Message of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif


One year ago today we broke the shackles of dependence on foreign technology and conducted successful nuclear tests, a distinction enjoyed by only a handful of nations in the world. I greet my people on this occasion with our heads bowed before Allah lmighty.

The feeling of national pride is heightened by the fact that the freedom-loving and patriotic citizens of Pakistan walk today without the uncalled for threat of war from a hostile neighbor looming over their heads. They feel confident for thefirst time in their history that in the eventuality of an armed attack they will be able to meet it on equal terms.

This is not a small achievement on which whole nation bows before Allah Almighty with gratefulness. If the people wish to commemorate their feeling of nation. Honour, they do so with justification. The 28th of May last year was history-making in the sense that, in this troubled world, it is rare for the people of a country like Pakistan to feel safe and secure. And that too not by help from foreign friends but through our own technology, our own genius.

The naming of the day as Yaum-e-Takbeer is a most happy choice. What a great thing that so many Pakistanis shouldhave thought of it at the same time! It symbolizes at once our pride of achievement and our abiding faith in Allah the Almighty, for without His lessings we could not have acquired this distinctive status in the comity of nations.

Celebrations apart, let us not forget that today is the first anniversary of a moment when we exhibited self-reliance in concrete terms. Let this be a guide for the future, and a constant reminder that if we want to occupy a place of respect and regard in the world we have to do it on the strength of our own ability, hard work and self-confidence. That place cannot come to us as a gift from others.

Pakistan paindabad!

(Courtesy The Nation)