Index Military Acronyms, Initialisms, and Abbreviations

d [JP 1-02] surface drift

D 1depot, 2daily, 3diode, 4aircraft symbol- director (drone control), 5[FM 101-5-1] dental (graphics), 6[JP 1-02] total drift, 7[JP 1-02] data

D Level depot level of maintenance

D SPEC process specification

D&B Dunn and Bradstreet

D&D design and development

D&F determination and findings

D&I development and implementation (plan)

D&M 1driving and maintenance, 2[JP 3-07.4] detection and monitoring , 3[JP 1-02] director of administration and management

D&S display and storage

D&SA depth and simultaneous attack

D&V 1demonstration and validation program, 2design and validation

D&W detection and warning

D/A 1digital/analog, 2digital to analog converter

D/A converter digital to analog converter

D/C down-converter

D/CI&SP [JP 2-01.2] Director, Counterintelligence and Security Programs

D/CM diagnostic and condition monitoring

D/DMSO Director, Defense Modeling and Simulation Office

D/F direction finding

D/I [AR 310-50] distinctive insignia

D/R direct or reverse

D/RE disassembly/reassembly equipment

D/S 1dynamic/static analysis, 2dhrystone per second

D/V [DoD/DSMC] demonstration/validation phase (obsolete - see PDRR)

D+7 [FM 101-5-1] 7 days after D-day

D+90 [FM 101-5-1] 90 days after D-day

D-3 [FM 101-5-1] 3 days prior to D-day

D-A digital to analog

D-B decimal to binary

D-CHANNEL data channel

D-day deployment day

D-H decimal to hexadecimal

D-O decimal to octal

D-WC3 defense wide command, control, and communication

D-WIP defense-wide intelligence plan

D2 disrupt/destroy

D2C decimal to character [REXX]

D2T2 dye diffusion thermal transfer (printing)

D2X decimal to hexadecimal [REXX]

D3 defense, description, and designation

D3A decide, detect, deliver, and assess

D4 Design Data Dictionary and Directory (AWIS)

Da [JP 1-02] aerospace drift

DA 1Department of the Army, 2decimal add, 3decimal to analog, 4development authorization, 5design automation, 6differential analyzer, 7digital to analog, 8discrete address, 9double amplitude, 10decision analysis, 11direct access, 12design authority, 13direct action, 14damage assessment, 15decision aid, 16days after acceptance, 17data administrator, 18defense adviser, 19defense attaché, 20delayed action, 21deposit account, 22director of administration, 23directorate of administration, 24dispersal airfield, 25distributing authority, 26don't answer, 27double-action [gun], 28developing activity, 29 developing agency, 30developing activity, 31data administration, 32decision analysis, 33department of administration, 34[FM 101-5-1] Denmark, 35[JP 1-02] data adapter, 36[JP 2-02] Directorate for Administration (DIA)

DA&D discrimination analysis and design

DA-DCSLOG Department of the Army Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics

DA-WAM deep-attack wide-area munitions

DAA 1data access arrangement, 2decimal adjust for addition, 3digital/analog adapter, 4designated approving authority, 5Defense Acquisition Agency, 6designed assembly area, 7delegation of approval authority, 8designated accreditation authority, 9[JP 1-02] display alternate area routing lists

DAAADS Defense Assistance Award Action Data System

DAACA [AR 310-50] Department of the Army Allocation Committee, Ammunition

DAACCE [AR 310-50] Department of the Army Alternate Command and Control Element

DAACM direct airfield attack combined munitions

DAACO drug and alcohol abuse control officer

DAADB Department of the Army Active Duty Board

DAAMP [AR 310-50] Department of the Army Avionics Master Plan

DAAPP DA Audiovisual Production Program

DAAR day air-to-air refueling

DAARTS Destination Acceptance Alert Reporting and Tracking System

DAAS Defense Automated Addressing System

DAASC Defense Automatic Addressing System Center / Designated Acquisition Commander (USAF)

DAASO Defense Automated Addressing System Office

DAATS digital analog automatic test system

DAB 1Defense Acquisition Board, 2Director of the Army Budget, 3Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Army Budget

DABBS 1Defense Electronic Bulletin Board Service, 2DISA Acquisition Bulletin Board System

DABS discrete address beacon system

DAC 1deputy assistant commandant, 2Department of the Army civilian, 3direct access program, 4design augmented by computer, 5digital-to-analog converter, 6display analysis console, 7data acquisition and control, 8Defense Audit Center, 9dual attachment concentrator, 10deployable ACCS component, 11disaster assistance center, 12discretionary access control, 13defense acquisition circular, 14designated acquisition commander [USAF], 15Douglas Aircraft Company

DACAN [AR 310-50] Military Committee Distribution and Accounting Agency, North Atlantic Treaty Organization

DACB [JP 1-02] data adapter control block

DaCC display and computer console

DACC 1direct access communications channel, 2[AR 310-50] Department of the Army Communications center

DACCO Department of the Army Central Control Office

DACCS Department of the Army Command and Control System

DACDC 1Defense Acquisition Career Development Council, 2DoD Acquisition Career Development Council

DACG departure airfield control group

DACIL Department of the Army Critical Items List

DACM 1Director, Acquisition Career Management, 2dissimilar air combat maneuvering, 3data adapter control mode

DACO divisional administrative contracting officer

DACON digital to analog converter

DACOR data correction

DACOS deputy assistant chief of staff

DACOWITS Defense Advisory Committee on Women In the Services

DACRP [AR 310-50] Department of the Army Communications Resources Plan

DACS 1data acquisition control system, 2data and analysis center for software (RADC), 3Office of the [Army] Chief of Staff, 4divert and attitude control system

DACSS deployable AWACS Computer support systems

DACT 1Dissimilar Aerial Combat Tactics, 2dissimilar air combat training

DAD 1desktop application director [Borland], 2data description language, 3Digital Animation Dreammachine [SGI/Alias/Wavefront], 4Defense Acquisition Deskbook

DADAC [AR 310-50] Department of the Army Distribution/Allocation Committee

DADC digital air data computer

DADCAP dawn and dusk combat air patrol

DADCMI [AR 310-50] Department of the Army Policy for Disclosure of Classified Military Information to Foreign Government

DADEE dynamic analog differential equation equalizer

DADM detailed air defense model (JDSSC)

DADMS DMA Automated Distribution Management System

DADPTC Defense ADP Training Center

DADS 1digital air data system, 2digital audio distribution system, 3Defense Contract Management Command Automated Disposition System

DAE Defense Acquisition Executive

DAEDARC [AR 310-50] Department of the Army Equipment Data Review Committee

DAEO designated agency ethic official

DAES defense acquisition executive summary

DAETCD Director, Acquisition Education, Training and Career Development

DAF 1Department of the Air Force, 2[AR 310-50] departure airfield

DAFC 1digital automatic frequency control, 2[AR 310-50] departure airfield control

DAFCCS Department of the Air Force Command and Control System

DAFCS Digital Automatic Flight Control System

DAFD [AR 310-50] Department of the Army forward depot

DAFFD [AR 310-50] Department of the Army forward floating depot

DAFIS Digital Aeronautical and Flight Information System

DAFM discard-at-failure maintenance

DAFS [AR 310-50] direct aerial fire support

DAG 1data authentication group, 2Deputy Adjutant General, 3decision action group, 4division artillery group, 5directed acyclic graph, 6[AR 310-50] division artillery group (opposing forces)

DAGC drawing and graphic committees

DAGS Dynamic Airspace Management System

DAHAP data acquisition, handling and analysis plan

DAI 1distributed artificial intelligence, 2days after installation, 3[AR 310-50] Director of Army Instruction

DAICC [JP 3-07.4] domestic air interdiction coordinator center

DAIG Department of the Army Inspector General

DAIL data information link

DAILY PLANIT workload management system

DAIN/ACDB Department of the Army Information Network/Army Corporate Database

DAIP 1Defense Acquisition Improvement Program, 2[AR 310-50] Department of the Army Intelligence Plan

DAIR 1direct attitude and identity readout, 2driver air, information, and routing

DAIRO [AR 310-50] Department of the Army International Rationalization Office

DAIRS DIA Advanced Imagery Reproduction System

DAIS 1Defense Automatic Integrated Switching System, 2digital avionics information system, 3[AR 310-50] defense automatic integrated switching

DAISY 1double precision automatic interpretive system, 2disposal automated information system, 3Defense Automated Information System

DAL 1Data Access Language [Apple Computer], 2defended assets list, 3disk access lockout, 4data accession list, 5director of acquisition logistics

DALC [AR 310-50] deployment area location code

DALFA directorate of air land forces application

DALO Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics

DALP Defense Advanced Lithography Program

DALRV [AR 310-50] Department of the Army logistics readiness liaison visits

DALS [JP 3-50.2] Downed Aviator Locator System

DALSO 1DA logistics support officer, 2DA logistics staff officer

DALT 1[AR 310-50] Department of the Army Liaison Team, 2[AR 310-50] drop altitude

DAM 1data addressed memory, 2data association message, 3descripter attribute matrix, 4digital-to-analog multiplier, 5direct access memory, 6direct access method, 7data acquisition and monitoring, 8device adapter modules, 9direct action mission, 10[AR 310-50] defended area model

DAM II-EE [AR 310-50] defended area model II engagement evaluation

DAM II-EP [AR 310-50] defended area model II equipment planning

DAMA 1demand assigned multiple access, 2demand access multiple assignment (USN), 3[AR 310-50] Department of the Army Materiel Annex

DAME 1distance azimuth measuring equipment, 2division airspace management element

DAMES 1division airspace management element system, 2Dynamic Airlift Management and Execution System (MAC), 3 DAASC (Defense Automatic Addressing System Center) Automated Message Exchange System, 4[JP 4-02.1] DAAS (Defense Automated Addressing System) Automated Message Exchange System

DAMIS 1Defense Analysis Modeling Information System (NATO), 2[AR 310-50] Department of the Army Management Information System

DAMMS Department of Army's Movements Management System

DAMMS-R Department of the Army Movements Management System – Redesign

DAMO 1Department of Army Military Operations (DSCOPS), 2Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans

DAMO-FD DA DCSOPS – Force Development


DAMO-TRS DA DCSOPS – Operations and Plans, Training Systems

DAMP down-range antimissile measurement program

DAMP/TVPB [AR 310-50] Department of the Army Motion Picture/Television Production Board

DAMPL Department of Army Master Priority List

DAMPMT [AR 310-50] Department of the Army Military Personnel Management Team

DAMPS 1digital AMPS, 2DDN Automated Message Processing System (USAF)

DAMRIP [AR 310-50] Department of the Army Management Review and Improvement Program

DAMS Deployable Automated Maintenance System

DAMWO Department of the Army modification work order

DAN [JP 1-02] Diver's Alert Network

DANTES Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support

DAO 1defense attaché office, 2data access object [Microsoft], 3data access objects, 4disc at once, 5defense administration office, 6disbursing accounting officer, 7[JP 1-02] department/agency/organization, 8[FM 101-5-1] division ammunition officer

DAOMIS Division Ammunition Office Management Information System (Army)

DAP 1designated acquisition program(s), 2Director of Army Programs, 3distributed array processor, 4DA program, 5digital assembly program, 6deformation of aligned phases, 7data access protocol, 8data automation panel, 9day of arrival at POE, 10developer assistance program, 11data access protocol [DEC], 12data access point, 13data access processor, 14data administration program, 15document application profile

DAPA distribution and pricing agreement

DAPAS distribution and pricing agreements

DAPIE developers application programming interface extensions

DAPM domain analysis process model

DAPMO data administration program management office

DAPP Defense Acquisition Pilot Program

DAPR digital automatic pattern recognition

DAPS 1direct access programming system, 2Deployable Aircraft Planning System (SAC), 3Defense Automated Printing Service

DAPSG Defense Acquisition Policy Steering Group

DAPU data acquisition and processing unit

DAPWG Defense Acquisition Policy Working Group

DAR 1Defense Acquisition Regulation, 2defense acquisition radar, 3data automation requirement, 4designated airworthiness representative, 5[JP 1-02] distortion adaptive receiver

DARC 1Defense Acquisition Regulatory Council, 2[AR 310-50] data acquisition and reports control

DARCOM United States Army Materiel Development and Readiness Command (obsolete, see AMC, sense 1)

DARE 1document abstract retrieval equipment, 2documentation automated retrieval equipment, 3doppler automatic reduction equipment

DARES data analysis and reduction system

DARFAX [AR 310-50] Department of the Army secure facsimile

DARI database application remote interface [IBM]

DARIC Defense Automation Resources Information Center

DARK [AR 310-50] discrimination analysis technique adopted and refined at Kwajalein

DARLI digital angular readout by laser interferometry

DARMP Defense Automation Resource Management Program

DARMS 1digital alternate realization of musical symbols, 2Data Automation Resource Management System (PACAF)

DARO Defense Airborne Reconnaissance Office

DARP DAAS ADPE Replacement Program

DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency [A research institute of DoD, Inventors of ARPANET. Obsolete, now known as ARPA,]

DARR [AR 310-50] Department of the Army regional representative

DARRIS [AR 310-50] Department of the Army Requisitioning, Receipt, and Issue System

DARS 1digital attitude and rate system, 2digital adaptive recording system, 3digital acoustic receiver system, 4[AR 310-50] Department of the Army relocation sites

DART 1daily automatic rescheduling technique, 2data analysis recording tape, 3director and response tester, 4dual axis rate transducer, 5dynamic acoustic response trigger, 6Director of Army Research and Technology, 7digital audio reconstruction technology, 8Dynamic Analysis and Replanning Tool (GCCS), 9data and remote control terminal, 10Dynamic Analytic Replanning Tool (TRANSCOM), 11deployable automatic relay terminal, 12dynamically adaptive receiver transmitter, 13deficiency analysis ranking technique, 14[JP 1-02] disaster assistance response team, 15[JP 1-02] downed aircraft recovery team, 16[AR 310-50] direct advisory of recorded transactions

DARTS destination acceptance reporting and tracking system

DAS 1data acquisition subsystem, 2data automation system, 3Director of the Army Staff, 4datatron assembly system, 5digital analog simulator, 6disturbance analysis system, 7direct air support, 8dynamically assigned sockets, 9decimal adjust for subtraction, 10dual-attached station, 11Defense Attaché System, 12Defense supply advisor, 13deputy assistant secretary, 14[JP 1-02] direct access subscriber

DAS(R&T) Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Research and Technology

DAS3 Decentralized Automated Service Support System (Army)

DASA 1Defense Atomic Support Agency, 2Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army, 3[JP 1-02] Department of the Army (DA) staff agencies

DASA(A) Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition

DASA(RT) Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Research and Technology

