Index Military Acronyms, Initialisms, and Abbreviations

f 1focal length, 2frequency, 3aircraft symbol – fighter

F 1function of, 2Farenheit, 3farad, 4filament, 5fuse, 6forward, 7[JP 1-02] flare patterns, 8[JP 1-02] flash

F-104 Starfighter

F-106 Delta Dart

F-111 Aardvark

F-14 Tomcat

F-15 Eagle

F-16 Fighting Falcon

F-20 Tigershark

F-21 Kfir

F-4 Phantom II

F-5A/B Freedom Fighter

F-5E/F Tiger II

F-8 Crusader

F-hour [JP 1-02] effective time of announcement by the Secretary of Defense to the Military Departments of a decision to mobilize Reserve units

F&A facilities and administration

F&D 1facilities and design, 2findings and determinations

F&FP force and financial plan

F&OC full and open competition

F&T fuel and transportation

F/A 1fuel/air, 2fuel assembly

F/A-18 Hornet

F/D focal [length] to diameter ratio

F/G flag/general officer

F/T full time

F/V 1frequency to voltage, 2[JP 1-02] fishing vessel

F3 form, fit, and function

F3I form-fit-function interface

fA femtoampere

FA 1functional area, 2field artillery, 3field accelerating contactor or relay, 4fully automatic, 5feasibility assessment, 6facility, 7false alarm, 8first article

FA-IPT first article-initial production test

FA/A functional analysis/allocation

FAA 1functional area assessment, 2[United States] Federal Aviation Administration, 3Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, as amended, 4[FM 101-5-1] forward assembly area

FAA/IFF Federal Aviation Administration/ identification friend or foe

FAAA 1final acquisition action approach, 2final acquisition action approval

FAAB Frequency Allocation Advisory Board

FAAD forward area air defense

FAADC2 forward area air defense command and control systems

FAADC2I forward area air defense command, control, and intelligence

FAADC3I forward area air defense command, control, communications, and intelligence

FAADEZ [FM 101-5-1] forward area defense engagement zone

FAADS forward area air defense system

FAAO field artillery air observer

FAAR forward area alerting radar

FAAS 1foreign affairs administrative support, 2foreign area administrative support, 3[AR 310-50] forward area alerting system

FAASV Field Artillery Ammunition Support Vehicle

FAAWC [FM 101-5-1] force antiair warfare commander

FAB 1field assistance branch, 2computer-chip fabrication plant, 3[AR 310-50] field artillery brigade

FABEP field activity basic emergency plan

FAC 1field accelerator, 2Frequency Allocation Committee, 3functional account code, 4file access code, 5fast attack craft, 6forward air control, 7forward air controller, 8functional area chief, 9Federal acquisition circular

FAC(A) [FM 101-5-1] forward air controller (airborne)

FACA Federal Advisory Committee Act

FACCONCEN [AR 310-50] facilities control center

FACDAR forward area combined degaussing and acoustic range

FACE 1field-alterable control element, 2fine attitude control system, 3[AR 310-50] facilities and communication evaluation

FACI first article configuration inspection

FACNET Federal Acquisition Computer Network

FACP 1forward air control party (USMC), 2forward air control post (USAF)

FACR 1facility construction design requirements, 2[AR 310-50] first article configuration review

FACRP functional analysis and consolidation review panel

FACS [AR 310-50] Field Army Communication System

FACSFAT fleet area control and surveillance facility

FACT 1flexible automatic circuit tester, 2flight acceptance composite test, 3fully automatic cataloging technique, 4fully automatic compiler translator

FAD 1funding authorization document, 2floating add, 3force activity designation, 4feasible arrival date, 5fleet air defense, 6final acceptance date, 7force activity designator, 8funding allowance document

FADAC field artillery digital automatic computer

FADEC full authority digital engine control

FADM [AR 310-50] fleet admiral

FADS Foreign Military Sales Automated Data System

FAE 1field application engineer, 2final approach equipment, 3fuel-air explosive

FAF 1final approach fix, 2follow-up for billing action, 3functional area evaluator

FAGC fast automatic gain control

FAHQMT fully automatic high-quality machine translation

FAI 1fail as is, 2Federal Acquisition Institute

FAIA functional area information analysis

FAIMS financial accounting and information management system

FAIO 1field artillery intelligence officer, 2[AR 310-50] field army issuing office

FAIP first assignment instructor pilot

FAIR functional analysis integration review

FAISA FORSCOM Automated Intelligence Support Activity

FAISS FORSCOM Automated Intelligence Support System

FAK freight all kinds

FAL frequency allocation list

FALOP forward area limited observation plan ["belt weather kit"]

FALT [AR 310-50] field artillery logic tester

FALTRAN FORTRAN to Algol translator

FAM 1fast auxiliary memory, 2functional area manager, 3[AR 310-50] field artillery missile, 4[AR 310-50] full Army mobilization war reserves

FAMC [AR 310-50] Fitzsimons Army Medical Center

FAMECE family of military engineer construction equipment

FAMF [AR 310-50] floating aircraft maintenance facility

FAMG field artillery missile group

FAMIS 1Federal Aviation Management Information System, 2Foreign Affairs Management Information System

FAMJT familiarization job training

FAMOS floating-gate avalanche-injection metal-oxide semiconductor

FAMPS Failure Analysis and Maintenance Planning System

FAMS 1fuels automated management system, 2[AR 310-50] Field Army Messenger Service

FAMSIM family of simulations

FAN 1Federal stock number, 2Flaming Arrow Net (USEUCOM COMM NET), 3forward air navigator, 4functional area network

FANS future air navigation system

FAO 1field audit office, 2finance and accounting officer, 3foreign area officer, 4[JP 3-08] Food and Agriculture Organization (United Nations)

FAP 1field application panel, 2floating point arithmetic package, 3FORTRAN assembly program, 4frequency allocation panel, 5file access protocol, 6flight activity performance (ANG), 7functional area plan, 8[AR 310-50] finance and accounting policy

FAPCAS Failure Analysis and Preventive/Corrective Action System

FAPES Force Augmentation Planning and Execution System (GCCS)

FAPI family application program interface

FAPM functional activity program manager

FAPO [AR 310-50] field army petroleum office

FAPSS Foreign Affairs Planning and Scheduling System

FAQ frequently asked question

FAR 1Federal Acquisition Regulation, 2failure analysis report, 3functional area requirement, 4false alarm rate, 5Federal Aviation Regulation, 6functional analysis review (AWIS), 7functional area requirement, 8funding acquisition request, 9[AR 310-50] forward acquisition radar

FAR/DAR functional area requirement/data automation requirement (PACAF)

FARA Federal Acquisition Reform Act of 1996

FARADA failure rate data [program]

FARC Federal archive and record centers

FARCOS Fast Adaptive HF Radio Communication System

FARM functional area record manager

FARNET Federation of American Research Networks [Internet]

FARP forward area rearming and refueling point

FARR FAA/Air Force radar replacement (ESD)

FARS 1fast acquisition receiver system, 2financial accounting and reporting system, 3federal acquisition regulation system

FAS 1Force Accounting System, 2field artillery system, 3free alongside ship, 4fault alarm system, 5field alert status, 6fuel advisory system, 7functional acquisition specialist, 8functional address system, 9fund allowance system, 10functional address symbol, 11[CJCSM 5720.01] functional account symbol, 12[JP 3-08] Foreign Agricultural Service (USDA)

FASA 1Federal Acquisition Streamlining Act of 1994, 2[AR 310-50] field army service area

FASAB Federal Accounting Standard Advisory Board

FASAC Foreign Applied Science Assessment Center

FASB financial accounting standard board

FASC 1forward area signal center, 2fire and air support center (USMC)

FASCAM family of scatterable mines

FASCAP fast payback capital investment program

FASE fundamentally analyzable simplified English

FASIC function and algorithm-specific integrated circuit

FASMS Forecast/Allocation Submission Management System (7115) (USAFE)

