Index Military Acronyms, Initialisms, and Abbreviations

n nano [prefix]

N 1no, 2refractivity, 3aircraft symbol – permanent special test, 4[JP 1-02] number of search and rescue units (SRUs), 5[JP 1-02] number of required track spacings

N/A not applicable

N/AW night/adverse weather [evaluator]

N/E not exceeding

N/I non-interlaced

N/L navigation/localizer

N/N noise-to-noise

N-1 [JP 1-02] Navy component manpower or personnel staff officer

N-2 [JP 1-02] Navy component intelligence staff officer

N-3 [JP 1-02] Navy component operations staff officer

N-4 [JP 1-02] Navy component logistics staff officer

N-5 [JP 1-02] Navy component plans staff officer

N-6 [JP 1-02] Navy component communications staff officer

N-day [JP 1-02] day an active duty unit is notified for deployment or redeployment

N-ISDN 1narrowband ISDN, 2national ISDN

N-Sp/CC [JP 3-07.4] NORAD/US Space Command Center

n2 indefinite number

N2 Naval Intelligence

nA nanoampere

NA 1not applicable, 2not available, 3Naval adviser, 4Naval aircraft, 5Naval attaché, 6numerical aperture

NAA North Atlantic Assembly (NATO)

NAAD [AR 310-50] Navajo Army Depot

NAADM North American Defense Modernization (NORAD)

NAADS [AR 310-50] New Army Authorization Documents System

NAAFI Navy, Army and Air Force Institutes

NAAG NATO Army Armament Group

NAAP [AR 310-50] New Port Army Ammunition Plant

NAAR night air-to-air refueling

NAAS 1Naval auxiliary air station, 2NORAD Attack Alert System


NAC 1network adapter card, 2national agency check, 3[NATO] North Atlantic Council, 4network access centers, 5network access component, 6network access controller, 7NMCS automated control, 8Naval Avionics Center, 9[JP 3-07.4] NORAD Air Center

NAC/DPC North Atlantic Council/Defense Planning Committee (NATO)

NACA National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics

NACC 1National Air Communications Council (NATO), 2National agency check and credit check

NACCB National Accreditation Council for Certification Bodies

NACD National Association of Computer Dealers

NACDF National area coverage data files

NACE NMCS automated control executive

NACES Navy aircrew common ejection seat

NACF Naval Air Combat Fighter [the F-18 program]

NACHA National Automated Clearing House Association

NACI National agency check plus written inquires

NACISA NATO Communications and Information Systems Agency

NACISC NATO Communications and Information Systems Committee

NACISO NATO Communications and Information Systems Organization

NACM network authentication control module

NACMC Naval Acquisition Career Management Center

NACOM 1national alert communications, 2[AR 310-50] Northern Area Command

NACP NORAD/CONAD Airborne Command Post

NACS 1National Advisory Committee on Semiconductors, 2Northern Area Communications System

NACSEM [JP 1-02] National communications security/emanations security (COMSEC/EMSEC) information memorandum

NACSI National COMSEC instruction

NACSIM National COMSEC/EMSEC information memorandum

NACSM National communications security information memoranda

NAD 1network access device, 2Naval aviation depot

NAD(S) National armaments director(s)

NADAC [AR 310-50] National Damage Assessment Center

NADB network accessible database

NADC 1[USN] Naval Air Development Center, 2NATO Air Defense Committee

NADCAP National Aerospace and Defense Contractor Accreditation Program

NADEC Navy decision center

NADEFCOL [JP 1-02] North Atlantic Treaty Organization Defense College

NADEP Naval aviation depot

NADGE NATO air defense ground environment

NADIN National Airspace Data Interchange Network

NADIS NATO Defense Information System

NADS 1NATO Air Defense System, 2North Atlantic Defense System

NADWARN Natural Disaster Warning System

NAE 1not above or equal, 2Navy acquisition executive

NAEC Naval Air Engineering Center

NAEGIS NATO Airborne Early Warning and Ground Control Integration Segment

NAEW NATO airborne early warning

NAEWF NATO Airborne Early Warning Force

NAF 1Naval air facility, 2nonappropriated fund

NAFAG North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Air Force Armaments Group

NAFAX National facsimile

NAFCR NAF Computer Replacement (SAC)

NAFEC [Army] National Aviation Facilities Experimental Center, Pomona, NJ.

NAFI [AR 310-50] nonappropriated fund instrumentality

NAFISS Non-Appropriated Funds Information Standard System (Army)

NAFMIS Non-Appropriated Funds Management Information System (USAF)

NAFRMFC Naval air facility resource management flight chief

NAFRMS 1Naval air facility resource management section, 2nonappropriated fund resource management section

NAFTA North American Free Trade Agreement

NAG Navy Astronautics Group

NAGE [AR 310-50] North Atlantic Treaty Organization air defense group environment

NAI named area(s) of interest

NAIC 1nuclear accident/incident control, 2National Air Intelligence Center

NAICC [AR 310-50] Nuclear Accident Incident Control Center

NAICO nuclear accident/incident control officer

NAICP [AR 310-50] nuclear accident and incident control plan

NAIOP navigational aid inoperative for parts

NAIPS NMCS Automated Input Processing System

NAK 1negative acknowledgment character [ASCII], 2non-acknowledgment, 3not acknowledged

NALC 1Naval Aviation Logistics Command, 2Naval aviation logistic centers, 3[JP 1-02] Naval ammunition logistics code

NALCOMIS Naval Aviation Logistics Command Management Information System (USN)

NALDA 1Naval Aviation Logistic Data Analysis System, 2Naval Aviation Logistic Data Analysis Program

NALE Naval amphibious liaison element

NALL 1Naval aviation lessons learned, 2Navy acquisition lessons learned

NALLA National Long Lines Agency

NALSS [JP 1-02] Naval advanced logistic support sites

NALTOACS Naval Laboratories Technical Office Automation and Communications System

NAM 1number assignment module, 2Netware Application Manager [Novell], 3Naval Armaments Model (DIA)

NAMAP [AR 310-50] Northern Air Material Area, Pacific

NAMB National Association of Minority Business

NAMFI NATO Missile Firing Installation, Akrotiri, Crete

NAMILCOM [AR 310-50] North Atlantic Treaty Organization Military Committee

NAMILPO [AR 310-50] North Atlantic Treaty Organization military posture

NAMLS Naval Automated Medical Logistics System

NAMMA NATO MRCA Development and Procurement Management Agency

NAMMOS Navy Manpower Mobilization System

NAMO Naval aviation maintenance office

NAMP 1National Association of Meat Purveyors, 2[JP 1-02] North Atlantic Treaty Organization Annual Manpower Plan

NAMPS narrow-band analog mobile phone service [Motorola]

NAMS 1NATO AWACS Maintenance System, 2[AR 310-50] nurses and medical specialists

NAMSA NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency

NAMSO 1Navy maintenance support office, 2NATO Maintenance and Supply Organization

NAMTO [JP 1-02] Navy material [sic] transportation office

NANO one thousand-millionth

NAOC National Airborne Operations Center [formerly known as NEACP]

NAOGE National Association of Government Engineers


NAOMIS Navy Materiel Transportation Office Operations and Management Information System

NAP 1network access point, 2Naval air plan, 3not authorized POMCUS, 4not authorized prepositioning

NAPC Naval Air Propulsion Center

NAPCAP [JP 1-02] North Atlantic Treaty Organization Allied Pre-Committed Civil Aircraft Program

NAPDD Non-Acquisition Program Definition Document (Navy)

NAPLDS North American Presentation Level Autocol Syntax

NAPLPS North American Presentation Level Protocol Syntax (graphics)

NAPM National Association of Purchasing Managers

NAPMA NATO AWACS Program Management Agency

NAPPS Navy Automated Publishing and Printing System

NAPR NATO armaments planning review

NAPS 1Nimbus Automatic Programming System, 2Navy Acquisition Procedure Supplement

NAPSS Numerical Analysis Problem Solving System

NAQ National Agency Questionnaire

NAR 1net assimilation rate, 2[JP 1-02] notice of ammunition reclassification, 3[AR 310-50] no answer (action) required

NARA National Archive and Record Administration

NARC [JP 1-02] non-automatic relay center

NARDAC Naval regional data automation center

NARDIS Navy Automated Research and Development Information System

NAREC Naval Research Electronic Computer

NARF Naval Air Reserve Force

NARM Navy resources model

NARS National Archives and Records Service

NARSOC Navy Acquisition Reform OverSight Council

NAS 1network application support [DEC], 2Naval air station, 3Naval air squadron, 4National Academy of Sciences, 5National Airspace System (FAA), 6network access switch, 7Naval Air Transport Service, 8NORAD Alert System, 9numerical aerodynamic simulation (NASA)

NAS computer [JP 1-02] national airspace system computer

NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration

NASA PR National Aeronautic and Space Administration Procurement Regulation

NASAR [JP 1-02] National Association for Search and Rescue

NASARR North American Search and Range Radar [in the F-104]