DASAF Director of Army Safety

DASC 1Department of the Army system(s) coordinator, 2 Direct Air Support Center (USMC), 3DLA's Administrative Support Center

DASC-A [JP 1-02] direct air support center airborne

DASC-C directorate of contracting

DASD 1direct access storage device, 2Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense

DASD/C3I Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense/Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence

DASD(H&RA) [JP 3-07.1] Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Humanitarian and Refugee Affairs

DASD(I) [JP 2-01.2] Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Intelligence)

DASD(IP) Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (International Programs)

DASD(P&HA) [JP 3-07.4] Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Peacekeeping and Humanitarian Affairs)

DASEB [AR 310-50] Department of the Army Suitability Evaluation Board

DASH drone anti submarine helicopter

DASIAC Department of Defense Information and Analysis Center

DASL [AR 310-50] Department of the Army strategic logistics

DASN Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy

DASO 1demonstration and shakedown operation, 2[AR 310-50] Department of the Army special order

DASP 1data administration strategic plan, 2discrete analog signal processing

DASPO [AR 310-50] Department of the Army Special Photographic Office

DASPS-E Department of the Army Standard Port System – Enhanced

DASR Direct Air to Satellite Relay [GRCS subsystem]

DASS demand assignment signaling and switching

DASSO [AR 310-50] Department of the Army Systems Staff Officer

DASSS [JP 1-02] decentralized automated service support system

DAST AUTODIN Subscriber Terminal

DAT 1disconnect actuating tools, 2dynamic address translation, 3digital audio tape, 4daily activity team, 5deployment action team (JDA), 6development acceptance test, 7digital analog tape, 8disk array technology, 9detailed assessment tool, 10[JP 1-02] deployment action item

DATA 1drawing for Army training aids, 2decision aids for target aggregation, 3Defense Air Transport Administration

DATAC data analog computer

DATACOL data collection system

DATACOM data communications

DATAN data analysis

DATAR digital autotransducer and recorder

DATEC data and telecommunications

DATI [AR 310-50] Director of Army Technical Information

DATICO digital automatic tape intelligence checkout

DATM dummy air training missile

DATRIX direct access to reference information

DATSC [AR 310-50] Department of the Army Training and Support Committee

DATT defense attaché

DATU [JP 1-02] data adapter termination unit

DAU 1data acquisition unit, 2Defense Acquisition University, 3digital amplifier unit, 4Defense Acquisition University

DAU BBS Defense Acquisition University Bulletin Board System

DAUPRB Defense Acquisition University Program Review Board

DAV 1data valid, 2digital audio-video, 3Disabled American Veterans™

DAVA Defense Audiovisual Agency

DAVC delayed automatic volume control

DAVI dynamic antiresonant vibration oscillator

DAVIC digital audio-visual council

DAVIE [AR 310-50] Department of the Army vocabulary of information elements

DAVIPDP DA Audiovisual Information Production and Distribution Program

DAVIS Defense Automated Visual Information System

DAWCLM data automation workload control and library maintenance

DAWE [TTPIO-ABCS] Division Advance Warfighter Experiment

DAWIA 1Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (1990), 2Defense Acquisition Workplace Improvement Act

DAWN Defense Attaché Worldwide Network

DAWNS Digital Automatic Weather and NOTAM System

DAWS data analysis workstation

DAXREP [AR 310-50] Department of the Army Command and Control Reporting System

dB decibel

DB 1database, 2double-based [relay], 3double bottom, 4double break, 5dry bulb, 6dynamic braking contractor to relay, 7depth bomb, 8data buffer, 9Defense Comissary Board

dB/m2 dB above 1 milliwatt per square meter

dBA 1decibel adjusted, 2[JP 1-02] noise measurement unit

DBA 1database administrator, 2database administration, 3design basis accident, 4Davis Bacon Act

dBa(F1A) noise power measured by a set with F1A-line weighting

dBa(HA1) noise power in dBa measured by a set with HA1-receiver weighting

DBA/M [AR 310-50] data base administrator/manager

dBaO noise power in dBa referred to or measured at 0TLP

DBAO digital block AND-OR gate

DBASI digital barometer altimeter setting indicator

DBAT database access tool

DBB 1detector back bias, 2detector balanced bias

DBBL Dismounted Battlespace Battle Lab

DBC 1database computer, 2diameter bolt circle, 3database controller, 4digital battlefield communication, 5[AR 310-50] deputy brigade commander

DBCR Database Change Request (USAF Form 1776)

DBCRC Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission

DBCS 1delivery bar code sorter, 2double-byte character set

DBD database document

DBDA design basis depressurization accident

DBDD database design document

DBE 1design basis event, 2database engine, 3database entry, 4disadvantaged business enterprise

DBF 1demodulator band filter, 2design basis fault, 3database file

DBG 1debug, 2database generator, 3[JP 1-02] data base generation

DBGF database generation facilities

DBGS database generation system

DBH database handler

DBI 1databank of priced data, 2[JP 1-02] defense budget issue

DBIDI [DoD] data base of imagery derived information (DIA)

DBIS Dun and Bradstreet Information Services

DBj relative RF signal levels [j stands for Jerrold Electronics where the term originated]

dBj/s decibels of jamming power over signal power

dBk decibels referred to one kilowatt

DBK [AR 310-50] data bank

dBm 1decibels above [or below] 1 milliwatt, 2[JP 1-02] decibels referred to 1 milliwatt, 3[JP 1-02] decibel millivolts

DBM 1data buffer module, 2database manager, 3database machine, 4database management

dBm(PSOPH) noise power in dBm measured by a set with psophometric weighting

dBm/m2/MHz dB above 1 milliwatt per square meter per megahertz

DBMC data bus monitor/controller

dBmCo [JP 1-02] decibels referred to 1 milliwatt, C-message

dBm0 [JP 1-02] noise power in dbm at a point of zero relative transmission level

DBm0 noise power in dBm referred to or measured at 0TLP

dBm0p noise power in dBm0 measured by a set with psophometric weighting

DBMP database management plan

DBMR data base management report

DBMS database management system

DBNK Command Supply Management Data Bank (USAF)

DBNS doppler bombing/navigation system

DBOF Defense Business Operating Fund (obsolete, see AWCF)

DBOF-AMC Defense Business Operation Fund – Air Mobility Command

DBOF-CISA Defense Business Operation Fund – Communication Information Service Activity

DBOF-T Defense Business Operation Fund – Transportation

DBOI [AR 310-50] development basis of issue

DBOR database of record

DBOS disk-based operating system

DBP defense budget project

DBPA decentralized blanket purchase agreement

dBr power difference in dB between any point and a reference point

dBRAP decibels above reference acoustical defined as 1016 watt

DBRITE Digital Bright radar tower equipment

dBRN decibels above reference noise

dBrn(144 line) noise power measured by a set with 144-line weighting

dBrn(f1–f2) flat noise power in dBrn

dBRNC decibels above reference noise, C-message weighted

dBrnc0 noise power in dBrnc referred to a measured at 0TLP

DBS 1database server, 2design build standard, 3database specification, 4doppler beam sharpening, 5digital broadcast satellite, 6dismounted battle space

DBSL deep battle synchronization line

DBSP double-based solid propellant

DBT database transmission

DBUT database update time

dBuV dB above 1 microvolt

dBuV/m/MHz dB above 1 microvolt per meter per megahertz

dBuV/MHz dB above 1 microvolt per megahertz

dBV increase or decrease in voltage regardless of impedance levels

dBW decibels referred to 1 watt

dc direct current

DC 1data channel, 2data check, 3data classifier, 4data collection, 5data communications, 6data control, 7decimal classification, 8design contractor, 9desk checking [software], 10digital comparator, 11digital computer, 12disc controller, 13display console, 14District of Columbia, 15double contact, 16data concentrator, 17dedicated circuit, 18damage control, 19Dental Corps, 20depth charge, 21device control, 22display controller, 23direct cite, 24[JP 1-02] direct current, 25[JP 1-02] Deputies Committee, 26[AR 310-50] defense council

dc&p data collection and processing

dc&t detection, classification and targeting

DC-A Development Center – Atlanta (Army)

DC-E [AR 310-50] director of communications-electronics

DC/S (I&L) Deputy Chief of Staff, Installations and Logistics (USMC)

DC/S for RA [JP 1-02] Deputy Chief of Staff for Reserve Affairs

DC/SR Display and Control/Storage and Retrieval System (USAF)

DCA 1decade counting assembly, 2Defense Communications Agency, 3document content architecture, 4digital command assembly, 5defensive counter-air, 6document content architecture [IBM], 7Defense cooperation in armament, 8[JP 1-02] dual-capable aircraft

DCAA Defense Contract Audit Agency

DCAAM Defense Contract Audit Agency Manual

DCAC Defense Communications Agency circular

DCADS Defense Contract Action Data System

DCAEUR Defense Communications Agency Europe

DCAF distributed console access facility [IBM]

DCAI 1Defense Contract Audit Institute, 2[AR 310-50] Defense Communications Agency instruction

DCAM direct chip attach module

DCAMPS Deployable Computer Aided Mission Planning System (SAC)

DCAMS Deployable Core Automated Maintenance System (CAMS) (USAF)

DCAOC Defense Communications Agency Operations Center

DCAPAC Defense Communications Agency Pacific

DCARRS Defense Contract Administration Reimbursable Reporting System

DCARS Defense Logistics Agency Contract Action Reporting System

DCAS 1Defense Contract Administration Service, 2Defense Contract Audit Service

DCASD [AR 310-50] Defense Contract Administration Service district

DCASMA Defense Contract Administration Service Management Area

DCASO Defense Contract Administration Services Office

DCASPRO 1Defense Contract Administration Service Representatives Office, 2[AR 310-50] Defense Contract Administration Service plant representative

DCASQ [AR 310-50] Defense Contract Administration Service residency

DCASR 1Defense Contract Administration Service Region, 2Defense contract administration services representative

DCATS Deployable Contract Action Tracking System

DCB 1data control block, 2Defense Communications Board, 3disk coprocessor board [Novell], 4device control block, 5development component baseline

DCBRL Defense Chemical, Biological, and Radiation Laboratories

DCC 1data communication channel, 2device control character, 3district communications center, 4damage control center, 5digital command control, 6digital compact cassette, 7direct cable connection, 8direct client connection, 9display combination code, 10data communication computer, 11denial cause code, 12direct commercial contract (also DCS), 13[AR 310-50] Defense Control Center

DCCB [AR 310-50] Defense Control Center Building

DCCC 1data communication control character, 2[JP 1-02] defense collection coordination center

DCCEP [JP 1-02] Developing Country Combined Exercise Program

DCCLR [JP 1-02] direct current closure adapter

DCCO Defense Commercial Communications Office

DCCS 1digital command communications system, 2Data Communications Control System, 3Distributed Command and Control System

DCCU data communications control unit

DCD 1director(ate) of combat developments, 2data carrier detect, 3dynamic computer display, 4desired completion date, 5[JP 4-01.6] data collection device

DCDM digitally controlled delta modulator

DCDP [AR 310-50] defense center data processing

DCDS 1digital control design system, 2Deputy Chief of the Defense Staff

DCDU [AR 310-50] data collection and distribution units

DCE 1distributed computing environment, 2data communications equipment, 3data circuit-terminating equipment, 4data collection effort, 5distributed computing equipment, 6Defense corporate executive, 7[AR 310-50] defense combat evaluation

DCEC 1Defense Communications Engineering Center (DCA), 2directorate of contractor employment compliance

DCED distributed computing environment daemon

DCEO 1Defense Communications Engineering Office, 2[AR 310-50] division communications-electronics officer

DCF 1data communication facility [IBM], 2document composition facility, 3data compression facility, 4data count field [IBM], 5driver configuration file [Lotus], 6data collection form, 7DCEC Computer Facility (DCA), 8document control file

DCFO defense communications field office

DCFS data communications functional support

DCG 1deputy commanding general, 2disaster control group

DCI 1display control interface [Microsoft], 2Director of Central Intelligence, 3Defense Computer Institute, 4director of combat intelligence, 5[JP 1-02] Director of Central Intelligence, 6[JP 1-02] dual channel interchange

DCIB data communications input buffer

DCID 1Director Central Intelligence directive, 2development change in design

DCII Defense Central Index of Investigation

DCINC deputy commander in chief

DCIO Defense Criminal Investigative Organization

DCIS Defense Criminal Investigative Service

DCJTF [JP 5-00.2] deputy commander, joint task force

DCJSS direct coupled jamming/surveillance system

DCKP direct current key pulsing

DCL 1digital computer laboratory, 2Direct Communications Link (HOTLINE), 3data control language, 4declaration, 5device clear, 6DEC Command Language, 7digital control logic, 8direct-coupled logic, 9[AR 310-50] design capability line

DCLD Digital Communications Section (Rome Air Development Center)

DCLM department of command, leadership, and management

DCLSO DLA CALS Support Office

DCM 1deputy commander for maintenance, 2deputy chief of mission, 3[JP 1-02] data channel multiplexer

DCMA Defense Contract Management Agency

DCMAO 1defense contract management area operation (obsolete), 2DCMC area office

DCMAO/DPRO Defense Contract Management Area/Defense Plant Representative Office

DCMC 1Defense Contract Management Command, 2[JP 1-02] Office of Deputy Chairman, Military Committee

DCMC/DLA Defense Contract Management Command/Defense Logistic Agency

DCMCI Defense Contract Management Command International

DCMD 1Defense Contract Management District, 2Defense Contract Management Command

DCMD/DCMAO Defense contract management district/Defense contract management area operation

DCMDE Defense Contract Management District East

DCMDI Defense Contract Management District International

DCMDM-I Defense Contract Management District Mid Atlantic

DCMDN Defense Contract Management District Northeast

DCMDS-I Defense Contract Management District South

DCMDW-I Defense Contract Management District West

DCMIS dissoluble classified military information statement

DCMO 1DLA Civilian Personnel Management Support Office, 2Defense Contract Management Office, 3[JP 3-07.3] deputy chief military observer

DCMR Defense contract management regions

DCMS 1digital communications management system, 2district cost monitoring specialist

DCN 1Defense Communications Network, 2design change notice, 3document control number

DCNG [AR 310-50] District of Columbia National Guard

DCNO Deputy Chief of Naval Operations

DCNRI dismounted combat net radio interface

DCO 1deputy commander for operation, 2dial central office, 3dial control office, 4Defense Certification Office, 5[JP 3-08] Defense coordinating officer (DoD), 6[AR 310-50] deputy commanding officer

DCOM distributed component object model

DCOR Defense Committee on Research

DCOS 1data communications output selector, 2deputy chief of staff

DCOSS Defense Communications Operational Support System (DCA)

