression) [UNIX]

VL 1video logic, 2vertical landing

VL-bus (or VL-BUS) VESA local-bus

VLA 1very large array, 2vertical launched ASROC, 3very low altitude, 4[JP 1-02] visual landing aid

VLAGES Very Low Altitude Gravity Extraction System

VLAN virtual local area network

VLASROC vertical launch anti-submarine rocket (USN)

VLB VESA local bus

VLBI very long baseline interferometry

VLC variable length code

VLCS voltage logic, current switching

VLD variable-length decoder

VLED visible light-emitting diodes

VLF 1variable field length, 2very low frequency (3 to 30 kHz), 3very long range, 4very large format

VLI variable length integer

VLINK visited link [HTML]

VLIW very large instruction word

VLM virtual loadable module

VLO very low observable

VLR 1very long range, 2[JP 1-02] very-long-range aircraft, 3[AR 310-50] very long range

VLS vertical launch system

VLSI very large scale integration

VLSIC very large scale integrated circuit

VLSIPS very large scale immobilized polymer synthesis

VLSISC very large scale integration socketing capability

VLSTRACK vapor, liquid and solid tracking

VLVS voltage-logic, voltage switching

VLT variable list table

VM 1velocity modulation, 2virtual machine, 3voltmeter, 4virtual memory

VM/SP virtual machine/system product

VMA 1[USMC] attack squadron, 2virtual memory address

VMA-(AW) USMC all-weather attack squadron

VMAAW [USMC] attack (all weather) squadron

VMAQ [USMC] electronic warfare squadron

VMAT USMC attack training squadron

VMB 1virtual machine boot, 2video memory buffer, 3USMC bombardment squadron

VMC visual meteorological conditions

VMCJ USMC electronic warfare squadron

VMD video motion detector

VME 1VERSA Module Eurocard, 2virtual memory environment

VMF 1variable message format, 2USMC fighter squadron, 3visibility management file

VMFA [USMC] fighter-attack squadron

VMFAT [USMC] fighter-attack training squadron

VMFP [USMC] photo reconnaissance squadron

VMGR [USMC] refueler-transport squadron

VMI vendor managed inventory

VMIU virtual memory interface unit (Honeywell)

VMM 1virtual machine monitor, 2Virtual Machine Manager [OS/2], 3virtual memory manager, 4virtual machine manager

VMMD vehicle mounted mine detector

Vmo maximum permitted operating speed

VMO [USMC] observation squadron

VMOS 1virtual memory operating system, 2vertical metal oxide semiconductor (also V-MOS) (see MOS, sense 4)

VMP virtual modem protocol

VMR volume movement report(s)

VMS 1virtual memory [operating] system [DEC], 2voice message system, 3voice mail system

VMT virtual memory technique

VMTSS virtual machine time sharing system

VMU voice message unit

VMX 1voice mail, 2voice message exchange

VNA virtual network architecture

VNCM [AR 310-50] Vietnam Campaign Medal

VNIR very near infrared

VNRT very-near-real-time

VNTK [JP 1-02] target vulnerability indicator designating degree of hardness; susceptibility of blast; and K-factor

VO 1validation office, 2[AR 310-50] verbal orders

VOA 1velocity of arrival, 2visual optical countermeasures, 3[AR 310-50] Voice of America

VOC 1voice operated coder, 2Creative Voice (format) [Sound Blaster], 3volatile organic compound