NASC 1[USN] Naval Air Systems Command, 2National Aeronautic and Space Council

NASCOM 1NASA communications systems, 2naval air station communication

NASD NMCS applications software description

NASDAQ National Association of Security Dealers’ Automation Quotations

NASI NetWare Asynchronous Services Interface [Novell]

NASIRC NASA Automated Systems Internet Response Capability

NASKER NASA Ames Kernel (benchmark)

NASMO NATO Starfighter Management Office

NASP 1National Aero-Space Plane, 2National Airspace System Plan (FAA), 3NATO atomic supply point

NASPO Naval Air System Program Office

NASRS Non-Available Status Reporting System (Army)

NASSL new activation supply support list

NAT 1normal allowed time, 2not air transportable

NATACMS Navy Version Army Tactical Missile System

NATC 1Naval Air Test Center, Patuxent, MD, 2Naval Air Training Command

NATF Navy advanced tactical fighter

NATFAX National Weather Facsimile Network

NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NATO/SHAPE North Atlantic Treaty Organization/Supreme Headquarters, Allied Powers, Europe

NATO STANAG North Atlantic Treaty Organization standardization agreement

NATOPS Naval air training and operating procedures standardization

NATS 1NMCS AUTODIN terminal subsystem, 2North Atlantic Track System

NAU 1network addressable unit, 2network access unit, 3[JP 3-07.4] Narcotics Assistance Unit

NAUHF Northern Area Ultra High Frequency Radio System [Green Pine]

NAUN nearest active upstream neighbor

NAVADS Navy Automated Transportation Documentation System

NAVAID navigational aid

NAVAIR 1Naval Air Systems Command, 2[JP 3-04.1] Naval air

NAVAIRSYSCOM [JP 1-02] Naval Air Systems Command (Also called NAVAIR)

NAVALT Naval alteration

NAVAR Radar Air Navigation and Control System

NAVATAC 1[JP 1-02] Navy Antiterrorism Analysis Center, 2[JP 2-02] Navy Antiterrorist Alert Center

NAVCAMS Naval communications area master station

NAVCAMS EASTPAC Naval Communication Area Master Station East Pacific

NAVCAMSLANT Naval Telecommunication Area Master Station Atlantic

NAVCENT Navy, Central Command (USN)

NAVCHAPDET [JP 1-0] Naval cargo handling and port group detachment

NAVCHAPGRU [JP 1-02] Navy cargo handling and port group (Navy cargo handling battalion)

NAVCM navigation countermeasures and deception

NAVCO-SSACT Naval command system support activity

NAVCOCS Navy Case Obligation Control System

NAVCOM naval communications

NAVCOMSTA [JP 1-02] Naval communications station

NAVCOMPARS Naval Communications Processing and Routing System

NAVCOMPT Navy Comptroller

NAVCOMSTA Naval communications station

NAVCOMTELSTA Naval computer and telecommunications station

NAVCRIMINVSERV Naval Criminal Investigative Service

NAVDAC Naval Data Automation Command

NAVDF Naval direction finding network

NAVEDTRACOM Naval Education and Training Command

NAVELEX Naval Electronics System Command

NAVEODTECHCEN Naval SOEOD [special explosive ordinance disposal] Technology Center

NAVEUR Naval Forces, Europe

NAVEX 1navigation exercise, 2navigation experiment

NAVFAC Naval Facilities Engineering Command

NAVFACENGCOM Naval Facilities Engineering Command

NAVFLIRS Naval Flight Record System

NAVFOR naval forces

NAVICP 1Naval inventory control point, 2Navy inventory control point

NAVICP-M Naval Inventory Control Point – Mechanicsburg

NAVICP-OF Navy Inventory Control Point – International Programs Directorate

NAVICP-P Naval Inventory Control Point – Philadelphia

NAVILCO Navy International Logistics Control Office

NAVIMP Naval Imaging Program

NAVINTCOM Naval Intelligence Command

NAVMAC Naval Manpower Analysis Center

NAVMACS Navy Modular Automated Communications System

NAVMAG [JP 1-02] Naval magazine

NAVMAT Navy Materiel Command (now ONAS)

NAVMASSO Navy Management System Support Office

NAVMEDCOM Naval Medical Command

NAVMEDCOMINST [JP 1-02] Navy Medical Command instruction

NAVMEDLOGCOM [JP 1-02] Navy Medical Logistical Command

NAVMEDP [JP 1-02] Navy Medical pamphlet

NAVMIC 1Naval Military Intelligence Center, 2Naval Military Intelligence Center

NAVMOD Navy model

NAVMTO 1Naval Materiel Transportation Office, 2[JP 1-02] Naval military transportation office

NAVORD [JP 1-02] Naval ordnance

NAVORDSTA [JP 1-02] Naval ordnance station

NAVPRO 1Naval Procurement Office (USN), 2Naval plant representative office

NAVRADSTA Naval radio station

NAVSAFECEN [JP 1-02] Naval safety center

NAVSAT United States Navy Navigation Satellite System

NAVSCOLEOD Navy School of Explosive Ordinance Disposal

NAVSEA Naval Sea Systems Command

NAVSEA SYSCOM Naval Sea Systems Command

NAVSEACENTLANT Naval Sea Support Center, Atlantic (USN)

NAVSEAINST [JP 3-04.1] Naval sea instruction

NAVSEALOGCEN [JP 1-02] Naval sea logistics center

NAVSEASYSCOM [JP 1-02] Naval Sea Systems Command (also called NAVSEA)

NAVSECGRU Navy Security Group

NAVSHIPS Naval Ship Systems Command

NAVSO [JP 1-02] United States Navy Forces, Southern Command

NAVSOC Naval special warfare special operations component

NAVSOF Naval special warfare forces

NAVSOUTH Naval Forces, Southern Region

NAVSPACECOM [JP 1-02] Naval space Command

NAVSPASUR Naval Space Surveillance System

NAVSPECWARCOM Navy Special Warfare Command

NAVSPOC [JP 1-02] Naval Space Operations Center

NAVSTAR navigation system using timing and ranging [now known as GPS]

NAVSUP 1Naval Supply Systems Command, 2[JP 1-02] naval supply

NAVSUPINST [JP 1-02] Navy support instruction

NAVSUPSYSCOM Naval Supply Systems Command

NAVTACSTANS Naval Standards For Tactical Data Systems

NAVTELCOM Naval Telecommunications Command

NAVWAR navigation warfare

NAVWASS navigation and weapon aiming sub system

NAVWPNCEN Naval Weapons Center

NAVY IPO Navy International Programs Office

NAWAS National Warning System (FEMA)

NAWC 1Naval Air Warfare Center, 2Naval Air Weapons Center

NAWC WD Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division

NAWC/AD Naval Air Warfare Center/Aircraft Division

NAWC/WD Naval Air Warfare Center/Weapon Division

NAWCAD [JP 1-02] Naval Air Warfare Center, Aircraft Division

NAWCAD LKE Naval Aviation Warfare Center Aircraft Division, Lakehurst

NAWCTSD Naval Air Warfare Center, Training System Division

NAWS negotiate about window size

NB 1narrowband, 2Nebraska, 3no bias [relay], 4narrowbeam (satellite), 5[AR 310-50] nonbattle

NBAA National Business Aircraft Association

NBC 1nuclear, biological, chemical, 2narrow-band conducted

NBC-1 nuclear, biological, chemical-1 report

NBC-6 nuclear, biological, chemical-6 report

NBCC nuclear, biological, and chemical contamination

NBCCS [JP 3-11] NBC contamination survivability

NBCD [AR 310-50] nuclear, biological, and chemical defense

NBCDCE [AR 310-50] nuclear, biological, and chemical defense control element

NBCE [AR 310-50] nuclear, biological, and chemical element

NBCRS NBC Reconnaissance System

NBCV narrow-band coherent video

NBCWRS 1Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Warfare Reporting System, 2Nuclear/Biological/Chemical Warning and Reporting System

NBDP [JP 1-02] narrow band direct printing

NBDVS narrow-band digital voice system

NBE not below or equal

NBFM narrowband frequency modulation

NBG Naval beach group

NBH network busy hour

NBI 1nothing but initials, 2non-battle-injury

NBO network buildout

NBP name binding protocol

NBPRP National Board for the Promotion of Rifle Practice

NBR narrow-band radiated

NBRF [JP 3-07.4] Northern Border Response Force (Mexican)

NBS 1National Bureau of Standards, 2numeric backspace

NBSS narrowband switching system

NBST 1narrowband secure terminal, 2narrowband subscriber terminal

NBSV narrowband secure voice

NBT null-balance transmissometer

NBTDR narrow-band time-domain reflectometry

NBTU narrowband trunking unit

NBVM narrow band voice modulation

nc [AR 310-50] no change

NC 1node center, 2narrowbeam coverage, 3no coil, 4no connection, 5noise criteria [value], 6normally closed, 7North Carolina, 8numerical control, 9network control, 10network computer, 11no carry, 12narrow coverage [antenna], 13no change, 14non cataloged, 15nonrecurring cost, 16numerical control, 17numerically controlled

