DATE=10/15/1999 TYPE=CORRESPONDENT REPORT TITLE=BHUTTO/PAKISTAN (L) NUMBER=2-255092 BYLINE=NICK SIMEONE DATELINE=WASHINGTON CONTENT= VOICED AT: INTRO: Former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto is urging the West to give General Pervez Musharraf perhaps as long as six months to develop a plan for returning the country to democratic rule. She tells correspondent Nick Simeone it would be a mistake if the United States and other countries move to isolate his government for ousting Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. TEXT: Former Prime Minister Bhutto believes Tuesday's military coup has again brought Pakistan to a crossroads. /// BHUTTO ACT /// The military has to decide whether they want the support of the political leaders in the country as a move toward democracy or not. I know there is a group of people who are urging the general to dump on all politicians and on the political process and on political parties. I hope the general will have the wisdom to ignore such advice. /// END ACT /// In New York for what associates say are mostly private meetings, she - like many other Pakistanis - denounces ousted Prime Minister Sharif as a leader who was strangling democracy and leading the country toward economic ruin. Ironically, at a time when much of the world usually supports elected rule over dictatorship, Ms. Bhutto believes the Pakistani people may have more to benefit from an unelected general. /// SECOND BHUTTO ACT /// They're hoping that the military may be able to restore some kind of political and economic stability and move on in due time towards fresh elections that will allow them to have representative government. /// END ACT /// The two-time former prime minister was forced from office three years ago amid charges of corruption and has been living in exile in London. She was convicted on corruption charges by a Pakistani court earlier this year - barring her from holding public office. Still, she makes no secret about her continued interest in politics. /// THIRD BHUTTO ACT /// If an election was announced within three months, I would be back on the first plane to organize my party, take part in those elections and continue the path of social and economic development for the people of Pakistan. /// END ACT /// Her message to the Clinton Administration - keep the lines of communication with Pakistan's new rulers open. This, she says, will be the best way to ensure the military does not take the nation further away from democratic rule.(SIGNED) NEB/NJS/JP 15-Oct-1999 15:10 PM EDT (15-Oct-1999 1910 UTC) NNNN Source: Voice of America .