VOCG [AR 310-50] verbal orders of commanding general

VOCO [AR 310-50] verbal orders of commanding officer

VOCODER 1voice-operated coder, 2voice coder, 3voice-operated code

VOCOM voice communication

VOCS [AR 310-50] verbal orders of the Chief of Staff

VOCU [JP 1-02] voice orderwire control unit

VOD 1video on demand, 2vertical on-board delivery

VODACOM voice data communications

VODAS voice-operated anti-sing device

VODAT voice-operated device for automatic transmission

VODER voice operation demonstrator

VODP [AR 310-50] verbal orders by direction of the President

VOICECON [AR 310-50] telephone conference

VOIS visual observation instrumentation subsystem

VOLERE voluntary/legal/regulatory

vol 1[AR 310-50] volume, 2[AR 310-50] volunteer

VOL 1volume, 2[JP 1-03.17] volunteer

VOLAR [AR 310-50] Volunteer Army

VOLS [JP 1-02] vertical optical landing system

VOLTAN voltage amperage normalizer

VOM volt-ohm meter

VON 1voice over the net, 2video over the net, 3AUTOVON, 4virtual on net service

VOO vehicle operation officer

VOQ visiting officer quarters

VOR 1very-high-frequency omidirectional radio range, 2visions of reality, 3visual omnirange radio, 4visual operating restrictions

VOR-DME variable omni-range distance measuring equipment

VORTAC VHF omni range and tactical air navigation

VOS 1verbal operating system, 2voice operating system, 3voice operated switch, 4virtual operating system

VOSA [AR 310-50] verbal orders of Secretary of the Army

VOTA vibration open test assembly

VOTAG [AR 310-50] verbal orders of The Adjutant General

Vox voice keying or activation

VOX 1voice-operated relay circuit, 2voice-operated transmitter keyer, 3voice extension

vp variable pitch (propeller)

VP 1vent pipe, 2vertical polarization, 3vulnerable point, 4[USN] patrol squadron, 5virtual path, 6vital point, 7vulnerable point, 8virtual prototyping

VPB [CJCSI 6271.01] version planning board

VPD 1virtual printer device, 2vital product data [IBM], 3[CJCSI 6271.01] version planning document

VPDN virtual private data network

VPDS virtual private data service [MCI]

VPE 1video port extensions [Microsoft], 2visual programming environment

VPF vector product format

VPI virtual path identifier

VPIP Vinson/Parkhill Implementation Plan

VPK [AR 310-50] vehicle per kilometer

VPL virtual programming language

VPM 1vehicles per mile, 2volts per mile, 3video port manager, 4virtual parallel machine

VPMOS [AR 310-50] verified primary military occupational specialty

VPN 1virtual page number, 2virtual private network [Microsoft]

VPO virtual projection origin

VPP volume purchase plan [Adobe]

VPR 1virtual PPI reflectoscope, 2[AR 310-50] voluntary price reduction

VPRESSVB [AR 310-50] Vice-Presidential Service Badge

VPRF variable pulse repetition frequency

VPS 1voice processing system, 2Vanguard Planning Summary, 3video processing system

VPSC vault, process, structure, configuration

VPT virtual print technology [Dataproducts]

VPTS voice processing training system

VPWPU SAFE Four Echelon Wartime Casualty System

VPX video pixel

VQ 1fleet air reconnaissance squadron, 2USN electronic reconnaissance squadron, 3shore based recon aircraft (USN)

Vr rotation speed

VR 1virtual reality, 2voltage regulator, 3voltage relay, 4fleet logistics support squadron, 5voice recognition, 6voltage regulated, 7volunteer reserve, 8variability reduction

VRAM video random access memory

VRB 1VHF recovery beacon, 2[AR 310-50] variable reenlistment bonus

VRC 1vertical redundancy check, 2visual record computer, 3fleet logistics support (COD) squadron, 4viewing reference coordinate, 5voice response controller, 6vehicle radio communications

VRE voltage regulated extended

VRF 1visual recording facility, 2USN transport wing

VRFWS [AR 310-50] vehicle rapid fire weapon system

VRGC [AR 310-50] voucher register and general control

VRM voltage regulator module

VRML Virtual Reality Modeling Language (originally named Virtual Reality Markup Language)

VROOMM Virtual Real-time Object Oriented Memory Manager [Borland]

VRP viewing reference point

VRR visual radio range

VRS vendor rating system

VRSA voice-reporting signal assembly

VRT voltage regulation technology [Intel]

VRU 1voice response unit, 2version/release/update

Vs stalling speed

VS 1vacuum switch, 2variable speed, 3variable sweep, 4virtual storage, 5voltmeter switch, 6[USN] air anti-submarine squadron, 7video switch, 8vestigial sideband, 9[JP 1-02] sector single-unit