NC3A 1NATO C3 Agency, 2[JP 1-02] nuclear C3 assessment

NCA 1network communications adapter, 2National Command Authority, 3network computing architecture [Oracle], 4Northern Communications Area, 5Naval Center for Cost Analysis, 6nuclear consumable annual analysis

NCAA 1NATO Civil Air Augmentation, 2Non-Nuclear Consumable Annual Analysis System, 3[JP 1-02] North Atlantic Treaty Organization Civil Airlift Agency

NCAD [AR 310-50] New Cumberland Army Depot

NCAPS Naval control and protection of shipping (LANTFLT)

NCARAI Navy Center for Applied Research in Artificial Intelligence (NRL)

NCARC NATO Conventional Armament Review Committees

NCAT Naval Center for Acquisition Training

NCB 1Naval Communications Board, 2nuclear contingency branch, 3National Codification Bureau

NCBFAA National Customs Brokers and Forwarders Association of America

NCC 1network control center, 2National Coordinating Center (NCS/DCA), 3NORAD Command Center, 4NORAD Control Center, 5National Computer Center, 6negotiated contract cost, 7[JP 1-02] Naval component commander, 8[JP 1-02] Navy component command

NCCA Naval Center For Cost Analysis

NCCDPC NATO Command, Control, and Information System and ADP Committee

NCCF Network Communications Control Facility

NCCIS NATO Command, Control, and Information System

NCCOSC Naval Command Control and Oceanic Surveillance Center

NCCS 1Navy Command and Control System, 2NORAD Command and Control System, 3nuclear command and control system

NCD net control device

NCDRS NMCS Crisis Data Retrieval System

NCE 1navigation and command equipment, 2network control element, 3[AR 310-50] nuclear capability exercise

NCEB NATO Communications-Electronics Board

NCEE National Commission On Excellence In Education

NCEL Naval Civil Engineering Laboratory, Port Hueneme, CA

NCEPA National Civil Emergency Planning Authorities

NCEUR National Security Agency Europe

NCF 1net control facility, 2network control facility, 3nuclear capable forces, 4[JP 4-04] Naval construction force

NCFSK non-coherent frequency shift keying

NCGA National Computer Graphics Association

NCHB [JP 1-02] Navy cargo handling battalion

NCHF [JP 1-02] Navy cargo handling force

NCI non-commercial items

NCIC National Crime Information Center (FBI)

NCIS Naval Criminal Investigative Service

NCISC Naval Counterintelligence Support Center

NCISRA [JP 2-01.2] Naval Criminal Investigative Service resident agent

NCISRO [JP 2-01.2] Naval Criminal Investigative Service regional office

NCISRU [JP 2-01.2] Naval Criminal Investigative Service resident unit

NCIU NITF communications interface unit

NCM network configuration management

NCMA National Contract Management Association

NCMB NATO Configuration Management Board

NCMC 1National Critical Materials Council, 2NORAD Cheyenne Mountain Complex

NCMD [JP 1-02] nine channel MUX/DEMUX

NCMO NAVAIDS Communications Management Office

NCMP 1NATO Configuration Management Plan, 2Navy Capabilities and Mobilization Plan

NCMT numerical control for machine tools

NCN [United States] New Century Network

NCO 1net control operator, 2noncommissioned officer, 3National Credit Office

NCOA 1Noncommissioned Officers Academy, 2Noncommissioned Officers Association

NCOC NORAD Combat Operations Center

NCODP Noncommissioned Officer Development Program

NCOER noncommissioned officer evaluation report

NCOES Noncommissioned Officer Education System

NCOIC noncommissioned officer in charge

NCOLP [AR 310-50] Noncommissioned Officer Logistics Program

NCOOM [AR 310-50] noncommissioned officers open mess

NCOP National Civic Outreach Program

NCOPD noncommissioned officer professional development

NCOPDR [AR 310-50] Noncommissioned Officer Professional Development Ribbon

NCOPDs Noncommissioned Officer Professional Development Study

NCOS network computer operating system

NCP 1network control program (IBM), 2NetWare Core Protocol, 3not copy protected, 4network control processor, 5network control protocol, 6Navy Capabilities Plan, 7netware core protocol, 8network control points, 9NORAD command post

NCPS Nuclear Contingency Planning System (part of GWS)

NCR National Capital Region, 2[JP 1-02] National Security Agency/Central Security Service representative, 3[JP 2-01] National cryptologic representative

NCRC Navigational Aids (NAVAIDS) Communications Readiness Center (USAFE)

NCRDEF [JP 2-02] National cryptologic representative Defense

NCRST Noncommunications Signals Recognition Trainer

NCS 1net control station, 2network computing system, , 3network control subsystem, 4National Communications System, 5naval communications station, 6naval communications system, 7node center switch, 8NORAD computer system, 9NATO Committee for Standardization, 10[JP 1-02] Naval control of shipping

NCS-E net control station-Enhanced Position Location Reporting System [EPLRS]

NCS-J net control station – Joint Tactical Information Distribution System [JTIDS]

NCS-R NCS Replacement [see CCPDS, CCPDS-R]

NCS/DCAOC [JP 1-02] National Communications System and/or Defense Communication Agency Operations Center

NCSA National Center for Supercomputing Applications

NCSC 1National Computer Security Center, 2National Communications Security Committee, 3National Computer Security Council

NCSE [JP 2-01] NIST communications support element

NCSI network communications services interface [Network Products Corp.]

NCSO [AR 310-50] naval control of shipping officer

NCSORG Navy Control of Shipping Organization

NCSS Naval Control Shipping System (LANTFLT)

NCT 1network control terminal(s) (JRSC), 2non-cooperative target, 3NATO comparative test

NCTAF nuclear communications task force

NCTAM [JP 1-02] Naval computer and telecommunications area master station

NCTAMS Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station

NCTAMSLANT Naval Computer and Telecommunication Area Master Station, Atlantic

NCTC Naval Computer and Telecommunications Command

NCTE network channel terminating equipment

NCTI non-cooperative target identification

NCTI/R non-cooperative target identification/recognition

NCTR non-cooperative target recognition

NCTS naval computer and telecommunication station

NCU navigation computer unit

NCV no commercial value

NCW naval coastal warfare

NCWC naval coastal warfare commander

ND 1negative declaration, 2North Dakota, 3national defense, 4navigation display, 5Navy Department, 6no date, 7non-detectable, 8normal deployability posture, 9need date

NdA nondisclosure agreement

NDA 1national defense area, 2non-disclosure agreement, 3National Defense Act

NDAA 1non-developmental airlift aircraft, 2[JP 4-05.1] National Defense Authorization Act

NDAC 1National Defense Advisory Council, 2nuclear defense affairs committee

NDB 1nondirectional beacon, 2[AR 310-50] nondirectional radio beacon

NDC 1normalized device coordinate, 2NATO Defense College, 3Naval Doctrine Command (USN), 4nuclear detector circuit

NDCC National Defense Cadet Corps

NDCI nondivisional combat increment

NDCS 1network data control system, 2[JP 1-02] National drug control strategy

NDD network delivery device

NDDC [AR 310-50] NORAD Division Direction Center

NDDF National Drug Data File

NDDK network device development kit [Microsoft]

NDDP [AR 310-50] North Atlantic Treaty Organization Defense Data Program

NDE nondestructive evaluation

NDEF not to be defined

NDER National Defense Executive Reserve

NDEW nuclear directed energy weapons

NDF Nonproliferation and Disarmament Fund

NDHQ [JP 1-02] National Defense Headquarters, Canada

NDI 1non-developmental item, 2no deception indicated, 3numerical designation index, 4non-destructive inspection

NDI-COTS non-developmental items, commercial off-the-shelf

NDIF non destructive inspection facility

NDIS 1network device interface specification, 2network driver interface specification

NDIT nondestructive testing and inspection

NDL 1network definition language, 2network data language, 3network database language

NDM 1negative differential mobility, 2network data mover

NDMC [JP 1-02] North Atlantic Treaty Organization Defense Manpower Committee

NDMS [JP 1-02] National Disaster Medical System

NDMTB [AR 310-50] nondeployment mobilization troop basis

NDN 1non-delivery notice, 2nodal data network

NDOC National Defense Operations Center

NDP 1numeric data processor, 2normal diametral pitch, 3National Disclosure Policy, 4[DoD/DSMC] National Defense Panel

NDPB [JP 3-07.4] National Drug Policy Board

NDPC 1National Disclosure Policy Committee, 2[AR 310-50] National Military Information Disclosure Policy Committee

NDPP NAVSEA Drawing Procurement Program

NDPR NASA defense purchase request

NDR network data representation

NDRC National Defense Research Committee

NDRF National Defense Reserve Fleet

NDRG NATO Defense Research Group

NDRO nondestructive readout

NDS 1netware directory services [Novell], 2NPIC Data System (DIA), 3NUDET Detection System

