Nuclear Pakistan a responsible state: Mushahid

KARACHI: Federal Minister for Information Mushahid Hussain has said that the nation is celebrating the security and self-reliance achievements by our scientists and above all the self-defence. Mushahid Hussain said this while answering a question - what and why we are celebrating on May 28 - asked many times and by many.

He was speaking as a chief guest at a hotel at a seminar on "Pakistan Atomic Power and Its Universal Role", organised by the Adviser to the Prime Minister on Media and Information, Nusrat Mirza. Federal minister said, "Pakistan is a peace loving country and wanted a balance of power with its neighbouring countries particularly India."

He said Pakistan from the day of its creation had been time and again making it clear that "we wanted to live with honour on the footings of equality and keen to resolve the Kashmir issue in accordance with UN resolution". Mushahid said India forced Pakistan into joining the nuclear race and after Pakistan's nuclear explosion attitude of India had completely changed towards us.

"Pakistan has emerged and ensured itself as a responsible and matured state," Mushahid said recalling how Pakistan debated whether to go nuclear or not for 11 days on print and electronic media as compared to India where even the defence minister was kept in dark.

"So at this moment to celebrate the nuclear performance of Pakistan on May 28 is to share the feelings, emotions and enthusiasms of Pakistanis," he added. Mushahid said that though Pakistan was sanctioned and pressurised yet it weathered all storms with the support of the nation.

"People now say that Pakistan is a failed state which is totally wrong and they are under some complex," Mushahid said with great regret. He said Pakistan is the country, which has never compromised on principles and national interest. "If at all Pakistan is a poverty stricken country even after achieving nuclear power that does not mean 'Bay Ghayrat Ho Jaayan'," Mushahid said amid clapping.

Nusrat Mirza, speaking on the occasion, lauded the efforts of Pakistan to become a nuclear state and added that it was now the desire of Pakistan that to have a permanent memebrship of UN Security Council. He said the world should be thankful that Pakistan nipped the evil hegemony designs of India in the bud. Nusrat also underlined the need of nuclear membership of the world.

Other speakers also lauded the nuclear tests and said that just after the nuclear test the word realised that if they wanted to keep this region nuclear free zone then they should resolve the Kashmir issue as early as possible. Those who spoke on the occasion included Dr Hamida Khuro, Prof Hasnain Kazmi, Prof Mehdi Masood, Mahmoodul Aziz, ex-advisor Mamnoon Hussain, General (rtd) Lodhi and others.

(Courtesy The News)