DCP 1decision coordinating paper, 2development concept paper, 3design change package, 4Design Criteria Plan [MIL-STD-469], 5digital computer processor, 6decision coordinating plan, 7digital computer programming, 8digital light processing [TI], 9data communications processor, 10digital communications processor, 11distributed collaborative planning, 12Defense Cryptogic Program, 13director of civilian personnel, 14[AR 310-50] dental continuation pay, 15[AR 310-50] director of civilian personnel

DCP-40 Distributed Communications Processor, Model 40

DCPA Defense Civil Preparedness Agency

DCPG 1Defense Communications Planning Group, 2[JP 1-02] digital clock pulse generator

DCPDS Defense Civilian Personnel Data System

DCPS 1data communications protocol standards, 2digitally controlled power source, 3data collection and processing system

DCPSK differentially coherent phase shift keying

DCPSO Defense Logistics Agency Civilian Personnel Support Office

DCPU display control power unit

DCR 1data conversion receiver, 2data coordinator and retriever, 3design change request, 4digital conversion receiver, 5directorate of collateral responsibility, 6design concern report

DCRSi Digital Cassette Recording System, Improved

DCS 1data communication system, 2data communications subsystem, 3data control services, 4design control specifications, 5Defense Communications System, 6digital command system, 7distributed computer system, 8digital communications system, 9Deputy Chief of Staff, 10desktop color separation, 11Internet database connector [Microsoft], 12distributed control system, 13integrated database connector, 14data control system, 15integrated desktop connector, 16depot computer system, 17Defense Courier Service, 18digital camera system, 19digital computer system, 20diagnostic control system, 21direct commercial sales, 22division clearing station, 23[AR 310-50] Director, Comptroller Systems

DCS RD&S Deputy Chief of Staff, Research, Development & Studies (United States Marine Corps)

DCS/LE Deputy Chief of Staff, for Logistics Engineering (Air Force)

DCSA Deputy Chief of Staff for Analysis

DCSBOS [Army] Deputy Chief of Staff for Base Operations Support

DCSC Defense Construction Supply Center

DCSC-E [AR 310-50] Deputy Chief of Staff, Communications-Electronics

DCSCCOMP [AR 310-50] Deputy Chief of Staff, Comptroller

DCSCD [TRADOC] Deputy Chief of Staff for Combat Development

DCSCU [JP 1-02] dual capability servo control unit

DCSDOC Deputy Chief of Staff for Doctrine, HQ TRADOC

DCSFOR [AR 310-50] Deputy Chief of Staff, Force Development

DCSI 1Defense Central Security Index, 2[AR 310-50] Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence

DCSIM [Army] Deputy Chief of Staff for Information Management

DCSINT [Army and USAF] Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence

DCSINT-TSD Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence - Threat Support Directorate

DCSIRM Deputy Chief of Staff for Information Resource Management

DCSLOG [Army] Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics

DCSMIS [AR 310-50] Deputy Chief of Staff, Management Information Systems

DCSO 1Defense Communications System Office, 2Defense Communications System Organization (DCA), 3Deputy Commander for Space Operations (USAF)

DCSO&T [AR 310-50] Deputy Chief of Staff, Operations and Training

DCSOPS 1[Army] Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans, 2Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations (PERSCOM)

DCSOT [AR 310-50] Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Intelligence

DCSP Defense Communications Satellite Program

DCSPA [AR 310-50] Deputy Chief of Staff, Personnel and Administration

DCSPER [Army] Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel

DCSPER/ODCSPER Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel/Office of the DCSPER

DCSPi [Army] Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel Integration

DCSPLANS Deputy Chief of Staff for Plans, Force Integration and Analysis

DCSPS defense communications system performance simulator

DCSRDA [Army]Deputy Chief of Staff for Research, Development, and Acquisition

DCSRM [Army] Deputy Chief of Staff for Resource Management

DCSROTC [AR 310-50] Deputy Chief of Staff for reserve Officers' Training Corps

DCSS 1deployable combat support system (USAF), 2digital conferencing and switching system

DCSSA [Army] Deputy Chief of Staff for Simulations and Analysis

DCST 1[Army] Deputy Chief of Staff for Training, 2DLA Contingency Support Team

DCST-R DLA Contingency Support Team, Rear

DCSTE [Army] Deputy Chief of Staff for Test and Evaluation

DCSTS [AR 310-50] Deputy Chief of Staff for Training and Schools

DCT 1digital communications terminals (USMC/USAF), 2data communications terminal, 3discrete cosine transformation

DCTL direct coupled transistor logic

DCTN 1Defense Communications Telecommunications Network (DCA), 2[JP 1-02] Defense Commercial Telecommunications Network

DCU 1data command unit, 2data control unit, 3digital control unit, 4detection and control unit, 5digital conference unit, 6data-cache unit, 7data computer unit, 8digital computer unit, 9dispenser control unit, 10display/controller unit, 11dynamic component upgrade

DCWV direct-current working volts

DD 1data definition, 2decimal divide, 3Dewey decimal, 4disconnecting device, 5double density, 6Defense Department, 7destroyer, 8day, 9digital display, 10data dictionary and directory (team), 11days after date, 12data dictionary, 13defense depot, 14drawdown, 15[AR 310-50] dishonorable discharge

DD,TFR deputy director, test facilities and resources

DD/D data dictionary/directory

DD/DS data dictionary directory system

DDA 1digital differential analyzer, 2distributed data access, 3domain-defined attribute, 4designated development agency, 5designed deployment area, 6decommissioning and disposal analysis, 7[JP 1-02] Designated Development Activity, 8[JP 3-08] Deputy Director for Administration (CIA), 9[AR 310-50] digital drive amplifier (MSR)

DDACM Deputy Director, Acquisition Career Management

DDAM Dynamic Design Analysis Method (USN)

DDAS 1digital data acquisition system, 2DCII Disclosure Accounting System

DDAY date of commencement of hostilities

DDB 1decision database, 2device dependent bitmap [Microsoft], 3device descriptor block, 4distributed database, 5depot data bank

DDB-P [AR 310-50] Distinguished Pistol Shot Badge

DDB-R [AR 310-50] Distinguished Rifleman Badge

DDBS 1display database subs, 2distributed database system

DDC 1Defense Documentation Center [DoD], 2Dewey decimal classification, 3data display center, 4digital display converter, 5director digital control, 6design and development contract, 7data distribution center, 8display data channel, 9data description document, 10direct distance dialing, 11digital data channel [VESA], 12differential chain code, 13data distribution center, 14digital document connection [Xerox/ PagePath], 15digital data converter, 16digital display console, 17[AR 310-50] Defense Documentation Center for Scientific and Technical Information, 18[AR 310-50] division data center

DDC1 display data channel one

DDCE digital data conversion equipment

DDCFG data display and control functional group

DDCI [JP 3-08] Deputy Director of Central Intelligence (CIA)

DDCMP digital data communications message protocol [DEC]

DDCS 1digital data calibration system, 2distributed database connection services [IBM]

DDD 1direct distance dialing, 2display decoder driver, 3data definition language, 4data description document, 5desired delivery date

DDDR dissemination of digitized drawing for reprocurement

DDDR&E Deputy Director, Defense Research and Engineering

DDDR&E (T&E) Deputy Director, Defense Research and Engineering (Test and Evaluation)

DDDS Defense Data Dictionary System

DDE 1decentralized data entry, 2director design engineering, 3direct data entry, 4dynamic data exchange [Microsoft], 5[USN] escort destroyer

DDEML Dynamic Data Exchange Manager Library [Microsoft]

DDEP 1Defense Data Exchange Program, 2Defense Development Exchange Program

DDESB Department of Defense Explosives Safety Board

DDF 1display data channel, 2display and debriefing facility, 3dynamic data formatting [IBM], 4document description file

DDG 1digital data generator, 2digital display generator, 3guided missile destroyer

DDGE digital display generator element

DDH 1distributed document handling, 2[USN] helicopter-carrying destroyer

DDH&DS digital data handling and display systems

DDI 1depth deviation indicator, 2delivery distribution indicator, 3digital display indicator, 4device driver interface, 5direct dial in, 6Director of Defense Information, 7[JP 1-02] Deputy Director of Intelligence (CIA)

DDK 1Device Driver Kit [Microsoft Windows], 2[USN] hunter-killer destroyer

DDL 1delegation of disclosure [authority] letter, 2digital data link, 3dispersive delay line, 4data definition language, 5Data Description Language (Honeywell), 6daily delivery list

DDLC data description language committee

DDLI [TR 350-70] direct data link interconnectivity

DDLRP doctrine development long range plan

DDM 1data demand module, 2difference in depth of modulation, 3distributed data management, 4deputy demonstration manager, 5[JP 1-02] digital data modem

DDMC 1Defense Depot Maintenance Council, 2Defense Depot Management Council

DDMO Defense Data Management Office

DDMS [JP 2-02] deputy director for military support

DDN 1Defense Data Network, 2Defense Department Network , 3digital data network

DDNIA defense data network interface adapter

DDNS dynamic domain naming system

DDO 1Document Development Organization [AT&T], 2defensive duty officer, 3Deputy Director for Operations (NMCC), 4[TTPIO-ABCS] dynamically distributed overlay, 5[JP 1-02] Director of Operations (CIA)

DDOCE digital data output conversion equipment

DDP 1digital data processor, 2distributed data processing, 3Defense Dissemination Program, 4datagram delivery protocol, 5declaration of design performance, 6declaration of design and performance, 7Defense Diversification Program, 8deployment detailed planning, 9demand development period, 10Director of Defense Procurement, 11[AR 310-50] distribution drop point

DDPP doctrine development design process

DDPS 1digital data processing system, 2digital data processing subsystem, 3[AR 310-50] distribution data processing system

DDPU digital data processing unit

DDR 1double drift region, 2[USN] radar picket destroyer, 3daily demand rate

DDR&E Director(ate) of Defense Research and Engineering [obsolete, now USDR&E]

DDRE 1Defense Distribution Region East, 2Director, Defense Research and Engineering

DDRE-M Defense Depot Region East Mechanicsburg, Site

DDRS 1Defense Data Repository System (GCCS, DoD), 2digital data recording system, 3Defense Data Repository Suite

DDRW Defense Distribution Region West

DDS 1data display system, 2deployable defense system, 3digital display scope, 4digital data service, 5digital dynamics simulator, 6Defense Dissemination System, 7design data sheet, 8digital data storage, 9distributed database services, 10Digital Dataphone Service [AT&T], 11distributed data services, 12dry deck shelter, 13dental data system, 14Department of Defense support, 15digital data system, 16direct digital synthesis, 17display and debriefing system, 18Director of Dental Services, 19document development system

DDS&T [JP 3-08] Deputy Director for Science and Technology (CIA)

DDSC Defense Data System Center

DDSM [AR 310-50] Defense Distinguished Service Medal

DDSP Defense Development Sharing Program

DDSS DS Decision Support System (AFLC)

DDT 1deflagration to detonation transition, 2design data transmittal, 3digital data transmission, 4digital debugging tape, 5dynamic debugging technique, 6direct digital targeting, 7[TR 350-70] doctrine, tactics, and training

DDT&E 1design, development, test, and evaluation, 2director, operational test

DDTD digital data transmission device

DDTE 1Director, Defense Test and Evaluation, 2digital data terminal equipment, 3Deputy Director Test and Evaluation (OSD)

DDTS 1distributed data and telecommunications system, 2digital data transmission system

DDU 1data distribution unit, 2digital display unit, 3digital distribution unit

DDUS [AR 310-50] data departed United States

DDVN direct dedicated voice network

DDVR displayed data video recorder

DDWSO [CJCSI 8510.01] Deputy Director for Wargaming, Simulation, and Operations

DDX digital data exchange

de [JP 1-02] individual drift error

De [JP 1-02] total drift error

DE 1Deleware, 2design engineering, 3diesel-electric, 4digital element, 5display electronics, 6Deputy Chief of Staff/Engineering and Services, 7data element, 8data entry, 9device end, 10directed energy, 11escort destroyer, 12damage estimation, 13[JP 1-02] delay equalizer, 14[JP 1-02] damage expectancy

de max [JP 1-02] maximum drift error

de min [JP 1-02] minimum drift error

de minimax [JP 1-02] minimax drift error

DE/CALS Defense electronic/continuous acquisition and life cycle support

DE/Q design evaluation/qualification

dea [JP 1-02] aerospace drift error

DEA 1data exchange agreement, 2display electronics assemblies, 3data exchange annex, 4Drug Enforcement Agency, 5[JP 1-02] Drug Enforcement Administration

DEAC [AR 310-50] Defense Economic Analysis Council

DEACN [JP 3-07.4] Drug Enforcement Administration Communications Network

DEAL decision evaluation and logic

DEARAS Defense Emergency Authorities Retrieval and Analysis System

DEB digital European backbone

dec decrement

DEC 1decrement, 2device clear, 3Digital Equipment Corporation, 4[USN] control escort ship, 5Defense Electronics Center (USAF)

DeCA Defense Commissary Agency

DECA 1Defense Commissary Agency, 2Defense and Economic Cooperation Agreement, 3digital electronic control assembly

DECAM Directorate of Environmental Compliance and Management

DECCO Defense Commercial Communications Office (DISA)

DECEO Defense Communications Engineering Office

deci prefix meaning one-tenth

DECL 1declaration of war/national emergency, 2[JP 1-02] declassify

DECM 1Deceptive Electronic Counter Measures. AN/ALQ-126, 2defense electronic countermeasures

DECN decision

DECNET Digital Equipment Corporation Networking (protocol)

DECOM telemetry decommutators

decon 1[AR 310-50] decontaminate, 2[AR 310-50] decontamination

DECON defensive electronic countermeasures

DECOR digital electronic continuous ranging

DECS DSCS ECCM control subsystem

DECU digital engine control unit

DED 1data element dictionary, 2data entry device, 3data element definition, 4data entry display

DEDB data entry data base

DEDS 1Digital Enhancement Database System, 2[AR 310-50] digital error detection subsystem

DEDUCOM deductive communicator

DEE 1digital evaluation equipment, 2digital events evaluator

DEEC digital electronic engine control

DEERS Defense Eligibility and Enrollment Reporting System (DoD)

DEES Dynamic Electromagnetic Environment Simulator

def 1defense, 2[AR 310-50] defend, 3[AR 310-50] defended, 4[AR 310-50] defensive

DEF 1desktop functional equivalent [COMPAQ], 2Development and Evaluation Facility (WIS), 3display evaluation form, 4delivery evaluation factor