NDSEG National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate

NDSF [JP 4-01.2] National Defense Sealift Fund

NDSL National Defense Student Loan

NDSM [AR 310-50] National Defense Service Medal

NDT 1nondestructive testing, 2nil-ductility transition,

NDTM National Defense Transportation Model

NDTT nil-ductility transition temperature

NDU National Defense University

NE 1nuclear energy, 2Netherlands Antilless, 3[AR 310-50] northeast

NEA 1negative electron affinity, 2Northeast Asia

NEACP National Emergency Airborne Command Post [obsolete, now National Airborne Operations Center (NAOC)]

NEACP TTY NEACP Teletypewriter Network

NEAR [AR 310-50] National Emergency Alarm Repeater System

NEARTIP near-term improvement program

NEAT [JP 1-02] naval embarked advisory team

NEATS Northeast Asia troop strength

NEAWS NORAD/ADCOM Emergency Airborne Warning System

nec [AR 310-50] necessary

NEC 1Navy enlisted classification, 2Northern European Command (NATO)

NECC [AR 310-50] Northeast Computer Center

NECOS network coordination station

NECS Nationwide Educational Computer Service

NECSS Naval Electronic Combat Surveillance System

NED NASA Extragalactic Database

NEDALS Navy Engineering Drawing Asset Locator System

NEDBAG NATO Emitter Database Advisory Group

NEDBAS NATO Emitter Database

NEDN Navy Environmental Data Network

NEDS Naval Environmental Data System

NEDSA NAVSEA Engineering Drawing Support Activity

NEE used to identify a woman by her maiden or family name in official reports


NEFMA NATO EFA/Eurofighter Management Agency

neg negative

NEGRSBM [AR 310-50] negative report submitted

NEHRP National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program (FEMA)

NEI 1not elsewhere included, 2[AR 310-50] new equipment introduction

NEIT [AR 310-50] new equipment introductory team

NEMP [AR 310-50] nuclear electromagnetic pulse

NEMS National Emergency Management System (FEMA)

NEMT [CJCSI 3410.01] National Emergency Management Team

NEO 1noncombatant evacuation order, 2noncombatant evacuation operation

NEOPACK [JP 3-07.5] NEO package

NEP 1network entry point, 2noise equivalent power

NEPA 1National Environmental Policy Act, 2National Environmental Protection Agency

NEPR [AR 310-50] North Atlantic Treaty Organization electronic parts recommendation

NEPRS [AR 310-50] new equipment personnel requirements summary

NEREP 1nuclear execution and reporting, 2[JP 1-02] Nuclear Execution and Reporting Plan

NERF Navy Emitter Reference File

NERRA [AR 310-50] new equipment resources requirements analysis

NES 1National Education Supercomputer, 2noise equivalent signal, 3not elsewhere specified, 4Navy Exchange Service

NESA Near East and South Asia

NESCNSC [AR 310-50] Net Evaluation Subcommittee, NSC

NESDIS [JP 3-08] National Environmental Satellite, Data and Information Service (DOC)

NESEC Naval Electronic Systems Engineering Center

NESO NAVAIR Engineering Support Office


NESS 1Navy EHF SATCOM System, 2NMCS Environmental Support System (JCS)

NEST 1Novell Embedded Systems Technology, 2nuclear energy search team, 3[AR 310-50] National Emergency Survivable Troop System

NESTOR older family of tactical secure voice equipment (e.g., KY28)

net network

NET 1new equipment training, 2not earlier than, 3networking with other agencies, 4normal environmental temperature, 5network entity title, 6NAVWAR Evaluation Team, 7[AR 310-50] nuclear emergency team

NET TSP new equipment training test support package

NetBEUI NetBIOS Extended User Interface [IBM]

NetBIOS Network Basic Input/Output System [IBM]

NETC [AR 310-50] National Emergency Transportation Center

NETCAP 1network capability, 2national exploitation of tactical capabilities

NETMON network monitor

NETP 1new equipment training plan, 2[AR 310-50] new equipment training program

NETPMSA Naval Education Training Program Management Support Activity

NETR [AR 310-50] North Atlantic Treaty Organization electronic technical recommendations

NETS 1National Emergency Telecommunications Service (NCS), 2[JP 1-02] Nationwide Emergency Telecommunications System

NETSAFA Naval Education and Training Security Assistance Field Activity

NETSET network synthesis and evaluation technique

NETSP new equipment training support package

NETT new equipment training team

NETTSP new equipment training test support package

NEU network encryption unit

neut neutral

NEW net explosive weight

NEWAC NATO Electronic Warfare Advisory Committee

NEWMAG NATO Electronic Warfare Management Assessment Group

NEWNET Navy Enterprise Wide Area Network

NEWOT Naval Electronic Warfare Operator Trainer (USN)

NEWRADS Nuclear Explosion Warning and Radiological Data System

NeWS network window system

NEWS 1Naval Electronic Warfare Simulator (USN), 2NetWare Early Warning System [Frye Computer], 3network extensible window system

NEWS. Current events [USENET Newsgroup Category]

NEWTS Naval Electronic Warfare Training System

NEX Navy Exchange

NEXRAD next Generation Radar

NEXT near-end crosstalk

NF 1noise figure, 2noise frequency, 3nose fuse, 4no funds

NFA [FM 101-5-1] no-fire area

NFAC National Foreign Assessment Center (DCI)

NFADB Naval Facilities Automated Database

NFARS NORAD Forward Automated Reporting System

NFC 1no further consequences, 2not favorably considered

NFCS nuclear force communications satellite

NFCTC Naval Facilities Contract Training Center

NFD [JP 1-02] nodal fault diagnostics

NFE 1network front end, 2[AR 310-50] not fully equipped

NFF no fault found

NFH NATO frigate helicopter

NFIB National Foreign Intelligence Board

NFIC National Foreign Intelligence Council

NFIP 1National Foreign Intelligence Program, 2[JP 3-08] National Flood Insurance Program (FEMA)

NFL [FM 101-5-1] no-fire line

NFM network file manager

NFMC not fully mission capable

NFMCS not fully mission capable supply

NFO Naval fight officer

NFP Navy Flag Plot (Washington, DC)

NFPA National Fire Protection Association

NFPPE nuclear force policy, planning, and execution

NFQT Nuclear Field Qualification Test

NFR 1negative flux rate, 2no further requirement, 3not for report, 4nothing further to report

NFS 1[Internet] Network File System [Sun Microsystems], 2Navy Facilities System

NFST National Fleet Surgical Team

NFWS Naval Fighter Weapons School (Top Gun)

NFZ no-fly zone

NG 1[Army] National Guard, 2Air National Guard, 3no-go, 4NeXt generation, 5no good

NGA NATO guideline areas

NGB National Guard Bureau

NGC new generation computer

NGCADMM next generation computer-aided design

NGCR next generation computer resources

NGE not greater or equal

NGEDMS next generation engineering data management system

NGF naval gunfire

NGFS naval gunfire fire support

NGIC National Ground Intelligence Center (replaced ITAC (Intelligence Threat Analysis Center))

NGLO [FM 101-5-1] naval gunfire liaison officer

NGMH new generation military hospital

NGO non-governmental organization

NGPA National Guard Personnel, Army

NGPS NAVSTAR Global Positioning System

NGR National Guard regulation

NGS 1nongovernment standards, 2nongovernment specification

NGS IPT non government standard integrated process team

NGSB nongovernment standard body

NGT next generation trainer

NGUS National Guard of the United States

nH nanohenry

NH 1New Hampshire, 2nonhygroscope

NH&S nuclear hardening and survivability

NHA next higher assembly

NHA PLISN next higher assembly provisioning list item sequence number

NHB National Aeronautics and Space Administration Handbook

NHC National Hurricane Center

NHCAS [JP 1-03.17] non-hostile casualty

NHMILCOM [AR 310-50] North Atlantic Treaty Organization Hawk Military Committee

NHMO [AR 310-50] North Atlantic Treaty Organization Hawk Management Office

NHPC [AR 310-50] North Atlantic Treaty Organization Hawk Production Organization

NHPP non homogeneous poisson process

NHR National Handwriting Recognition

NHRA 1next higher recoverable assembly, 2next higher reparable assembly

NHSC National Home Study Council

NHSG non-high school graduate

NHTSA National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

NI 1numerical index, 2natural intelligence, 3not interchangeable, 4[FM 101-5-1] Nigeria, 5[JP 1-02] national identification (number), 6[JP 1-02] noted item

NIA next instruction address

NIAC Naval Intelligence Automation Center

NIAG NATO Industrial Advisory Group

NIAM Nissan Information Analysis Methodology

NIB 1noninterference basis, 2National Institute for the Blind

NIC 1Naval Intelligence Command, 2negative impedance converter, 3network interface card, 4networked information center, 5numeric intensive computing, 6newly industrialized countries, 7[JP 1-02] National Intelligence Council, 8[AR 310-50] National Investors Council

