Index Military Acronyms, Initialisms, and Abbreviations

H 1[vacuum tube] heater, 2henry [cgs unit of inductance], 3aircraft symbol- helicopter or search/rescue

H&I [JP 1-02] harassing and interdicting

H&S [FM 101-5-1] headquarters and service

H&V heating and ventilation

H-2 Sea Sprite

H-3 1King, 2[FM 101-5-1] 3 hours prior to H-hour

H-46 Knight

H-AMI host-automated message interface

H-B hexadecimal to binary

H-D hexadecimal to decimal

H-HMMWV heavy highly mobile (high mobility) multipurpose wheeled vehicle

H-hour 1[FM 101-5-1] specific hour on D-day at which a particular operation commences, 2[JP 1-02] seaborne assault landing hour

H-Hour time of commencement

H+7 [FM 101-5-1] 7 hours after H-hour

H+30 min [FM 101-5-1] 30 minutes after H-hour

H/C hand carry

H/S health and safety

H/V horizontal/vertical

H/W hardware

H6000 Honeywell 6000 Series Computers (WWMCCS®)

H700 Honeywell 700 minicomputer

ha high altitude

HA 1half-adder, 2heavy armor, 3heavy artillery, 4USN attack helicopter squadron, 5hazard assessment, 6higher authority, 7[FM 101-5-1] Haiti, 8[FM 101-5-1] holding area, 9[FM 101-5-1] humanitarian assistance

HAAC helicopter air-to-air combat

HAAP Homebase/Advanced Assignment Program

HAARS High-Altitude Airdrop Resupply System

HAB 1heavy assault bridge, 2heavy asset bridge, 3[CJCSI 3222.01] high-altitude burst

HAC 1House Appropriations Committee, 2[JP 1-02] helicopter aircraft commander

HACC [FM 101-5-1] humanitarian assistance coordination center

HACCP hazard analysis critical control point

HACMP high availability cluster multi-processing [IBM]

HACT helicopter active control technology

HAD half-amplitude duration

HADAS helmet airborne display and sight

HADS 1hypersonic air data sensor, 2Hawaiian Air Defense System (PACAF), 3Helicopter Air Data System, 4high accuracy digital sensor

HAE UAV High Altitude Endurance Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

HAF 1Headquarters Air Force, 2high altitude fluorescence

HAFMDS Headquarters Air Force Manpower Data System

HAHO high altitude high opening [parachute technique]

HAIS Hawaiian Air Intelligence System (PACAF)

HAL 1highly automated logic, 2hard array logic, 3hardware abstraction layer [Microsoft WinNT], 4house-programmed array logic

HALDIGS Howard and Lajes Digital Graphic System

HALE High Altitude/Long Endurance (UAV)

Hall ED/M Hall effect devices

HALO 1high-attitude large optics, 2high altitude low observable, 3high altitude, low opening [parachuting technique]

HALP [AR 310-50] HAWK Equipment Logistics Program

HALSIM hardware logic simulator

HAM hardware associative memory

HAMD [AR 310-50] helicopter ambulance medical detachment

HAMPS Host AUTODIN Message Processing System

HAMS 1hardness assurance, maintenance and surveillance, 2Hospital Aseptic Management System

HANG Hawaii Air National Guard

HANSA Hanscom Satellite Element Set Inventory

HAP 1hazard abatement program, 2host access protocol, 3high accident potential, 4[AR 310-50] Home Owners Assistance Program

HAPDAR hard point demonstration array radar

HARAC high altitude resonance absorption calculation

HARDMAN 1hardware vs.manpower, 2hardware vs. manpower methodology. 3manpower planning for hardware (Navy/USMC)

HARDMAN II Marine Corps Military Manpower/Hardware Integration System II

HARDS High Altitude Radiation Detection System

HARE Hanscom Automated Request for Proposal Environment

HARM High-Speed Anti-Radiation Missile, AGM-88A

HARP 1Halpern antiradar point, 2high altitude research project, 3high altitude release point

HARPS Hybrid AUTODIN Red Patch Service

HARS Heading/Attitude Reference System


HARV high-alpha research vehicle [modified F-18]

HAS 1hardened aircraft shelter, 2hazard analysis summary

HASC House Armed Services Committee (obsolete, see HNSC)

