Nuclear crisis in South Asia: key questions  

Question: Is there a possibility of nuclear war between India and Pakistan?

Answer: The danger of war is real, as the post-nuclear tests euphoria of erratic Hindu nationalist leaders has scaled up their belligerent behaviour.  As evident from Indian Home Minister and BJP leader L K  Advani’s and other BJP leader’s aggressive statements on Kashmir, this Indian belligerency has assumed a declaratory posture in the last few days. It may well translate into limited military incursions or air strikes across the Line of Control. These limited incursions have a potential of escalating into an all out war.

Question: Will Pakistan’s nuclear test response reduce or increase the chances of a possible war between India and Pakistan?

Answer: If Pakistan also goes for the If Pakistan carries out a matching response to Indian nuclear weapons explosions, it will take the heat of over-bloated Hindu nationalists’ expansionist arrogance, which is likely to be the main cause of an all-out war between India and Pakistan.

Question: If at all India and Pakistan go to war, what sort of war will it be? Conventional or nuclear? Will it spill over to the region?

Answer: It is more likely that things will grow out of control. It will be a short and catastrophic war, involving the use of nuclear arms. To start with, India’s octogenarian Hindu fundamentalist leaders seeking to erase the ‘stigma’ of centuries-long Muslim rule over the subcontinent through its hyper-belligerence against Pakistan, may launch a counter-force nuclear attack against Pakistan to cripple its strategic military facilities.