FASO [AR 310-50] forward airfield supply organization

FASS 1forward acquisition sensor

FASST functional and system support team

FAST 1forward area support terminal, 2forward area support team, 3field army sanitary toilet, 4facility for automatic sorting and testing, 5formal auto-indexing of scientific tests, 6formula and statement translator, 7fighter airborne supply tank, 8four-address to SOAP translator, 9fast automatic shuttle transfer system, 10flight analyses system, 11Flow and Analysis System For TRANSCOM, 12Facilities Management Information System Applications Support Technique, 13Force and Supply Tracking System (USAREUR), 14Freight Automated System for Traffic Management (MTMC), 15Future Aerospace Science and Technology Center

FAST LINE Foreign Military Sales Acquisition Services Team Line

FASTA Federal Acquisition Streamlining Act

FASTALS force analysis simulation of theater administrative and logistic support

FASTAR 1frequency angle scanning, tracking, and ranging, 2Forward Area Surveillance and Target Acquisition System

FASTHAT fast high-accuracy tunable receiver

FASTI first access to systems technical information

FASTNET Fixed Army Strategic Telephone Network

FASWC fleet antisubmarine warfare command

FAT 1first article test(ing), 2file allocation table, 3formula assembler translator, 4factory acceptance trial, 5factory acceptance test

FATAB [AR 310-50] field artillery target acquisition battalion

FATAG [AR 310-50] field artillery target acquisition group

FATAL FADAC automatic test analysis language

FATE fusing and arming test experiments

FATH fathom (1 fathom = 6 feet = 1.8239 m)

FATOC [AR 310-50] field army tactical operation center

FAW 1financial analysis worksheet, 2[AR 310-50] forward area weapons

FAWPS flight and weapons planning system

fax facsimile

FAX 1facsimile, 2facsimile transmission

FB 1film badge, 2fuse block, 3fire base, 4freight bill, 5functional baseline, 6force builder, 7[AR 310-50] firing battery

FB-111 medium range strategic bomber

FBB fast-burn boosters

FBCB2 Force XXI battle command-brigade and below

FBE free buffer enquiry

FBFT flow bias functional test

FBH force beachhead

FBHDL [AR 310-50] force beachhead line

FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation

FBIS [JP 2-02] Foreign Broadcast Information Service

FBL 1fly by light, 2functional baseline

FBM [USN] fleet ballistic missile

FBOP Federal Bureau of Prisons

FBR 1feedback resistance, 2[AR 310-50] fireball radius

FBRL [AR 310-50] fire bomb release line

FBS 1Finance Battlefield System, 2forward based system, 3function based sizing

FBW fly by wire

fc foot-candle

FC 1field circular, 2fail closed, 3file code, 4file conversion, 5fine control, 6fuel cell, 7function code, 8fire control, 9force control, 10fixed cost, 11flight clearance, 12functional chief, 13[JP 1-02] floating craft, 14[JP 1-02] force commander, 15[JP 4-01.6] floating causeway, 16[AR 310-50] Finance Corps, 17[AR 310-50] functional chief (of a civilian career program), 18[AR 310-50] duns code

FC/AL fiber channel/arbitrated loop

FC/EL fiber channel/enhanced loop

FCA 1foreign counterintelligence activity, 2fire control area, 3frequency control analysis, 4functional configuration audit

FCA/PCA functional configuration audit/physical configuration audit

FCAA field contract administration activity

FCAC forward control and analysis center

FCAS foreign contract administration services

FCB 1file control block, 2functional configuration baseline

FCC 1Federal Construction Council, 2Federal Communications Commission, 3fleet command center (USN), 4flight clinical coordination, 5fuels control center, 6[FM 101-5-1] flight coordination center, 7[AR 310-50] flight communications center

FCC: file carbon copy

FCCB [AR 310-50] field configuration control board

FCCBMP Fleet Command Center Battle Management Program (PACFLT)

FCCM facilities capital cost of moneys

FCCOM facilities capital cost of moneys

FCCPO Federal Contract Compliance Programs Office

FCCS fleet command centers

FCCSET 1Federal Coordinating Council for Science, Engineering and Technology, 2Federal Coordinating Commission for Science and Technology

FCDA [AR 310-50] Federal Civil Defense Administration

FCDIVBAD [AR 310-50] First Class Diver Badge

FCDNA Field Command Defense Nuclear Agency

FCE 1flexible critical experiment, 2fire control element, 3[JP 3-07.5] forward command element

FCF functional check flight

FCFP field command focal point

FCFT fixed cost, fixed time [estimate]

FCG 1foreign clearance guide, 2functional coordinating group

FCGS [AR 310-50] freight classification guide system

FCI 1functional configuration identification, 2flux changes per inch

FCIF flight crew information file

FCIM flexible computer integrated manufacturing

FCIO facilities contract issuing office

FCIP 1Foreign Counterintelligence Program, 2[AR 310-50] field cable installation platoon

FCL 1feedback control loop, 2facility security clearances, 3[FM 101-5-1] final coordination line, 4[AR 310-50] fire coordination line

FCLASS file security classification codes

FCLP field carrier landing practice

FCM formal CM

FCMS Functional Configuration Management System (AFLC)

FCMD fire command

FCMV fuel consuming motor vehicle

FCN field change notice

FCNP fire control navigation panel

FCO 1Federal coordinating officer, 2facility control office, 3field change order

FCOH Flight Controllers Operations Handbook

FCP 1file control processor, 2facilities criteria plan, 3fibre channel protocol, 4[JP 3-09] fire control party

FCPC 1fleet computer programming center, 2[AR 310-50] Federal Committee on Pest Control

FCPS fuel consumption projection system (PACOM)

FCR 1facility change request, 2final configuration review, 3functional capability requirements, 4fire control radar, 5functional career representative , 6FIFO control register, 7functional chief's representatives, 8functional chief representative

FCRC Federal Contract Research Center

FCRN fund classification reference number

FCRU [AR 310-50] facilities control relay unit

FCS 1fire control system, 2flight control system, 3Federal Catalog System, 4fiber channel standard, 5frame check sequence error-detection field, 6facility checking squadron (AFCC), 7fuels capabilities system (MAC), 8full communications service, 9finite coordinate space

FCSC 1Federal Conversion Support Center, 2[AR 310-50] Foreign Claims Settlement Commission

FCSS flight control system simulator

FCST Federal Council for Science and Technology

FCT 1filament center tap, 2foreign comparative testing, 3[JP 1-02] firepower control team

FCU [AR 310-50] field communication uni

FCW Federal Computer Week

FCX fire coordination exercise

FCZ forward combat zone

FD 1functional description, 2feild decelerating contactor or relay, 3file description, 4flange local distance, 5full duplex, 6fault detection, 7field, 8floppy disk, 9floppy drive, 10full development

FD/FF flux delta/flux flow

FD/SC failure definition/scoring criteria

FDA 1functional data administrator, 2Food and Drug Administration, 3final design approval

FDAA Federal Disaster Assistance Administration

FDAd functional data administrator

FDAS frequency distribution analysis sheet

FDAT final development acceptance test

FDB field dynamic breaking

FDBM functional database manager (JDS)

FDC 1fire direction control, 2fire direction center, 3fire detection center, 4functional design criteria, 5floppy disk controller, 6functional data coordinator

FDCV fire direction control center

FDD 1floppy disk drive, 2[TRADOC] Force Design Directorate, 3final delivery date, 4first digitized division

FDDCE force development data collection exercise

FDDI 1fiber digital device interface, 2fiber distributed data interface

FDDL frequency division data link

FDDM fire direction data manager

FDDS flag data display system

FDE 1field decelerator, 2force deployment estimator, 3force development experiment