HASP 1high-altitude sampling program, 2high-altitude sounding project, 3Houston automatic spooling priority system

HASPA high altitude super-pressure powered aerostat

HAST 1high-altitude supersonic target, 2[JP 3-08] humanitarian assistance survey team

HAT hardened antenna technology

HATR hazardous air traffic report

HATS heuristic automated transportation mode system

HAW [AR 310-50] heavy antitank/assault weapon

HAWK PCP Hawk platoon command post

HAWS Hawaiian Area Wideband System

HAZ 1heat affected zone, 2[JP 1-02] hazardous cargo

HAZCOM hazardous communications

HAZMAT hazardous material

HB 1high burst, 2horizontal baffle, 3heavy boat

HBA host bus adapter

HBC House Budget Committee

HBCU historically black college and university

HC 1heuristic concepts, 2high capacity [projectile], 3high carbon, 4holding coil, 5hybrid computer, 6[USN] helicopter combat support squadron, 7high capacity, 8hollow charge, 9host country, 10[AR 310-50] hydrogen chloride

HC-130 Hercules

HCA 1half-cone angle, 2heading crossing angle, 3humanitarian and civic assistance, 4head of contracting activity, 5head of contracting agency

HCCAS 1Hardware Configuration Statistical Accounting System, 2[JP 1-03.17] hostile casualty

HCD hot-carrier diode

HCE 1hollow-cathode effect, 2human-caused error

HCF 1halt and catch fire, 2high-carbon ferrochrome

HCG horizontal location of center of gravity

HCI 1human computer interaction, 2human computer interface, 3hardness critical item

HCL 1high, common, low [relay], 2horizontal center line, 3hardware configuration list, 4[JP 3-07.4] hydrochloride

HCM HARDMAN comparability methodology

HCMM heat capacity mapping mission

HCN host country national

HCO [JP 1-02] helicopter control officer

HCOR [AR 310-50] honorary colonel of the regiment

HCP 1health care provider, 2[JP 1-02] hardcopy printer

HCS 1helicopter combat search and rescue/special warfare support squadron, 2heliborne common sensor (Army), 3helicopter combat support, 4hazard communication standard, 5[JP 1-02] helicopter coordination section, 6[JP 1-02] helicopter control station, 7[JP 1-02] helicopter combat support (Navy)

HCSAS Hardware Configuration Status Accounting System

HCSS 1hospital computer sharing system, 2high capacity storage system

HCTR high capacity trunk radio

HCU high capacity computer unit [CHS-2]

HD 1half duplex, 2head diameter, 3heavy duty, 4hard disk, 5high density, 6heavy drop, 7home defense, 8[FM 101-5-1] blister agent (distilled Levinstein mustard), 9[JP 1-02]harmonic distortion, 10[AR 310-50] harbor defense, 11[AR 310-50] honorable discharge

HDA head disk assembly (in winchester disk drives)

HDB high density bombing

HDC 1helicopter direction center, 2[JP 1-02] harbor defense commander, 3[AR 310-50] harbor defense command

HDCD high definition compatible digital

HDD 1hard disk drive, 2head down display, 3high definition display

HDDR high density digital recording

HDDS high density data system

HDF 1high frequency direction finding, 2hierarchical data format [NCSA]

HDH HDLC distant host

HDI head to disk interference

HDL 1[Army] Harry Diamond Laboratory, 2hardware description language

HDLC high-level data link control

HDM hardware device module

HDMI high density multi-chip interconnect

HDMR high density multitrack recording

HDMS high density memory Set

HDO horizontal parallax only

HDP Hardware Development Plan

HDPLX [JP 1-02] half duplex

HDR 1header, 2high data rate

HDSC high density signal carrier [DEC]

HDSL high-data-rate digital subscriber line

HDSS holographic data storage system

HDT 1host digital terminal, 2high driver task

HDTV high definition television

HDU 1hard disk unit, 2hose drum unit

HDVD high definition volumetric display

HDW hardware

HDX half duplex

HDY [AR 310-50] heavy duty

HE 1high explosives, 2human engineering, 3handling duplex, 4heat exchange, 5heavy equipment

