The Federal Cabinet which met under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister unanimously greeted the Prime Minister for conducting the nuclear tests which had become essential for the defence of the country and maintenance of balance of power in the region; while briefing the cabinet, the Prime Minister said that Pakistan had showed maximum restraint and utmost patience for over two weeks after India had conducted nuclear tests.(Nation/NNI). Detonation was done in the national interest.(Frontier Post). the emergency would be restricted to economy and only there would be no restriction on civil liberties.(Al-Akhbar/News).

The COAS called on the Prime Minister on May 29, 98 and exchanged views on post nuclear explosions scenario.(NNI/Nawa-e-Waqt).

The Prime Minister in a letter to UN Secretary General has said, Pakistan is ready to sign no-war pact with India.(Jang).

The Prime Minister has instructed Raja Nadir Pervez to settle the issue of IPPs within 4 days (Frontier Post). Seeks proposals on IPPs within 4 days.(News). The government will accept new tariff offered by IPPs.(News).

The Prime Minister has vacated the P.M. Secretariat as a part of national austerity measures.(Nation/APP).

The Prime Minister will present national agenda within the next 4 days to overcome the economic challenges.(Pakistan).

Foreign diplomats based in Islamabad have sent reports to their respective countries that if Nawaz Sharif had not detonated nuclear blasts, the masses would have ousted him form power. (Khbrain).

Finance Minister Sartaj Aziz says, the impact, scope and length of sanctions will only be assessed when we receive them; sanctions will cost Pakistan Rs. 60 billion; no need for more N-tests; money changers have been allowed to resume work.(Frontier Post/Pakistan). It has been decided to seek help from Islamic countries in case sanctions are imposed; neither the government servants would be retrenched nor their salaries would be curtailed.(N.Waqt). The Prime Minister will announce plan to boost exports shortly.(Nation). The government will meet debt liabilities; emergency is only to stabilise the economy.(News).

Foreign Minister has said that more nuclear tests may be needed as Pakistan begins the process of introducing nuclear weapons into its armed forces; we have been dragged into arms race by India; Pakistan sees threat of nuclear war in South Asia.(Nation/Pakistan). Told the BBC that Pakistan will now be seriously producing missiles and also nuclear weapons. But that he said would be entirely defensive.(Pakistan Observer). Nuclear war can start.(Khabrain/APP). Pakistan is a N-weapon state.(News).

Information Minister has said Pakistanís five nuclear tests were necessary to uphold its "security and sovereignty".(Nation/APP).

Foreign Affairs Secretary Shamshad Ahmad Khan has said, Islamic countries have expressed Pleasure over Pakistanís becoming nuclear power; they have also assured their support, (N.Waqt).

Foreign Office has denied that Pakistan is preparing to arm its long range Ghauri missile. (F.Post/NNI). Denied arming Ghauri. (News).

Pakistanís UN ambassador Munir Akram on May 29, 98 said there had to be "fundamental re-think" of nuclear issues before Islamabad would start negotiations on joining UN arms treaties. We will need to have a fundamental rethink of the approach on several issues before negotiatons can actually begin.(News).

Benazir Bhutto has opposed imposition of emergency in the country.(News).

Ghinva has also opposed imposition of emergency.(Frontier Post).

State Bank of Pakistan has imposed restrictions on opening of new foreign Currency Accounts but allowed withdrawal form the existing foreign currency accounts in rupee terms. (Nation).

JI has offer unconditional support to the Government(Pakistan/NNI).

Dr. Qadeer Khan says, Pakistan tested boosted fission devices; N-test have created deterrence in south Asia.(News).

UN Council deplores Pakistanís juke tests. (News/nation).

Pakistan is preparing for another tests within a Week, US intelligence official said. (F.Post/Khabrian/News). Pakistan may conduct two more nuclear tests today. (Nation/Pakistan).

Indian Prime Minister says, India is ready for talks with Pakistan, but warned Islamabad to give up its claim over Kashmir; Gohar Ayub has said, talks must focus Kashmir.(F.Post/News/Nation).

The tribesmen have warned that they will start poppy cultivation again if sanctions are imposed on Pakistan following the nuclear tests. (F.Post).

IMF will not freeze the agreed loan of $ 1.5 billion. (F.Post/NNI).

Japan has frozen aid programme to Pakistan in a reaction of five nuclear tests; Australia has suspended ties with Pakistan. (Nation/AFP). America, Sweden, Holand, Australia, Japan and Canada have imposed economic sanction on Pakistan as a result of its nuclear tests. (ANN/N.Waqt/AL-Akhbar).

US custom officials have stopped PIA flight at New York airport and off loaded the shipment of defence equipment of Pak-Navy. (AL-Akhbar).

UK has called an emergency meeting of the group of 8-nation and China after Pakistan and Indiaís nuclear tests Japanese Prime Minister said. (News).

Foreign diplomats based in Islamabad have sent reports to their respective countries that if Nawaz Sharif had not detonated nuclear blasts, the masses would have ousted him form power. (Khbrain).

Pakistan advanced its programme for nuclear explosion by a day following landing 12 Israeli bombers at an Indian airport believed to be on a mission to destroy the countryís nuclear installations and capability. (Pakistan Observer).

The Canadian foreign minister has said that the chances of Indiaís becoming a permanent member of the UN Security Council have eliminated after its nuclear tests, reports BBC.(News). The overseas Pakistanis have hailed the successful nuclear tests carried out by Pakistan and have sent messages of congratulations to Prime Minister Nawaz sharif, Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan and Chief of the Army Staff General Jehangir Karamat.(News).

People of Northern Areas held jubilations over the historic atomic explosions of Pakistan and congratulated Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his cabinet for this in time decision. When the news of successful atomic tests reached in Gilgit and other districts of Northern Areas, people came out from their houses and distributed sweets to express their happiness.(APP/News).