Press Release by Pakistan Foreign Office Spokesman

Press Release by Foreign Office Spokesman

In a hostile military action, India had shot down an unarmed Pakistan Navy aircraft on 10th August. The Government has been examining the various options available to it for appropriate action at different levels. Accordingly, apart from taking up the matter with the international community through diplomatic channels, the Foreign Minister wrote to the UN Secretary General, lodging a complaint with the UN and asking the Secretary General to send a Fact-Finding Mission to the region.

Pakistan has now demanded compensation of US $ 60.2 million from India for the Pakistan Naval Atlantic aircraft shot down by Indian air force jets on 40 August 1999, in which 16 naval personnel were killed.

The Indian Cd'A. was summoned to the Foreign Office today and handed-over a Note demanding compensation for the unprovoked and unlawful act of Indian military aggression against the unarmed Pakistani aircraft which was on a routine training flight inside Pakistani airspace and for the loss of life of the personnel on board.

It was pointed out that the Indian military aggression was in contravention of existing international norms regarding inviolability of national borders as well as the Pakistan-India Agreement on Prevention of Airspace Violations of 1991.

It was also pointed out that the two countries were not in a state of war at the time of the shooting down of the aircraft, nor were there at that time any hostilities between the two countries.

30 August 1999