Pakistan capable of inflicting unacceptable losses on India: Qadeer

ISLAMABAD, May 26 (APP) :World famed nuclear scientist Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan on Tuesday said, Pakistan is capable of inflicting unacceptable losses on India.

"Our nuclear bombs are so powerful that these can bring devastation to an extent which can be unacceptable for the enemy," he told Editors of National Dailies and senior journalists at a luncheon here Today.

He was responding to various queries whether Pakistan should sign or not, the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT). Qadeer said Pakistan did not want to enter into an arms race in the region. He said after acquisition of nuclear technology and making its defence invincible, Pakistan should now focus its attention on the socio-economic development.

"We have told the Government that signing CTBT would not affect our nuclear programme as it neither envisages inspection nor stops production of fissile material," he said.

However, he said, one thing was certain that the Prime Minister will never sign CTBT under pressure.


Kashmir solution can prevent 4th Pak-India armed clash: Sultan

MANCHESTER, May 26 (APP) :AJK Prime Minister Sultan Mahmood Chaudhry Tuesday called upon the international community to impress upon India for resolving Kashmir dispute to avoid another war between the two nuclear powers.

Speaking at a function held here in connection with the celebration of Yaum-e-Takbeer, he emphasised the need for international intervention because both the countries have not been able to resolve even a single issue bilaterally during last 50 years.

Sultan Mahmood said that solution of Kashmir dispute was of vital importance for maintenance of permanent peace and security in the region. He urged that the international community should decide a time frame for resolving this issue.

He said that as a first step the troops should be pulled out of the urban centres paving the way for a dialogue between political leadership of the two sides.