Musharraf condemns recent massacre in held Kashmir, denies Pakistan’s involvement

ISLAMABAD, Aug 3 (APP): Chief Executive General Pervez Musharraf Wednesday denied Indian government’s allegations that Pakistan was behind the recent spate of violence in held Kashmir that has left more than 90 people killed. "Not at all," he said in response to a question at BBC’s Internet Programme "Talking Points". He said India has been blaming Pakistan in the past for such acts and cited the massacre of Sikhs in Bagwanpura incident. "This has been the trend in the past when we think of Bagwanpura killings of civilians Sikhs. At that time also Pakistan was being blamed. Every time Pakistan and ISI is blamed." "This has nothing to do with it. It has its own internal dynamics. We certainly condemn the killings but there is no involvement, whatsoever, of Pakistan."