Pakistan Navy to meet challenges of new millennium: Admiral Aziz


ISLAMABAD, Oct 7 (APP): The New Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Abdul Aziz Mirza on Oct. 6, 1999 vowed to further strengthen the Pakistan Navy to meet the challenges of the new millennium, besides consolidating on the projects underway. Speaking on assuming command of Pakistan Navy on Oct. 6, 1999 at the 14th change of command ceremony at the Naval Complex here, Admiral Mirza said the Navy today can boast of a variety of military hardware in its inventory, but it should not be forgotten that it is "the quality of the fighting men" that is the real force multiplier. He said that enough potential was available within the Navy, which needed to be further encouraged. There is abundance of dedication, perseverance and energy, which if correctly harnessed, can bring about the desired results. Admiral Mirza said with determination and a clarity of purpose, "we shall Inshallah succeed, in not only overcoming various limitations that come in our way, but in building up Pakistan Navy's potential to face the demands of modern warfare into the 21st century." "I pledge to honorably discharge the responsibilities that are integral to the appointment. So help me God. In this mission, I look forward to complete with dedication, cooperation and support and prayers of all officers and men in the Navy," he said. The Chief of Naval Staff profoundly thanking Admiral Fasih Bokhari said his able guidance and leadership provided a firm base to get on with the challenging task ahead. He said already some major tasks like Restructuring of the Navy, consolidation of Agosta 90Bs project, Surface Ships indigenous construction programme and the JNB Ormara Project are well underway. In this regard, he said that he as VCNS, was privileged to be part of most of the decision making process and stood committed to those.

Admiral Mirza said that he would strive to maintain operational readiness at all times which was the primary role of the Navy as a fighting force. He said, "Commanding the Navy is the ultimate aim of any naval officer and I bow my head in gratitude towards Almighty Allah for having bestowed upon me this unique honor. It is indeed a privilege to lead the Navy into the 21st Century and I shall endeavor to prove worthy of the trust reposed in me." "Let us put our heads and hearts together and build a Navy that can meet all the future challenges, May God bless us with success in this honorable task," he said. Earlier, outgoing Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Fasih Bokhari handed over the scroll to Admiral Abdul Aziz Mirza. The new Chief of Naval Staff also inspected the Guard of Honor and took salute by the smartly turned out contingents of Pakistan Navy. Admiral Fasih Bokhari, speaking on this occasion congratulated Admiral Mirza on his appointment as Chief of the Naval Staff and wished him and the Navy best of luck. He paid tributes to Admiral Mirza for his unquestionable competence and ability. His cool headedness, maturity and foresightedness will surely enable Pakistan Navy to achieve new heights.

Fasih Bokhari said the institutional strength of Pakistan Navy will endure for centuries. "We can only contribute to short term change. No one can leave a personal stamp on the institution with any permanence," he said. It is the moral strength and authority of the leader that keeps the institutions in good health and added that it is the officers and men who deliver and keep the navy run in right environment. He said, "if there is any contribution that I am asked to single out during my tenure, it would be the transparency of decision making." He added that the difference between a good and bad process of decision making is transparency and wide participation. Wider participation leads to more rational decisions. He said that at the time of assuming Command, he was fully aware of the fact that he was being eagerly looked upon by thousands of Officers and men, to give them a healthy environment. He had the task to deliver and live upto their expectations. He wished Admiral Mirza and all ranks of the Navy, the very best of luck for their future ventures. "May God bless all of you. Thank you and Khuda Hafiz."