NICAD nickel-cadmium

NICI [JP 3-07.4] National Interagency Counternarcotics Institute

NICKA codeword, nickname, and exercise term system

NICKY [JP 3-50.3] evasion and recovery contact point report

NICMIS Navy Integrated Command/Management Information System

NICN Navy item control number

NICOLAS Network Information Center Online Aid System [NASA]

NICP 1National Inventory Control Point (Army), 2Navy Inventory Control Point, 3[AR 310-50] nuclear incident control plan

NICS NATO Integrated Communications System

NICS COA NICS Control Operating Authority

NICSMA NATO Integrated Communications System Management Agency

NICSOI NICS operating instruction

NID 1network interface device, 2non-interactive display, 3New Interactive Display [NEC], 4NeXt ID, 5national interest determination

NIDA numerically integrated differential analyzer

NIDCC [AR 310-50] National Internal Defense Coordination Center

NIDDESC Navy/Industry Digital Data Exchange Standard Committee

NIDMS [JP 1-02] NMCS (National Military Command System) Information for Decision Makers System (JCS)

NIDS [JP 1-02] NMCS (National Military Command System) Information Display System (JCS)

NIE National intelligence estimates

NIEM [AR 310-50] national industrial engineering mission

NIER National Industrial Equipment Reserve

NIEX [JP 1-02] no-notice interoperability exercise

NIEXPG [JP 1-02] No-notice Interoperability Exercise Planning Group

NIF 1noise improvement factor, 2Navy Industrial Fund

NIFF Navy Image File Format

NIFMAS Navy Industrial Fund Management Fund Accounting System

NIFTE neon indicating functional test equipment

NIG non isolated gate

NIGA 1nuclear indirect gamma activity, 2[AR 310-50] neutron induced gamma activity

NIH 1not invented here, 2National Institute of Health

NIH ECS National Institute of Health Electronic Computer Store

NII National Information Infrastructure

NIIN National item identification number

NIIRS National Imagery Interpretation Rating Scale

NIM 1network installation management [IBM], 2network installation manager [IBM], 3network interface machine [XNOS]

NIMA National Imagery and Mapping Agency (formerly DMA)

NIMBUS NASA meteorological observation satellite

NIMCAMP [JP 3-07.4] National Information Management and Communications Master Plan

NIMCSSC National Military Command Systems Support Center

NIMH nickel-metal hydride

NIMMS NAVAIR Industrial Materiel Management System (Navy)

NIMSC nonconsumable item materiel support code

NIMSR nonconsumable item materiel support request

NIO native input/output

NIOSH National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, Army

NIP 1NATO Interoperability Plan, 2[AR 310-50] notice of intelligence potential

NIPA notice of initiation of procurement action

NIPARS Nonstandard Item Parts Acquisition and Repair System (USAF) (obsolete, now PROS)

NIPD NATO Interoperability Planning Document

NIPDE National Initiative for Product Data Exchange

NIPIR nuclear immediate photo interpretation report

NIPO 1negative input, positive output, 2USN International Program Office

NIPR National Industrial Plant Reserve

NIPRNET 1[TR 350-70] Internet Protocol Router Network, 2[JP 6-02] Unclassified but Sensitive Internet Protocol Router Network

NIPS 1Naval Intelligence Processing System, 2NMCS Information Processing System (JCS), 3network I/Os per second

NIPSSA Naval Intelligence Processing Systems Support Activity office

NIR 1network information retrieval, 2near infrared

NIS 1national input segment, 2Network Information System (DCSO), 3neutron instrumentation system, 4not in stock, 5NMCS Information System (JCS), 6network information service [UNIX], 7NATO Identification System, 8NATO Infrastructure System, 9Naval Investigative Service, 10net identification sign, 11Newly Independent States (of the former USSR), 12[AR 310-50] National intelligence survey, 13[AR 310-50] National interdepartmental Seminar

NISAC National Information Security Assessment Center

NISC Naval Intelligence Support Center

NISCOM [JP 1-02] Naval Investigative Service Command

NISH 1National Institute for the Severely Handicapped, 2[JP 3-07.5] NEO Intelligence Support Handbooks

NISIE NATO Integrated System for Information Exchange

NISMC Naval Information System Management Center

NISO National Information Standards Organization

NISP 1Networked Information Services Project, 2National Industrial Security Program, 3[JP 1-02] Nuclear Weapons Intelligence Support Plan

NISPOM National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual

NIST 1National Institute of Standards and Technology, 2National Intelligence Support Team, 3National Institute of Science and Technology

NIT network integrity test

NITADS NATO interoperability of tactical automated data systems

NITC National Information Technology Center

NITE-OP night imaging trough electro-optics

NITF National Imagery Transmission Format

NITFS National Imagery Transmission Format Standard

NIU 1NITF interface unit, 2network interface unit, 3[JP 1-02] North Atlantic Treaty Organization interface unit

NIUG National Initial Graphic Exchange Specification User Group

NJ 1New Jersey, 2nonjuxtaposed

NJE network job entry (protocol) [IBM]

NJR non job routed

NL 1new line, 2noise level, 3[FM 101-5-1] Netherlands, 4[JP 1-02] Navy lighterage

NLA 1contract closing action status, 2notice of last action

NLABS [AR 310-50] Natic Laboratories

NLCC NORTHAG Logistics Command Center (NATO)

NLCM nonlethal countermeasures

NLDM network logical data manager

NLE not less or equal

NLGC noise level gain control

NLI 1nonlinear interpolating, 2natural language interface

NLL night low level

NLM NetWare Loadable Module

NLO 1nonlinear optics, 2[JP 4-01.2] naval liaison officer(s)

NLOLANY [AR 310-50] Netherlands Orange Lanyard

NLOS non-line of sight

NLOS-CA non-line-of-sight - combined arms

NLP natural-language processing

NLQ near letter quality

NLRB National Labor Relations Board

NLRP NMCS Long-Range Plan

NLSFUNC National Language Support Function

NLSP network layer security protocol

NLT not later than

NLV National Language Version [IBM]

nm [AR 310-50] nonmetalic

NM 1nautical mile(s), 2no mission, 3New Mexico, 4noise meter, 5network management, 6night message, 7no mark, 8not marked, 9network manager

NMAC near midair collision

NMAS [AR 310-50] North Atlantic Treaty Organization military authorities

NMB [AR 310-50] National Mediation Board, Department of Labor

NMBs [JP 1-02] North Atlantic Treaty Organization (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) military bodies

NMC 1network management facility, 2network monitoring center, 3not mission capable, 4National Meteorological Center, 5Naval Materiel Command (now disbanded), 6Naval Medical Command

NMCB not mission capable both

NMCC National Military Command Center (JCS)

NMCC/MC NMCC/Message Center

NMCCS Navy Manpower Configuration Control System

NMCM not mission capable, maintenance

NMCRC Navy Marine Corps Reserve Center

NMCS 1National Military Command System (JCS), 2non mission capable – supply

NMCSSC National Military Command System Support Center

NMD national missile defense

NMDAS Navy Manpower Data Accounting System

NMDE non-major defense equipment

NMDF NATO main distribution frame

NMDL Navy Management Data List

NME 1Navy Materiel Establishment, 2National Military Establishment

NMEP NMCS Management Engineering Plan

NMET naval mobile environmental team

NMFC National motor freight classification

nmi nautical mile (I nmi = 1.151 miles)

NMI 1no middle initial, 2non-maskable interrupt

NMIBT new materiel introductory briefing team

NMIC 1National Military Intelligence Center (JCS), 2Navy Management Information System

NMIC-SS National Military Intelligence Center Support System

NMICC National Military Intelligence Collection Center

NMIL [AR 310-50] new materiel introductory letter

NMIPC National Military Intelligence Production Center

NMISC National Military Intelligence Support Center

NMIST National Military Intelligence Support Team

NMITC Navy and Marine Corps Intelligence Training Center

NMJIC National Military Joint Intelligence Center

NMM NetWare Management Map [NetWare]

NMMIS Naval Materiel Management Information System

NMMPS National Military Message Processor System

NMO national military objectives

NMOC [JP 1-02] network management operations center

NMOS negative channel metal-oxide semiconductor (also N-MOS) (see MOS, sense 4)

NMP 1National Military Command System Master Plan, 2national maintenance point, 3network management protocol [AT&T], 4network management processor

NMPA normal materiel production allowance

NMPC 1Naval Military Personnel Command, 2[AR 310-50] National Maintenance Publications Center

NMPPS Nuclear Mission Planning and Production System

NMQAO Naval Materiel Quality Assessment Office

NMR 1National Military Representative (to SHAPE), 2new mobile radar, 3nuclear magnetic resonance, 4[JP 1-02] news media representative