FDEP flight data entry printout

FDESC force description

FDF flight data file

FDI flight director indicator

FDIC Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

FDIP full development and initial production

FDISK fixed disk

FDL 1[AR 310-50] fast deployment logistic (ship), 2fault, detection, and localization

FDM 1functional data manager, 2frequency division multiplexer(ing), 3formal development methodology

FDMA frequency division multiplex access

FDMIS Force Development Management Information System

FDMOP force development MOP

FDNR frequency-dependent negative resistance

FDMS flight data management system

FDO 1foreign disclosure office(r), 2fire direction officer, 3fighter duty officer, 4flight deck officer, 5fee determining official, 6[FM 101-5-1] flexible deterrent option

FDP 1funded delivery period, 2[AR 310-50] foreign duty pay

FDPO foreign disclosure policy office

FDR 1frequency domain reflectometry, 2functional design requirements, 3final design review, 4flight data recorder, 5formal design review

FDR/FA [JP 1-02] flight data recorder/fault analyzer

FDRF [AR 310-50] financial data records folder

FDRP [FM 101-5-1] first destination reporting point

FDS 1fire direction system, 2fuid distribution system, 3fuels dispensing system, 4facility data sheet, 5[JP 1-02] fault detection system, 6[AR 310-50] finance disbursing section

FDSC failure definition and threshold

FDSL [JP 1-02] fixed directory subscriber list

FDSS [JP 1-02] fault detection subsystem

FDSSS [JP 1-02] flight deck status and signaling system

FDT 1flexible digital terminal, 2first destination transportation, 3force development test

FDT&E 1force development test and evaluation, 2force development testing and experimentation

FDTE force development test(ing) and experimentation

FDTS field data tracking system

FDU 1force design update, 2force development update, 3flight development unit

FDUL [JP 1-02] fixed directory unit list

FDW forward deployed workstation

FDX full duplex

FE 1field engineer, 2flight engineer, 3flight examiner, 4force execution, 5Far East, 6[AR 310-50] field expedient

FEA 1front end analysis, 2failure effect analysis, 3Federal Energy Administration, 4functional economic analysis

FEAT frequency of every allowable term

FEB functional electronic block

FEBA forward edge of the battle area

FEC 1forward error correction, 2forward error control, 3Federal Express Corporation

FECA Federal Employee Compensation Act

FECAI Federal electronic commerce acquisition instruction

FECC federal emergency communications coordinator

FECN forward explicit congestion notification

FED 1forward entry device [AFATDS HTU], 2field effect diode, 3field-emitter display, 4Federal

FED LOG Federal logistic

FED-STD Federal standard

FEDAC Federal Education Data Acquisition Council

FEDEX Federal Express

FEDI failure experience data interchange

FEDLOG Federal logistic

FEDSIM Federal Computer Performance Evaluation and Simulation Center

FEDSTD Federal Telecommunications Standard

FEDSTRIP Federal Standard Requisitioning and Issues Procedures

FEE functional execution element

FEEDS facilities engineering expert and diagnostic system

FEEMS 1Facilities Engineering Equipment Maintenance System (Army), 2Field Engine Management System

FEES front end edit system (Army)

FEFO first-ended, first-out

FEGLI [AR 310-50] Federal Employees Group Life Insurance

FEHBP [AR 310-50] Federal Employees Health Benefits Program

FEI 1Federal Executive Institute, 2[AR 310-50] facilities engineering items

FEIP facility and equipment improvement program

FEIS final environmental impact statement

FEJE Facilities Engineer Job Estimating System

FEK [JP 1-02] frequency exchange keying

FEL free electron laser

FEM 1field effect modified, 2force effectiveness measure

FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency

FEML funded environmental and morale leave

FEMR 1foreign military sales excess materiel return, 2foreign excess materiel return

FEN 1frequency emphasizing network, 2Far East Network

FENP front-end network processor

FEO field engineering order

FEOC field emergency operations centers

FEP 1fuse enclosure package, 2front-end processor, 3f[JP 1-02] fleet satellite (FLTSAT) extremely high frequency (EHF) package (USN)

FEPA [AR 310-50] Fair Employment Practices Act

FEPC Fair Employment Practices Commission

FEPI front end programming interface

FeRAM ferroelectric RAM

FERC Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

FERD fuel element rupture detection

FERPIC ferroelectric ceramic picture device

FERROD ferrite-rod antenna

FERS Federal Employee Retirement System

FES 1final environmental statement, 2[FM 101-5-1] forced entry system

FESDK Far East Software Development Kit [Microsoft]

FESMCC Federal EDI Standard Management Coordinating Committees

FESS facilities engineering supply system (Army)

FET 1field-effect transistor, 2Federal Excise Tax

FEU [JP 1-02] forty-foot equivalent unit

FEWS [JP 1-02] Follow-on Early Warning System

FEWSG [USN] fleet electronic warfare support group

FEZ fighter engagement zone

Ff [JP 1-02] fatigue correction factor

FF 1fixed focus, 2full field, 3full field contactor or relay, 4frigate, 5flip-flop, 6form feed, 7finish to finish, 8freight forwarder

FFA 1[FM 101-5-1] free-fire area, 2[AR 310-50] French Forces in Germany (Forces Francaies en Allemagne), 3[AR 310-50] Frankfort Arsenal

FFAC [AR 310-50] forward air controller

FFAG fixed-field alternating-gradient

FFAR 1folding fin aircraft rocket, 2forward firing aircraft rocket (obsolete)

FFAVORS fresh fruit and vegetable ordering and receipt systems

FFB Federal Financing Bank

FFBD functional flow block diagram

FFC flip-flop complementary

FFCA Federal Facility Compliance Act

FFCC 1[FM 101-5-1] 1friendly forces coordination center, 2[FM 101-5-1] force fires coordination center

FFD functional flow diagram

FFDC first failure data capture [IBM]

FFDR first flight design review

FFE [JP 1-02] flame field expedients

FFF form, fit, and function

FFG guided missile frigate

FFGH [USN] guided missile frigate, helicopter

FFH 1[USN] frigate, helicopter, 2fast frequency hopping, 3fleet flying hour

FFH-net [JP 1-02] fast-frequency-hopping net

FFHT-net [JP 1-02] fast-frequency-hopping training net

FFI 1fuel flow indicator, 2full field investigation

FFIR [FM 101-5-1] friendly forces information requirements

FFK fixed function key

FFL 1first financial language, 2front focal length

FFN fleet flash net (USN)

FFOS forward flying observation system

FFP 1firm fixed price, 2Federal financial participation, 3[JP 4-02] fresh frozen plasma

FFPLOE firm fixed price, level of effort

FFR 1force feasibility review, 2full fleet release

FFRDC Federally Funded Research and Development Center

FFS 1formatted file system, 2fast file system, 3fee-for-service

FFSA field functional system assembly and checkout

FFSK fast frequency shift keying

FFSP full function signal processor

FFST first failure support technology [IBM]

FFT 1fast Fourier transform, 2final form text [IBM], 3file format table, 4[AR 310-50] for further transfer

FFTS Freight Forwarder Tracking System

FFTU [JP 1-02] forward freight terminal unit

FFV field failure voltage

FFW failure-free warranty

FFZ [AR 310-50] free fire zone

FG 1filament ground, 2function generator, 3floating gate, 4fighter group, 5[AR 310-50] fiscal guidance

FGC functional group code

FGL 1force generation level, 2fourth generation language

FGM 1foreign government representative, 2[AR 310-50] fiscal guidance memorandum

FGMDSS [JP 1-02] Future Global Maritime Distress and Safety System

FGOS flag and general officers seminar

FGREP fixed global regular expression print [UNIX]

