07/0800 HOURS OF 21-5-1998(THURSDAY)

CALL ON: Shaikh Salman Bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the special envoy Amir of Bahrain called on the Prime Minister Mr. Muhammad Nawaz Sharif in Islamabad Wednesday.

The Prime Minister apprised him of the situation arising out of recent Indian nuclear blasts and threat caused by them to the security of Pakistan.

The Iranian Ambassador to Pakistan Mohammad Mehdi Akhunzada also called on the Prime Minister and discussed situation arising out of the nuclear tests.

21/2200 HOURS OF 20-5-1998(WEDNESDAY)

PAK-CHINA: China believes that the Indian nuclear tests have caused a serious strategic imbalance in South Asia and the Indian actions have endangered peace and security not only in the South Asian region but also global peace.

This was stated by Foreign Secretary, Mr. Shamshad Ahmed on his return to Islamabad Wednesday morning after talks with Chinese leaders in Beijing.

Talking to newsmen, he said there was a complete identity of views between Pakistan and China on the gravity of the situation which has resulted from India’s reckless actions and fictitious threat from China. Both sides believe that the fictitious Chinese threat was a pretext to promote India’s own hegemonic designs and aggressive agenda in South Asia.

The Foreign Secretary said our consultations with China are an important facet of our wider consultation with all major powers as well as friendly countries. The object is to find ways and means to effectively defuse tension and reduce the factors that have threatened peace and stability in the region. Pakistan on its part will take all possible measures to ensure its security.

Referring to the irresponsible statements emanating from Indian leadership threatening the use of nuclear weapons, the Foreign Secretary said they stand in sharp contrast with the highly responsible Chinese approach to issues of international peace and security. He pointed out that China as a permanent member of the Security Council and party to the NPT and signatory to the CTBT has always followed a principled policy for preserving and promoting international peace and security.

ENVOY: Mr. Abdul Rahman Al Atiqi, Special Envoy of the Amir of Kuwait called on the Prime Minister, Mr. Muhammad Nawaz Sharif in Islamabad Wednesday morning and delivered a special message from the Amir of Kuwait, Shaikh Jabir Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah.

The message focused on changes in the security environment of the region triggered by Indian nuclear tests. The special envoy conveyed the State of Kuwait’s unreserved support and solidarity with the government and people of Pakistan.

The Prime Minister explained that the Indian nuclear tests had altered the regional scenario and posed a serious threat to Pakistan’s security. However, we would take no hasty decision.

ANP: The Awami National Party has strongly condemned nuclear explosions by India which have disturbed balance of power in the region and endangered the security of Pakistan.

A joint meeting of the Central and Provincial Leaders of ANP chaired by Senator Ajmal Khattak in Peshawar Wednesday called upon the government to take the nation into confidence before taking any decision in the wake of Indian nuclear blasts.

KASHMIR: In occupied Kashmir, complete strike will be observed Thursday at the end of Hafta-e-Shahadat marking the martyrdom of Mir Waiz Maulvi Mohammad Farooq who was martyred on May 21, 1990. The call to observe the strike was given by the All Parties Hurriyet Conference.

Glowing tributes have been paid to late Mir Waiz Maulvi Mohammad Farooq for his great services to the cause of Kashmiris and the liberation movement.

KANJU KASHMIR: The Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Mr. Muhammad Siddique Khan Kanju has said that Jammu and Kashmir is a disputed territory recognised as such by the United Nations.

Using his right of reply at the Ministerial meeting of the Coordinating Bureau of the Non-aligned movement in Cartagena, he said the statement made by his Indian counterpart to the effect that Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India is factually incorrect.

Mr. Kanju also held bilateral meetings with the Foreign Ministers of Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and South Africa.

PUNJAB POLLING: Polling to elect 262 local councils in Punjab was held Wednesday in a largely peaceful manner. The voters used their right of franchise to elect 8637 representatives for the local bodies institutions.

According to reports from various parts of the province, the polling held on non party basis, on the whole, went on smoothly. The Punjab Governor, Mr. Shahid Hamid and the Chief Minister Mr. Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif cast their votes at their respective polling station in Lahore.