DATE=11/22/1999 TYPE=CORRESPONDENT REPORT TITLE=PAKISTAN - SHARIF (L) NUMBER=2-256432 BYLINE=SCOTT ANGER DATELINE=KARACHI INTERNET=YES CONTENT= VOICED AT: INTRO: A judge in Pakistan has ruled that former prime minister Nawaz Sharif be held in jail until his next court appearance Friday in Karachi. As Correspondent Scott Anger reports, Mr. Sharif and four others have been accused of hijacking, kidnapping, and attempted murder -- charges which could carry the death penalty. TEXT: Judge Remat Hussain Jafri told his crowded courtroom Monday, that there is no justification for keeping Nawaz Sharif in police custody for further questioning. The judge remanded him to judicial custody in Karachi's central jail. Mr. Sharif looked composed throughout the two-hour hearing and quietly told reporters during a break in the proceedings that he and four others accused had done nothing wrong. /// SHARIF ACT /// We will fight out this case because we are innocent, we know we have not done anything wrong. We have not committed anything which is illegal, unlawful, or unconstitutional. /// END ACT /// A police inspector, an advisor to the prime minister, the former chairman of Pakistan International Airlines and the former director of the country's civil aviation department have also been accused of hijacking, kidnapping, and attempted murder. The charges are in connection with a Pakistan International Airlines flight carrying the general and 200-passengers back from Sri Lanka October 12th. The plane had reportedly been denied landing rights at Karachi Airport after Mr. Sharif announced the removal of army chief General Pervez Musharraf. The plane was forced to circle the airport -- and as a result -- it ran dangerously low on fuel before troops loyal to General Musharraf seized control of the country in a bloodless military coup. The ousted prime minister says details surrounding the general's flight will come out during the court proceedings. Mr. Sharif says he had been trying to prevent an unconstitutional takeover of the country. /// SHARIF ACT TWO /// As prime minister of Pakistan, it is my duty to prevent the country from being taken over by extra constitutional means. The action, which was taken on the (October) 12th , is a very serious action, and I think they are trying to justify that action by dramatizing the issue of the plane. /// END ACT /// Under the last military government to run Pakistan, a former prime minister was executed after he had been convicted of conspiring to commit political murder. Nawaz Sharif is expected to return to the special anti-terrorism court to face formal charges Friday in Karachi. Meanwhile, the judge ordered Mr. Sharif be allowed to see his family, which will be their first face to face meeting since his arrest after the military takeover more than one month ago. (SIGNED) NEB/SA/RAE 22-Nov-1999 08:03 AM EDT (22-Nov-1999 1303 UTC) NNNN Source: Voice of America .