FGUG Federal Government Users Group

FH 1frequency hopping, 2[FM 101-5-1] field hospital, 3[JP 4-02.2] fleet hospital

FH memo Fort Huachuca memorandum

FHA 1Federal Highway Administration, 2Federal Housing Administration, 3fault hazard analysis, 4[JP 3-08] Bureau for Food and Humanitarian Assistance, 5[JP 3-05] foreign humanitarian assistance

FHAI [AR 310-50] Federal Housing Authority Insurance

FHD 1fixed-head disks, 2[AR 310-50] family housing division

FHDTC fixed head disk transfer channel

FHE forward headquarters element (CENTCOM)

FHMA [AR 310-50] family housing management account

FHS flight hardware simulator

FHSG [AR 310-50] family housing

FHSS 1frequency-hopping spread spectrum, 2family housing survey system (Army)

FHWA Federal Highway Administration

FI 1force integration, 2fault isolation, 3fail in place, 4field intensity, 5flexible interconnect, 6[AR 310-50] fighter interceptor, 7[AR 310-50] foreign intelligence

FIA 1functional interoperability architecture, 2force integration analysis, 3[AR 310-50] financial inventory accounting

FIAP Foreign Intelligence Assistance Program

FIBUA fighting in built-up areas

FIC 1frequency interference control, 2fleet intelligence center (USN), 3force indicator code, 4federal identifier code

FICA Federal Insurance Contribution Act

FICEURLANT Fleet Intelligence Center – Europe and Atlantic (USN)

FICPAC Fleet Intelligence Center – Pacific (USN)

FICS Foreign Military Sales Integrated Control System

FICTA foreign intelligence collection threat assessment

FID foreign internal defense

FIDAC film input to digital automatic computer

FIDAF [JP 1-02] foreign internal defense augmentation force

FIDO fighter interceptor duty officer

FIE [JP 1-02] fly-in echelon

FIF fractal image format

FIFO 1first in, first out, 2flight inspection field office

fig [AR 310-50] figure

FII [AR 310-50] Federal item identification

FIIG Federal Item Identification Guide

FIIGS [AR 310-50] Federal Item Identification Guide System

FIIGSC [AR 310-50] Federal Item Identification Guides for Supply Cataloging

FIIN Federal item identification number

FIIT flash internal information transfer

FILDR Federal item logistics data record

FILO first-in, last-out

FILS flare-scan instrument landing system

FILSYS file handling subsystem (Honeywell)

FIM 1field inspection manual, 2field intensity meter, 3field ion microscope, 4man-launched SAM, 5functional integration management

FIM-43 Redeye

FIM-92A Stinger

FIMATE factory installed maintenance automatic test equipment

FIN SEC financial sector

FINAC fast interline nonactive automatic control

FINAL financial analysis language

FINDER Functionally Integrated Designating and Reference System

FINDS Flexible Information Dissemination System

finger a service that responds to queries and retrieves user information remotely

FINPLAN financial plan

FINS fixed imaging navigation sensor

FIO 1frequency in and out, 2foreign intelligence officer

FIOP FORTRAN input-output package

FIP 1field inspection procedure, 2file processor buffering, 3fleet introduction program, 4Federal information processing, 5foam in place

FIPC financial information processing center

FIPR Federal information processing resource

FIPS 1Federal information processing standard, 2Facilities Inventory and Planning System (USN), 3Federal Information Processing System, 4Federal information publication standard

FIPS PUB Federal Information Processing Standard Publication

FIQ fast interrupt request

FIR 1far infrared, 2fuel indicator reading, 3finite-duration impulse-response [filters], 4fast infrared, 5finite impulse response, 6flight information region, 7functional item replacement, 8financial item reporting, 9[JP 1-02] first-impressions report

FIRAMS flight incident recorder and aircraft monitoring system

FIRCAP [JP 1-02] foreign intelligence requirements capabilities and priorities

FIREFINDER AN/TPQ-36, TPQ-37 Counter Mortar, Counter Battery Radar

FIRETRAC Firing Order Trajectory Recorder and Computer

FIRMR Federal Information Resources Management Regulation

FIRMS forecasting information retrieval of management system

FIRN two-dimensional cylinder transport code for computer

FIRST 1financial information reporting system, 2fast interactive radio system tool, 3Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams

FIS 1field information system, 2floating-point instruction set, 3FORSCOM Information System, 4[JP 1-02] Flight Information Service, 5[JP 2-02] Foreign Intelligence Service

FISA Force Integration Support Agency

FISC 1Fleet Intelligence Support Center (USN), 2fleet and industrial supply center, 3fleet industrial supply command, 4fleet industrial support center

FISD force integration support division

FISINT foreign instrumentation signals intelligence

FISO force integration staff officer

FISP facilities inventory stationing plan

FISS [JP 1-02] Foreign Intelligence Security Service

FIST 1fire support team, 2fault isolation by semiautomatic techniques, 3fleet imagery support terminal, 4financial information system tool

FIST DMD Fire Support Team Digital Message Device

FISTV fire support team vehicle

FIT 1fault isolation test, 2file information table, 3fault isolation tree

FITCPAC Fleet Intelligence Training Center, Pacific

FITNR fixed In the next release

FIU 1Fingerprint Identification Unit [Sony], 2[AR 310-50] forward interception unit

FIWC Fleet Information Warfare Center

FIX 1Federal Internet Exchange, 2Federal Internet Exchange

FIXe [JP 1-02] navigational fix error

FK funding, and delivery

fl footlambert

FL 1flight level, 2foot lumen, 3field loss contactor or relay, 4flashing light, 5flexible, 6functional limitation

FLA 1foreign launch assessment, 2four letter acronym, 3[AR 310-50] flight article

FLAGE flexible lightweight agile guide experiment

FLAM 1forward launched aerodynamic missile, 2[AR 310-50] fault location and monitoring

FLAMR forward looking advanced multilobe radar

FLAPS Force Level Automated Planning System (USAFE)

FLAR 1[JP 1-02] forward-looking airborne radar, 2[AR 310-50] fault location and repair

FLAS fuels logistical area summary

FLASH force level alerting system

FLB [FM 101-5-1] forward logistics base

FLC 1ferro-electric liquid crystal, 2force level control, 3Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer, 4facility security clearances

FLCS Force Level Control System

fld [FM 101-5-1] field

FLD field

FLDCOMDNA [AR 310-50] Field Command, Defense Nuclear Agency

FLDEC floating point decimal

FLDMS [AR 310-50] field maintenance shop

FLDTS field training squadron

FLE [FM 101-5-1] forward logistics element

FLEA flux logic element array

FLET forward line of enemy troops

FLETC [JP 3-07.4] Federal Law Enforcement Training Center

FLEX [AR 310-50] Flexwriter equipment

FLF 1fixed length field, 2follow-the-leader feedback [circuit theory]

FLI font library [TEX]

FLIC [AR 310-50] fault location indicating console

FLINT floating interpretive language

FLIP 1film library instantaneous presentation, 2floating index point, 3flight information publication 4floating point interpretive program, 5[JP 1-02] flight instruction procedures

FLIPS flight information processing system

FLIR forward looking infrared [radar]

FLIS Federal Logistic Information System

FLITE Federal Legal Information Through Electronics

FLL FoxPro Link Library [Microsoft Fox Pro]

FLO 1flight line operator, 2foreign liaison office, 3foreign liaison officer, 4[FM 101-5-1] fighter liaison officer

FLO/FLO [JP 1-02] float-on/float-off

FLODAC Fluid Operated Digital Automatic Computer [UNIVAC]

FLOGRAP Fuels Logistics Readiness Assessment Program

FLOLS [JP 1-02] fresnel lens optical landing system

FLOP floating octal point

FLOPS floating point operations per second

FLOT 1forward line of own troops, 2flotilla

FLOTRAN flowcharting FORTRAN

FLP [AR 310-50] fault location panel

FLPL FORTRAN list processing language

FLR forward-looking radar

FLRA Federal Labor Relations Authority

FLS 1field logistics system, 2flow switch, 3force level simulation, 4forward logistics site, 5first line supervisor, 6[AR 310-50] fault locator system