VS&PT [JP 1-02] vehicle summary and priority table

VSA 1virtual server architecture, 2virtual storage access, 3validity and statistical analysis subsystem

VSAM 1virtual sequential access method, 2virtual storage access method, 3virtual system access method [IBM]

VSAT very small aperture terminal

VSB vestigal sideband

VSC vibration safety cutoff

VSCF variable-speed-constant frequency

VSD 1vehicle sub-depot, 2vertical situation display, 3video symbology display, 4video teleconference saving database, 5[AR 310-50] vendor's shipping document

VSE 1virtual system extended, 2virtual storage extended

VSF vertical scanning frequency

VSI 1vertical speed indicator, 2virtual socket interface, 3[AR 310-50] very seriously ill

VSII very seriously ill or injured

VSIO virtual serial input output

VSL variable safety level

VSLI very large scale integration

VSM 1vestigal sideband modulation, 2virtual shared memory, 3virtual storage management, 4visual system management [IBM], 5[AR 310-50] Vietnam Service Medal

VSMF visual search microfilm file

VSMOS [AR 310-50] verified secondary military occupational specialty

VSN volume serial number

VSOS virtual storage operating system

VSP [JP 1-02] voice selection panel

VSR [JP 1-02] sector single-unit radar

VSS 1visual source save [Microsoft], 2vehicle systems simulator, 3video shooting system, 4video signal simulator

VSSSN [AR 310-50] verification status social security number

VST 1virtual studio technology [Steinberg], 2VINSON subscriber terminal

VSTOL vertical/short takeoff and landing

VSW verification software

VSWR voltage standing wave ratio

VSYNC vertical sync

VT 1vacuum tube, 2variable time, 3video tape, 4Vermont, 5voice tube, 6[USN] training squadron 7vertical tab, 8variable time (proximity) fuse, 9virtual terminal, 10vehicle teleoperation

VTA [JP 4-05] voluntary tanker agreement

VTAADS [AR 310-50] Vertical TAADS (The Army Authorization Documents System)

VTAM 1virtual telecommunications access method, 2virtual terminal access method (IBM)

VTAS Visual Target Acquisition System [a helmet sight]

VTC 1video teleconference, 2Video Teleconferencing System (PACAF), 3video teleconferencing capability, 4[TTPIO-ABCS] video teleconference center

VTCA Victim of Terrorism Compensation Act

VTCN video telecommunication conferencing network

VTCS vehicular traffic control system

VTD vertical tape display

VTF vertical test facility

VTL variable threshold logic

VTM 1voltage tunable magnetron, 2verification team manager

VTO voltage tuned oscillator

VTOC visual table of contents

VTOL vertical take off and landing

VTOL-UAV [JP 1-02] vertical takeoff and landing unmanned aerial vehicle

VTP virtual terminal protocol

VTR 1video tape recording, 2voice tape recorded, 3[AR 310-50] video tape recorder

VTS 1virtual terminal service, 2variable tracking strategy, 3video target simulator, 4video teleseminar, 5[CJCSI 6130.01] vessel traffic service

VTT 1video teletraining, 2video target trainer

VTVM vacuum tube voltmeter

VU 1volume unit, 2vehicle unit, 3voice unit

VUA [AR 310-50] Valorous Unit Award

VUCA volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity

VUE visual user environment [HP]

VUI video user interface

VUNC [AR 310-50] Voice of United Nations Command

VUP VAX unit of performance

VUTS verification unit test set

VV&A verification, validation and accreditation

VV&C verification, validation, and certification

VVA verification, validation, accreditation

VVC voltage variable capacitor

VVTIC [TR 350-70] video teletraining instructor training course

VWB Visual WorkBench [Microsoft]

VWL variable word length

VX [USN] air test and evaluation squadron

VxD virtual extended driver [Microsoft]

VXE [USN] Antarctic development squadron

VXN [USN] oceanographic development squadron