HE-T [AR 310-50] high-explosive tracer

HE/EXJAM hand emplaced expendable jammer

HEAP high explosive armor piercing

HEART health evaluation and risk tabulation

HEAT 1high explosive, anti-tank, 2helicopter external air transport

HEAT-T [AR 310-50] high-explosive anti-tank-tracer

HEC [JP 1-02] helicopter employment coordinator

HECP [AR 310-50] harbor entrance control point

hecto prefix meaning 100

HECVES [AR 310-50] harbor entrance control vessel

HED horizontal electrical dipole

HEDP 1high explosive dual purpose, 2[AR 310-50] high-explosive dual-purpose

HEDR human engineering domain report

HEED helicopter emergency egress device

HEEL helicopter emergency egress lighting

HEELS Helicopter Emergency Egress Lighting System

HEFOE [JP 1-02] hydraulic electrical fuel oxygen engine

HEFU [AR 310-50] high-energy firing unit

HEI high explosive incendiary

hel helicopter

HEL 1human engineering laboratory, 2high energy laser program

HEL-H [JP 1-02] heavy helicopter

HEL-L [JP 1-02] light helicopter

HEL-M [JP 1-02] medium helicopter

HELITEAM [AR 310-50] helicopter team

HELO helicopter

HELP 1Howitzer Extended Life Program, 2highly extendible language processor

HELSTF high energy laser system test facility

HELTA High Endurance Lighter-Than-Air Project (USN/USCG)

HEM hybrid electromagnetic wave

HEMP high-altitude electromagnetic pulse

HEMT high electron mobility transition

HEMTT heavy expanded mobility tactical truck

HEO high Earth orbit

HEOB hostile electronic order of battle

HEP 1header, 2human error probability, 3high explosive plastic

HEP-T [AR 310-50] high-explosive plastic tracer

HEPA high-efficiency particulate air filters

HER human error rate

HERA high explosive rocket assisted

HERBB Hanscom Electronic Request For Proposal Bulletin Board

HERC [AR 310-50] Nike Hercules [aircraft]

HERF 1high energy rate forming, 2[JP 1-02] hazards of electromagnetic radiation to fuel

HERO 1hazard of electromagnetic radiation to ordnance, 2[JP 1-02] electromagnetic radiation hazards

HEROS German command and control system

HERP [JP 1-02] hazards of electromagnetic radiation to personnel

HERT Headquarters Emergency Relocation Team (SAC)

HES hardcopy exploitation segment (JSIPS)

HESD helicopter electrostatic discharge

HESH high explosive squash head

HET heavy equipment transporter

HETF Hill Engineering Test Facility

HETS Heavy Equipment Transporter System

HEV [AR 310-50] health and environment

HEW United States Department of Health, Education, and Welfare

HEX hexadecimal

HF 1high frequency (3-30 MHz), 2human factor(s), 3height finder [radar], 4[AR 310-50] harassing fire

HF/E human factors/engineering

HF/SSB high frequency/single sideband

HFAARS high frequency adaptive antenna receiving system

HFAC 1human factors, 2House Foreign Affairs Committee

HFAJ high frequency anti-jam

HFC hybrid fiber-coaxial

HFDF 1high frequency [radio] direction finding, 2high frequency distribution frame

HFE human factors engineering

HFEA human factors engineering analysis

HFEP host front end processor

HFET heterojunction field-effect transistor

HFIC HF intra-task force communications

HFMS high frequency monitoring system

HFO high-frequency oscillator

HFP 1host to front end protocol, 2[AR 310-50] special pay for duty subject to hostile fire

HFR height finding radar

HFRB 1high frequency radio broadcast, 2high frequency regional broadcast

HFS hierarchical file system [Macintosh]

HFSWR high frequency surface wave radar

HFT high function terminal [IBM]

HFT&E human factors test and evaluation

HFTUAAM high frequency tuning unit antenna automatic matching

Hg mercury

HG 1hydrogen generator, 2hand generator

HGA Hercules graphics adapter

HGAS high gain antenna system

HGCP Hercules graphics card plus

HGT high group transmit

HH 1hour, 2health hazard(s), 3[JP 1-02] homing pattern

HH-60A Night Hawk Helicopter (USAF)