FLSA Fair Labor Standards Act

FLSIP Fleet Logistic Support Improvement Program

flt [AR 310-50] flight

FLT fault location technology

FLTBCST fleet broadcast (USN)

FLTCINC fleet commander(s) in chief (USN)

FLTCORGRU fleet composite operational readiness group (USN)

FLTDECGRU fleet deception group

fltg [AR 310-50] floating

FLTS flight test squadron

FLTSAT fleet satellite

FLTSATCOM [USN] Fleet Satellite Communications System [UHF]

FLTSEVO fleet secure voice (USN)

FLTSURBAD [AR 310-50] Flight Surgeon Badge

FLU first line unit

FLV 1foreign liaison visit, 2[AR 310-50] foreign leave

FM 1field manual, 2frequency modulation, 3file maintenance, 4force modernization, 5financial management, 6force module, 7frequency management (REDCOM/JDA), 8[FM 101-5-1] frequency modulated, 9[JP 1-02] flare multiunit, 10[JP 1-02] functional manager, 11[AR 310-50] field marshal

FM;CFF fire mission; call-for-fire

FMA 1foreign media analysis, 2foreign military assistance, 3forward maintenance area, 4financial analysis office, 5frequency management agency

FMA-net [JP 1-02] frequency management A-net

FMAC Financial Management Advisory Committee (Army)

FMAS [JP 1-02] foreign media analysis subsystem

FMB 1Federal Maritime Board, 2financial management board

FMBT future main battle tank

FMC 1frequency management center (AFCC), 2fully mission-capable (USAF), 3[AR 310-50] field medical card

FMCC [JP 1-02] force movement control center (USMC)

FMCCS Force Modernization Command and Control System

FMCR [JP 1-02] Fleet Marine Corps Reserve

FMCS 1Flight Management Computer System, 2Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, 3Freight Movement Control system (MTMC), 4Fuels Management Capabilities System (MAC), 5foreign military construction sales

FMCW frequency-modulated continuous wave

FMDS 1field maintenance data system, 2flight management data system (USAF)

FMEA failure mode and effects analysis

FMECA failure mode, effect, and criticality analysis

FMEP Foreign Materiel Exploitation Program

FMES full mission engineering simulator

FMET functional management engineering teams

FMF 1Fleet Marine Force (USMC), 2foreign military financing, 3foreign military funding

FMF-E UCE Fleet Marine Force – End User Computing Equipment (USMC)

FMFB frequency modulation with feedback

FMFEUR Fleet Marine Force, Europe (USMC)

FMFIA Federal Managers Financial Integrity Act

FMFLANT Fleet Marine Force, Atlantic (USMC)

FMFM [JP 1-02] Fleet Marine Force manual

FMFP Foreign Military Financing Program

FMFPAC Fleet Marine Force, Pacific (USMC)

FMFRF-M fuel accounting unit

FMFRP [JP 1-02] Fleet Marine Force reference publication

FMHS formal message handling system

FMI 1frequency modulation intercity relay broadcasting, 2functional management inspections

FMIC frequency monitoring interference control

FMICW frequency modulated interrupted continuous wave

FMID [JP 1-02] force module identifier

FMIG Foreign Materiel Intelligence Group

FMIS 1Facilities Management Information System (OSD), 2Force Management Information System (SAC)

FML major force list

FMLN Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front [El Salvador]

FMLS force module logistics sustainability (JCS)

FMM flight manual manager

FMME foreign medical materiel exploitation

FMMEP Foreign Medical Materiel Exploitation Program

FMMP Federal Master Mobilization Plan

FMMRS force modernization milestone reporting system

FMO 1forms management officer, 2fiscal management office, 3fuel management officer, 4[JP 1-02] Frequency Management Office

FMOCC fleet mobile operational command center

FMOD file modify

FMOP frequency modulation on pulse

FMP 1Foreign Materiel Program, 2financial management plan, 3Fleet Modernization Program (USN), 4force module package, 5FORSCOM mobilization plan, 6Fleet Modernization Plan (Navy), 7flight manual program

FMPEC [AR 310-50] financial management plan for emergency conditions

FMPMIS fleet maintenance program management information system

FMPP [AR 310-50] Federal Merit Promotion Program

FMPS FORTRAN mathematical programming system

FMR 1financial management review, 2functional management review, 3financial management regulation, 4[AR 310-50] financial management report, 5[AR 310-50] frequency modulated radar

FMRB functional management review board

FMRS 1Force Movement Requirements System (Army), 2Forecast Movement Requirements System (EUCOM), 3fuels management requirements system

FMS 1foreign military sales, 2flux monitoring system, 3field maintenance squadron, 4file maintenance system, 5file management supervisor, 6formal message service, 7file management system, 8flight management system, 9Force Management System (USAF), 10facility management system, 11frequency management system, 12forms management system, 13Flexible Machining System, 14[JP 1-02] force module subsystem

FMS II Financial Management System (MTMC)

FMSA Foreign Military Sales Act

FMSC [AR 310-50] Federal Manual for Supply Catalog

FMSCR foreignmilitary sales credits

FMSF foreign military sales financing

FMSMP Foreign Military Sales Management Plan

FMSO 1Fleet Materiel Support Office (USN), 2foreign military sales order

FMSO I Foreign Military Sales Order No. I (stock level sales case)

FMSP Foreign Military Sales Program

FMSS 1force module subsystem (JOPS), 2financial management system software

FMT 1format, 2full mission trainer, 3foreign military trainee, 4[AR 310-50] force modernization training

FMT-net [JP 1-02] frequency management training net

FMTAS Foreign Military Training Aviation Subsystem

FMTB 1force mobilization troop bases, 2Foreign Military Training Board (USN)

FMTFMS Foreign Military Training Financial Management System (USN)

FMTI future missile technology integration

FMTMIS Foreign Military Training Management Information System (Navy)

FMTS [AR 310-50] field maintenance test station

FMTV family of medium tactical vehicles

FMV full motion video

FMX 1FM transmitter, 2fire and maneuver exercise

FNC Federal Networking Council

FNCL financial data

FNDH foreign national direct hire

FNIH foreign national indirect hire

FNIU fiber network interface unit

FNOC 1Navy Fleet Numerical Oceanography Center, 2[JP 1-02] Fleet Numerical Oceanographic Command

FNP 1front-end network processor, 2fusion point

FNR flexible nuclear response

FNS [JP 1-02] foreign nation support

FNT font

FNU first name unknown

FNWC fleet numerical weather center

FO 1forward observer, 2fiber-optics, 3fail open, 4fast operate [relay], 5follow-on, 6foreign office, 7flight operation, 8functional objective, 9[JP 1-02] flash override, 10[AR 310-50] field order, 11[AR 310-50] finance officer

FO&SS flight operations and specialized safety

FO/FAC forward observer/forward air control

FOA field operating agency

FOB 1forward operating base, 2free-on-board, 3full operational base, 4forward operations base, 5freight on board

FOBS fractional-orbit bombardment system

FOC 1full operational capability, 2full and open competition, 3final operational capability, 4flight operations center (Army), 5foreign object check, 6free of charge, 7future operational capability

FOCA fiber optic cable assembly

FOCAL [DEC] formula calculator

FOCAS Force Capability Assessment System (TAF)

FOCI foreign owned, controlled, or influenced

FOCP fiber optic cable plant

FOCUS Forum of Control Data Users

FOD 1foreign object damage, 2FAX on demand, 3[JP 1-02] Field Operations Division, 4[AR 310-50] field officer of the day