NMRA not mission ready and available

NMRS 1Navy Manpower Requirement System, 2Near-Term Mine Reconnaissance System

NMS 1Network Management System [Novell] , 2National military strategy, 3new management strategy, 4[AR 310-50] new manning system

NMSA 1nonnuclear munitions storage areas, 2[JP 1-02] North Atlantic Treaty Organization Mutual Support Act

NMSC [AR 310-50] National Merit Scholarship Corporation

NMSD National military strategy document

NMSQT [AR 310-50] National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test

NMSR non consumable materiel support request

NMSSA [AR 310-50] North Atlantic Treaty Organization Maintenance Supply Service Agency

NMSSS [AR 310-50] North Atlantic Treaty Organization Maintenance Supply Service System

NMST new materiel system test

NMT not more than

NN 1network node, 2no news [Internet], 3no need

NNAG NATO Naval Armaments Group

NNCS NICS Network Control System

NNE north northeast

NNI network-network interface

NNMSB non nuclear munitions safety board

NNOR Non-Nuclear Ordnance Requirements Model (USN)

NNPP naval nuclear propulsion

NNS Newport News Shipbuilding

NNSC [AR 310-50] Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission

NNSN [AR 310-50] no national stock number

NNSS Navy Navigation Satellite System (USN)

NNSY Norfolk Naval Shipyard

NNT [JP 1-02] non-nodal terminal

NNTP network news transfer protocol [Internet]

NNW north northwest

NNWDB National Nuclear Weapons Database

NNX [JP 1-02] local exchange

no number

NO 1no opinion, 2normally open, 3[FM 101-5-1] Norway

NOA 1new obligation authority, 2notice of availability

NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

NOACT [JP 4-01.7] Navy Overseas Air Cargo Terminal

NOB naval order of battle

NOBC Navy officer billet classification

NOBS Naval Operations Bases System

NOC 1Naval Operations Center (USN), 2network operations center (WIN)

NOC-IMSD Naval Ordnance Center Inventory Management Division

NOCA notice of contract action

NOCMIS NOC Management Information System (WIN)

NOCONTRACT 1not releasable to contractors, 2not releasable to consultants

NOD 1night observation device, 2non-offensive defense

NODDS NOAA Oceanographic Data Distribution System

NODEX [AR 310-50] new over the beach discharge exercise

NOE 1nap-of-the-earth, 2[AR 310-50] notice of exception

NOEA [CJCSI 3410.01] nuclear operations emergency action

NOF notional force system

NOFORN not releasable to foreign nationals

NOFT [AR 310-50] notice of foreign travel

NOG [CJCSI 3410.01] Nuclear Operations Group

NOGS night observation gunship

NOI 1notice of inquiry, 2notice of intent

NOIBN [AR 310-50] not otherwise indicated by name

NOIC Naval Operational Information Center (USN)

NOIWAD National Operations and Intelligence Watch Officer's Advisory

NOIWON National Operations Intelligence Watch Officers Network (JCS)

NOK [JP 1-02] next of kin

NOL 1normal operating losses, 2Naval Ordnance Laboratory

NOLOC [AR 310-50] no location

NOLS nuclear ordnance logistics systems

nom 1[AR 310-50] nominate, 2[AR 310-50] nominee

NOM/DCR nomination and data change request

NOMAC noise modulation and correlation

NOMAD Navy Oceanographic and Meteorological Automatic Device

NOMIS 1Naval Operations Management Information System, 2Naval Ordnance Management Information System

NOMS nuclear operations monitoring systems

NOMSS Naval Oceanographic and Meteorological Support System

NONA [AR 310-50] notice of nonavailability

noncit [AR 310-50] noncitizen

NONCOHO noncoherent oscillator

NONCOMECM [AR 310-50] noncommunications electronics countermeasures

NONCOMJAM [AR 310-50] noncommunications jamming

NOP 1no operation, 2Nuclear Operating Plan (NATO), 3Office of the Chief of Navy Operations, 4[JP 1-02] nuclear operations

NOPAC network OPAC

NOPLAN 1no operational plan published (JOPS), 2NOPLAN situations, 3[JP 1-02] no operation plan available or prepared

NOPO [JP 1-02] Nuclear Operations Planning Office

NOR 1not OR [logic circuit usable as either AND or OR], 2notices of revision, 3net operating result, 4notice of revision

NOR ADMIN NORAD Administrative Telephone Network

NOR ALERT NORAD Voice Alert Network

NOR COMNET NORAD Teletypewriter Network

NOR TAC NORAD HQ ADC Tactical Telephone Network

NOR WARN NORAD Warning Network

NORAD 1[USA, Canada] North Atlantic Aerospace Defense Command, Created in 1957, 2North American Air Defense Command (obsolete)

NORIP [AR 310-50] NORAD Intelligence Plan

NORM 1not operationally ready maintenance, 2[JP 1-02] normal

NOROEC [AR 310-50] NORAD Operational Employment Concept

NORQR [AR 310-50] NORAD Qualitative Requirement

NORS 1not operationally ready – supply, 2not operationally ready – spare parts

NORTHAG Northern Army Group, Central Europe (NATO)

NOS 1night observation system, 2not otherwise specified, 3national ocean survey, 4network operating system, 5network operation center, 6night observation surveillance

NOSC 1NATO operations support cell, 2NATO operations support center, 3Naval Ocean Systems Center (formerly Naval Electronics Laboratory)

NOSIC Naval Ocean Surveillance Information Center

NOSL Naval Ordnance Station Louisville

NOSM [CJCSI 3410.01] nuclear operations stockpile management

NOSSA notice of source selection action

NOT new organization training

NOTAL National Security Telecommunication and Information System

NOTAM notice to airmen

NOTAMS notice to airmen and sailors

NOTAP Naval Occupational Task Analysis Program

NOTAR no tail rotor

NOTCC Network Operational/Technical Coordination Center (DCA)

NOTMAR [JP 1-02] notice to mariners

NOTS NMCS Operations Team Support Subsystem

NOTU Naval operational training unit

NOV notice of availability

NOVRAM nonvolatile RAM

NOW network of workstations

NP 1Naval publication, 2neuropsychiatric, 3no protest, 4network processor, 5nonrecurring pamphlet

NPA 1numerical production analysis, 2network printer alliance, 3NAF purchasing agreement

NPB neutron particle beam

NPC 1network personal computer, 2nonrecurring production costs, 3[JP 2-01.2] nonproliferation center

NPD Non-Proliferation and Disarmament [Fund]

NPDB National Practioner Data Bank

NPDM Navy program decision meeting

NPDM/MCPDM Navy/Marine Corps program decision meeting

NPDS 1National Military Command System Processing and Display System, 2National Military Command Center Processing and Display System (JCS), 3National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System

NPE 1networking, planning, and engineering, 2[USN] Naval preliminary examination [USN testing of equipment before procurement], 3nuclear planning and execution

NPES nuclear planning and execution system

NPFC Naval Publications and Forms Center

NPFS [AR 310-50] no prior or current Federal service

NPG 1non-unit personnel generator, 2Nuclear Planning Group (NATO), 3[FM 101-5-1] network participating group

NPGS Naval Postgraduate School

NPH non processed header

NPI 1network printer interface, 2non priced item

NPIC National Photographic Interpretation Center

NPL 1nonprocedural language, 2national priorities list

NPLO NATO Production Logistic Organization

NPM network performance monitor

NPMA NATO Project Management Agency

NPN negative-positive-negative [transistor]

npo negative positive zero

NPOC 1Naval Polar Oceanography Center, 2Navy point of contact

NPODS 1Navy Print on Demand System, 2naval publishing on demand services

NPP [AR 310-50] National policy paper

NPPS Navy Publication and Printing Service

NPR 1noise power ratio, 2non persistent reference, 3national performance review, 4Navy program review

NPRC [AR 310-50] National Personnel Records Center

NPRDC Navy Personnel Research and Development Center

NPRIS nuclear planning and resource information system

NPRT new policy review team

NPS 1non-prior service, 2numerical plotting system, 3Naval Postgraduate School [USN], 4Novell Productivity Specialist, 5network print server [Specialix], 6[JP 1-02] National Park Service, 7[JP 1-02] Nuclear Planning System, 8[AR 310-50] no prior service

NPSD non programmed suspense date

NPT 1network planning technique, 2Nonproliferation Treaty

NPTC [AR 310-50] National Postal and Travelers Censorship Organization

NPTCO [AR 310-50] National Postal and Travelers Censorship Organization

NPTN National Public Telecomputing Network

NPU natural processing unit

NPV 1net present value, 2new present value

NPWIC [JP 1-02] National Prisoner of War Information Center

NPX numeric processor extension

NQ [JP 1-02] nonquota

NQCC network quality control center

NQL network query language

NQS network queuing system [Cray]

NQT [AR 310-50] Nonlanguage Qualification Test

nr 1number [in Morse code], 2[AR 310-50] nonregistered

NR 1nonreactive [relay], 2nonrecoverable, 3nuclear reactor, 4submersible research vehicle (nuclear propelled), 5nonregional, 6[JP 1-02] number

