Pakistan calls for UN intervention

ISLAMABAD, May 29 (APP): Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has drawn UN Secretary General Kofi Annan's attention towards India's recent military actions, underlining that they have "created a very dangerous situation along the LoC and undermine peace and security in the region."

The Prime Minister, in a letter addressed to the UN Chief, emphasized that a world body envoy be sent to observe the situation in the face of Indian actions.

Foreign Office Spokesman Tariq Altaf told a briefing that the Prime Minister has urged the UN Secretary General to give "due consideration to this extremely serious matter lest the situation gets out of control."

"We have exercised utmost restraint,"the Prime Minister told the UN Secretary General. "Two nuclear powers should never be in a state of confrontation," he underscored.

Nawaz Sharif said, India has not honoured its commitments vis-a-vis resolution of the Jammu and Kashmir dispute and the onus squarely lies on New Delhi. "The freedom struggle in Indian Held Kashmir has been going on for over 50 years." The Prime Minister pointed out that New Delhi not only refuses a UN role but also rejects any third party mediation on the issue which is contrary to current international trends.

He said, Islamabad is committed to the Lahore Declaration and the dialogue process aimed at resolving all outstanding issues, especially the core dispute of Jammu and Kashmir.

"Pakistan's commitment to peace process is firm," the Prime Minister affirmed.

Nawaz talks to Vajpayee to defuse situation on LoC

ISLAMABAD, May 29 (APP): Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif on Friday has a telephonic talk with his Indian counterpart Atal Behari Vajpayee and impressed upon him not to allow situation on LOC drift towards a dangerous direction.

Nawaz Sharif offered Vajpayee to send Foreign Minister Sartaj Aziz to New Delhi for talks with the Indian Foreign Minister to find  ways for defusing the tension, said a statement  issued by Foreign Office here.

Pakistan to preserve, protect national security : Mushahid

ISLAMABAD, May 29 (APP): Information Minister Mushahid Hussain Friday said Pakistan will always protect the national security and act in self-defence whenever its airspace and territory is threatened from any quarter.

"We only want to stop intrusions into our territory and in our airspace. And this is what the Indians did yesterday and we have to act in self-defence," Mushahid told BBC World Television.

To a question, whether Pakistani people want the government to keep responding in a military way to this conflict, he said, "the people want the Pakistani Armed Forces and the government to act in self-defence which we did yesterday."

He said Indians should stop the unilateral and unwarranted military action which is the source of all tension and
instability in the region. Mushahid rejected all Indians charges that there is infiltration from Pakistan. They are not infiltrators but the Kashmiris living inside Occupied Kashmir who have rejected the Indian military occupation.

The Kashmiri movement is indigenous and is going on for the last ten years, Mushahid emphasised. "It is nothing new. Uprising is there for the last ten years," he said.

Developments on LoC underlines need for solution of Kashmir: Sartaj

ISLAMABAD, May 29 (APP):  Foreign Minister Sartaj Aziz Friday  said happenings on LoC would be a regular phenomenon unless the  core issue of Kashmir is settled.

The developments on the LoC underlined the need for a peaceful settlement of Kashmir issue. It indicated unless Kashmir issue is resolved such happenings would go on occurring, he was talking to mediamen after a stone-laying ceremony of a mosque at Foreign Office which was also attended by nuclear scientist Dr.
Abdul Qadeer Khan.

To a query, Aziz said, Pakistan had made it clear a few days back that it reserved the right to defend itself once Indians violated our airspace. He said Pakistan shot down one Indian aircraft on Thursday within 10 km and another within 5 of its territory.

Aziz said violation of Pakistan's airspace was escalation of the situation by India.

Mushahid denies full-scale military mobilisation

ISLAMABAD, May 29 (APP): Mushahid Hussain Sayed Friday strongly denied that Pakistan has ordered full-scale military mobilisation.

" No, not at all, we are in the same position as we were yesterday (Thursday). We are in the defensive position. We are just there to protect our airspace and sovereignty," Mushahid told BBC World Television.

About the shooting down of an Indian helicopter Mushahid said, "We have just heard media reports to that effect. So far our military has not been able to confirm that this helicopter was shot down by Pakistan.

"So it must be some action from within or inside Indian occupied territory. " Mushahid further said the Indians have been battering freedom fighters inside Occupied Kashmir and they themselves have admitted that they have been facing full-blown insurgency for the last ten years which has intensified of late.

He said there is resistance from within the Indian occupied valley from the Kashmiri freedom fighters. And it has something to do with Occupied Kashmir and not with reference to Pakistan or Pakistan armed forces.

Mushahid said the people of Occupied Kashmir are mobilised to fight the Indian occupation army. This is the highest soldier-civilian ratio in the modern warfare, with one armed Indian soldier for every third adult male Kashmiri Muslim in the valley, Mushahid said.

Indian Army wants to push back Pakistan soldiers from higher posts

ISLAMABAD, May 29 (APP):- Pakistan Army is neither aware of Kashmir Mujahideen's future plans nor it is operating in tandem with them but Indian Army is trying to push back Pakistani soldiers from the higher posts on this side of LoC.

Director General ISPR Brig. Rashid Qureshi told a briefing along with Information Minister Mushahid Hussain and Foreign Office Spokesman Tariq Altaf here Today.

Giving an update of the situation along LoC, he said the Kargil sector saw less activity Today. But the dangerous dimension of the situation was that Indians started indiscriminate and unprovoked firing in the Bhimber sector on civilian population which "is unacceptable."

Qureshi said, this included mortar fire on civilian area leading to the killing of two civilian and injuring two other.
"Rest of the area including LoC and Siachin remained as it does in normal time, seeing off and on exchange of fire including mortars," he said.

It was because Pakistan had shot down two enemy aircraft yesterday. Pakistani troops, he said, never fire unless they are fired upon.

"Indians are using uncalled for air power in this sector," and also have showered rockets and bombs in this sector on last Thursday.

Qureshi dismissed as a, "white lie," the Indian claim that Pakistan Army was backing the Kashmir Mujahideen.
"This is an excuse by the Indian Army to push back Pakistan Army from some higher posts in Kargil sector," he said.

Pakistan did not shoot Indian helicopter Friday

ISLAMABAD, May 29 (APP): Pakistan on Friday said it neither fired on the Indian helicopter nor it had shot it down in Kargil sector.

"It seems Indian troops shot it down," there was no fire on it from our side, Director General ISPR Brig. Rashid Qureshi told a briefing along with Information Minister Mushahid Hussain and Foreign Office Spokesman Tariq Altaf here Friday.

To a question, if Pakistan had used a Stinger missile to shoot the Indian helicopter on Friday, he said, "it is a wild accusation  and  an attempt to put the blame on Pakistan Army".

Indian provocative actions endanger regional peace: Tarar

ISLAMABAD, May 29 (APP): President Muhammad Rafiq Tarar said on Friday, "Indian aggressive and provocative actions in Kashmir," pose a serious threat to the regional peace.

The international community, he said, should take notice of Indian jingoism and urged it to help resolve the core issue of Kashmir in accordance with UN resolutions.

The President said this while talking to the Central President of Ittehad Al- Mushaikh Pakistan Pir Zakori Sharif Dr. Muhammad Kahlid Raza who called on him at Aiwan- e- Sadr here Today.

Pakistan's Armed Forces, he said, would respond to the aggressive actions of the enemy with full spirit of faith. The entire nation would stand by them as a solid rock.  With the grace of God, he said, Pakistan had acquired nuclear capability and every child of the country was ready to give sacrifice to defend the country.