Kashmiri Refugees tell Indian journalists they want freedom from India

MUZAFFARABAD, Jul 4 (APP): Refugees at a shelter here Monday told a team of visiting Indian journalists that they want nothing but freedom from India and it should leave held-Kashmir as soon as possible. “We had to leave our homes, our lands and our cattle behind to save our lives,” said a crippled man who fled after Indian occupation forces tortured him in Kepwara in 1990. Showing their deep scars to Indian journalists, the refugees told them that they do not feel secure in the presence of Indian army in the held-Kashmir. An old man burst into tears when he narrated the atrocities unleashed by the occupation forces in Held-Kashmir on innocent Kashmiri women. “The soldiers raped sisters in front of brothers, daughters in front of fathers and wives in front of their husbands,” moaned the old man.

When Indian journalists asked the refugees that would they like to go back to held-Kashmir, they replied that they will go back only if India withdraws from the valley completely. “We want our right to self-determination under the UN Resolutions,” one of the refugees said adding that the Kashmiris will never accept any division of Kashmir. The Indian journalists asked the refugees that did they want the Pakistan Army to also withdraw from Azad Kashmir, the refugees replied, “NO. We do not want the Pakistan Army to go back because it does not target people, it does not violate their rights, it does not rape women, it does not kill people for nothing,” was the emphatic reply from the refugees.