FODL fiber-optic data link

FODT fiber optics data transmission

FOE 1final operational evaluation, 2follow-on evaluation

FOF force on force

FOFA follow-on forces attack

FofF field of fire

FOFLOT forward of FLOT

FOFW [CJCSI 3222.01] fiber optic field wire

FOG 1First Osborne Group, 2fiber optic gyro

FOG-M fiber-optic guided missile

FOH forced outage hours

FOI 1fighter officer interceptor, 2freedom of information, 3[JP 1-02] fault detection isolation

FOIA Freedom of Information Act

FOIC foreign ownership, control or influence

FOIL file oriented interpretive language

FOIRL fiber optic inter repeater link [IEEE]

FOIU [JP 1-02] fiber optic interface unit

FOJT formal on-the-job training

fol 1[AR 310-50] follow, 2[AR 310-50] followed, 3[AR 310-50] following

FOL 1forward operating location, 2[JP 1-02] fiber optic link

FOLDOB forward operating location dispersed operating Base

FOLDOC Free On-Line Dictionary of Computing

FOLIC Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation

FOLPEN foliage penetration

FOLTA forward operating location training area

FOM 1figure-of-merit, 2facilitate other maintenance

FOMA 1foreign military assistance file, 2facilities operation and maintenance agreement, 3facility operation and maintenance activity

FOMAE follow-on management application and evaluation

FOMAU 1fiber-optic medium access unit, 2[TTPIO-ABCS] fiber-optic medium attachment unit

FOMCAT foreign materiel catalog

FONPA finding of no practicable alternative

FONSI finding of no significant impact

FOOT follow-on operational test

FOOTPRINT a demographics database (This is a database, not an acronym – see definition in Military Terminology)

FOP first off production

FOPS financial operating system

FOPT fiber optic photo transfer

FOR 1forced outage rate, 2free on rail

FORBLOCK FORTRAN compiled block oriented simulation language

FORC formula coder [automatic coding system]

FORDIM force distribution model

FORDTIS 1Foreign Disclosure and Technical Information System, 2Foreign Disclosure and Technology Information System

FORECAST 1Force Accounting System, 2Airlift Requirements Forecast System (MAC)

FORESDAT formerly restricted data

FOREWAS [AR 310-50] Force and Weapons Analysis System

FORG forging

FORGEN force generation report

FORGO FORTRAN load and go [system]

FORM fast spectrum cross section reactor physics computer code

FORMAC formula manipulation computer

FORMAT fleet retained support request

FORMDEPS FORSCOM Mobilization and Deployment Planning System

FORMETS North Atlantic Treaty Organisation Message Test Formatting System

FORMMS Foreign Materiel Management System

FORMS Forward Observer Ranging and Marking System

FORRK fiber optic radar remoting kit

FORSCAP force capability system (USAFE)

FORSCOM [Army] Forces Command

FORSIZE force sizing exercise

FORSTAT 1Force Status and Identity Report [WWMCCS®] (obsolete, replaced by UNITREP), 2[AR 310-50] forces status report

FORSUM Force Summary System (USAFE)

FORTH programming language (see HLL)

FORTL [AR 310-50] force replacement troop list reporting system

FORTRAN formula translation programming language (see HLL)

FORTRANSIT FORTRAN and internal translator system


FOS 1fragmentary order system, 2follow-on support, 3follow-on spares

FOSAMS Fleet Optical Scanning Ammo Marking System (USN)

FOSDIC film optical sensing device for input to computers

FOSE Federal Office Systems Exposition

FOSI 1format option specification instance, 2formatting output specification instances

FOSIC Fleet Ocean Surveillance Information Center (USN)

FOSIF 1Fleet Ocean Surveillance Information Facility (USN), 2fleet operational support intelligence facility

FOSSIL FIDO/OPUS/SEADOG standard interface layer

FOT 1frequency of optimum operation, 2flow object tree, 3frequency optimum traffic, 4free on truck, 5follow-on test, 6follow on operational test, 7follow-on training

FOT&E follow-on operational test and evaluation

FOTARS Follow-On Tactical Reconnaissance System

FOTE 1follow-on operational test and evaluation, 2final operational test and evaluation

FOTRS Follow-on Tactical Reconnaissance System

FOTS follow-on technical support

FOU forward observation unit

FOUO for official use only

FOURATAF Fourth Allied Tactical Air Force (NATO)

FOV 1field of view, 2family of vehicles

FOW family of weapons

FOWW Follow-on Wild Weasel (F-15)

FP 1fixed price, 2faceplate, 3feedback positive, 4forward perpendicular, 5freezing point, 6Federal publication, 7functional proponent, 8financial plan, 9frequency panel, 10[JP 3-09.3] firing point, 11[JP 3-07.2] force protection

FP (E) fixed price with escalation

FP-EPA fixed price economic price adjustment

FPA 1focal plane array, 2formula pricing agreement, 3formula pricing arrangement, 4[JP 3-08] foreign policy advisor, 5[AR 310-50] force planning analysis, 6[AR 310-50] funding program advice

FPAF fixed price award fee

FPB fast patrol boat

FPBD functional plan block diagram

FPC 1floating point calculation, 2foreign program control, 3[JP 1-02] field press censorship, 4[AR 310-50] Federal Power Commission

FPCA [AR 310-50] Federal post card application

FPCE floating-point C extension (specification)

FPCH Foreign Policy Clearinghouse

FPD 1functional purchase description, 2full power days, 3[JP 1-0] foreign post differential

FPDB force planning database

FPDC Federal Procurement Data Center

FPDD final project design description

FPDS Federal Procurement Data System

FPE 1force and plan execution, 2fixed price with escalation

FPEM force and plan execution Monitoring

FPEPA fixed price [contract] with economic price adjustment

FPF 1fixed price firm, 2force package file, 3[FM 101-5-1] final protective fire, 4[AR 310-50] final protection fires

FPG [AR 310-50] force planning guide

FPGA field programmable gate-array

FPI 1Federal Procurement Institute, 2fixed price incentive, 3functional process improvement (GCCS), 4Federal Prison Industry

FPIF 1fixed-price-incentive-firm, 2fixed-price incentive fee

FPIP fixed price incentive firm

FPIS 1forward propagation by ionospheric scatter, 2force planning information System (NATO), 3fixed price incentive (successive target)

FPJMC [AR 310-50] Four Power Joint Military Commission

FPL final protective line

FPLA field programmable logic-array (see PLA, sense 3)

FPLMTS Future Public Land Mobile Telecommunication System

FPLOE fixed-price level of effort

FPLX force projection logistics exercise

FPM 1Federal Personnel Manual, 2feet per minute, 3frequency position modulation, 4functional planning matrices, 5Federal Procurement Manual, 6functional project manager, 7facilities planning module (USN), 8fast page mode, 9force packaging methodology

FPMIS Federal Personnel Management Information System (OPM)

FPMR Federal Property Management Regulation

FPN foreign pendant numbers files

FPO 1fleet post office, 2for positioning only

FPOW friendly prisoner of war

FPP 1fixed path protocol, 2floating point processor, 3[AR 310-50] firepower potential

FPR 1Federal Procurement Regulation, 2floating-point register, 3fiber reinforced plastic, 4force program review, 5fixed price redeterminable, 6forward pricing rate

FPRA forward pricing rate agreement

FPRP forward pricing rate proposal

FPRR forward pricing rate recommendation

FPRT forward pricing review team

FPS 1frames per second, 2feet per second, 3focus projection and scanning, 4foot-pound-second, 5fast packet switch (network communications), 6Fuel Planning System (MAC), 7favorite picture selection

FPSI formatting presentation specification instance

FPT 1forced perfect termination, 2full power trail, 3follow on production testing

FPTS forward propagation tropospheric scatter

FPU 1floating point unit, 2forwarding participating unit (TACS/TADS), 3floating point unit, 4[AR 310-50] first production unit

FPV force projection vehicle

FPW/EPA fixed price with economic price adjustment

FPWG financial processes working group

FPY financial plan year

FQ&P flight, quality, and performance

FQDN fully qualified domain name [Internet]

