Index Military Acronyms, Initialisms, and Abbreviations

Q 1quality factor, 2quantity of electric charge [symbol], 3tranistor, 4aircraft symbol – drone

Q&A question and answer

Q-D quantity distance

Q-ship [JP 1-02] decoy ship

Q-TECH quality-technology

Q/R query/response

QA 1quality assurance, 2query analyzer, 3[FM 101-5-1] Qatar

QA&O quality assurance and operations

QA/RM quality assurance and risk management

QAA quality assurance assistant

QAC quality assurance checklist

QAD quality assurance directorate

QAE 1quality assurance evaluator, 2quality assurance engineer, 3quality assurance evaluation

QAF 1quality achievement factor, 2quality Air Force

QAI 1Quality Assurance Institute, 2quality assurance instruction

QAID quick access identification

QAIP quality assurance inspection procedure

QALI quality assurance letter of instruction

QAM 1quadrature amplitude modulation, 2quality assurance manager

QAMDO [AR 310-50] Quadripartite Agreed Materiel Development Objective

QAMR [AR 310-50] Quadripartite Agreed Materiel Requirement

QAP 1quality assurance plan, 2quality assurance provisions, 3quality assurance program, 4quadripartite advisory publication

QAPED [AR 310-50] Quadripartite Agreed Plans of Engineering Design

QAPET [AR 310-50] Quadripartite Agreed Plan of Engineering Test

QAPI quality assurance program index

QAPP quality assurance program plan

QAPR quality Army performance review

QAPST [AR 310-50] Quadripartite Agreed Plans of Service Tests

QAR 1quality acceptance report, 2quality assurance representative, 3quality assurance representative at vender plant, 4quality assurance requirements, 5quality assurance evaluator, 6quality Army review

QAS quality assurance specialist

QASL quality assurance systems list

QASP 1quality assurance support plan, 2quality assurance surveillance plan

QAT quality assurance team

QATDP quality assurance technical development program

QATS quality assurance test system

QB quick break

QBE query by example

QBF query by form

QBIC query by image content [IBM]

QBL qualified bidders list

QBR quarterly billing report

QC quality control

QCA quick change assembly

QCAB quote commerce access broker

QCAL qualified contractor access list

QCE quality control engineering

QCI [AR 310-50] quality control information

QCIC quality control/assurance and inspection

QCM quantitative computer management

QCPSK quadrature coherent phase shift keying

QCR 1quality control report, 2quality control reliability, 3qualitative construction requirement, 4[AR 310-50] quality control representative

QCS query control station

QCW quadrature phase subcarrier [signal]

QD 1QUERTY/DVORAK [keyboard layouts], 2quick disconnect, 3quantity discount, 4[JP 4-01.7] quality distance

QD/PA quantity delete/part added

QDA quantity discount agreement

QDE quality data evaluation

QDO [AR 310-50] Quadripartite Development Objective

QDOS quick and dirty operating system

QDP quantity discount procedure

QDR 1quality deficiency report, 2[DoD/DSMC] quadrennial construction requirement

QDRI qualitative development requirements information

QDRs quality deficiency reports

QE 1quadrant elevation, 2quasi electrostatic

QEA quantum electronics and applications

QEAM quick erect antenna mast

QEC 1quick engine change, 2quadrantal error correction

QEMM Quarterdeck Expanded Memory Manager [Quarterdeck Corp.]

QEP 1quality enhancement program, 2quality evaluation program

QER [AR 310-50] qualitative equipment requirements

QEEM [JP 1-02] quick erect expandable mast

QF 1QUICKFIX, 2quality form, 3quick firing

QFA quick file access

QFD quality function deployment

QFE 1field effect transistor, 2atmospheric pressure at aerodrome elevation

QFL qualified products list

QFM quantized frequency modulation

QFMT QUICKFIX Maintenance Trainer

QFP quad flat pack

QFPL qualified film producer list

QFRIC quick fix interference reduction capability

QHR quality history records

QI 1quality improvement, 2[AR 310-50] quality increase

QIC 1quality information using cycle time [Hewlett-Packard], 2quarter-inch cartridge

