May 15, 1998


12:08 P.M. (L)


                               THE WHITE HOUSE

                        Office of the Press Secretary
                            (Birmingham, England)
_________________________________________________________________For Immediate 
Release                                     May 15, 1998

                                PRESS BRIEFING
                                 Mike McCurry

                                Swallow Hotel	
                             Birmingham, England

12:08 P.M. (L)


		MR. MCCURRY:  The President and Prime Minister Hashimoto just 
had a very good, substantive, detailed, almost 90-minute bilateral meeting 

		On the subject of India and Pakistan, the leaders 
talked about ways in which we could urge the government of 
Pakistan to show restraint.  


	     Q	  Did they discuss any specifics on any formula 
that they might use to get the Pakistanis to refrain from 
	     MR. MCCURRY:  They did discuss some specifics.  I'm 
going to decline to detail those here, but obviously, Pakistan 
and its current disposition with respect to testing will likely 
be a subject that the leaders address during the course of the 
meetings here.

	     Q	  Back on Pakistan, could you explain what the 
President meant again when he said that he thought that they had 
found a way to work out the F-16s --
	     MR. MCCURRY:  I think as people know, there's been 
an effort on our part to see if we can't arrange some third-party 
transactions with respect to the money that is owed the 
government of Pakistan -- that goes back prior to the testing 
issue -- goes all the way back to the President's commitment to 
then-Prime Minister Bhutto -- that he would attempt to arrange 
that.  We continue to work on that issue, but nothing to announce 
just yet.
	     Q	  Did he receive a report yet from Strobe 
	     MR. MCCURRY:  The answer is no.  Deputy Secretary 
Talbott and General Zinni are having their meetings today in 
Islamabad.  They are expecting to see Prime Minister Sharif as 
well as other defense and foreign ministry officials.  They were 
going to have an evening dinner meeting and then depart for 
London, and we expect them in London at some point tomorrow.
	     Q	  Will the President see --
	     MR. MCCURRY:  The President will likely see Deputy 
Secretary Talbott either sometime later in the day tomorrow or 
early Sunday.  Talbott was expected to be here in Birmingham for 
the President's bilateral meeting with President Yeltsin on 
	     Q	  Is the President anticipated to offer other 
incentives to Pakistan, other than trying to work out the details 
of the F-16 deal?
	     MR. MCCURRY:  Obviously, he wanted Deputy Secretary 
Talbott and General Zinni to explore a host of issues related to 
Pakistan's regional security situation, including the status of 
whatever nuclear program it has.  I'm just going to decline to 
get into any specifics because those are under discussion now by 
senior U.S. diplomats who are in Pakistan.

	     I'm done with the pool here, is there any burning 
question there at the filing center?  If you've got a burning 
question, I don't know -- you know how to relay it here anyhow, 
because we may not have two-way.


            END                        12:25 P.M. (L)