Green signal has been given to conduct nuclear test; the team of scientists has reached on the site; the Prime Minister may give good news to the nation at any time.(Nawa-e-Waqt).

Pakistan has enhanced security around its nuclear installations as preparations to match India’s nuclear explosions enter a critical stage, knowledgeable sources said on May 27, 98.(News). Pakistan may press N-button very soon.(Nation).

The Prime Minister in separate telephonic talks with Turkish President, Japanese Prime Minister and UK Prime Minister has said, Pakistan is fully prepared and capable of giving a befitting response to any potential aggression.(News). Nawaz Sharif says, N-test has isolated India.(Muslim). Blair and Hashimoto have stressed caution.(Frontier Post).

COAS held one and a half hour one-to-one meeting with the Prime Minister on May 27, 98 and discussed matters pertaining to the national security.(Muslim/News).

US Ambassador based in Islamabad, on the instructions from Washington, met the Prime Minister on May 27, 98 and conveyed Clinton’s special message asking Pakistan not to go for N-blast.(Jang).

The Prime Minister in his letter to Philippine President has said that regional tensions sparked by India’s nuclear tests have risen to a `dangerous threshold.(News/Nation).

Pakistan has moved out intermediate range Ghauri missiles to be deployed at unidentified sites for retaliation in any eventuality of pre-emptive strikes against its nuclear installations.(Nation/Frontier Post).

Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi has warned the government not to fall into the trap of US guarantees and conduct the nuclear test immediately.(Nation/Muslim).

Mengal met the Prime Minister to discuss hijacking case with him.(Nation). Balochistan has no objection to hold n-blast in its area.(Khabrain).

With the Federal Capital rife with reports that Pakistan will be carrying out about seven nuclear tests in the next few hours, the Prime Minister has been reportedly advised not to receive international calls anymore.(Muslim).

The Prime Minister will address high army officials in the National Defence College (28-5-1998) (National/ASAS). Will announce detonating of N-device. (Khabeian)

Mushahid Hussain visited Malik Meraj Khalid as part of the Prime Minister’s policy to consult different sections of society regarding situation after the Indian nuclear test. Malik Meraj Khalid provided his own perspective in the situation and advised the government to weigh all options before taking any decision. (News).

Ch. Shujaat Jussain says , the list of smugglers provided by Benazir Bhutto is a pack of lie, Senator Saifur Rahman has not issued any list. (Jang).

Senator Akram Zaki says, N-test is vital for power balance in the region. (News/Asas).

Sartaj Aziz says, N-blast will forced alternations in the Federal budget. (F.Post). Terms the proposed US economic package as meaningless. (News). Government will give specific relief to the industry in next the budget.( Nation).

Qazi Hussain Ahmad has said, economic crisis will be temporary after N-test. (ASAS). We have no option but to conduct N-test. (Muslim). Has warned Nawaz Sharif over delay in N-test. (Nation).

The Indian press continues to castigate the fundamentalist BJP regime for vainly trying to find solutions to the country’s problems via nuclear tests and hawkish threats to its neighbours. As the initial euphoria over New Delhi’s claims to a seat in the nuclear club subsides under the weight of sanctions, widespread criticism from political leaders has increase. The mainstream press is criticising the BJP for seeking nuclear solutions to its perennial problem of poverty and unemployment. It is clear that Centre is making areas of insurgency in J&K, one of its key priorities. What is not obvious is whether the effort to find political solution has been given up altogether, the `Indian Express` commented in its editorial on May 27, 98. Gurcharan Das writing in `Times of India` said, I am not thrilled with owing a nuclear bomb. I would have been genuinely proud if the government had instead announced that India’s poverty had come down and literacy had gone up. National Security, he underscored, is not only about having bombs and missiles. It comes from economic strength. I am also sad that the subcontinent has now become a dangerous place to live. After the bomb, it is certainly not safe to bring up our children here. he feared.(News).

Asif Ali Zardari has said if Pakistan does not go for N-blast India will definitely attack.(News).

Tuesday’s delay for consideration of $865 million World Bank loans to India was intended more to signal Pakistan to refrain form conducting a test than to punish India for its earlier action, US Media reported on May 27,98 . (Nation).

Gohar Ayub Khan while talking to AFP says, Pakistan has yet to choose a time to carry out a nuclear test in response to Indian explosion this month. (News).

Foreign Office spokesman has dismissed as false and speculative Western media reports that Pakistan will conduct nuclear test in a matter of hours. (Muslim). Denied CNN assertion. (F.Post). Attack on AJK will be considered attack on Pakistan. (Jang).

70% people in Pakistan are in favour of nuclear test while thirty per cent advise restraint, said a survey conducted by Gallup Pakistan in Islamabad on May 27,98. (Nation/News).

Mian Mohammad Sharif, father of the Prime Minister has suggested to blast N-device on May 29, 98. (Jang).

The former Indian president, R Venkatarman has claimed that all preparations for an underground nuclear test at Pokhran had been completed in 1983 when he was defence minister, but it was deferred because of international pressure, says a "Zee TV" telecast.(News).

General (retd) K.M, Arif said India’s recent nuclear tests have disturbed the balance of power in South Asia which poses a direct threat to the small nations of the region.(News).

Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan has reached Quetta; Pakistan Airforce has been put in high alert to cope with the activities of enemy countries. (ASAS/ANN).

The Saudi cabinet has reiterated its sympathy with Pakistan in its anxiety over the nuclear conducted by India, viewing these as a source of danger and threat to all neighbouring countries. (Pakistan Observer).

A gathering of Muslim-Christian scholars at a local hotel on May 27, 98 reflected the intensity of pain and seriousness of approach to fill in the widening gap between the followers of the two religions in the country.(News).