The Federal Cabinet, which met under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister has reiterated that Pakistan would take all necessary steps in the best interest of the national security; Cabinet authorised the Prime Minister to take final decision in response to Indian nuclear tests, foreign pressure will be unacceptable, the Prime Minister has constituted a six member Special Committee to evolve a strategy for addressing the situation arising out of the Indian nuclear tests.(News). Cabinet is unanimous on detonating Nuclear device.(Nation/Pak.Observer).

A two member high level US delegation will arrive in Islamabad today to pursued Pakistan not to conduct nuclear tests in response to the series of Indian nuclear explosions (Nation). Foreign Office spokesman has said, Pakistan would explain its security concerns to a high level US delegation.(News). Indian explosions have rendered CTBT irrelevant.(Pak.Observer). India will be given matured response.(Muslim). Pakistan during the talks with the US delegation will demand the resolution of Kashmir issue otherwise it will conduct a nuclear test.(N.Waqt).

UN Security Council "Strongly deplored" the Indian test explosions; China has warned India of serious consequences; India is not yet nuclear weapon state, says IAEA; European Union has asked Pakistan to act with restraint; members of the US Congress have appealed Pakistan to resist to conduct its own nuclear test; Japan slaps $ 1 billion sanctions on India; Israeli COAS has cancelled his visit to India.(News).

The Prime Minister informed US President about nuclear test decision on telephone the other day.(ASAS/NNI/F.Post).

The Prime Minister during his meeting with the President at Aiwan-e-Sadr on May 14,98 discussed the situation arising out of the Indian nuclear tests.(N.Waqt).

The Senate unanimously passed on May 14, 98 a resolution condemning India for carrying out five nuclear explosions and strongly disapproved international double standards and discriminatory pressures on Pakistan terming them unjustified.(Nation). Termed Indian tests as threat to peace.(News).

Ejazul Haq called on the Prime Minister on May 14, 98 and discussed with him various issues including Indian nuclear tests.(Pak.Observer/NNI/Al-Akhbar).

The stage has been set for nuclear test and a deep well has been dugout in Chaghi, Balochistan.(ASAS/Al-Akhbar). Western media has claimed that Pakistan will conduct nuclear device on Sunday.(Al-Akhbar/Jang/NNI/News/Nation). US has shown its concern over possible nuclear test by Pakistan. US will offer attractive economic package to Pakistan for not conducting nuclear test.(ASAS/NNI/Jang). The White House has said, Pakistan should not detonate nuclear device (N.Waqt/APP). Iran has asked Pakistan to conduct nuclear device without any delay.(N.Waqt/ASAS). Dr. Mehboobul Haq warns, nuclear test will not be in the interest of Pakistan.(Jang).

Many western diplomats in Islamabad believe a Pakistani test is now inevitable, reports BBC.(Pak.Observer).

Russia, UK, France and South Africa have refused to impose sanctions against India.(Khabrain).

The All Parties Conference convened by JI, Karachi on May 14, 98 urged the government to immediately conduct a nuclear test.(News).

Pakistan will conduct 10 to 12 nuclear tests.(Al-Akhbar/GNN/Khabrain).

US has finally declared to release stuck-up F-16 war plans to Pakistan, says Japan Times.(Khabrain).

The American delegation lead by Deputy Secretary of State, Strobe Talbot and General Anthony Zennie will arrive in Pakistan only to further complicate the tough choices confronting the Nawaz Sharif government.(Nation).

Indian Prime Minister on May 14, 98 declined to comment on a wave of Western sanctions against India in the wake of its series of nuclear tests.(News). External Affairs Ministry spokesman said, India is observing reactions from different countries.(News).

The Prime Minister while talking to a three-member delegation of Robert Flemming and Holding Limited, headed by its Chief Executive, has called upon the foreign businessmen and entrepreneurs to come forward in a big way and make investment in Pakistan which offers immense and lucrative opportunities in the field.(News).

The President while talking with a delegation of Jammu and Kashmir Council has said that we are well prepared for the protection of our borders and freedom.(ASAS/KPI).

The Balochistan Governor has said, Pakistan should cautiously review the situation before taking a decision in the wake of Indian nuclear tests.(N.Waqt/APP).

Pakistan will fully ensure that its security and integrity is never at stake and its future course of action will be based on a very serious and mature analysis of the obtaining situation. This was stated by Mian Riaz Samee, Pakistanís High Commissioner in UK, in an interview with BBC television following the nuclear tests carried out by India.(News).

Qazi Hussain Ahmad says, if there is no atomic explosion then Nawaz Sharif government will not remain; brands Dr. Mubashir Hassan of Frontier Post and Mujibur Rehman Shami as agents of US and India.(Khabrain).

JUL Central Vice President Hafiz Hussain Ahmad and JIís Vice Ameer Prof. Khurshid Ahmad have said that now Pakistan has no option except conducting a nuclear test without any delay. (ASAS/NNI/P.R).

Following two more nuclear explosions by India, trade and industry leaders of Pakistan are of the view that the government should handle the situation diplomatically and pressure the international community to write off its foreign debts of $30 billion. They said that the government should not opt for a reciprocal action immediately. (NEWS).