NRA 1lasar gyro reference axis, 2naval radio activity, 3network resolution area, 4[AR 310-50] National Rifle Association, 5[AR 310-50] nonregistered accountable

NraD Naval Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation Division

NRALCC northern region airlift control center

NRALD northern region airlift division

NRAP network risk analysis plan

NRAS [AR 310-50] Seventh Army Nuclear Release Authentication System

NRAT network risk analysis team

NRB1CL [AR 310-50] Nuclear Reactor Operator, First Class Badge

NRB2CL [AR 310-50] Nuclear Reactor Operator, Second Class Badge

NRBBAS [AR 310-50] Nuclear Reactor Operator Basic Badge

NRBSUPV [AR 310-50] Nuclear Reactor Operator, Shift Supervisor Badge

NRC 1Nuclear Regulatory Commission, 2National Research Council, 3non-unit related cargo, 4NORAD Readiness Center, 5nonrecurring recoupment cost, 6[JP 3-07.2] National Response Center

NRCC 1[United States] Naval regional contracting center, 2NORAD Region Control Center, 3[AR 310-50] NORAD region combat center

NRCHB Naval Reserve cargo handling battalion

NRCHF [JP 1-02] naval reserve cargo handling force

NRCHTB naval reserve cargo handling training battalion

NRDC National Resource Defense Council

NRDEC Natick Research, Development and Engineering Center

NRDM [JP 1-02] NUWEP (nuclear weapons) Reconnaissance Data Manual

NRE non-recurring engineering (as in NRE costs)

NREC [AR 310-50] National Resource Evaluation Center

NREL National Renewable Energy Laboratory

NREN National Research and Education Network

NRF Naval Reserve Force

NRFC Navy regional finance center

NRFI not ready for issue

NRG [CJCSI 3150.14] Notional Requirements Generator

NRI net radio interface

NRL 1Naval Research Laboratory, 2[JP 1-02] NUWEP (nuclear weapons) reconnaissance list

NRLINs nonreportable line items

NRM natural remanent magnetization

NRO National Reconnaissance Office

NROC [JP 3-07.4] Northern Regional Operations Center (CARIBROC-CBRN)

NROSS Navy Remote Ocean Sensing System

NROTC Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps

NRP 1net radio protocol, 2normal rated power, 3non-unit related personnel, 4[AR 310-50] nonregistered publication

NRPC [JP 1-02] Naval Reserve Personnel Center

NRPM [JP 1-02] NUWEP (nuclear weapons) Reconnaissance Planning Manual

NRRF Naval radio receiving facility

NRS 1naval radio station, 2Navy reporting structure

NRT near-real time

NRTD [JP 2-02] near real time dissemination

NRTS not repairable this station [USAF]

NRZ nonreturn to zero

NRZ-I non-return to zero – inverted

NRZ-L non-return to zero – level

NRZI 1non-return to zero indicates, 2non-return to zero inverted (magnetic tape, 800 bpi)

ns [AR 310-50] nonstandard

NS 1nanosecond, 2national semiconductor (as in Ns16550 UART), 3network supervisor, 4non stop, 5not specified, 6naval sheltered, 7[JP 3-11] nuclear survivability

NS&MP Navy Support and Mobilization Plan

NS/EP [JP 1-02] national security and emergency preparedness

NSA 1National Security Agency, 2National Standards Association, 3[JP 4-01.2] National Shipping Authority

NSA POLY National Security Agency polygraph

NSA/CSS National Security Agency/Central Security Service

NSADS Navy Security Assistance Data System

NSAM 1NSA manual, 2[AR 310-50] National security action memorandum

NSAP network service access point

NSAPI Netscape Server API

NSARC Navy Systems Acquisition Review Council

NSAS [AR 310-50] Nuclear Sealed Authentication System

NSC 1National Security Council, 2National Simulation Center, 3NATO supply center, 4Naval supply center, 5Network Support Center (DoDIIS)

NSC&MP [AR 310-50] national stock control and maintenance point

NSC/DC [JP 3-07.3] Deputies Committee of the National Security Council

NSC/IWG [JP 3-08] National Security Council/Interagency Working Group

NSC/PC [JP 3-08] National Security Council/Principals Committee

NSCCA nuclear safety cross-check analysis

NSCID [JP 1-02] National Security Council intelligence directive

NSCS National Security Council System

NSD 1network security device, 2NMCS support division, 3National security decision, 4naval supply depot, 5[JP 1-02] National security directive

NSDA non-self deployment aircraft

NSDD 1National security defense directive, 2National security decision directive

NSDIR National Software Data and Information Repository

NSDM National security decision memorandum

NSDS Navy Source Data System

NSE [JP 1-02] Navy support element

NSEAP Nuclear Surety Evaluation and Assistance Program

NSEP national security and emergency preparedness

NSERC National Sciences and Engineering Research Council (Canada)

NSES Noncommunications Signals Exploitation System

NSF 1National Science Foundation [a federally-funded organization that manages the NSFnet], 2Navy Stock Fund

NSFnet a net which connects every major research institution and campus in the United States

NSFO 1Navy standard fuel oil, 2Navy special fuel oil

NSFS naval surface fire support

NSG 1Naval Security Group, 2north seeking gyroscope

NSGA Naval Security Group Activity

NSGCHQ Naval Security Group Command Headquarters

NSI 1nonstandard item, 2NASA Science Internet, 3not seriously injured

NSIA National Security Industrial Association

NSIC Nuclear Safety Information Center (NRC)

NSIWG NATO SATCOM Interoperability Working Group

NSL 1network service layer, 2network software laboratory, 3[AR 310-50] nuclear safety line, 4[AR 310-50] nonstockage list

NSLIN [AR 310-50] nonstandard line item number

NSLOOKUP Name Server Lookup [UNIX]

NSM 1network status monitor, 2network security manager, 3[JP 1-02] National search and rescue (SAR) manual, 4[AR 310-50] National Security Medal

NSMTFS NATO Standard Message Text Formatting System

NSN 1national stock number, 2[AR 310-50] North Atlantic Treaty Organization stock number

NSNF non-strategic nuclear forces

NSNMDR National stock number master data record

NSO 1Nuclear Safety Office, 2Non-SIOP Option, 3NATO Standardization Organization, 4network security officer, 5numerical stock objective, 6[AR 310-50] National security office(r)

NSOC 1National Signals Intelligence Operations Center, 2[JP 1-02] Navy Satellite Operations Center, 3[JP 2-02] National Security Operations Center

NSOF 1Navy status of forces file, 2[AR 310-50] Navy Special Operations Force

NSOOC [CJCSI 1210.01] North Atlantic Treaty Organization Staff Officer Orientation Course

NSOR NATO statement of operational requirement

NSP 1network support plan, 2native signal processing [Intel], 3network service provider, 4not separately priced, 5[JP 1-02] National Search and Rescue Plan, 6[AR 310-50] nuclear strike plan

NSR 1NATO staff requirement, 2[AR 310-50] no staff responsibility

NSRB [AR 310-50] National Security Resources Board

NSRD National Software Reuse Directory

NSRDC Naval Ship Research and Development Center

NSRL 1National SIGINT Requirements List, 2National Strategic Reconnaissance List

NSS 1National Strategic Stockpile, 2non-self-sustaining, 3National Security System, 4National Security Strategy, 5National Supply System, 6[AR 310-50] National stockpile site

NSS IT National Security System information technology

NSSC 1NASA Standard Spacecraft Computer, 2NORAD Space Surveillance Center, 3notice of supply/service completion

NSSCS [JP 1-02] non-self-sustaining container ship

NSSG nuclear survivability steering group

NSSMS NATO SEA SPARROW Surface Missile System

NSSN 1National Standard System Network, 2new attack submarine, 3next generation attack submarine

NSST [JP 3-56.1] Naval Space Support Team

NST NATO staff target

NSTAC National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee

NSTC National Science and Technology Council

NSTD non-system training device

NSTDB National Strategic Target Database

NSTIS Navy Standard Technical Information Systems

NSTISSC National Security Telecommunication and Information System Security Committee

NSTISSI National Security Telecommunication and Information System Security Instruction

NSTL 1National Strategic Targets List, 2National Software Testing Labs, 3National Space Technology Laboratories (NASA), 4National Security Threat List

NSTM Naval Ships' Technical Manual (USN)

NSTO new systems training office

NSTP National Security Telecommunication Policy

NSTR Naval Sea System Command technical representative

NSTS [JP 2-02] National Secure Telephone System

NSU network service/interface unit

NSVN NATO Secure Voice Network (NICS)

NSVS NATO Secure Voice System

NSW naval special warfare

NSWC Naval Surface Warfare Center (USN)

NSWCDD Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division (USN)