HHA 1health hazard assessment, 2health hazard analysis

HHAR 1health hazard assessment report, 2health hazard analysis report

HHB [FM 101-5-1] headquarters and headquarters battery (FA and ADA)

HHC 1headquarters and headquarters company, 2hand-held controller

HHCL [AR 310-50] "H" hour coordinating line

HHCU hand-held control unit

HHD headquarters and headquarters detachment

HHG household goods

HHI higher headquarters' issues

HHLAPI high-level language application programming interface

HHLL hand-held laser locator

HHLR hand-held laser rangefinder

HHM hand held monitor

HHMMWV heavy high mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle

HHOC headquarters, headquarters and operations company

HHR [AR 310-50] hand-held radar

HHS 1headquarters and headquarters squadron, 2health and human services

HHSC health hazard severity category

HHT [FM101-5-1] headquarters and headquarters troop (cavalry units)

HHTs hand-held terminals

HHV heavy HMMWV variant

HI Hawaii

HI SWTR Hawaiian Island Shallow Water Training Range

HI-C high conversion critical experiment

HIA 1held in abeyance, 2[AR 310-50] hold in abeyance

HIAC high altitude camera

HIC hybrid integrated circuit

HICAP [JP 1-02] high-capacity firefighting foam station

HICCS hardware inventory configuration control system

HICOM High Command (USN HF/SSB Communication Network)

HID high intensity discharge [lamps]

HIDACZ [FM 101-5-1] high-density airspace control zone

HIDAD high density array development program

HIDEC highly integrated digital electronic control

HIDM high information delta modulation

HIDSS helmet integrated display sighting system

HIDTA [JP 3-07.4] high intensity drug trafficking area

HIE helicopter installed equipment

HIF Hyper-G interchange format

HIFD high-density floppy disk

HIFR 1helicopter in-flight refueling, 2hover in-flight refueling

HIHO high insertion, high opening

HIL 1high-intensity lighting, 2human interface link [HP]

HILEX high level exercise

HILO high insertion, low opening

HIMAD high-to-medium air defense

HIMARS 1High Mobility Artillery Rocket System, 2history management and retrieval system

HiMAT highly maneuverable aircraft technology

HIMEM high memory

HIMES history management and retrieval system

HIMEZ high-altitude missile engagement zone

HIOS headquarters integrated office system (Army)

HIP 1Howitzer Improvement Program, 2host-IMP protocol, 3host-IPLI protocol, 4hot isostatic press

HIPAR 1high power acquisition radar, 2high power illumination radar

HIPERNAS high-performance navigation system

HIPIR [AR 310-50] high-power illuminator radar

HIPO hierarchy-input-process-output

HIPOT high potential

HIPOTT high potential test

HIPPI high performance parallel interface

HIREL high reliability

HIRMS hypothetical information resource management system

HIROCC Hawaii Region Operations Control Center

HIRSS [JP 1-02] hover infrared suppresser subsystem

HIS 1Honeywell Information Systems, 2hospital information system, 3Hypermedia Information System

HISA [AR 310-50] headquarters and installation support activity

HISRAN [AR 310-50] high-precision short-range navigation

HISS horizon IR (infrared) surveillance sensor

HIT high isolation transformer

HITL hardware in the loop

HITS hierarchical integrated test simulator

HIV Human Immunodeficiency Virus

HJ 1[JP 1-02] crypto key change, 2[AR 310-50] HONEST JOHN

HL [FM 101-5-1] blister agent (mustard-lewisite mixture)

HL-UAV Hand-Launched Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

HLA high level architecture

HLCO high low close open

HLDC high level data link control (WIN)

HLFD high-level functional description

HLG [AR 310-50] Hawk Logistics Group

HLH heavy-lift helicopter

HLI host language interface

HLL high-level [computer] language

HLLAPI high level language application programming interface

HLLV heavy lift launch vehicle (SDI)

HLMR [AR 310-50] Hunter-Leggit Military Reservation

HLOS horizontal line-of-sight

HLPS [JP 1-02] heavy-lift preposition ship

HLQ high level qualifier

HLS hue, luminance, saturation (color model)

HLSC helicopter logistic support center

HLSUA Honeywell Large Systems Users Association

HLT halt

HLZ [JP 1-02] helicopter landing zone

hm hectometer

HM 1[USN] helicopter mine countermeasures squadron, 2heavy metal, 3[JP 4-01.7] hazardous materials