QIP quality indicator program

QIS quality information system

QISAM queued indexed sequential accessed method

QIT quality information and test

QL query language

QLAP quick look analysis program

QLCI quick look capabilities index

QLDS quick look data station

QLIT quick-look intermediate tape

QLOP quarterly limitation on payment

QLP 1qualified parts list, 2query language processor

QLR quick look report

QM 1quality management, 2quartermaster, 3[AR 310-50] Quartermaster Corps

QMA [AR 310-50] qualitative materiel approach

QMAC [AR 310-50] Quadripartite Materiel and Agreements Committee

QMC quick modification concept

QMDO qualitative materiel development objective

QML qualified manufacturers list

QMO [AR 310-50] qualitative materiel objective

QMP Qualitative Management Program

QMR qualitative materiel requirement

QMS quality management system

QNE altimeter reading at airfield when subscale is set to 10132 millibars

QNH altimeter subscale setting to destination airfield altitude

QNM queuing network model

QNS quantity not sufficient

QOD quick-opening device

QOL quality of life

QOR qualitative operational requirement

QOS quality of service

QOT&E qualification, operational test and evaluation

QP quantitative process management

QPA 1quantity per application, 2quantity per assembly

QPEI quantity per end item

QPG quantum phase gate

QPI quality performance indicator

QPL qualified products list

QPM quality program manager

QPMIS Quantitative Process Management Information System

QPPM quantized pulse position modulation

QPR 1qualitative performance requirements, 2quarterly progress review, 3quarterly progress report

QPS Quark Publishing System

QPSK quadrature phase-shift keying [or quadriphase]

QPT quadrant power tilt

QQPRI qualitative and quantitative personnel requirements information

QR 1quality and reliability, 2quantitative requirement, 3quick response

QRA 1quick reaction antenna, 2quick reaction alert (NATO), 3quality and reliability assurance, 4quiet reconnaissance airplane (Army), 5quick reaction assessment

QRB quality review board

QRBM quasi-random band model

QRC 1Quadripartite Research Committee, 2quick reaction capability

QRC CAC quick reaction center combat analysis center (Army)

QRCC quick reaction combat capability

QRE [JP 1-02] quick reaction element

QRF quick reaction file

QRI qualitative requirements information

QRL 1quick reference list, 2[AR 310-50] Quadripartite Research Lab

QRM 1man-made interference [obsolete], 2quick reaction packages, 3quick response program

QRMP [DTSS] Quick Response Multicolor Printer

QRP 1quick reaction program, 2qualified recycling program, 3[JP 3-50.21] quick response posture

QRPS [AR 310-50] quick reaction procurement system

QRR 1qualitative research requirement [for nuclear weapons effects], 2quarterly requisition report

QRSA [JP 1-02] quick reaction satellite antenna

QRSR quarterly risk status report

QS [AR 310-50] quota source

QSAL [AR 310-50] Quadripartite Standardization Agreements List

QSAM queued sequential access method

QSL qualified supplier list

QSM quantitative software

QSOP Quadripartite Standing Operating Procedures

QSR 1quarterly statistical report, 2query and reporting process (Honeywell), 3quick strike reconnaissance, 4quality system review

QSS [AR 310-50] quick supply store

QSSR quarterly specialized safety report

QSTAG Quadripartite Standardization Agreement

QTD [AR 310-50] quadruple terminal digits

QSTR quick short test report

QT 1tetrode transistor, 2quick turn

QT&E qualification test and evaluation

QTA quick-turn area

QTAM queued telecommunication access method

QTC quicktime conferencing [Macintosh]

QTM thermistor

QTP 1qualification training package, 2quality test plan

qtr [AR 310-50] quarter

QTR quarter

qty [AR 310-50] quantity

QTY quantity

QTYDESREQ [AR 310-50] quantity desired as requested

QU unijunction transistor

quad [AR 310-50] quadrant

QUADCON [JP 4-01.7] quadruple container

QUADS quality assurance data system

QUAM quadrature amplitude modulation

quar [AR 310-50] quarantine

QUART [JP 3-50.3] evasion and recovery handover-crossover point report

ques [AR 310-50] question mark

QUEST quality electrical systems test

QUICK Quick Reacting General War Gaming System

QUICKFIX EH-60A, rotor aircraft with radio DF and jamming capability

QUIP query interactive processor

QUP quantity unit pack

QVI quality verification inspection

QVP quality vendor program

QVPL qualified videotape producer list

QVR varistor

QVT quality verification testing

QWA quarter-wave antenna

QWG [AR 310-50] Quadripartite Working Group

QWIPM quantum well infrared photon multiplier

QWRATES quick wartime restoration of ATCALS equipment services