DEF STAN defense standard

DEFA D’Etude Et Fabrication D’Armament

DEFCON 1defense readiness condition, 2defense condition

DEFCORD Defense Coordination Network

DEFCOS [CJCSI 3410.01] Defense Department Courier Service

DEFCS digital electronic flight control system

DEFIL data edit file

DEFLOWH [AR 310-50] Defense Liaison Officer to the White House

DEFPLAN defense plan

DEFRAG defragment

DEFREP defense response status

DEFREPNAMA [AR 310-50] Defense Representative, North Atlantic Mediterranean Area

DEFSMAC Department Special Missile and Astronautical Center

DEFT dynamic error-free transmission

DEG 1[USN] guided missile escort ship, 2document evaluation guidelines

DEH Directorate of Engineering and Housing

DEI development engineering inspection

DEIS 1Defense Energy Information System [DFSC], 2Defense Enterprise Integration Service

DEIS II Defense Enterprise Integration Service II

DEL 1delete, 2direct exchange line, 3[JP 4-01.7] deployable equipment list

DELEX data elements lexicon

DELFIC defense land fallout integration code

DELG defense export loan guarantee

DELP Defense English Language Program

DELSTR delete string [REXX]

DEK data encryption key

DEM 1digital elevation model, 2data energy modernization

DEM/VAL Demonstration/Validation Phase (obsolete, see PDRR)

DEMANDS depicts each month's averages and new demand

DEMARC [JP 1-02] demarcation

demil [AR 310-50] demilitarize

DEMIL demilitarization

DEMOD [AR 310-50] deployment model

DEMONS® commercial trademark for MIES component

DEMOS diffused metal-oxide semiconductor

DEMP dispersed electromagnetic pulse

DEMS digital error monitoring subsystem

DEMSTAT deployment/employment/mobilization status (FORSCOM)

DEMUX [JP 1-02] demultiplex

DEMVAL demonstration and evaluation

DEN document enabled networking [Novell-Xerox]

DENTAC dental activity

DEO data exploitation operator

DEODS Defense Explosive Ordnance Disposal School

DEOMI Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute

dep [AR 310-50] depot

DEP 1Delayed Entry Program, 2depot element profile, 3data element profile, 4departure, 5depot element profile, 6design engineering program, 7Defense Enterprise Program, 8[JP 1-02] deployed

DEP&S [JP 3-07.4] drug enforcement plans and support

DEPACK deployment package system

DEPACTV [AR 310-50] depot activity

DEPCJTF [JP 1-02] deputy commander, joint task force

DEPDA deployment data file (JCS) (replaced by TPFDD)

DEPDATE departure date from POE

DEPECH deployment echelon

DEPEST deployment package estimation system

DEPEX 1deployment exercise, 2[AR 310-50] Deployment on NIKE/X Study

DEPGUIDE deployment guide

DEPI differential equations pseudocode interpreter

DEPID deployment indicator code

DEPL deployment

DEPLAN deployment plan

DEPMAS Deployment Management System (FORSCOM)

DEPMEDS [JP 1-02] deployable medical systems

depn [AR 310-50] dependent

DepOpsDeps [JP 1-02] service deputy operations deputies

DEPREP Deployment Reporting System (JCS)

DEPSECDEF Deputy Secretary of Defense

DEPSK differential-encoded phase shift keying

DEPSTAR [AR 310-50] deployment status of Army units

dept [AR 310-50] department

DEPTAR/MAIN [AR 310-50] Department of the Army/Main

DEPTH design evaluation for personnel, training, and human factor

DEPUS departmental user

DEQ dose equivalent

DER 1[USN] radar picket escort ship, 2designated engineering representative, 3documentation error report

DERA Defense Environmental Restoration Account

DEROS 1date of estimated return from overseas, 2[AR 310-50] date eligible for return from overseas

DERP Defense Environmental Restoration Program

DES 1data encryption standard, 2differential equation solver, 3digital expansion system, 4data entry sheet, 5data encryption standard, 6Defense Engineering Service, 7design environmental simulator, 8distributed energy storage

DESC 1digital equation solving computer, 2Defense Electronic Supply Center (DLA), 3Defense Environmental Security Council

DESCIM Defense environmental security corporate information management

DESCOM [Army] Depot Systems Command

DESIGAREA [JP 3-50.2] designated area message

DESIRE [USAF] direct English statement information retrieval extraction

DESPORT [AR 310-50] daily equipment status report

dest [AR 310-50] destination, [AR 310-50] destroy

DEST [JP 1-02] destination (GELOC)

det 1[AR 310-50] detach, 2[AR 310-50] detached, 3[AR 310-50] detachment

DET 1displaced (cascaded) equipment training, 2device execute trigger, 3Distributed Explosive Technology System, 4[JP 1-02] detachment, 5[JP 1-02] detainee

det cord [FM 101-5-1] detonation cord

DETP displaced equipment training plan

DETRESFA [JP 1-02] distress phase (lCAO)

DETT displaced equipment training team

DEU 1data exchange unit, 2display electronics unit

DEUCE 1Deployable Universal Combat Earthmover, 2digital electronic universal computing engine

dev development

DEV device

DEVA [AR 310-50] development acceptance

DEVCO development committee

DEW 1distant early warning, 2directed-energy weapons, 3directed-energy warfare

DEW Line Distant Early Warning Line

DEWIZ Distant Early Warning Identification Zone

DEWS digital electronic warfare simulator

DExA DoDIIS executive agent

DEXAN digital experimental airborne navigator

DF 1direction finding, 2deflection [FA], 3decimal fraction, 4decontamination factor, 5disk file, 6dissipation factor, 7dose factor, 8double feeder, 9destination field, 10device flag, 11data field, 12double flag, 13damage free, 14defensive fire, 15don't fragment, 16[JP 1-02] disposition form (obsolete), 17[JP 1-02] dispersion factor

DF/SSL direction finding/single station location

DFA deterministic finite automaton

DFAD digital feature analysis data

DFAIR defense financial and investment review

DFAMS Defense Fuel Automated Management Systems

DFAR Defense [DoD] Federal Acquisition Regulation

DFARS Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement

DFAS 1Defense Finance and Accounting Service, 2Defense Finance and Accounting System, 3directorate, fund control branch

DFAS-DE Defense Finance and Accounting Service, Denver Office

DFASC Deployable Force Automated Service Center (USMC)

DFB distribution fuse board

DFBS Defense Finance Battlefield System

DFBW digital fly-by-wire

DFC 1design field change, 2diagnostic flow chart, 3data flow control, 4[JP 3-07.3] deputy force commander, 5[AR 310-50] Distinguished Flying Cross

DFCS 1digital automatic flight control, 2Digital Fire Control System, 3Deployment Flow Computer System (MAC)

DFD 1data flow diagram, 2digital frequency discriminator

DFDR digital flight data recorder

DFE 1division force equivalent, 2[AR 310-50] directorate of facilities engineering

DFFR dynamic forcing function [information] report

DFGS digital flight guidance system

DFH [AR 310-50] defense family housing

DFI 1developmental flight instrumentation, 2data field identifier, 3design, fabricate, and install

DFL display formatting language

DFLP Defense Foreign Language Program

DFLS direction finding and location system

DFM 1design for manufacturability [IBM], 2deputy for financial management, 3design for maintainability, 4[JP 1-02] deterrent force module, 5[AR 310-50] director, food management

DFMA design for manufacturing and assembly

DFMO [AR 310-50] Doppler filter mixer-oscillator

DFO 1disaster field office, 2dining facility operations, 3director of flight operation, 4[JP 3-08] disaster field office (FEMA)

DFR 1decreasing failure rate, 2direction finding receiver, 3Defense fuel region, 4[AR 310-50] dropped from rolls

DFR-E Defense Fuels Region, Europe

DFR/E [JP 1-02] Defense Fuel Region, Europe

DFR/ME [JP 1-02] Defense Fuel Region, Middle East

DFRF Dryden Flight Research Facility

DFRIF Defense Freight Railway Interchange Fleet

DFRL differential relay

DFS 1direction finding subsystem, 2distributed file system, 3depth first search [algorithm], 4distributed file system

DFSC Defense fuel supply center (DLA)

DFSCOORD deputy fire support coordinator

DFSK double frequency shift keying

DFSMS data facility storage management subsystem [IBM]

DFSP 1Defense fuel supply point (DLA), 2Defense fuel support point

DFSR [AR 310-50] detailed functional system requirement

DFT 1discrete Fourier transform, 2design for testability, 3diagnostic function test, 4distributed function terminal, 5depot field team, 6design-for-test, 7[JP 1-02] deployment for training

DG 1Defense Guidance, 2differential generator, 3diode gate, 4double-groove [insulators], 5data file utility, 6Defense guidance, 7director general

DGARS Defense Grant and Agreement Regulatory System

DGB disk-gap-bond

DGBC digital geoballistic computer

DGCS Downsized Ground Control Station

DGDP double-groove double-petticoat [insulators]

DGIAP [JP 2-02] Defense General Intelligence and Applications Program

DGIS 1DoD Gateway Information System, 2direct graphics interface standard

DGL distinguished guest lecturer

DGM 1digital group multiplexer, 2[AR 310-50] Defense guidance memorandum

DGR designated government representative

DGS 1data gathering system, 2data ground station, 3degaussing system

DGSA Department of Defense Goal Security Architecture

DGSC 1Defense General Support Center (DLA), 2Defense general supply center

DGU digital gateway unit

DGZ desired ground zero (nuclear target)

DH 1double-heterostructure, 2[JP 1-03.17] death due to hostilities, 3[AR 310-50] decision height

DHA 1Defense Health Agency, 2destination hardware address, 3[AR 310-50] dependent housing area

DHC data handling center

DHCP dynamic host configuration protocol

DHE data handling equipment

DHEW [AR 310-50] Department of Health, Education, and Welfare

DHHS Department of Health and Human Services

DHL dynamic head loading

DHP Defense Health Program

DHS 1data handling system, 2Defense HUMINT Service, 3director of health services

DHSS data handling subsystem

DI 1data interchange, 2data input, 3deception indicated, 4demand indicator, 5digital input, 6data item, 7direct impact, 8data in, 9destination index, 10developed item, 11direction indicator, 12directivity index, 13documentation integrators, 14design interface, 15disposition instruction, 16document imaging, 17[JP 2-01] DIA Directorate for Intelligence Production, 18[JP 3-04.1] dynamic interface

DI-MISC data item – miscellaneous

DI/DO data input/data output

DIA 1Defense Intelligence Agency, 2document interchange architecture [IBM], 3due in asset

diac bi-directional code-thyristor

DIAC 1Defense Intelligence Analysis Center, 2Defense Industry Advisory Council

DIAL [DEC] Display Interactive Assembly Language

DIAL-A-LOG Air Force On-Line Bulletin Board Systems

DIALCOM dialed communications

DIALS [AR 310-50] Defense Information Automatic Locator System

DIAM 1Defense Intelligence Agency memorandum, 2Defense Intelligence Agency manual

DIAN digital analog

DIANE digital integrated attack and navigation equipment

DIAOBS Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) order of battle

DIAOLS Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) On-line Intelligence System

DIAR [JP 1-02] Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) regulation

DIAS 1Dynamic Inventory Analysis System, 2Distributed Infosec Accounting System

DIB 1device independent bitmap [Microsoft], 2directory information base, 3Defense Industrial Base

dibit a group of four bits

DIBITS [JP 1-02] digital in-band interswitch trunk signaling

DIBOL DEC Business Oriented Language

DIBS deskbook information breakdown structure

DIBTS [JP 1-02] digital in-band trunk signaling

DIBUA defense in built-up areas

DIC 1data insertion converter, 2detailed interrogation center, 3Defense Intelligence College, 4Defense industrial cooperation, 5direct image copy, 6document identifier code, 7[AR 310-50] dependency and indemnity compensation

DIC-MOD document input code modifier

DICA Defense Industrial Cooperation Agreement

DICASS Directional Command Active Sonobuoy System

DICE 1digital interface countermeasures equipment, 2digital intercontinental conversion equipment

DICEF digital communications experimental facility

DICO Data Information and Coordination Office (JCS)

DICOMNET Defense Intelligence Teletypewriter Network

DICOMSS [AR 310-50] Direct Commissary Support System

DICON digital communication through orbiting needles

DICSC Defense Industrial Cooperation Subcommittee

DICU display interface control unit

DID 1Data Item Description, DD Form 1664, 2datamation industry directory, 3digital information display, 4direct inward dialing, 5destination identification 6display interface device, 7defense in depth, 8data item description

DID/S data item description/system

DID&P Director Internet Development and Production Programs

DIDACS digital data communications system

DIDAD digital data display

DIDAP digital data processor

DIDHS [JP 1-02] Deployable Intelligence Data Handling System

DIDS 1Defense Integrated Data System (DSA), 2Decision Information Distribution System, 3Distributed Intrusion Detection System, 4digital information display system, 5[JP 2-01] Defense Intelligence Dissemination System

DIDS-CD [AR 310-50] Decision Information Distribution System - Civil Defense

DIEB [JP 2-02] Defense Intelligence Executive Board

DIECO [AR 310-50] Defense Item Entry Control Office

DIECP [AR 310-50] Defense Item Entry Control Program

DIEOB electronic order of battle files

DIF 1difficulty, importance [criticality], and frequency (see task selection models in the Military Terminology section), 2data interchange format, 3document interchange format

DIFAR directional finding and ranging

DIFAX Defense Intelligence Facsimile Network

DIFFSENS differential sense

DIFFTR differential time relay

DIFM 1Defense Intelligence Functional Manager, 2due in from maintenance

DIFS 1Deployable Intelligence Fusion System, 2Defense Integrated Financial System

DIG 1digital-image-generated, 2digital imposition geometry, 3designated industry group, 4[JP 1-02] digital

Dig Sig Proc digital signal processing

DIGACC digital guidance and control computer

DIGCOM digital computer

DIGEST Digital Geographic Information Exchange Standard

DIGICOM digital communications system

DIGITAC digital tactical automatic control

DIGITAR digital airborne computer

DII 1Defense information infrastructure, 2dynamic invocation interface

DII COE Defense information infrastructure common operating environment

DII/COE Defense information infrastructure/common operating environment

DIIC dielectrically isolated integrated circuits

DIILS Defense Institute of International Legal Study

DIIP 1direct interrupt identification port, 2Defense Inactive Item Program

DIIVS Defense Intransit Item Visibility System (Army)

DIL 1dual inline, 2Director of International Logistics

DILC 1dedicated intelligence loop circuits, 2Defense Intelligence Loop Circuit, 3display interface processor

DILPA [JP 1-02] diphase loop modem-A

DIMATE depot-installed maintenance automatic test equipment

DIMES Defense Integrated Management Engineering System

DIMM dual in-line memory module

DIMMP Defense Integrated Materiel Management Program

DIN 1digital network [short for AUTODIN], 2AUTODIN data identification number, 3international industrial standard designator, 4defense intelligence notice

DIN/DSSCS Digital Information Network/Defense Special Security Communications System

DINA direct noise amplification

DINAH Desktop Interface to AUTODIN Host [Program]