HMA 1high memory area [Microsoft], 2hub management architecture, 3(USMC) attack helicopter squadron

HMAL (USMC) attack/light helicopter squadron

HMC hybrid micro circuit

HMCT highway movements control team

HMCTAT Hazardous Material Cost Trade Off Analysis Tool

HMD helmet mounted display

HMG [AR 310-50] heavy machine-gun

HMH (USMC) heavy helicopter squadron

HMI 1human machine interface, 2host message interface

HMIS 1hazardous material information system, 2hazardous material information sheet

HML 1(USMC) light helicopter squadron, 2hard mobile launcher (USAF)

HMM 1(USMC) medium helicopter squadron, 2hidden Markov model

HMMP 1hyper-media management protocol, 2hazardous material management plan

HMMWV highly mobile (high-mobility) multipurpose wheeled vehicle

HMMWV-H high mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle - heavy

HMOS 1high-performance, n-channel, silicon gate MOS, 2high density metal oxide semiconductor, 3high speed metal oxide semiconductor, 4high performance metal oxide semiconductor (see MOS, sense 5)

HMP 1host monitoring protocol, 2host management protocol, 3hazardous material pharmacy

HMRPP hazardous material reduction prioritization process

HMS helmet mounted sight

HMT high mobility trailer

HMTT high mobility tactical truck

HMU 1health monitoring unit, 2helmet-mounted unit, 3hydro-mechanical unit

HMW [JP 1-02] health, morale, and welfare

HMX (USMC) helicopter squadron

HN 1horn, 2[USN] hospitalman, 3host nation, 4[FM 101-5-1] blister agent (nitrogen mustard)

HNA host nation approval

HNIL high-noise-immunity logic

HNS host-nation support

HNSC House National Security Committee (formerly HASC)

HNSMS Host Nation Support Management System (JCS)

HO 1history office, 2historian, 3[FM 101-5-1] Honduras

HOA 1Homeowners Assistance Fund, Defense, 2head of agency, 3[AR 310-50] heavy observation aircraft

HOB height of burst

HOBOS homing bomb system

HOC 1[JP 3-08] humanitarian operations center, 2[JP 2-01] HUMINT operations cell

HOCNET Human Intelligence Operational Communications Network

HOD [CJCSI 5705.01] head of delegation

HOE 1holographic-optical element, 2homing overlay experiment

HOF home office facility

HOGE [JP 1-02] hover out of ground effect

HOI headquarters operating instruction [Air Force]

HOIS hostile intelligence services

HOJ home-on-jam

HOL higher-order language

HOOAH an affirmation of agreement

HOP hybrid operating program

HOR [AR 310-50] home of record

hos [FM 101-5-1] hostile

HOS 1hardware operating system, 2higher order software

HOSM host operations systems monitor

hosp [AR 310-50] hospital

HOSS [AR 310-50] Homing Optical System Study

HOSTAC [JP 1-02] Helicopter Operations From Ships Other Than Aircraft Carriers (USN publication)

HOTAS hands on throttle and stick

HOTOL horizontal take-off and landing

HOTPHOTOREP hot photo interpretation report

HOTT Hot Off the Tree (electronic newsletter)

how [AR 310-50] howitzer

HOW howitzer

HOW BAT howitzer battery

HOW; MSN howitzer; mission

HP 1high pass, 2high pressure, 3horsepower, 4Hewlett-Packard (Company), 5high performance, 6high power, 7[AR 310-50] holiday pay

HP HR horsepower-hour

HPA 1holding and positioning aid, 2high power amplifier, 3high performance absorber, 4head of procuring activity

HPAC 1hazard prediction analysis code, 2high pressure air compressor, 3hazard prediction assessment capability

HPAG high power amplifier group

HPBW half-power bandwidth

HPC 1handheld personal computer, 2high pressure compressor, 3high performance computing

HPCC high performance computing and communications

HPCWG high performance computing working group

HPD 1high power density, 2high power destruction, 3high progressivity/density, 4[AR 310-50] high-performance drone

