The Prime Minister while talking with the newsmen after inaugurating golden jubilee celebrations of Radio Pakistan has said, Indian threat on AJK is very serious. Pakistan will not sit back in case of attack; assails lukewarm reaction against India; asks world to back Pakistan’s stand.(News). Pakistan is taking Indian threat seriously; we are not afraid of sanctions; world reaction over Indian N-test is disappointing.(Nation).

The Prime Minister while addressing a gathering at the launching ceremony of the golden jubilee celebrations of Radio Pakistan in Islamabad on May 19, 98 said, this powerful mass medium can let this message reach every person that without economic prosperity and stability, strong defence was not possible.(News/Nation).

The Prime Minister and COAS discussed on May 19, 98 the national issues on the existing situation in the contest of serious threat to national security(News/Nation).

The visiting envoy of the Japanese Prime Minister met the COAS on May 19, 98 and renewed his country’s call to avoid nuclear test in response to Indian blasts (Nation). The COAS says, every possible step will be taken for the country’s defence.(Al-Akhbar/NNI/Jang).

Pakistan is expected to explode its first N-test within next 72 hours high security alert has been imposed in the country armed forces have also been alerted.(N.Waqt).

US President in a telephonic talk with Nawaz Sharif has asked him to wait for 72 hours before deciding nuclear test.(ASAS). Said, Pakistan would be provided full security if it did not conduct nuclear test, Indian television TVI reported.(News/APP).

MQM Chief, Altaf Hussain has extended his party’s full support to the government and the army on the nuclear issue.(News/PPI).

Kuwaiti envoy met the Prime Minister on May 19, 98 and delivered to him a message from the Amir of Kuwait.(Nation/News).

Pakistan Foreign Secretary concluded discussion with crucial ally China on India’s nuclear test on May 19, 98 with both the sides keeping quiet as to the results.(News/Nation).

The Russian Foreign Minister on May 19, 98 warned Pakistan that it could expect a "highly negative reaction" from Moscow if responded to India’s nuclear tests by conducting a nuclear explosion.(Pak.Observer/AFP/News/Nation).

The Prime Minister has surprisingly summoned Punjab Governor to Islamabad for holding important consultations.(Pakistan).

Political and diplomatic sources says, Nawaz Sharif is still undecided about N-blast(Muslim).

The Prime Minister will undertake a special tour of China during the current week following the tension created by Indian N-tests.(Al-Akhbar/ANN).

All Parties Conference held under the auspices of Daily Jang, Lahore, has demanded of the government to conduct N-test without further delay.(Jang).

India’s ruling Hindu nationalists on May 19, 98 warned Pakistan it would pay a heavy price for fuelling the Muslim conflict in the state of Kashmir.(Nation/News).

Retired Generals of Pakistan Army have demanded of the government to carry out nuclear blast and warned if it does not do so, blood revolution can take place in the country.(Al-Akhbar/Khabrain). Also demanded to enforce emergency and form national government; Nawaz Sharif government is not representative of the masses.(Khabrain/N.Waqt).

Gen.(Retd.) Hamid Gul has predicted that if Pakistan tails to explode a nuclear device now while there is an international furore, India will snatch a UN Security Council permanent seat, and Pakistan will be left as a nuclear have-not.(Nation).

Eight important countries of the Islamic world have assured Pakistan of every kind of cooperation if it detonates nuclear blast.(N.Waqt/Khabrain/Al-Akhbar/KPI).

Pakistan has received a 30-page report about reorganization of UN in which it is revealed that India will be made permanent member of UN Security Council and will also be recognized as atomic power, International Army will be formed too, which will get the international pacts implemented in letter and spirit by force.(Khabrain).

Dr. Abdul Qadir Khan says, he is ready to test bomb.(News/APP).

Gohar Ayub Khan in an interview to a Japanese newspaper has said that Pakistan has decided to conduct nuclear test.(Khabrain). Pakistan must now decide when to conduct N-test.(Nation/Muslim).

Sartaj Aziz says, in case of N-test, Pakistan will not be affected by economic sanctions like India.(N.Waqt). No economic package can be substitute to our national security.(Khabrain).

The Railway Minister says, armed forces are not opposed to the Railway’s privatisation.(Muslim). 75 thousand railways workers will be relieved through golden hand-shake scheme.(Jang).

Federal Cabinet has allowed to fill 4 thousand vacant posts.(Jang).

Benazir Bhutto says I am not afraid or worried about myself but I am worried about the country’s future. (Nation). Nawaz Sharif should resign as he has failed in giving a matching response to the Indian nuke blasts.(Pakistan/Al-Akhbar/NNI/ANN). India will attack AJK if Pakistan does not conduct N-blast(Jang). Accuses the Prime Minister of being undecided on N-test; her government had prevented India from detonating nuclear device two years back.(News).

A Sri Lankan leading newspaper has disclosed that India can attack Pakistan with atomic weapons and for this purpose, India has installed a big network of secret defence installations in the mountain areas of Pin Movi near Kerala.(ASAS/ANN).

Helmut Kohl has conveyed regret to the Government of Pakistan over his statement at the G-8 Summit in Birmingham regarding Pak explosion of a nuclear device(News).

China has assured Pakistan that it will veto any resolution if sanctions against Pakistan are moved in the Security Council.(Khabrain).

In the wake of possible Israeli attack on Pakistan nuclear installations, Pakistan Air Force has been put on high alert.(Khabrain).

In the wake of possible Indian attack on AJK, Pakistan Army has been put on high alert.(Jang).

PAC summons Benazir Bhutto on June 11 again.(Nation).

India has demanded of China to return back its 95 thousands square kilometer area (N.Waqt).

India is engaged in deploying heavy troops over LoC in Punch sector.(N.Waqt).

World Bank has refused to stop aid to India.(Jang/APP).

The active assistance and cooperation by the US, Canada and France helped develop India’s nuclear and missile programmes, Pakistan’s Ambassador Munir Akram said.(Nation/NNI).

Former Finance Minister Dr. Mehboobul Haq said on May 19, 98 "Pakistan could still show a restraint if the US delivers a complete economic package.(News/APP).

Mr. Justice Dr. Ghous Mohammad on May 19, 98 re-issued the non-bailable warrants against Benazir Bhutto for May 21 as she failed to appear before the Ehtesab Bench on Tuesday(May 19) which was the date of hearing.(Nation).

According to a survey a large number of common people is keenly following the recent developments on the international scene in wake of the five nuclear explosions by India and want Pakistan to go nuclear.(News).

The entire range of reaction to India’s nuclear tests can be found on Internet sites created in the week since the country make its claim to being a nuclear power. The Internet allows people all over the world, many Indians living abroad, to express themselves. One site asks surfers to sign up to support the nuclear India campaign.(News).

India’s tests have sparked off fears among the Kashmiris, as they apprehend that India would use nuclear weapons to quell the freedom movement in the Occupied Kashmir.(News).