Foreign Office Press Statement on the Transfer of Technology, 12 March 1999

When asked to comment, the Foreign Office Spokesman described as false and tendentious the report appearing in the Washington Times that Pakistan is helping North Korea to set up a uranium enrichment capability. The spokesman reaffirmed Pakistan's long term and abiding policy not to transfer sensitive nuclear technology to any country. This policy commitment has been maintained by Pakistan unilaterally since the early 80s when it was able to develop nuclear capability. On this score, Pakistan has all along acted with the highest sense of responsibility and its record has been impeccable.

The Foreign Office spokesman stated that the purpose of the speculative report was none other than to malign Pakistan and create unfounded misgivings and concerns about Pakistan's nuclear programme. He categorically denied any cooperation, whatsoever, between Pakistan and North Korea in the nuclear area.

Following the nuclear tests, Pakistan is engaged in an intensive dialogue with the United States as well as other major powers on nuclear-related issues including measures for tightening export controls. Consistent with its unilateral commitment, Pakistan has given assurances to take all necessary measures to ensure against transfer of sensitive nuclear technology to any country.

Islamabad, 12 March 1999