The US President and UK Prime Minister telephoned the Prime Minister and exchanged views on the outcome of the G-8 Summitís deliberations on the situation arising out of the Indian nuclear tests; they acknowledge that Pakistan reserved the sovereign right to any decision that it considered necessary. (Nation/N.Waqt). The Great Britian and US acknowledge Pakistanís right to conduct a nuclear test. (Jang.News).

The Prime Minister told the rulers of brotherly Muslim Gulf states on May 18 ,98 that nuclear tests conducted by India posed a very serious threat to global peace. (Nation.News).

The Prime Minister has allowed only the Foreign Minister and Information Minister to speak on Pakistanís policy in the five Indian nuclear tests and directed all the other Ministers not to comment on it. (Nation).

A Saudi Arabian envoy called on the Prime Minister on May 18,98 to assure him of the kingdomís solidarity with Pakistan following Indiaís nuclear tests. (nation/News/Jang). Dr. Abdul Aziz Al-Khweiter, a special envoy of King Fahd and Crown Prince Abdullah, is visiting Pakistan at the urgent instructions of King Fahd in the wake of the perilous situation which has arisen as a result of the Indian nuclear tests, said a spokesman for the Foreign Office.(News).

The Prime Minister is extremely annoyed with the NA Speaker over his statement in which he had said that Pakistan should not conduct a nuclear test and instead bargain with the international community.(Nation).

The Prime Minister during his consultations with his close aides on May 18, 98 said, Pakistan cannot give-up its nuclear option.(Jang/AFP/ANN).

The Prime Minister will inaugurate the golden jubilee celebrations of Radio Pakistan today.(Pakistan/APP).

The Japanese Ambassador after meeting the Prime Minister told the journalists on May 18, 98 that Pakistan is considering all factors to reach a conclusion that suits its national security concerns.(News/Pak. Observer/Nation). Aid can be restored to India if it signs international agreements.(Jang). Pakistan should avoid matching response to Indian N-tests otherwise get ready to face world reaction.(N.Waqt).

The Federal Cabinet has disallowed Syeda Abdia Hussain, Minister for Science and Technology, to set-up a sugar mills in Multan.(Nation/NNI).

The hard-liners in the Federal Cabinet proposed a nuclear test with immediate effect due to the failure of G-8 countries to impose sanctions against India, senior Army commanders are also exerting pressure in this regard, reports Washington Post.(Khabrain).

The Foreign Minister says, Pakistan will give befitting response to the Indian N-Test (News).

the Finance Minister says, economic sanctions will have no immediate crippling effect on Pakistanís economy adding that we are ready to face them; the nuclear deterrence is cost effective; only half of aid pipeline can get affected.(News/Pakistan).

ANP leadership during a meeting with Ch.Nisar Ali Khan has assured its full cooperation and underscored the need for unity among all the political forces to meet any challenge to countryís security.(Nation).

Aslam Baig says, Pakistan has the capability to make neutron and hydrogen bombs.(Khabrain).

Ajmal Khattak says, holding of conferences on Indian nuclear tests is no solution to the problem; the government should take the nation into confidence.(Jang/ASAS).

Sardar Qayyum has urged the Prime Minister not to delay nuclear blast.(Nation).

Benazir Bhutto says, nuclear device is Pakistanís right; we should not make any delay in this regard.(N.Waqt). Will arrive in Karachi today.(ASAS).

The sub-committee of the PAC of National Assembly is poised to summon Benazir Bhutto, under law, if she fails to appear before it today.(Nation).

The ANP is scheduled to hold its crucial meeting in Peshawar tomorrow to discuss "restoration of its alliance" with the ruling PML(N).(F.Post).

The Supreme Court declared on May 18, 98 the 14th Constitutional Amendment as intra-vires and according to the Constitution.(News/Nation).

A Full Bench of the LHC directed WAPDA on May 18, 98 to purchase electricity from Hub Power Company Limited (Hubco) by paying the rate of Rs. 1.50 per kw/h.(Nation).

The Supreme Court dismissed a petition by Imran Khan, seeking stay against the LHC decision to postpone the Local Bodies elections scheduled to be held in Punjab on May 20.(Nation).

The GCP has asked for Economic Co-ordination Committeeís approval for issuance of bonds worth Rs. 545.4 million as all the banks are pressing hard for liquidating government guarantees.(F.Post).

The Clinton administration is considering writing off millions of dollars of debt Pakistan owed to the United States.(Pak. Observer). The US has said, military aid will be restored to Pakistan if it does not conduct a nuclear test (Jang/APP/ANN).

The Government has approved the special grant of Rs. 1 billion and 38 crore for Kahuta plant to give matching response to the nuclear blasts detonated by India.(Al-Akhbar/GNN).

UN Secretary General has asked India to sign CTBT and NPT without any condition.(N.Waqt). Says, world powers will provide protection to Pakistan if it does not carry out nuclear test.(Al-Akhbar/NNI).

UN Secretary General Kofi Annan has demanded that world countries should provide security guarantees to Pakistan following five underground nuclear tests by India test week.(VOG/Nation).

China on May 18, 98 accused India of threatening world security with its five nuclear tests but called for renewed efforts at peace.(Nation).

Majority of Pakistanis believe that India has exploded nuclear devices with the United Statesí connivance, Zafar Malik analyses.(Pak.Observer).

The Indian Prime Minister says, India will not conduct further tests.(News).

The Indian Home Minister says, Islamabad should realise the change in the geo-strategic situation in the region and the world and roll back its anti-India policy, especially with regard to Kashmir.(News/N.Waqt). India has now become a nuclear power, we will now get AJK too.(Jang/AFP).

India has stepped up anti-Pakistan drive.(News).

In a bid to save itself from global isolation, the Indian private sector has launched a forceful international campaign, in the face of strong reactions from across the world, by investing in an international advertisement campaign. On May 17, 98 the Confederation of Indian Industry(CII) spent thousands of dollars by taking out a full page advertisement in the prestigious British daily Financial Times. India; The High Growth Market Opportunity says the title of the advertisement.(News).

Pakistan apprehends a pre-emptive air strike against its nuclear installations as the jingoistic behaviour of Hindu Nationalist leaders of India takes an unward trend.(Nation).

The Indian planes flew along the Pak border; F-16s of PAF also flew as a counter measure the other day.(Khabrain).