FQI Federal Quality Institute

FQPR frequency programmer

FQR 1formal qualification review, 2functional qualification review

FQT formal qualification test

FR 1French, 2failure rate, 3fast release [relay], 4Federal Register, 5Federal Reserve, 6field reversing, 7flight refueling, 8functional review, 9fault reporting, [FM 101-5-1] 10France, [JP 1-02] final report. 11[JP 1-02] frequency response

FRA 1Federal Railroad Administration, 2funded reimbursable authority

FRACAS Failure Reporting, Analysis, and Corrective Action System

FRAD 1frame relay assembler/disassembler,2frame relay access device

FRAG 1fragmentation, 2fragment, 3[JP 1-02] fragmentation code

FRAG II Fragmentary Order Processing System (PACAF)

FRAG PREP Fragmentary Order Preparation System (WWMCCS®)

FRAGO fragmentary order

FRAGPLAN fragmentary plan

FRAM 1ferroelectric random-access memory, 2fleet rehabilitation and modernization

FRANK frequency regulation and network keying

FRAT [AR 310-50] free radical assay technique

FRB 1functional review board, 2Federal Reserve Bank, 3functional redundancy checking, 4failure review board

FRBNY Federal Reserve Bank of New York

FRC 1Federal response center, 2functional residue capacity, 3Federal record center, 4final reproducible copy

FRCC Federal Research Contract Center

FrCOA friendly course of action

FRCT fixed record communications teletypewriter

FRD 1formerly restricted data, 2functional reference device, 3functional requirements description

FRDS Flight Record Data System (AFISC)

FRE [AR 310-50] Field Representative Europe

FRED 1figure reader electronic device, 2front-end to dish, 3frame editor

FREDS financial record and evaluation systems

FREETEXT free text message

freq [AR 310-50] frequency

FREQ 1frequency management (USREDCOM), 2[JP 1-02] frequency

FREQMULT frequency multiplier

FREQSEP frequency separation

FRERP Federal Radiological Emergency Response Plan (FEMA)

FRESCANNER frequency scanning radar

FRESH 1Force Requirements Expert System (PACFLT), 2Force Readiness Expert System

FRFA 1Federal Regulatory Flexibility Act, 2final regulatory flexibility analysis

FRFE [AR 310-50] Field Representative Far East

FRFOURRA [AR 310-50] French Fourragere

FRFS feeder request for service

FRFT Federal Reserve Fund transfers

FRG 1force requirements generator (JOPS), 2Federal Republic of Germany (obsolete)

FRI focused research initiative

FRINGE file and report information processing generator

FRMAC Federal Radiological Monitoring and Assessment Center (DoE)

FRMAP Federal Radiological Monitoring and Assessment Plan (DoE)

FRMS 1Frequency Record Management System, 2Frequency Resource Management System

FRN 1force requirement number, 2Federal Register notice

FRNA [AR 310-50] foreign rations not available

FRO flexible response option

FROD functionally related observable differences

FROG free rocket over ground

FROM Force Reception and Onward Movement System (USAREUR)

FRP 1fiber-glass reinforced plastic, 2fuel reprocessing plant, 3facility requirements panel, 4functional review process, 5force rendezvous point, 6full rate production, 7[JP 3-08] Federal Response Plan (USG)

FRPA fixed reception pattern antenna

FRPC fast reaction procedure card

FRPI flux reversals per inch

FRR flight readiness review

FRRS Frequency Resource Record System (PACAF)

FRRS/BEI Frequency Resource Record System/Background Environment Information

FRS 1Federal Reserve System, 2fragility response spectrum, 3fleet replacement squadron (USN), 4fleet replenishment squadron, 5freight rate specialist

FRSM 1force and resource status monitoring, 2future radionavigation systems mix (DoD/DoT)

FRT 1fast reaction team, 2functional requirements test

FRTK field repair test kit

FRTP fraction of rated power

FRU forwarding reporting unit (TACS/TADS)

FRUS foreign relation of the United States

FRV 1final rendezvous, 2force rendezvous

fs 1functional schematic, 2[JP 1-02] search radius safety factor

FS 1feasibility study, 2fire support, 3Federal Standard, 4factor of safety, 5fiscal service, 6Forest Service, 7full scale, 8future systems, 9frequency shift, 10full service, 11file separator, 12field security, 13field standard, 14 fighter squadron, 15fin-stabilized, 16fire station, 17flight safety, 18frame status, 19flexible sustainment, 20financial section, 21finish to start, 22flight surgeon, 23[JP 1-02] file server, 24[JP 1-02] flare single-unit

FS/FD system flux/delta flux

FS/FW steam flow/water flow

FS3 future strategic strategy study

FSA 1foreign systems acquisition, 2functional system analyzer, 3field support office, 4force structure allowance, 5functional systems audit, 6[FM 101-5-1] forward support area (NGFS), 7[AR 310-50] family separation allowance, 8[AR 310-50] fire support availability

FSAC fire support armaments center

FSAGA first sortie after ground alert

FSAM Fundamentals of Systems Acquisition Management Course (Defense Systems Management College)

FSAO [AR 310-50] family services and assistance officer

FSAR 1final safety analysis report, 2financial security assistance account receivable

FSAS fuel savings advisory system

FSAT full scale aerial target

FSB 1forward support battalion, 2fire support base, 3forward staging base, 4fleet satellite broadcast (USN), 5[JP 1-02] forward staging report, 6[AR 310-50] fire staging base

FSBS 1fixed submarine broadcast system (USN), 2fleet satellite broadcast system

FSC 1Federal supply classification, 2fire support coordinator (USMC), 3functional standing committees, 4First Sergeant Course, 5file sequence code, 6[AR 310-50] foreign service credit, 7[AR 310-50] fire support coordination

FSC I Force Structure Conference I

FSC II Force Structure Conference II

FSC/EW foreign SIGINT collector

FSCAIS Family Services Center Automated Information System (USMC)

FSCAP flight safety critical aircraft part

FSCATT Fire Support Combined Arms Tactical Trainer

FSCC 1fire support coordination center (USMC), 2facility security clearance certificate

FSCL 1fire support control line, 2fire support coordination line

FSCM 1fire support coordinating measure, 2Federal supply code for manufactures,

FSCOORD fire support coordinator

FSCP 1flight safety critical part, 2[AR 310-50] firing site command post

FSCRC Follow-on Small Computer Requirements Contract

FSCS fleet satellite communications system

FSD 1full-scale development, 2full-scale deflection, 3functional statement document, 4functional system description, 5file system driver [OS/2], 6[AR 310-50] fuel supply depot

FSDC Federal Statistical Data Center

FSDO flight standard district officers

FSDR final site design review

FSDT functional system design team

FSDWS fixed site detection and warning system

FSE 1full screen editor, 2fire support element

FSE/FTE factory support/test equipment

FSEC Federal Software Exchange Center

FSED full-scale engineering development

FSEP Federal Software Exchange Program

FSF Free Software Foundation [Internet]

FSG 1Federal Supply Group, 2Federal Stock Group

FSGB Foreign Service Grievance Board

FSHTU Fire Support Handheld Terminal Unit [LCU]

FSI 1flight simulator instructor, 2functional simulation installation

FSIP Federal Service Impass Panel

FSIS Flight Safety Information System (MAC)

FSK 1frequency shift keying, 2[JP 1-02] frequency shift key

FSL 1forward supply locations, 2full system listing, 3formal semantic language, 4foreign service local (embassy employee)

FSM 1firmware support manual, 2flight simulator mode, 3fire support module, 4flight simulator model, 5food service management

FSMA functionally supported maintenance activity

FSMSC Federal Software Management Support Center (formerly FCSC) (OIT)