DINAS digital inertial navigation/attack system

DINDAC digital access direct access

DINET Defense Industrial Network

DINFOS Defense Information School

DINOB naval order of battle

DINS digital inertial navigation system

DINU dual Inertial navigation unit

DIO 1Director of Industrial Operations, 2data input-output

DIOB digital input/output buffer

DIOBS DIA order of battle

DIOC [JP 3-07.4] Drug Interdiction Operations Center

DIODE digital input/output display equipment

DIOP Defense Intelligence Objectives and Priorities

DIOR directorate for information, operation, and report

DIP 1display information processor, 2dual in-line package, 3dialup Internet protocol [Internet], 4digital imaging processing, 5dual in-line pin

DIPC [JP 1-02] Defense Industrial Plant Equipment Center

DIPCLEAR diplomatic clearance

DIPEC Defense Industrial Plan Equipment Center

DIPGM [JP 1-02] diphase supergroup modem

DIPP 1Defense Intelligence Planning Projection, 2defense intelligence projections for planning

DIPR 1Defense Institute of Psychological Research, 2departmental industrial plant reserve, 3detailed in process review

DIPS 1defense intelligence production schedule, 2development information processing system, 3display information processor system, 4dynamic isotope power system

dir 1[AR 310-50] direct, 2[AR 310-50] directed, 3[AR 310-50] direction, 4[AR 310-50] director

DIR 1directory (file), 2director, 3disassembly and inspection report

DIR, OT&E director, operational test and evaluation

DIRCMO director of civil military operations

DIRCOL direction cosine linkage

DIREP difficulty report

DIRINT [JP 2-01.2] director of intelligence

DIRFM [AR 310-50] director, field maintenance

DIRLAUTH [JP 1-02] direct liaison authorized

DIRM 1director, information resource management, 2[JP 1-02] directorate for information and resource management

DIRMOBFOR [JP 1-02] Director of Mobility Forces

DIRNSA Director, National Security Agency

DIROCD [AR 310-50] Director, Office of Civil Defense

DIRPA [AR 310-50] director of personnel and administration

DIRS Damage Information Recording System (AFSC/USAFE/PACAF)

DIS 1Defense Intelligence Service, 2distributed interactive simulation, 3Defense Investigative Service, 4digital integration system, 5dynamic impedance stabilization [CompuCom], 6digital imaging system [Xeikon], 7Defense Intelligence School, 8disabled-in-service, 9distributed intelligence system, 10DoD Investigative Service, 11distributed information systems

DISA 1Defense Information Systems Agency, 2Data Interchange Standards Association, 3deployable information systems architecture

DISA/CIM Defense Information System Agency/Center For Information Management

DISAC 1Defense Information System Agency circular, 2digital simulator and computer

DISAM Defense Institute of Security Assistance Management

DISAN DISA circular and DISA notice

DISANMOC [JP 1-02] Defense Information Systems Agency Network Management and Operations Center

DISAO designated independent senior acquisition official or board

disc 1disconnecter, 2[AR 310-50] discontinue

DISC 1disconnect command, 2disconnect switch, 3Defense Industrial Supply Center, 4Defense Industrial Support Center, 5[AR 310-50] delay in separation code

DISC4 Director of Information Systems Command, Control, Communications, and Computers

DISCO Defense Industrial Security Clearance Office

DISCOM 1division support center, 2digital selective communications, 3division support command (Army)

DISCON discrepancy in shipment conformation

DISCR Director For Industrial Security Clearance Review

DISD data and information systems division

DISE 1deployable intelligence support equipment, 2[FM 101-5-1] division intelligence support element

DISGM [JP 1-02] diphase supergroup

DISI Defense Industrial Security Institute

DISIDS display and information distribution system

DISMAC digital scene matching area correlation

DISMS Defense Integrated Subsistence Management System

DISN Defense Information Systems Network (GCCS)

DISNET Defense Integrated Secure Network

DISO 1Defense Information System Office, 2[JP 2-01] Defense Intelligence Support Office

DISOSS Distributed Office Support System (IBM)

DISP 1Defense Industrial Security Program, 2displacement (offset), 3[JP 3-07.4] Drug Investigation Support Program (FAA)

DISREP discrepancy in shipment report

DISSP Defense Information System Security Program

dist distribution

DIST Defense Integration Support Tool

DISTAFF directing staff (exercise)

DISTAN distributed interactive secure telecoms

distr [AR 310-50] distribute, [AR 310-50] distribution

DISTRA [AR 310-50] distribution authority

DISUM daily intelligence summary

DIT 1directory information tree, 2draft initiation time

DITACS Digital Tactical System

DITCC Defense Information Technology Coordinating Committee

DITCO Defense Information Technology Contracting Office

DITDS Defense Intelligence Threat Data System

DITIS Defense Instructional Technology Information System

DITMB Defense Information Technology Management Board


DITS 1digital imagery transmission system, 2digital information transfer system

DIU 1data interface unit, 2digital interface unit

div 1division, 2[AR 310-50] divisional

DIV 1divide, 2data over voice

DIV(T) [TR 350-70] division institutional training

DIVA digital input voice answer-back

DIVAD division air defense

DIVARTY division artillery

DIVE direct interface video extension [OS/2 Warp]

DIVENGR [AR 310-50] division engineer

DIVOT digital-to-voice translator

DIW 1D-Inside wire [AT&T], 2detection, identification and warning

DIWSA Digital Imagery Workstation Afloat

DIY do it yourself

DJE deception jamming equipment

DJS Director, Joint Staff

DJSM Director, Joint Staff memorandum

DJTFAC [JP 5-00.2] deployable joint task force augmentation cell

DJUOL [AR 310-50] daily JUMPS (Joint Uniform Military Pay System) update output listing

DL 1download (also D/L), 2[USN] frigate, 3data link, 4documentation library, 5distance learning, 6data level, 7data list, 8[AR 310-50] deadline, 9[AR 310-50] document log

DL/1 Data Manipulation Language 1 [IBM]

DLA Defense Logistics Agency

DLA OGC Defense Logistic Agency Office of General Counsel

DLA-PS Defense Logistic Agency Contracting System Support Office

DLAB Defense Language Aptitude Battery

DLAD Defense Logistics Agency directive

DLAH Defense Logistics Agency handbook

DLAI Defense Logistics Agency instruction

DLAIER Defense Logistics Agency Industrial Equipment Reserve

DLAM Defense Logistics Agency manual

DLANET Defense Logistics Agency Network

DLAPS Defense Logistic Agency Publishing System

DLAR Defense Logistics Agency regulation

DLAT [AR 310-50] Defense Language Aptitude Test

DLC 1direct lift control, 2duplex line control, 3data link control [IBM protocol], 4downlink communications

DLCC [AR 310-50] division logistics control center

DLCI data link connection identifier

DLCS data link communications system

DLD display list driver

DLDED division level data entry device

DLDSS digital legacy data storage system

DLE data link escape character [ASCII]

DLEA [JP 3-07.4] drug law enforcement agencies

DLED 1digital loop encryption device, 2[JP 1-02] dedicated loop encryption device

DLG [USN] guided missile frigate

DLGH [USN] guided missile frigate, helicopter

DLGN [USN] guided missile frigate, nuclear-powered

DLI Defense Language Institute

DLIC detachment to be left in contact

DLIEC Defense Language Institute, East Coast

DLIELC Defense Language Institute English Language Center

DLIFC Defense Language Institute, Foreign Language Center

DLIS Defense Logistic Information Systems

DLIU Data Link Interface Unit [UAV]

DLK 1data link, 2downbank telemetry processing

DLL 1dynamic link library, 2disclosure limitation list

DLM 1depot level maintenance, 2direct logistics maintenance, 3dynamic link module

DLMP Doctrinal Literature Master Plan

DLMS Defense Logistic Management System

DLMSFDS Digital Land Mass System Feature Display System (JDSSC)

DLMSO Defense Logistics Management Standards Office

DLO dual loading operation

DLOC [AR 310-50] division logistical operation center

DLOGS Division Logistics System

DLOS 1dismountable line-of-sight communications, 2disturbed line-of-sight

DLP 1Doctrinal Literature Program, 2Defense Language Program, 3data listing programs, 4digital light processing [TI]

DLPMA [JP 1-02] diphase loop modem A

DLPP data link preprocessor

DLPR Defense Logistic Procurement Regulation

DLPS Data Links Processor System

DLPT [AR 310-50] Defense Language Proficiency Test

DLQ [JP 1-02] deck landing qualification

DLR 1DOS LAN requester, 2depot level reparables

DLRP data link reference point

DLRS depot level reparables

DLS 1data link support, 2data link system, 3depot level services, 4distributed load sharing, 5Document Library Services [CompuSet], 6data loader system

DLSA Defense Legal Service Agency

DLSC Defense Logistics Service Center

DLSIE Defense Logistics Studies Information Exchange

DLSS 1Defense logistic standard systems, 2Defense Logistic Support System

DLSSO Defense Logistics Standard Systems Office

DLST [AR 310-50] division logistics system test

DLT 1data line translator, 2data loop transceiver, 3decision logic table, 4digital linear tape, 5depletion-layer transistor, 6data link terminal

DLTM [JP 1-02] digital line termination module

DLTU [JP 1-02] digital line termination unit

DLYSUM daily summary spare engines (USAF)

DLYSUMM daily summary spare engines (PACAF)

DLZ dynamic launch zone

dm decimeter

DM 1depot maintenance, 2decimal multiply, 3data management, 4data modulation, 5distributed memory, 6[USN] light minelayer, 7data manager, 8data mark, 9data memory, 10decision making, 11demonstration manager, 12directorate of ADPS management, 13discard message, 14director of management, 15demonstration manager, 16[CJCSI 3410.01] detection and monitoring , 17[JP 2-02] director, military intelligence staff, 18[AR 310-50] destroyer minelayer, 19[AR 310-50] draft manual

DM IV Data Management, Version IV (Honeywell)

DMA 1[DoD/DSMC] Defense Mapping Agency (obsolete - see NIMA), 2direct memory access, 3designated maintenance agency, 4direct memory addressing, 5data management administrator, 6division maintenance area, 7[DoD/DSMC] Director of Military Assistance

DMA-AF Defense Message System – Air Force

DMAAC Defense Mapping Agency Aerospace Center

DMAC DMA controller

DMACS distributed manufacturing automation and control software

DMACSC Defense Mapping Agency Combat Support Center

DMAG depot maintenance activity group

DMAHC [AR 310-50] Defense Mapping Agency Hydrographic Center

DMAHT [JP 1-02] Defense Mapping Agency Hydrographic Topographic Center

DMAIN division main command post

DMAINST [JP 1-02] Defense Mapping Agency Instruction

DMAP 1data management and analysis plan, 2depot maintenance activation plan

DMAS Distribution Management Accounting System

DMATC Defense Mapping Agency Topographic Center

DMATS Defense Metropolitan Area Telephone System

DMAWG depot maintenance activation working group

dmax [JP 1-02] maximum drift distance

DMB 1DoDIIS Management Board, 2digital multimedia broadcast, 3[JP 1-02] datum marker buoy

DMBA 1depot maintenance business account, 2depot maintenance business area

DMBP 1depot maintenance business plan, 2depot maintenance business planning

DMC 1digital microcircuit, 2depot maintenance concept, 3data multiplexer control, 4distributed master control, 5Defense Manufacturing Council, 6Defense MegaCenter, 7depot maintenance competition, 8[JP 1-02] data mode control

DMCC 1defense movements coordinating committee, 2[AR 310-50] depot maintenance control center

DMD 1digital message device, 2[STRICOM] Devices Management Directorate, 3deployment management system, 4digital micromirror device [TI], 5direct manipulation device, 6deployment manning document, 7digital message device, 8division manager designator

DMDC 1Defense Management Data Center, 2Defense Manpower Data Center

DMDCS Depot Maintenance Data Collection System

DMDS data management display system

DME 1distributed management environment, 2distance measuring equipment

DMEA damage mode and effect analysis

DMED digital message entry device

DMEDA [AR 310-50] Director of Medical Activities

DMES Deployable Mobility Execution System (HQ USAF)

DMF distribution media format [Microsoft]

DMFC direct methanol fuel cell

DMFP draft materiel fielding plan

DMG 1digital map generator, 2[AR 310-50] distinguished military graduate

DMGS Digital Map Generation System

DMI 1Desktop Management Interface [DMTF consortium], 2depot maintenance interservicing

DMICS distributed management information and control system

DMIF Depot Maintenance Industrial Fund

DMIL demilitarization code

dmin [JP 1-02] minimum drift distance

DMINS DLA's Distributed Minicomputer Information Network System

DMIP Defense Mediterranean Improvement Program

DMIR designated manufacturing inspection representative

DMIS 1Depot Maintenance Interservice Study, 2directorate for management information system office, 3[AR 310-50] director, management information systems

DMISA 1Defense Maintenance Information Support Agreement, 2depot maintenance interservice support agreement

DMIWG depot maintenance interservice work group

dml [AR 310-50] demolition

DML 1data manipulation language, 2decision and modeling language, 3depot maintenance level

DMLS doppler microwave landing system

DMLSS Defense medical logistic standard support

DMM 1digital multimeter, 2DynaMetric Model (USAF), 3[AR 310-50] Defense Medical Materiel Board

DMMC 1division materiel management center, 2Defense Manufacturing Management Course (Defense Systems Management College)

DMMIS Depot Maintenance Management Information System (AFLC)

DMMS 1dynamic memory management system, 2Depot Maintenance Management system (USMC)

DMMSS Depot Maintenance Management Support System (AFLC)

DMO 1documentation management officer, 2data management office, 3[contract] data management officer, 4directed military overstrength, 5defense mobilization order, 6[JP 1-02] directory maintenance official, 7[AR 310-50] Directory of Mortuary Operations

DMOS 1double-diffused metal-oxide semiconductor (see MOS, sense 4), 2duty military occupational specialty qualification (see MOS, sense 1), 3[AR 310-50] duty military occupational specialty

DMP 1dot matrix printer, 2daily maintenance pack, 3data management processor

DMPC distributed memory parallel computer

DMPE depot maintenance plant equipment

DMPI 1desired mean point of impact, 2[JP 1-02] designated mean point of impact

DMQS display mode query and set [IBM]

DMR 1dynamic modular replacement, 2data management routines, 3defective materiel report, 4digital microwave radio, 5Defense management report, 6Defense management review