HPDJ Hewlett-Packard Desk Jet

HPF highest probable frequency

HPFS high-performance file system

HPG 1hard copy processor group, 2Hewlett-Packard Graphics

HPGL Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language

HPI 1high power illuminator, 2high probability of intercept

HPIB Hewlett-Packard Interface bus

HPIR high-probability-of-intercept receiver

HPL 1Hewlett-Packard Language, 2high power laser

HPLJ Hewlett-Packard Laser Jet

HPM high power microwave

HPMSK high priority mission support kit

HPO hourly post flight

HPOT heliopotentiometer

HPPA Hewlett-Packard Precision Architecture

HPPI high performance parallel interface

HPR high performance routing [IBM]

HPRF [FM 101-5-1] high pulse repetition frequency

HPS human reliability program status

HPSC High Performance Scientific Computing Research System

HPSCI House Permenant Select Committee

HPSIP Hazard Prediction System Integration Program

HPSP Health Profession Scholarship Program

HPSS Helmet Position Sensing System

HPT 1high-payoff target, 2high priority target, 3horizontal plot table, 4height-pressure test, 5high power transmission set, 6high pressure turbine

HPTL high pay-off target list

HPTS [AR 310-50] high-performance third stage (SPARTAN)

HPU 1hydraulic power unit, 2[AR 310-50] hydraulic pumping unit

HPUX Hewlett-Packard UNIX

HPW High Performance Workstation [Sun]

HQ 1headquarters, 2[JP 1-02] HAVE QUICK

HQ ACC Headquarters, Air Combat Command

HQ AETC Headquarters, Air Education and Training Command

HQ AFC4A Headquarters, Air Force Command, Control, Communication and Computer Agency

HQ AFCA Headquarters, Air Force Communication Agency

HQ AFCC Headquarters, Air Force Communications Command

HQ AFCEE Headquarters, Air Force Center For Environmental Excellence

HQ AFCESA Headquarters, Air Force Civil Engineer Support Agency

HQ AFIC Headquarters, Air Force Intelligence Command

HQ AFISA Headquarters, Air Force Intelligence Support Agency

HQ AFLC Headquarters, Air Force Logistics Command

HQ AFMC Headquarters, Air Force Materiel Command

HQ AFMPC Headquarters, Air Force Military Personnel Centers

HQ AFRES Headquarters, Air Force Reserve

HQ AFROTC Headquarters, Air Force Reserve Officers

HQ AFSC Headquarters, Air Force Systems Command

HQ AFSPA Headquarters, Air Force Security Police Agency

HQ AFSPC Headquarters, Air Force Space Command

HQ AIA Headquarters, Air Intelligence Agency

HQ AMC Headquarters, Army Materiel Command

HQ ARPC/DSMR Headquarters, Air Reserve Personnel Center/DSMR

HQ ATC Headquarters, Air Training Command

HQ DA Headquarters, Department of the Army

HQ ESC Headquarters, Electronic System Center

HQ MAC Headquarters, Military Airlift Command

HQ MC Headquarters, Marine Corps

HQ NAVAIR Headquarters, Naval Air System Command

HQ PACAF Headquarters, Pacific Air Force

HQ SAC Headquarters, Strategic Air Command

HQ TAC Headquarters, Tactical Air Command

HQ USAF Headquarters, United States Air Force

HQCOMDT [JP 1-02] headquarters commandant

HQCS [AR 310-50] Heraldic Quality Control System

HQDA Headquarters, Department of the Army

HQDA DSS Headquarters, Department of the Army Decision Support System

HQFM-net [JP 1-02] HAVE QUICK frequency modulation net

HQFMT-net [JP 1-02] HAVE QUICK frequency modulation training net

HQMC Headquarters, Marine Corps

HQS high quality screening [Linotype-Hell]

hr hour

HR 1House of Representatives, 2hazard report, 3[AR 310-50] hand receipt

HR&ED Human Research and Engineering Directorate (Army)

HRB hazard review board

HRC human resource centers

HRCS Hazard Response Computer System (Titan II)

HRD 1high rate discharge, 2human resource development, 3[TTPIO-ABCS] high resolution display