FSN 1full service network, 2Federal stock number, 3file system navigator [SGI], 4foreign service national (local hire overseas)

FSNCO 1fire support noncommissioned officer, 2flight safety noncommissioned officer

FSO 1fire support officer, 2flight safety officer, 3foreign service officer (Department of State), 4[AR 310-50] fuel supply office

FSOC flight safety officer course

FSOF forward special operations facility

FSP 1facility support plan, 2forward supply points, 3file service protocol, 4full spectrum processing, 5[AR 310-50] facility security profile

FSR 1free system resources, 2feedback shift register, 3field service representative

FSRS frequency selective receiver system

FSRT firm scheduled return time

FSS 1FAISS SID System, 2Federal supply schedule, 3fire support section, 4failsafe system (USAFE), 5Federal Supply Service (GSA), 6field storage site, 7force status system, 8forward supply system, 9functional system specification, 10fail safe system (USAFE), 11Field Support Subsystem (UAV), 12flight screening squadron, 13Federal Supply System, 14[FM 101-5-1] fire support station (NGFS), 15[JP 1-02] flight service station, 16[JP 1-02] fast sealift ships

FSSD [AR 310-50] foreign service selection date

FSSE [AR 310-50] forward service support element

FSSG [JP 1-02] force service support group (USMC)

FSST [JP 3-56.1] forward space support to theater

FST 1flat square tube (monitor), 2field service team, 3[AR 310-50] foreign service tour

FSTC 1[Army] Foreign Science and Technology Center, 2field sound transmission class

FSTL future strategic target list

FSTS Federal Secure Telephone System

FSU 1Former Soviet Union, 2forward support unit, 3fuel scavenging unit

FSV 1frequency selective voltmeter, 2future scout vehicle

FSVS Future Secure Voice System (NSA)

FSW 1forward-swept wing, 2[JP 1-02] feet of seawater

ft feet

Ft [AR 310-50] fort

FT 1females targeted [share of female population by grade], 2firing tables, 3frequency tracker, 4functional test, 5follow through, 6force terminal [multiple-channel communications terminal], 7fire team, 8[AR 310-50] full-tracked

ft3 [JP 4-01.2] cubic feet

FTA fault tree analysis

FTAM 1file transfer and access methods, 2file, transfer, access and management

FTB front-to-back algorithm

FTC 1fast time constraint, 2Federal Trade Commission, 3facilities technical criteria, 4[AR 310-50] fast time constant

FTCN fleet teletype conferencing network (USN)

FTCP [FM 101-5-1] field trains command post

FTD 1Foreign Technology Division (AFSC), 2freight traffic division, 3field training detachment, 4functional training detachment, 5functional test demonstration, 6Federal Travel Directory

FTDFOA full time dining facility operation activity

FTDMA frequency and time division multiple access

FTE full-time equivalent

FTF 1flared tube fitting, 2field test facility, 3face to face

FTFET four-terminal field-effect transistor

FTI 1fixed target imagery, 2fixed target indication, 3fixed target indicator, 4Frontier Technology Incorporated, 5[AR 310-50] fixed target information

FTIG [AR 310-50] Fort Indiantown Gap

FTIU flight test interface unit

FTL 1Federal Telecommunications Laboratory, 2full term license

FTLS final top level statistics

FTM flat tension mask [Zenith]

FTO foreign training officer

FTOC fleet tactical operations center

ftp file transfer protocol

FTP 1file transfer protocol (MIL-STD-1780), 2fixed term lease plan, 3flight test plan

FTPD file transfer protocol daemon

FTR 1Federal Travel Regulation, 2functional test requirement, 3functional throughput rate

FTR/JTR Federal Travel Regulation/Joint Travel Regulation

FTRAC [AR 310-50] full-tracked vehicle

FTRC Federal Telecommunications Records Center

FTRFLT fighter flight

FTRG [JP 1-02] fleet tactical readiness group

FTRIA flow and temperature removable instrument assembly

FTS 1Federal Telecommunications System, 2foot switch, 3frequency and timing subsystem, 4Federal Telephone System, 5File Transfer Service (WIN), 6flight training squadron, 7force tracking system, 8full-time support, 9field training service

FTSAT/NISTLITE [JP 2-02] Fly Away Terminal Satellite/NIST LITE

FTSS family of tactical soft shelter

FTT field tactical trainer

FTTA Federal Technology Transfer Act

FTTC fiber to the curb

FTTD [AR 310-50] full-time training duty

FTU 1flight test unit, 2formal training unit, 3[JP 4-01.5] freight terminal unit, 4[AR 310-50] first training unit

FTW 1flying training wing, 2future technology workshop

FTWG flight test working group

FTX 1field training exercise, 2Fault Tolerant UNIX

FU 1fuse, 2fire unit

FUA [AR 310-50] fire unit analyzer

FUAC [JP 1-02] functional area code

FUD 1fear, uncertainty, and doubt, 2force unit designator

FUDR failure and usage data report

FUE first unit equipped

FUED first unit equipped date

FUELS aviation fuels management system

FUI file update information

FUIF [AR 310-50] fire unit integration facility

FUIWSD Fire Unit Integrated Weapon System Display

FULCRUM video-based map display

FUM [AR 310-50] functional user's manual

func functional

FUNC function

FUNCTLINE functional line diagram

FUPOSAT [AR 310-50] followup on supply action taken

FUTA Federal Unemployment Tax Act

FUP facility utilization plan

fV femtovolt

Fv [JP 1-02] aircraft speed correction factor

FV 1fix validator, 2full voltage

FVC force validation committee

FVD front vortex back focal distance

FVS 1foreign visit systems, 2foreign visits system, 3[AR 310-50] fighting vehicle system

FVT full video translation

FW 1forecaster workstation, 2fixed wing, 3face width, 4field weakening, 5filament wound, 6full wave, 7fighter wing, 8fiscal week, 98[JP 1-02] weather correction factor

FW&A fraud, waste, and abuse

FW/DB forward warning and deployment base

FWA 1first world address, 2fluorescent whitening agent, 3forward wave amplifier, 4fraud, waste, and abuse

FWAD [AR 310-50] Fort Wingate Army Depot

FWC force weapons coordinator (USN)

FWCL [AR 310-50] field wire command link

fwd 1forward, 2[AR 310-50] forwarded

FWD 1front wheel drive, 2[JP 1-02] forward

FWDBL [AR 310-50] forward bomb line

FWMAF [AR 310-50] Free World Military Assistance Forces

FWDP Force Command WWMCCS® Development Plan (Army)

FWE foreign weapons evaluation

FWG 1financial working group, 2functional working group

FWHM full-width at tenth maximum

FWIT fighter weapons instructors training

FWP [AR 310-50] Federal Women's Program

FWPC [AR 310-50] Federal Women's Program Coordinator

FWPCA [AR 310-50] Federal Water Pollution Control Administration

FWS 1fighter weapons school, 2forward swept wing, 3Federal Wage System

FWV fixed wing vehicles

FWV TDA fixed wing vehicles technology development approach

FWW fighter weapons wing

FX foreign exchange

FXXI Force Twenty-One [21st century Army]

FY 1fiscal year, 2[FM 101-5-1] former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)

FYCP five year corporate plan

FYDP 1Future Years Defense Plan, 2Five-Year Defense Program, 3Future Years Defense Program

FYI for your information

FYIAP Five Year Interoperability Assurance Plan

FYIC [AR 310-50] for your information and guidance

FYMOP Five Year Master Objectives Program

FYMP [AR 310-50] five-year materiel program

FYMTP five year master test plan

FYP 1five-year plan, 2five year program

FYPA fiscal year planning assessment

FYPB [AR 310-50] five-year planning base

FYPP [AR 310-50] five-year procurement program

FYROM Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

FYT force year total model (JDSSC)

FYTD fiscal year to date

FYTP 1five-year test program, 2five-year test plan