DMRD 1defense management review decision, 2defense management report decision

DMRIS Defense Medical Regulating Information System

DMS 1Defense Message System, 2data management service, 3data management software, 4defense missile systems, 5data management system, 6documentation of molecular spectroscopy, 7[USN] high speed minelayer, 8data monitoring system, 9diminishing manufacturing sources, 10documentation management system, 11Document Management System [ODT], 12data multiplexer sub-unit, 13Defense Mapping School, 14Defense medical services, 15digital mapping system, 16digital mass storage, 17domestic military sales, 18Defense Materials System, 19[JP 1-02] Defense Meteorological System, 20[JP 2-02] director of military support

DMS 1100 Database Management System for S1100 Computer Systems (UNISYS)

DMS/AFIF Depot Maintenance Services/Air Force Industrial Fund

DMSB Defense Medical Standardization Board

DMSC depot maintenance supply center

DMSD digital multistandard decoding

DMSIG DMS Information Group

DMSM [AR 310-50] Defense Meritorious Service Medal

DMSMS diminishing manufacturing sources and material shortages

DMSO 1division medical supply officer, 2Defense Modeling and Simulations Office, 3[CJCSI 8510.01] division medical supply office

DMSOs [JP 1-02] directors of major staff offices

DMSP 1Defense Meteorological Satellite Program, 2dual mode speech processor

DMSPA Defense Mobilization and Support Planning Agency

DMSS Depot Maintenance Standard System

DMSSC Defense Medical Systems Support Center

DMSSO Defense Materiel Specification and Standards Office (DLA)

DMSTTIAC Defense Modeling, Simulation, and Tactical Technology Information Analysis Center

DMT 1digital message terminal, 2digital multi-tone, 3dispersive mechanism test, 4discrete multi-tone, 5[JP 3-08] disaster management team (United Nations), 6dimensional management training

DMTB [AR 310-50] deployment mobilization troop basis

DMTC digital message terminal computer

DMTD digital message transfer device

DMTF desktop management task force

DMTI 1defense marketing testing initiative, 2digitized moving target indicator

DMU 1digital message unit, 2digital master unit, 3dual maneuvering unit, 4data management unit, 5[JP 1-02] disk memory unit

DMWD depot modification work order

DMWR depot maintenance work requirements

DMX decision making exercise

DMY day month year

DMZ demilitarized zone

DN 1decimal number, 2delayed neutron, 3delta amplitude, 4down,5data net, 6[USN] dentalman, 7Department of the Navy, 8[JP 1-02] digital nonsecure

DNA 1does not apply, 2deoxyribonucleic acid, 3digital network architecture, 4document enabled network, 5[DEC's proprietary] digital network architecture, 6Defense Nuclear Agency (obsolete, see DSWA), 7digital network architecture

DNACI DoD National Agency check plus written inquiry

DNAS DoDIIS Network Access System

DNBI [JP 1-02] disease and nonbattle injury

DNC 1direct numerical control, 2digital nautical chart, 3[AR 310-50] Director, Naval Communications

DNCCC Defense National Communications Control Center

DNCS Defense Automatic Addressing System Center Network Control System

DND Department of National Defense

DNI [JP 2-01.2] Director of Naval Intelligence

DNIC data network identification code

DNIF duty not involving flying

DNIS dialed number identification service

DNL dynamic noise limiter

DNO Directorate Naval Operations

DNS 1domain name system, 2doppler navigation system, 3domain name server, 4domain name service, 5direct network subscriber, 6distributed network supervisor

DNSC Defense National Stockpile Center

DNSIX DoDIIS Network Security for Information Exchange

DNSO 1DoD Network System Office, 2[CJCSI 6130.01] Defense Network Systems Organization

DNSS Defense Navigation Satellite System

DNVT Digital Nonsecure Voice Terminal (TRI-TAC)

DNY [JP 1-02] display area code (NYX) routing

DO 1delivery order, 2data output, 3design objective, 4digital output, 5distributed objects, 6daily operations, 7data out, 8duty officer, 9defined order, 10[JP 1-0] Air Force component operations officer (staff), 11[JP 1-0] death do to other, 12[JP 2-01] DIA Directorate of Operations, 13[JP 2-02] Directorate for Intelligence Operations (DIA)

DO-IT disabilities, opportunities, Internet-working, and technology

DO/IT digital output/input translator

DOA 1dead on arrival, 2direction of arrival, 3[FM 101-5-1] direction of attack

DOB 1date of birth, 2dispersed operating base

doc document

DOC 1data optimizing computer, 2decimal to octal conversion, 3Department of Commerce, 4direct operating costs, 5designed operational capabilities, 6division officer course, 7designed operational capability, 8director of contracting, 9[JP 1-02] document

DOCA 1[AR 310-50] date of change of accountability, 2[AR 310-50] date of current equipment, 3[AR 310-50] Defense Orientation Conference Association

DOCC 1deep operations coordination cell, 2DCA Operations Control Complex, 3deep operations command cell (Army)

DOCDEV 1doctrine developer, 2[JP 1-02] documents division

DOCE [AR 310-50] date of current enlistment

DOCEX [JP 1-02] document exploitation

DOCLIT doctrinal literature

DOCMOD document modernization

DOCO [AR 310-50] Director of Commissary Operations

DOCPREP Document Preparation in Support of E-3A (AWACS)

DOCS 1disk-oriented computer system, 2DSCS Operational Control System, 3designated operational capability statement (USAF)

DoD Department of Defense [DOD may also be used, DoD is preferred]

DOD direct outward dialing

DoD DA Department of Defense data administrator

DoD DP Department of Defense distribution point

DoD EC/EDI Department of Defense electronic commerce/electronic data interchange

DoD EDISMC Department of Defense electronic data interchange standard management committees

DoD IG Department of Defense Inspector General

DoD IRDS Department of Defense Information Resource Dictionary System

DoD MILSO Department of Defense Military Standard Logistics Systems Office

DoD-JIC [JP 1-02] Department of Defense Joint Intelligence Center

DoD-M Department of Defense – manual

DoD-R Department of Defense – regulation

DoD-STD Department of Defense Standard

DoDAAC Department of Defense Activity Address Code

DoDAAD Department of Defense Activity Address Directory

DoDAADS Department of Defense Activity Address Directory System

DoDAC 1Department of Defense address code, 2Department of Defense ammunition code

DoDCCP Department of Defense central control point

DoDCEL Department of Defense Consolidated Electronic Test Equipment Listing

DoDCI Department of Defense Computer Institute

DoDCLIPMI [AR 310-50] DoD Consolidated List of Principal Military Items

DoDCSC DoD Computer Security Center

DoDD Department of Defense directive

DoDDAC 1Department of Defense Damage Assessment Center, 2Department of Defense Damage Assessment Committee

DoDDS Department of Defense dependent school

DoDEP [AR 310-50] Department of Defense Emergency Plans

DoDEX [JP 1-02] Department of Defense Intelligence System Information System Extension

DoDFDCO [AR 310-50] Department of Defense Foreign Disclosure Coordinating Office

DoDGAR Department of Defense Grant and Agreement Regulation

DoDGE Department of Defense Gravity Experiment

DoDHGFO [AR 310-50] Department of Defense Household Goods Field Office

DoDI Department of Defense instruction

DoDIC 1Department of Defense identification code, 2Department of Defense item code

DoDID [JP 1-02] Department of Defense Intelligence Digest

DoDIER [AR 310-50] DoD Industrial Equipment Reserve

DoDIG Department of Defense Inspector General

DoDIIS Department of Defense Intelligence Information System (DIA)

DoDIIS DISSEM DoDIIS dissemination

DoDIMS DoD Intelligence Management System (see COLISEUM)

DoDINST Department of Defense Instruction

DoDIP Department of Defense Information Program

DoDIPC 1Department of Defense Intelligence Production Conference, 2[JP 2-01] Department of Defense Intelligence Production Community

DoDIPP Department of Defense Intelligence Production Program

DoDIS distribution of oceanographic data at isentropic levels

DoDISS Department of Defense Index of Specifications and Standards

DoDM Department of Defense manual

DODM [JP 1-02] data orderwire diphase modem

DODMERB Department of Defense Medical Examination Review Board

DoDMPAC [AR 310-50] Department of Defense, Military Pay and Allowances Committee

DoDNACC [AR 310-50] Department of Defense National Agency Check Center

DoDPM [AR 310-50] Department of Defense Military Pay and Allowances Entitlements Manual

DoDR Department of Defense regulation

DoDRE [AR 310-50] Department of Defense research and engineering

DoDSASP Department of Defense Small Arms Serialization Program (USA)

DODSSP Department of Defense single supply point

DoE Department of Energy

DOE 1distributed objects everywhere, 2Department of Education, 3design of experiment, 4[AR 310-50] date of enlistment

DOES director(ate) of evaluation and standardization

DOF 1degree of freedom, 2direction of flight

DOFIC domain originated functional integrated circuit

DOHA Defense Office of Hearing and Appeal

DOI 1Department of Interior, 2DSSCS Operating Instruction, 3Digital Object Identifier [CNRI], 4[AR 310-50] died of injuries

DOIM director(ate) of information management

DOIP dial other Internet providers [IBM]

DOJ 1Department of Justice, 2Directorate of Combat Employment (USAFE)

DOL 1display-oriented language, 2dynamic octal load, 3Department of Labor, 4dispersed operating locations, 5directorate of logistics

DoL OSH Department of Labor occupational safety and health

DOLARS departmental on-line accounting and reporting system

DOLCE digital on-line cryptographic equipment

DOLE detection of laser emissions

DOLLARS Dedicated On-line Logistical Airlift Ratemaking System

DOLP date of last procurement

DOLRAM detection of laser, radar, and millimetric threats

DOM 1digital ohmmeter, 2date of manufacture, 3day of month

DOMF distributed object management facility

DOMS director of military support

DOMSATS domestic communications satellite systems

DON 1Department of the Navy, 2delivery order notice

DONEIS Department of the Navy Enterprise Information System

DONOACS Department of the Navy Office Automation and Communication System

DONPIC Department of the Navy Program Information Center

DOO daily operations order (NATO)

DOORS 1Defense Commissary Agency Overseas Ordering and Receiving System, 2Distribution OCONUS Ordering and Resale System

DOP 1detailed operating procedure, 2development options paper, 3drop-off point, 4designated overhaul point (USN)

DOPAA description of proposed action and alternatives

DOPIC documentation of programs in core

DOPMA Defense Officer Personnel Management Act [DoD]

DOPP delivery order performance plan

DOPR [AR 310-50] Defense order priority rating

DOPS digital optical protection system

DOPSUM Daily Operations Summary (USAFE)

DOR 1date of rank, 2due out release

DORAN 1doppler range and navigation, 2DLA's Operations Research Analysis Network

DORE [AR 310-50] Defense Officer Record Examination

DORIS 1direct order recording and invoicing system, 2Diagnostic Oriented Rockwell Intelligent System

DORS Defense Out-placement Referral System

DoS Department of State

DOS 1Department of State, 2distributed operating system, 3disk operating system, 4date of separation, 5days of supply

DOSEM DOS emulation

DOSS DSCS Operational Support Systems

DOT 1directorate of training, 2Department of Transportation, 3day of training, 4[AR 310-50] dictionary of occupational titles

DoT EO Department of Transportation Emergency Organization

DOT&E Director, Operational Test and Evaluation (OSD)

DOTD 1director(ate) of training and doctrine, 2[TR 350-70] director(ate) of training development

DOTE director of operational test and evaluation

DOTI [AR 310-50] director of operations, training, and intelligence

DOTM due out to maintenance

DOTSP doctrinal and organizational test support package

DOUSER doppler unbeamed search radar

DOV 1discreet operational vehicle, 2[AR 310-50] disbursing officer voucher

DOVAP doppler velocity and position

DOVE data over voice equipment

DOW 1day of week, 2direct overwrite, 3digital orderwire channel, 4[FM 101-5-1] died of wounds

DOWB deep operating work board

DOX directorate of operational plans

DOX-T [JP 1-0] Direct Operational Exchange - Tactical

DOY [JP 1-02] day-of-year

dp [JP 1-02] parachute drift

DP 1decision point, 2development proposal, 3data processing, 4deep penetration, 5deflection plate, 6dew point, 7distribution point, 8diametrical pitch, 9differential pressure, 10disk pack, 11double pole, 12drum processor, 13dual purpose, 14dynamic programming, 15defense programs, 16demarcation point, 17deliberate planning, 18departure point, 19director of personnel, 20displaced persons (expelled from native land), 21disruptive pattern, 22distribution point, 23data package, 24decision package, 25development plan, 26[JP 1-02] Air Force component plans officer (staff), 27[JP 2-02] Directorate for Policy Support (DIA), 28[AR 310-50] by direction of the President

DPA 1delegated procurement authority, 2data processing activity, 3demand protocol architecture [3Com], 4Defense Production Act

DPA&E director, program analysis and evaluation

DPACS Defense Logistics Agency Prewar Contracting System

DPACT Defense Policy Advisory Committee on Trade

DPADS Defense Contract Management Command Property Administration Data System

DPAE [TRADOC] Director, Program Analysis and Evaluation

DPAH direct product actual hour

DPAM demand priority access method

DPAMMH direct productive annual maintenance man hours

DPANS Draft Proposal American National Standards

DPAPS Defense Personnel Support Center Acquisition Planning System

DPAREN data parity enable [IBM]

DPAS 1Digital Patch and Access System (DCS), 2Defense Priorities and Allocation System

DPB 1data processing branch, 2Defense Policy Board, 3drive parameter block

DPBO [AR 310-50] division property book officer

DPC 1decision point cluster, 2data processing center, 3data processing control, 4direct program control, 5Defense Planning Committee [NATO], 6display controller, 7depot provisioning committee, 8[AR 310-50] Defense procurement circular

DPCA 1dual port communications adapter, 2directorate of personnel and community affairs, 3[AR 310-50] director of personnel and community activities

DPCCP Defective Part and Component Control Program

DPCM 1differential pulse-code modulation, 2digital pulse code modulation

DPCMB Defense Procurement Career Management Board

DPCSC Defense Procurement Corporate Information Management System Center

DPD 1data processing division, 2data processing department, 3digit plane driver, 4data project directive, 5detailed procedures description

DPD # data product dictionary number

DPDM DoDIIS Protocol Development and Maintenance

DPDO Defense Property Disposal Office

DPDR-E Defense Property Disposal Region – Europe

DPDS 1Defense Property Disposal Service, 2distributed processing and display subsystem/system

DPDT double pole, double throw [switch]

DPE 1data processing equipment, 2development project engineer, 3demand processing unit, 4data processing element

DPEK differential phase-exchange keying

DPEM 1depot program equipment maintenance, 2depot purchased equipment maintenance

DPEP Defense Personnel Exchange Program

DPESO Department of Defense Product Engineering Services Office

DPEWS design-to-price electronic warfare system

DPFC double-pole front connected

DPG 1Defense Planning Guidance, 2data processor group, 3Dugway Proving Ground, 4[AR 310-50] date of permanent grade, 5[AR 310-50] data processing group