HRDC human resources development council

HRED Human Research and Engineering Directorate

HRG high resolution graphics

HRGM high-resolution ground map

HRI horizontal requirements integration

HRIR high resolution infrared radiometer

HRIS Human Resource Information System

HRL horizontal reference line

HRMS Human Resource Management System

HRO [AR 310-50] housing referral office

HRP 1high risk personnel, 2[AR 310-50] highway regulating point, 3[AR 310-50] holding and reconsignment point

HRS 1high resolution scenario, 2[JP 1-02] horizon reference system, 3[AR 310-50] housing referral service

HRT [JP 1-02] hostage rescue team

HRTF head related transfer function

HRU high risk units

HS 1half subtractor, 2high speed, 3hardstanding, 4USN helicopter anti-submarine warfare squadron, 5home station, 6[JP 1-02] homing single-unit, 7[JP 1-02] helicopter antisubmarine warfare squadron (Navy), 8[AR 310-50] high school

HSA [AR 310-50] health service area

HSAAP [AR 310-50] Holston Army Ammunition Plant

HSB 1hue, saturation, brightness (color model), 2high speed bus, 3[JP 1-02] high speed boat

HSC 1[Army] Health Services Command, 2high speed channel, 3[USAF] Human Systems Center

HSCDM [JP 1-02] high speed cable driver modem

HSCP [AR 310-50] high-speed card punch

HSCR [AR 310-50] high-speed card reader

HSCT high-speed commercial transport

HSD 1high-speed data, 2high-speed displacement, 3horizontal situation display, 4historical schedule database, 5Human Systems Division (Air Force), 6[JP 2-01.2] HUMINT support detachment

HSDA high-speed data acquisition

HSDB high speed data bus

HSDG high school diploma graduate

HSE 1headquarters support element, 2[JP 2-01.2] HUMINT support element

HSEP [JP 1-02] Hospital Surgical Expansion Package (USAF)

HSFB high speed fleet broadcast

HSG high school graduate

HSGM [AR 310-50] honorary sergeant major of the regiment

HSGT high-speed ground transportation

HSI 1horizontal situation indicator, 2host speed interface, 3hue, saturation, intensity, 4human systems integration, 5human system interface

HSIC high speed integrated circuit

HSIP human system integration plan

HSL 1[USN] light helicopter antisubmarine squadron, 2[AR 310-50] health service laboratory

HSLA 1high speed line adapter, 2high strength, low alloy

HSLCM high speed line control module

HSLS [JP 4-02.1] health service logistics support

HSM 1high-speed memory, 2hierarchical storage management, 3hermetically sealed microcircuit, 4[JP 1-0] Humanitarian Service Medal

HSMI health services management inspectors (USAF)

HSMS Hazardous Substance Management System

HSOK Hunter-Standoff Killer

HSP high-speed printer

HSPR [JP 1-02] high speed pulse restorer

HSR 1high-speed reader, 2high speed research, 3[AR 310-50] health service region

HSRO high-speed repetitive operation

HSRP headquarters systems replacement program (CG)

HSS 1high-speed storage, 2helicopter support ship, 3hyperspectral system, 4[JP 1-02] health service support

HSSA health service support areas

HSSDB [JP 1-02] high speed serial data buffer

HSSI high speed serial interface

HST 1Hawaiian Standard Time, 2hypersonic transport, 3high speed technology [U.S. Robotics], 4[JP 1-02] helicopter support team

HSTISA host/tenant interservice support agreement (PACAF)

HSTP hardware and software turnover plan

HSTSP hardware and software turnover support plan

HSTTY high speed teletypewriter

HSV 1Hunter Surrogate Vehicle, 2hue saturation value

HSWA hazardous and solid waste amendment

HT 1high tension(as in electric power transmission), 2horizontal tabulation, 3horsepower tonnage, 4helicopter training, 5heavy (satellite ground) terminal, 6high temperature, 7[FM 101-5-1] blister agent (mustard T-mixture), 8[JP 1-02] hatch team

HTA heavier than air

HTERRCAS [JP 1-03.17] hostile terrorist casualty

HTH [JP 4-06] high test hypochlorite

HTI 1horizontal technology integration, 2high temperature incendiary

HTIP Horizontal Technology Integration Plan (Army)

HTK hard-target kill

HTKP hard-target kill probability

HTL high-threshold logic

HTLD high-technology light division (Army)