NSWG Naval special warfare group

NSWP Non-Soviet Warsaw Pact

NSWTE Naval special warfare task element

NSWTG Naval special warfare task group

NSWTG/TU Naval special warfare task group/task unit

NSWTU Naval special warfare task unit

NSWU Naval special warfare unit

NSY naval shipyard

NT 1new technology [Microsoft], 2normal threat, 3[JP 1-02] nodal terminal

NTACMS/MCM Navy Tactical Missile System/Mine Countermeasures

NTACS [JP 1-02] Navy Tactical Air Control System

NTAP [JP 1-02] National Track Air-is Program

NTAS 1NT advanced server [Microsoft], 2NORAD Tactical Automatic Voice Network System

NTB 1National Target Base Server, 2National Test Bed (ESD), 3network test bed, 4[JP 1-02] National Target Base

NTC 1National Training Center, 2Naval Training Center, 3National Territorial Command, 4Naval Telecommunications Command, 5network terminal concentrator

NTCAVAL [AR 310-50] notice of availability

NTCB network trusted computer base

NTCC Naval telecommunications center

NTCCS 1Naval Tactical Command and Control System, 2Naval Tactical Command support system

NTCF NATO technical control facility

NTCOC Naval Telecommunications Command Operations Center

NTCS Naval telecommunications and computer system

NTCS-A [JP 6-02] Navy Tactical Command System Afloat

NTCSA Navy Tactical Command System Afloat

NTCT Naval Tactics and Command Trainer

NTDO Naval Technical Data Office

NTDR [TTPIO-ABCS] near term data radio

NTDS 1Naval Technical Data System, 2Naval Tactical Data System [data processing system fitted to the E-2C Hawkeye]

NTE not to exceed

NTF 1National Test Facility (ESD), 2no trouble found, 3[CJCSI 3222.01] nuclear task force

NTFMRS Navy Total Force Manpower Requirements System

NTFS New Technology File System [Microsoft]

NTG non-technical generator

NTI 1near-term improvements, 2noise transmission impairment, 3near-term initiative, 4[AR 310-50] no travel involved

NTIA 1National Telecommunications and Information Administration, 2National Telecommunications Information Agency (DOC)

NTIC 1Naval Technical Intelligence Center, 2[JP 1-02] Navy Tactical Intelligence Center

NTIPS Navy Technical Information Presentation System

NTIS National Technical Information Service (Department of Commerce)

NTISA Naval Tactical Interoperability Support Activity

NTISS [JP 1-02] National Telecommunications and Information Security System

NTISSC National Telecommunications and Information Systems Security Committee

NTISSI [JP 1-02] National Telecommunications and Information Security System (NTISS) Instruction

NTISSP [JP 1-02] National Telecommunications and Information Security System (NTISS) Policy

NTM 1national technical means of evaluation, 2national technical mean, 3network terminal manager (Honeywell), 4notice to move

NTMP NMCS Technical Management Plan

NTMPDE [JP 3-07.4] National Telecommunications Master Plan for Drug Enforcement

NTMS [CJCSI 3410.01] National Telecommunications Management Structure

NTP 1near-term penetrator, 2Navy telecommunications publications, 3Navy training plan

NTPF near-term pre-positioning force

NTPS 1Naval Test Pilots School (Patuxent River NAWC), 2near-term prepositioned ships

NTR 1nine thousand remote, 2non tactical radio, 3nothing to report

NTRAS NT Remote Access Services [Microsoft]

NTRID netted telephone radio interface

NTS 1national traffic system, 2Naval Telecommunications System, 3navigation technology satellite (USN), 4[AR 310-50] Nevada Test Site, 5[AR 310-50] nontariff size

NTSA 1NetWare Telephony Services Architecture [Novell], 2National Training Systems Association

NTSB National Transportation Safety Board

NTSC 1National Television Standards Committee, 2Navy Training Systems Center

NTSDS National Target/Threat Signature Data System

NTSMP Naval Telecommunications System Master Plan

NTSS [JP 2-02] National Time-Sensitive System

NTSSI National Telecommunication and Information System Security Instruction

NTTC National Technology Transfer Center (NASA)

NTTR non-tactical telecommunications requirements

NTTS NATO terrestrial transmission system

NTU 1navigation training unit, 2new threat upgrade

NTWS new threat warning system

NU 1name unknown, 2network utility, 3[FM 101-5-1] Nicaragua

NUA network user address

NUBICWOPS [AR 310-50] nuclear, biological, and chemical warfare operations

nuc [AR 310-50] nuclear

NUC 1Navy unit commendation, 2nonuniformity compensation, 3[JP 1-02] non-unit-related cargo

NUCAP nuclear capabilities database

NUCAS [AR 310-50] nuclear authentication system

NUCDEF [AR 310-50] nuclear defense

NUCDETS [AR 310-50] nuclear detonation detection and reporting system

NUCEWA nuclear weapons availability

NUCINT nuclear intelligence

NUCMATTS Nuclear Materials Transportation Tracking System (DoE)

NUCREP [AR 310-50] nuclear damage report

NUCSTAT nuclear operational status report

NUCWA nuclear weapons accounting (GCCS)

NUCWAL nuclear weapons allocation logistics

NUCWEP nuclear weapons

NUCWPN [AR 310-50] nuclear weapon(s)

NUDAP nuclear detonation data point

NUDET nuclear detonation

NUDIS NUDET and damage information summary

NUI 1network user identification, 2network user interface, 3notebook user interface [Go Corporation]

NUL 1null [ASCII], 2dummy device, 3no device

NULO negative unliquidated obligations

NUMA non-uniform memory access

NUOR nuclear ordinance

NUP [JP 1-02] non-unit-related personnel

NURC non-unit related cargo

NUREP nuclear reporting

NURP non-unit related personnel

NUSC Naval Underwater Systems Command

NUT network utility file transfer

nutr [AR 310-50] nutrition

NUWAX nuclear weapon accident

NUWC Naval Undersea Warfare Center

NUWEP [JP 1-02] policy guidance for the employment of nuclear weapons

nV nanovolt

NV 1Nevada, 2night vision, 3no overflow

NVAL [AR 310-50] not available

NVD night vision device

NVDET network virtual data entry terminal

NVE 1network visible entry, 2night vision equipment

NVEOC Night Vision and Electro-Optics Center (Army)

NVEOL Night Vision and Electro-Optic Lab.

NVESD night vision and electronic sensor directorate

NVG night vision goggles

NVIS 1nearly vertical incidence skywave, 2night vision imaging system

NVM non-volatile memory

NVOD near-video on demand

NVP 1nominal velocity of propagation, 2night visibility plan

NVPS night vision pilotage system

NVR no voltage release

NVRAM non-volatile random access memory

NVS night vision system

NVT 1network virtual terminal, 2Novell virtual terminal

NVTS network virtual terminal service

nW nanowatt

NW 1northwest, 2[JP 1-02] not waiverable

nW/cm2 milliwatt per square centimeter

NWAD naval warfare assessment division

NWAIB [AR 310-50] Nuclear Weapon Accident Investigation Board

NWB [JP 1-02] normal wideband

NWB/CPA new work brief/command project acceptance

NWBLTU [JP 1-02] normal wideband line termination unit

NWC 1Naval War College, 2Naval Weapons Center, 3National War College (NDU), 4Nuclear Weapons Council, 5Nuclear Weapons Center

NWCR [AR 310-50] nuclear weapons correction report

NWE nuclear weapons effects

NWEO [AR 310-50] nuclear weapons employment officer

NWES [AR 310-50] nuclear weapons electronic specialist

NWFP [JP 3-07.4] Northwest Frontier Province (Pakistan)

NWIS Navy WWMCCS® Information System

NWMF [AR 310-50] nuclear weapons maintenance foreman

NWMP nuclear weapons master plan

NWMS [AR 310-50] nuclear weapons maintenance specialist

NWOO NATO Wartime Oil Organization

NWP Navy warfare publication

NWR [AR 310-50] nuclear weapons report

NWREP [JP 1-02] nuclear weapons report

NWRP nuclear weapons release procedures

NWS 1NetWare web server, 2National Weather Services, 3North Warning System, 4nuclear weapons storage

NWSB nuclear warfare status branch

NWSC 1Naval Weather Service Command, 2Naval Weapons Support Center

NWSF [AR 310-50] nuclear weapons storage facility

NWSS 1Navy WWMCCS® Software Standardization, 2[AR 310-50] nuclear weapons support section

NWSSG nuclear weapon system safety group

NWT [JP 1-02] normal wideband terminal

NWTDB Navalwarfare tactical database

NWTP NMCS WWMCCS® Transition Plan

NXDO [AR 310-50] NIKE-X Development Office

NXPM [AR 310-50] NIKE-X Project Manager

NXPO [AR 310-50] NIKE-X Project Office

NXPRG [AR 310-50] NIKE-X Program Review Group

NXSM [AR 310-50] NIKE-X System Manager

NYI not yet impacted

NYM anonymous

NYX [JP 1-02] area code

NZ 1neutral zone, 2[FM 101-5-1] New Zealand