DPI 1data processing installation, 2digital process instrument, 3dots-per-inch, 4digital pseudorandom inspection, 5distributed protocol interface

DPICM dual purpose improved conventional munitions

DPL 1descriptor privilege level, 2degaussed product list

DPLCS digital propellant level control system

DPLL digital phase-locked loop

DPLSM [JP 1-02] dipulse group modem

DPM 1data processing machine, 2digital panel meter, 3data processing module, 4digital panel meter, 5deputy program manager, 6digital plotter map, 7defense program memorandum, 8development preliminary manual, 9[JP 2-01] Dissemination Program Manager, 10[AR 310-50] draft Presidential memorandum

DPMA Data Processing Management Association

DPMI DOS protected mode interface [Microsoft]

DPML deputy program manager for logistics

DPMO [JP 1-0] Defense POW and/or Missing Personnel Office

DPMR director of personnel manpower resources

DPMS 1data project management system, 2display power management support

DPO 1data phase optimization, 2disaster preparedness office, 3[AR 310-50] depot property officer

DPOB date, place of birth

DPP 1Distributed Production Program (obsolete, see SPP, sense 2), 2data project plan, 3dedicated procurement program, 4Defense program projection, 5Defense procurement, 6[JP 1-02] data patch panel

DPPB Defense Intelligence Information Systems Products Priorities Board

DPPDB digital point positioning data base

DPPG 1defense policy and planning guidance, 2DoD policy planning guidance, 3Defense Packaging Policy Group

DPQ Defense Planning Questionnaire (DoD)

DPR 1Design Problem Report (USAF Form 1774), 2Defense performance review, 3[JP 1-02] display NN routing

DPRB Defense Planning and Resources Board

DPRC Defense Program Review Committee

DPRO defense plant representative office (obsolete, see DCMC)

DPRP Disaster Prevention and Recovery Plan

DPS 1Data Processing Set, AN/TYQ-36, 2data processing standards, 3data processing system, 4disk programming system, 5desent power system, 6document processing system, 7display PostScript, 8data preparation subsystem, 9decision package sets, 10Defense Postgraduate School, 11delegated production system, 12display processing system, 13Distributed Processing System (DPS8/WWMCCS® ADP), 14Defense Priorities System, 15Defense Printing Service, 16document preparation system, 17[AR 310-50] Defense planning staff

DPSA Defense Production Sharing Arrangement

DPSB Defense Program Strategy Board

DPSC Defense Personnel Support Center

DPSCPAC Data Processing Service Center Pacific Fleet

DPSDO Defense Printing Service detachment office

DPSE [FM 101-5-1] division PSYOP support element

DPSH direct product standard hour

DPSK 1differential phase-shift keying, 2digital phase shift keying

DPSN defense packet switched network

DPSP Defense Production Sharing Program

DPSPT [AR 310-50] combat consumption support from D-day to P-day

DPSS data processing system simulator

DPST double-pole, single-throw [switch]

DPT [AR 310-50] director of plans and training

DPTM Directorate of Plans, Training, and Mobilization

DPtoTP display coordinates to tablet coordinates (converting)

DPU 1dual processor unit, 2data processing unit, 3digital processing unit, 4display and processing unit

DPW 1director of public work, 2directorate of public work

DPWG 1defense procurement working group, 2[AR 310-50] Defense Planning Working Group of Defense Ministers

DQ 1data qualifier, 2discussion question

DQC data quality control

DQDB distributed queue dual bus

DQL data query language

DQT demand quarter tally

DR 1data requirement, 2data receiver, 3data recorder, 4data reduction, 5discrepency report, 6deficiency report, 7design review, 8detection radar, 9data received, 10dead reckoning, 11deficiency report, 12departmental report, 13draft release, 14delivery rate, 15[FM 101-5-1] Dominican Republic, 16[JP 1-02] dead reckoning; 17[JP 1-02] digital receiver

DR-DOS digital research-disk operating system

DR-REAL desktop resource for real property

DR.BOND dial-up router bandwidth on demand [NEC]

DRA 1decision risk analysis, 2dead reckoning analyzer, 3deployment requirement analysis, 4design review activity

DRAAG Design Review and Acceptance Group

DRACAS Data Reporting, Analysis and Corrective Action System

DRADS degradation of radar defense systems

DRAFT disposal of contractor inventory

DRAG doctrine review and approval group

DRAI dead reckoning analog indicator

DRAM dynamic random access memory

DRAMA 1digital radio and multiplex acquisition, 2data review analysis and monitoring aid

DRAMS Data Reduction and Management System

DRAO Defense Reconstruction Assistance Office

DRASH deployable rapid assembly shelter

DRAW direct read after write

DRB 1Defense Resources Board, 2division ready brigade, 3DRAM row boundary, 4design requirements baseline

DRC 1Director of Reserve Components, 2damage risk criterion, 3data reduction compiler, 4data reduction center, 5depot repair cycle, 6direct reporting command, 7[AR 310-50] deployment readiness condition, 8[AR 310-50] district routing command, 9[AR 310-50] Disability Review Council

DRCT depot repair cycle time

DRCU DEW Line Record Communications Upgrade

DRD 1data requirements document, 2defense research and development

DRDA distributed relational database architecture [IBM]

DRDD director requirements documentation directorate

DRDTO direction radar data take-off

DRDW direct read during write

DRe [JP 1-02] dead reckoning error

DRE 1dead reckoning equipment, 2display remoting equipment, 3diversity reception equipment, 4[AR 310-50] district reserve equipment

DRED 1deferred requisitioning of engineering drawings, 2deferred requisitioning of engineering data

DREP Depot Repair Enhancement Program

DRES direct reading emission spectrograph

DRF 1disaster response force, 2[AR 310-50] division ready force

DRFM digital radio frequency memory

DRFP draft request for proposal

DRG 1diagnostic related group, 2directional receiver group, 3defense research group

DRI 1data reduction interpreter, 2dead reckoning indicator

DRILS [AR 310-50] Defense retail interservice logistic support

DRIS Defense regional interservice support

DRF disaster response force

DRFM digital radio frequency memory

DRG 1diagnostic related group, 2directional receiver group

DRIC Defense Research Information Center

DRIFT diversity receiving instrumentation for telemetry

DRIR direct readout infrared

DRIU damage repair instruction unit

DRL 1data requirements list, 2date required to load

DRM 1digital ratiometer, 2directorate of resource management, 3digital range meter, 4disaster resource manager, Defense Acquisition Board readiness meeting

DRMC Defense Resources Management Course

DRMD deployment requirement and manning document

DRMI Defense Resource Management Institute

DRMO 1district records management officer, 2Defense regional management office, 3Defense Reutilization and Marketing Office

DRMP design reference mission profile

DRMS 1Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service, 2[CJCSI 6130.01] distance root-mean-square

DRMS-P Directorate of Contracting

DRO 1digital readout, 2destructive readout [memory], 3double resonant oscillator, 4data request output, 5domestic route order

DRO-LA [AR 310-50] United States Army Element, Defense Research Office, Latin America

DROLS 1Defense RDT&E On-line Retrieval System, 2Defense Retained On Line System

DROS 1direct readout satellite, 2disk resident operating system, 3[AR 310-50] date returned from overseas

DRP 1disaster recovery plan, 2dead reckoning plotter, 3deficiency report program, 4direct requisitioning procedure (USN)

DRPM 1direct reporting program manager, 2date repair part required

DRPR drawing practices

DRR document release record

DRRB data requirements review board

DRRC Devices Requirements Review Committee

DRRF [AR 310-50] division rapid reaction force

DRS 1Deficiency Reporting System, 2design requirements specifications, 3digital radar simulator, 4document registration system, 5defense research sciences, 6dispute resolution specialist

DRSEM deployable receive segment engineering model

DRSP Defense Reconnaissance Support Program

DRSS data relay satellite system

DRT 1dead reckoning tracer, 2device rise time, 3design review team, 4depot repair and transportation

DRTC [JP 1-02] designated reporting technical control

DRTL diode resistor transistor logic

DRTR dead reckoning trainer

DRTS detecting, ranging and tracking system

DRU 1direct reporting unit, 2dynamic reference unit, 3data retrieval unit, 4drive unit, 5drive

DRVT downsized remote video terminal

DRW defensive radio warfare

DRZ [AR 310-50] deep reconnaissance zone

DS 1directed search, 2direct support [level of maintenance], 3data system, 4data scanning, 5data set, 6decimal subtract, 7descent stage, 8disk storage, 9disconnect switch, 10drum storage, 11defense suppression,12database specification (DoD standard documents), 13deficiency system (REDCOM/JDA), 14data segment, 15data send, 16data server, 17double sided, 18directing staff, 19directionally solidified, 20directory services , 21dressing station, 22data standard, 23disclosure statement, 24display system, 25[JP 1-02] doctrine sponsor, 26[JP 2-02] Directorate for Information Systems and Services (DIA), 27[AR 310-50] drill sergeant

DS&RS Document Storage and Retrieval System (JCS)

DS2 Decision Support Display System (FEMA)

DS3 Deep Space Surveillance System

DS4 Direct Support Unit Standard Supply System (Army)

DSA 1division support area, 2dial service assistance, 3digital signal analyzer, 4distant support area, 5Direct Support Unit Standard Supply System (Army), 6Defense Shipping Authority, 7Defense Supply Agency, 8distributed systems architecture (Honeywell), 9directory system agent, 10digital signature algorithm, 11Defense Support Agency, 12depth and simultaneous attack, 13destination software address, 14divisional supply area, 15defense support activity, 16[JP 1-02] defense special assessment (DIA)

DSAA Defense Security Assistance Agency

DSABL Depth and Simultaneous Attack Battle Lab

DSAC 1DLA Systems Automation Center, 2[DoD/DSMC] Defense Systems Affordability Council, 3[AR 310-50] Deputy Supreme Allied Commander

DSAD data system authorization directory

DSAFSM [AR 310-50] Deputy SAFEGUARD System Manager

DSAM 1Defense Systems Acquisition Management Course (Defense Systems Management College), 2Directorate of Security Assistance Management (Army)

DSAMS Defense Security Assistance Management System

DSAP 1destination service access point, 2data systems automation program

DSAR 1Defense Supply Agency regulation, 2data sampling automatic receiver

DSARC Defense System Acquisition Review Council (OSD) (obsolete, see JRMB sense 1)

DSAS [AR 310-50] direct support aviation section

DSATS DLA Standard Automation Transportation System

DSB 1Defense Science Board [OSD], 2double-sideband, 3defense signal board, 4[JP 1-02] digital in-band trunk signaling 5(DIBTS) signaling buffer

DSB-AM double sideband amplitude modulation

DSBAMRC double-sideband amplitude modulation reduced carrier

DSC 1Defense Supply Center, 2Depot Support Concept, 3deliberate security compromise, 4document structuring conventions [Adobe], 5Defense Space Council, 6Defense Supply Center, 7digital scan converter, 8direct side-force control, 9delivery source code, 10[JP 1-02] digital selective calling, 11[AR 310-50] distribution of stockage code, 12[AR 310-50] Distinguished Service Cross

DSCB data set control block

DSCC 1Deep Space Communications Complex, 2Defense Supply Center Columbus

DSCP 1Defense Satellite Communications Program, 2Defense Supply Center Philadelphia

DSCR Defense Supply Center Richmond

DSCS 1desfense system communications satellite, 2desk side computer system, 3Defense Satellite Communications System (DCA)

DSCS-TD DSCS Training Device

DSCSOC DSCS Operations Center (DCA)

DSCT double secondary current transformer

DSD 1data system designator, 2defense support division, 3digital system design

DSDC 1Strategic Debriefer Report Writer Training Device, 2defense system design centers

DSDD double sided, double density (diskette)

DSDI [JP 1-02] digital simple data interface

DSDO data system design office

DSDS decision support display system

DSDW 1Defense Shared Data Warehouse, 2Defense System Data Warehouse

DSE 1data storage equipment, 2data systems engineering, 3distributed systems environment, 4data switching exchange, 5data system experiment, 6developmental supportability engineering, 7depot support equipment

DSEA 1display station emulation adapter, 2data storage electronics assembly

DSEC [AR 310-50] director of security

DSECT dummy control section

DSEG data systems engineering group

DSEL data systems, designators exchange list

DSEO data systems evaluation office

DSESTS direct support electrical system test set

DSETS direct support electrical test system

DSF document status file

DSFC direct side-force control

DSG 1defensive system group, 2[JP 1-02] digital signal generator

DSGS(CAR) [AR 310-50] Deputy Secretary of the General Staff (Coordination and Report)

DSHD double sided, high density (diskette)

DSI 1Defense Simulation Internet, 2DoDIIS SIM Intranet, 3digital speech interpolation, 4Defense Security Institute, 5[AR 310-50] data systems inquiry

DSIATP [AR 310-50] Defense Sensor Imagery Application Training Program

DSIC Defense Standardization Improvement Council

DSIDBAD [AR 310-50] Drill Sergeant Identification Badge

DSIF deep-space instrumentation facility

DSIP Development Support and Integration Program

DSIS distributed support information standard

DSISS AMC Standard Installation Supply System

DSL 1data set label, 2data simulation language, 3data structures language, 4drawing and specification listing, 5digital subscriber line, 6dynamic simulation language, 7document summary list, 7[JP 1-02] display switch locator (SL) routing

DSLOC delivered source line of code

DSM 1dynamic scattering mode, 2direct support maintenance, 3data systems modernization, 4don't shoot me, 5data source matrix, 6development support manager, 7development system manager, 8digital system model, 9[FM 101-5-1] decision support matrix, 10[AR 310-50] Distinguished Service Medal

DSMA digital sense multiple access

DSMAC digital scene matching and area correlation

DSMC 1Defense Systems Management College, 2data systems management course

DSMCB Defense System Management College Board

DSMD discount schedule and marketing data

DSMDPS Deployable Strategic Mission Data Preparation System (KC-135)

DSN 1Defense Secure Network, 2[NASA] Deep Space Network, 3digital services network, 4Defense Switched Network (replaced AUTOVON), 5data source name, 6[TR 350-70] Defense Switching Network

DSNET Defense Secure Network [DSNET 1, secret, DSNET 3, SCI]

DSNET-2 [JP 1-02] Defense Secure Network-2

DSNET-3 [JP 1-02] Defense Secure Network-3

DSO 1defensive source operations, 2Defense subsistence office, 3designated senior official, 4development system office

DSOC Defense Space Operations Committee

DSOM distributed system object model

DSOR depot source of repair

DSP 1Defense Support Program [network of early-warning satellites], 2digital signal processing, 3digital sense processor, 4Directory Synchronization Protocol [Lotus], 5digital signal processor, 6domain specific part, 7decessit sine prole (died without issue), 8decision package sets, 9Defense Standardization Program, 10disposal code, 11[AR 310-50] distribution point

