Pakistan not oblivious to its defence, will defend national frontiers at all costs: Nawaz Sharif

SIACHEN, Jan 30 (APP): Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, vowing to defend every inch of the motherland said Friday, country's nuclear capability and missiles like Ghauri and Shaheen symbolize power of Pakistan Armed Forces. "Pakistan is neither ignorant to its defence needs nor unaware of the designs of the enemy," he told troops here defending the country at an altitude of twenty three thousand feet under most harsh weather conditions. Nawaz Sharif said if Pakistan talked of ,"goodwill and dialogue," this should not be construed as its weakness. "Pakistan has a strong defence and is heading towards the goal of autarky in this regard," he told troops, whose indomitable courage and spirit to sacrifice, constitute hallmark of their contribution to the national defence. The nation will fulfill the defence requirements at all costs. He said till yesterday, no one had the substitute to ,"your courage and bravery,"but Today , the country was not behind any one in the nuclear and missile technology fields, he said. "Your unflinching faith in Allah Almighty, your exemplary courage and the support in shape of Ghauri and Shaheen missiles are destined to dampen the courage of the enemies of Pakistan, " said the Prime Minister. The snow-capped peaks of Siachen echoed with slogans of "Allah- O- Akbar ( God is greatest), Pakistan Zindabad and Nawaz Sharif Zindabad on the occasion.

Pakistan to welcome third part mediation on Kashmir : Nawaz

SIACHEN, Jan 30 (APP): Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif on Friday said, Pakistan will welcome third party involvement for settlement of Kashmir dispute which holds a key for a durable peace in South Asia. Pakistan," want to settle this matter with India," but," India is adamant and does not want to solve the problem of Kashmir," Prime Minister told a group of local and foreign journalists at the foothills of snow-capped peaks here. "Kashmir is the key issue,"and is the main," cause of tension between tow countries", said the Prime Minister. "This matter needs the attention of both countries and of course is a cause of tension between Pakistan and India and all the other issues, that we are discussing, this is one of the most important one" he said. He said Pakistan favoured a political settlement and wanted implementation of UN Security Council's resolutions. Nawaz Sharif said UN has to take ,"appropriate steps," for the settlement of Kashmir dispute. When asked if Pakistan would enlist American support for a peaceful solution of Kashmir dispute, he said, "there is no history of resolving any issue between Pakistan and India through bilateral negotiations."

Army Chief rules out war between India and Pakistan

SIACHEN, Jan 30 (APP): Chief of the Army Staff Gen. Pervez Mushraf, ruling out war between India and Pakistan said on Friday, "there is zero chance" for it. Talking to a group of journalists here, the COAS rejected claims made by Indian Army of inflicting fifty or hundred casualties on Pakistani troops at Siachen. COAS termed it a, "cock and bull story," adding, Indians have neither repulsed any attack by Pakistan nor inflicted any losses on Pakistan's Army. Rather Indian were suffering casualties. Perverz Mushraf said last Wednesday in an exchange of artillery fire, Pakistani troops killed 11 Indians, 6 soldiers and 5 civilians while destroying 3 amunition vehicles. He said in a few battles between the two sides over a period of time, there were 79 Indian casualties while four Pakistanis embraced martyrdom. To a question, if Pakistan was winning the war on the snow-covered peaks of Siachen, he quipped," surely." However explaining, he said, "we are not talking of winning the war, we are talking of the degree of difficulties you can create for the other side." Pervez Mushraf said, understandably, Indians cannot approach Siachen with vehicles. That was the reason Indian Defence Minister George Fernandes talked of building the road on Siachen. He was not sure ,how they would build it, but said, it was going to cost them billions. Siachen is part of Kashmir problem and Pakistan did not see it in a detached manner. "Winning the battle means , winning Kashmir," he said, adding, Pakistan want a peaceful solution of the Kashmir problem. To a question, COAS, said Pakistan's Army has the tradition of picking their injured and martyred men back from Siachen, while this was not done so on the other side of the border. This is part of our culture, he added. Indians will wait for days for helicopters to send down bodies of their troops. Replying to a question on role of Army in WAPDA, COAS ,said, it was a sinking ship hence saving it was a national obligation.

Nawaz visit to Siachen reaffirmation of Govt's concern for welfare of soldiers: Mushahid

SIACHEN, Jan 30 (APP): Information Minister Mushahid Hussain Sayed said Friday, the visit of Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz to the highest battle ground of the world, was a reaffirmation of his Government's concern for welfare of the soldiers of the Armed Forces. Mushahid Hussain said, Pakistani troops at Siachen were defending the motherland in the most difficult conditions of battle in any part of the world. This shows a very high spirit and their commitment to fight for the country and defend its territorial integrity. He said the Government was proud of the heroism and the brave role being played by them to defend the motherland.