HTM 1high temperature, 2hypotheses testing model

HTML HyperText Mark-up Language

HTML+ the latest version of HTML

HTO 1high temperature oxidation, 2[AR 310-50] hospital transfer order

HTOVL horizontal take-off, vertical landing

HTP [AR 310-50] hardness test plan

HTPB hydroxyl terminated polybutadiene

HTR heater

HTS 1high tensile strength, 2HARM Targeting System, 3high temperature semiconductors, 4hazard tracking system

HTSA host-tenant support agreement

HTSC high-temperature superconductor

HTSF hard target smart fuze

HTSUS Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States

HTTB high technology test bed

HTTL high-power transistor-transistor logic

HTTP 1HyperText transmission protocol, 2HyperText transport protocol

HTTP-NG HTTP next Generation

HTU 1hand held terminal unit (CHS-2), 2heat transfer unit

HU [FM 101-5-1] Hungary, [JP 1-02] hospital unit

HUC human use committee

HUD 1heads-up display, 2[Department of] Housing and Urban Development

HUDWAC heads-up display weapons-aiming computer

HUDWASS head-up display weapon aiming sub-system

HUMINT 1human resources intelligence, 2[FM101-5-1] human intelligence

HUMRRO Human Resources Research Organization

HUMS health and usage monitoring system

HUPS H6000 Utilization Project System

HUR heat up rate

HUREVAC hurricane evacuation

HURTS Honeywell 6000 Reporting System

HUS [JP 1-02] hardened unique storage

HUSFU hard summary fault unit

HUT Hopkins Ultraviolet Telescope

HUTE hard user terminal element

HV 1hand [operated] valve, 2hardware virtualizer, 3high voltage, 4high velocity, 5[AR 310-50] hyper-velocity

HVA high value unit

HVAA high value airborne assets

HVAC 1heating, ventilating, and air conditioning, 2high vacuum, 3high voltage actuator

HVAP [AR 310-50] high-velocity armor-piercing

HVAP-T [AR 310-50] hyper-velocity armor-piercing tracer

HVAPDS [AR 310-50] high-velocity, armor-piercing, discarding sabot

HVAR high-velocity aircraft rocket

HVAT high-velocity antitank

HVDC high voltage direct current

HVDF high and very high frequency direction finder

HVDP [AR 310-50] heavy drop

HVHMD holographic visor helmet mounted display

HVIT high volume information transfer

HVM hyper-velocity missile

HVP 1high video pass, 2horizontal and vertical position

HVR high-voltage regulator

HVSD high value site defense

HVT high-value target

HVTA high value target acquisition

HVTIP high volume transaction interface Package

HVTL high value target list

HVTP-T [AR 310-50] hyper-velocity target practice tracer

HVTU high voltage transformer unit

HVU high value unit

HVY heavy

HW 1half wave, 2hardware

HW BOSS hazardous waste base operation support systems

HW/SW hardware/software

HW/SWIL hardware/software in the loop

HWAAP [AR 310-50] Hawthorne Army Ammunition Plant

HWCI 1hardware configuration item, 2hardware critical item

HWCP hardware code page

HWD height-width-depth

HWIL hardware-in-the-loop

HWIL/SWIL hardware/software in the loop

HWL hazard warning label

HWM [JP 1-02] high water mark

HWMP hazardous waste management plan

HX heat exchanger

hxwxl height by width by length

HY 1heavy, 2high yield

HYAPP [AR 310-50] Hay Army Ammunition Plant

HYBALL hybrid analog logic language

HYCOL hybrid computer link

HYCOTRAN hybrid computer translator

HYDAC hybrid digital analog computer

HYDAPT hybrid digital-analog and pulse time

HYEX hydraulic excavator

HYPER ISC hyperchannel inter-systems communication

hyper-g a distributed HyperText system mostly popular in Europe

HyperCard a personal hypermedia/ multimedia creation system for use on Apple Computers

hyperlinks connections between hypermedia or HyperText documents and other media

hypermedia HyperText that includes or links to other forms of media

HyperText text that, when selected, has the ability to present connected documents

HySTP hypervelocity system technology program

HYTELNET a HyperText-browser for TELNET-accessible sites

HYTRESS high test recorder and simulator system

Hz hertz

HZMP horizontal impulse