DSPG Defense Special Projects Group

DSPL [JP 1-02] Display System Programming Language

DSPO Defense Support Project Office

DSPS [CJCSI 3410.01] Director, Security Plans and Service

DSQD double sided, quad density (diskette)

DSR 1data scanning and routing, 2discriminating selector repeater, 3data set ready, 4device status register, 5device status report, 6document search and retrieval, 7dental service report, 8disaster survey report, 9depot surveillance record, 10[AR 310-50] document status report

DSRD 1data systems R&D program, 2depot support requirement document

DSRE Defense Subsistence Region, Europe

DSREDS Digital Storage and Retrieval Engineering Data System

DSREDS/JEDMICS Digital Storage and Retrieval Data System/Joint Engineering Data Management Information and Control System

DSRI destination station routing indicator

DSRS Defense Software Repository System

DSRV [USN] deep submergence rescue vehicle

DSS 1devices, simulators, and simulations, 2Drill Sergeants School, 3deep space station, 4decision support system, 5directed stationing system, 6digital signature standard [NIST], 7directory and security services, 8data storage set, 9device simulation and simulator, 10direct support system, 11department of supplies and services

DSS-ALOC Direct Support System – Air Line of Communications

DSS-W Defense Supply Services – Washington

DSSA 1Defense Security Assistance Agency, 2domain specific software architecture, 3[AR 310-50] direct supply support activity

DSSB double single-sideband

DSSC double-sideband suppressed carrier [modulation]

DSSCS Defense Special Secure Communications System [R for general service AUTODIN network – Y for SCI DSSCS network]

DSSE daily summary spare engines (PACAF)

DSSEP developmental software support environment plan

DSSI digital standard systems interconnect [DEC]

DSSM [AR 310-50] Defense Superior Service Medal

DSSN disbursing station symbol number

DSSO 1[JP 1-02]Defense System Support Office (Formerly JDSSC/DISA), 2[JP 1-02] Data System Support Organization, 3[JP 1-02]defense systems support organization

DSSP 1Defense Standardization and Specification Program, 2[AR 310-50] direct supply support point

DSSS direct sequence spread spectrum

DSSSL document style, semantics, and specification language

DSST DANTES Subject Standardized Test

DSSW Defense Supply Services, Washington

DST 1defense suppression threat, 2direct support team, 3division support template, 4Daylight Saving Time, 5downsized tester, 6[FM 101-5-1] decision support template

DSTAG Defense Science and Technology Advisory Group

DSTE 1data subscriber terminal equipment, 2digital subscriber terminal equipment

DSTIS Devices and Systems Training Information System

DSTM DoDIIS Site Transition Methodology

DSTN double supertwisted nematic

DSTP director, strategic target planning

DSTR [JP 1-02] destroy

DSTU 1digital signal transfer unit, 2draft standard for trial use

DSU 1data storage unit, 2disk storage unit, 3data synchronizer unit, 4digital service unit (DDS), 5direct support unit (Army), 6disk storage unit, 7data service unit

DSU/CSU data service unit/channel service unit

DSUR data storage unit receptacle

DSV deep submergence vehicle

DSVD digital simultaneous voice and data

DSVL [CJCSI 6130.01] Doppler Sonar Velocity Log

DSVT 1digital subscriber voice terminal, 2digital secure voice terminal

DSW 1data status word, 2device status word

DSWA Defense Special Weapons Agency (formerly DNA)

DSWR deep space warning radar (ESD)

DSWS division support weapon system

DT 1developmental test, 2data translator, 3data transmission, 4decay time, 5disk tape, 6differential time, 7digit tube, 8digital technique, 9double-throw, 10tunnel diode, 11deployment transaction, 12developmental testing, 13down time, 14developmental tester, 15[AR 310-50] development testing, 16[AR 310-50] development type

DT&E [AR 310-50] development test and evaluation

DT&E/OT&E development test and evaluation/ operational test and evaluation

DT/OT developmental test/operational test

DTA 1disk transfer area, 2Directed Training Association, 3decision tree analysis, 4design to affordability, 5[AR 310-50] dental therapy assistant

DTAC Digitized Training Access Center

DTAC CP division tactical command post

DTACC 1deployable tactical air control center, 2deployed tanker/airlift control center

DTACCS Director, Telecommunications and Command and Control Systems

DTAMS Data Transmission and Message System

DTAP Defense Technology Area Plan

DTARS digital transmission and routing system

DTAS 1data transmission and switching, 2digital transmission and switching system

DTAV Defense Total Asset Visibility Program

DTB decimal to binary

DTC 1design-to-cost, 2Desert Test Center, 3data transmission center, 4desktop conferencing, 5data transport computer, 6data transfer cartridge, 7delivery term code, 8The United States Army Developmental Test Command

DTCS digital test command system

dtd [AR 310-50] dated

DTD 1document type definition, 2data transfer device, 3data transport device, 4document type definition, 5deputy test director

DTDMA distributed time division multiple access

DTDN Defense Logistics Agency Transaction Distribution Network

DTE 1data terminal equipment, 2data transmission equipment, 3dumb terminal emulator, 4data transfer equipment, 5director test and evaluation

DTEA developmental training effectiveness analysis

DTED digital terrain elevation data (DMA)

DTEPI Defense Test and Evaluation Professional Institute

DTF 1distributed test facility, 2define the file, 3digital tape format [Sony]

DTG 1date time group [used as an electrical message reference number], 2distance to go, 3digital transmission group, 4display transmission generator, 5dynamically tuned gyro, 6desktop guide, 7[JP 1-02] digital trunk group

DTH direct-to-home

DTI delivery ticket invoice

DTIB Defense Technology and Industrial Base

DTIC Defense Technical Information Center

DTICC Defense Technological and Industrial Cooperation Committee

DTID disposal turn in document

dtl [AR 310-50] detail

DTL 1diode transfer logic, 2dialog tag language [IBM], 3diode transistor logic

DTLCC design to life cycle cost

DTLOM development, organization and materiel requirement

DTLOMS 1doctrine, training, leader development, organization, materiel, and soldier systems, 2[DoD] doctrine, training, leadership, organization, materiel, and soldier support, 3[TR 350-70] doctrine, training, leader development, organization, material, and soldiers

DTLOMSs&t doctrine, training, leader development, organization, materiel, and soldier systems w/ science and technology

DTLS descriptive top level specifications

DTM 1data transmission medium, 2delay timer multiplier, 3data transfer module

DTM-D digital terrain management and display

DTMF 1data tone multiple frequency, 2dual-tone multifrequency

DTMOP development test measures of performance

DTMR Defense Traffic Management Regulation

DTMS digital test monitoring system

DTN data transmission network

DTNSRDC David Taylor Naval Ship Research and Development Center

DTO 1district transportation officer, 2division transportation officer, 3digital testing oscilloscope, 4daily tasking order, 5data take-off unit, 6digitally tuned oscillator, 7defense technology objectives, 8[JP 1-02] division transportation office

DTOC division tactical operations center

DTOCSE division tactical operations center support element

DTOE draft table of organization and equipment

DTOG depth to generator

DTOML doctrine, organization, tactics, materiel, and logistics

DTOP digital topographic data

DTOSC design to operating and support cost

DTP 1detailed test plan, 2directory tape processor, 3data transfer process, 4detailed planning, 5desktop publishing, 6distributed transaction process

DTPL domain tip propagation logic

DTR 1definite-time relay, 2demand-totalizing relay, 3document transmittal record, 4data terminal ready, 5data transfer rate, 6desktop reproduction, 7detailed test report, 8[JP 4-01.7] Defense Transportation Regulation

DTRA 1[DoD/DSMC] Defense Threat Reduction Agency, 2[AR 310-50] Defense Technical Review Agency

DTRF data transmittal and routing form

DTRR developmental test readiness review

DTRS 1development test requirement specification, 2developmental test readiness statement

DTS 1Defense Transportation System, 2Defensive Technologies Study, 3data transmission system, 4data terminal set, 5data transfer system, 6Diplomatic Telecommunications Service, 7Diplomatic Telecommunications System, 8dynamic test station

DTS-W Defense Telephone Service [Washington]

DTSA Defense Technology Security Administration

DTSE&E Director, Test, Systems Engineering, and Evaluation

DTSEE director test, system engineering, and evaluation

DTSP digitized training support package

DTSR digital temporary storage recording

DTSS 1Defense Transportation Tracking System, 2Digital Topographic Support System

DTSS/QRMP [TTPIO-ABCS] Digital Topographic Support System and Quick Response Multicolor Printer

DTST defense technology study team

DTT 1doctrine and tactics training, 2design thermal transient, 3desk top trainer

DTTIS Defense Technology Transfer Information System

DTTP 1doctrine, tactics, techniques, and procedures, 2doctrine and tactics training plan

DTTS Defense Transportation Tracking System

DTTSG Defense Test and Training Steering Group

DTU 1data transfer unit, 2digital transfer unit, 3digital transmission unit, 4data terminal unit, 5data transmission unit

DTUPC 1design-to-unit production cost, 2design to unit price cost

DTUTF digital tape unit tape facility

DTV 1desktop video, 2digital to television

DTVC 1desktop video conferencing, 2digital transmission and verification converter

DTVE digital television element

DTVM differential thermocouple voltmeter

DTWA dual trailing wire antenna

DTWG Defense Trade Working Group

DTZ [AR 310-50] division tactical zone

DU 1disk usage, 2depleted uranium, 3detector unit, 4display unit, 5dependable undertaking

DUA directory user agent

DUAL dynamic universal assembly language

DUAT direct user access terminal

DUC 1demand used in computation, 2[AR 310-50] distinguished unit citation

DUEL data update edit language

DUER design unit engineering report

DUF diffusion under [epitaxial] film

DUI data use identifier

DULLCAM depleted uranium/low level radioactive materials

DUN dial-up networking [Microsoft]

DUNCE dial up network connection enhancement

DUNS data universal numbering system

DUO Decision Unit Overview

dupe [AR 310-50] duplicate

DURIP Defense University Research Instrumentation Program

DUS 1dollar unit sampling, 2design unit specification

DUSA Deputy Under Secretary of the Army

DUSA(IA) Deputy Under Secretary of the Army (International Affairs)

DUSA(OR) Deputy Under Secretary of the Army (Operations Research)

DUSAA [AR 310-50] Davidson United States Army Airfield

DUSC Defense Underground Support Center

DUSD 1Deputy Under Secretary of Defense, 2defense for industrial affair and installation

DUSD (AR) Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Acquisition Reform)

DUSD (AT) Deputy Under Secretary of the Army for Advanced Technology

DUSD (I&CP) Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (International and Commercial Programs)

DUSD (IP) Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Industrial and International Programs)

DUSD (L) [JP 1-0] Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Logistics

DUSD C3I Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Communications, Command, Control, and Intelligence

DUSDP [JP 1-02] Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Policy

DUSDRE Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering

DUSTWUN duty status – whereabouts unknown

DUT device under test

DUV data under voice

DV 1differential voltage, 2dump valve, 3distinguished visitor, 4direct view, 5direct vision, 6demonstration/validation phase

DVA 1dynamic visual acuity, 2[JP 4-05] Department of Veterans Affairs

DVAL 1demonstration and validation, 2Data Link Vulnerability Joint Task Force

DVB digital video broadcast

DVC 1desktop video conferencing, 2capacitive diode

DVCCS differential voltage-controlled current source

DVD 1digital video disk, 2detail velocity display, 3digital versatile disk [Sony], 4direct vendor delivery

DVE digital video effect

DVESO DoD Value Engineering Services Office

DVFO digital variable-frequency oscillator

DVFR [AR 310-50] Defense Visual Flight Rule

DVI 1direct voice input, 2digital video interactive [Intel], 3device independent [TEX], 4digital video interactive

DVIAN defense visual information activity number

DVIC Defense Visual Information Center

DVITS 1digital video imaging transmission system, 2Digital Video Imagery Transfer System

DVL data/voice logger

DVM 1digital volt meter, 2displaced virtual machine

DVMRP distance vector multicast routing protocol [Internet]

DVOM digital volt-ohm meter

DVOR 1doppler VHF omnidirectional radio range, 2doppler VHF omni-directional ranging equipment

DVOW [JP 1-02] digital voice orderwire

dvr [AR 310-50] driver

DVR document validation report

DvrMechBadA [AR 310-50] Driver and Mechanic Badge, Driver - A (for amphibious vehicles)

DvrMechBadM [AR 310-50] Driver and Mechanic Badge, Driver - M (for motorcycle)

DvrMechBadMech [AR 310-50] Driver and Mechanic Badge, Mechanic (for automotive or allied vehicles)

DvrMechBadOp [AR 310-50] Driver and Mechanic Badge, Operator - S (for special mechanical equipment)

DvrMechBadT [AR 310-50] Driver and Mechanic badge, Driver - T (for tracked vehicles)

DvrMechBadW [AR 310-50] Driver and mechanic badge, Driver - W (for wheeled vehicles)

DVST direct view storage tube

DVT delta voice terminal

DVVD dual vision viewing device

DVX digital voice exchange

DW dead-weight load

DWASP DLA Standard Warehousing and Shipping Automated System

DWBA distorted-wave born approximation

DWC4 deployable WWMCCS® command, control and communications capability

DWDF direct wave direction finding

DWG drawing

DWIM do what I mean

DWL dominant wavelength

DWMCF [JP 4-01.6] double-wide modular causeway ferry

DWMSTD defense work measurement standard time date

DWMT discrete wavelet multitone

DWP defense white paper

DWPS deployable war planning system

DWRIA died of wounds received in action

DWS development work statement

DWSA [AR 310-50] Director of Weapon Systems Analysis

DWT [JP 1-02] deadweight tonnage

DWTS digital wideband transmission system

DWU duty white uniform

DX 1direct exchange, 2direct current [signaling], 3distance [in radio reception of distant stations], 4defense order priority rating

DXA [AR 310-50] direct exchange activity

DXB drawing exchange binary [Autodesk]

DXC data exchange control

DXF drawing exchange format [Autodesk]

DXI 1data exchange interface, 2[AR 310-50] direct exchange item

DYNA-METRIC Dynamic Multi-Echelon Technique for Repairable Item Control

DYNAMETRICS Combat Capabilities Assessment Tool

DYNASAR Dynamic Systems Analyzer [GE]

DYSAC dramatic storage analog computer

DYSTAL dynamic storage allocation language

DZ 1drop zone, 2zener diode

DZC [JP 3-17] drop zone controller

DZCO drop zone control officer

DZSO drop zone safety officer

DZST [JP 1-02] drop zone support team

DZSTL [JP 3-17] drop zone support team leader