NEWS SUMMARY (15-05-1998)

Cabinet resolves not to compromise Pakistan's supreme interests

ISLAMABAD, May 15 (APP): The Federal Cabinet Thursday unanimously resolved that legitimate security and defence interests of the country are supreme and will not be compromised under any circumstances. Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif chaired the meeting. It "examined all aspects of the issue and unanimously resolved that Pakistan's legitimate security and defence interests are supreme, which under no circumstances, can brook any compromise," it was stated officially. The Cabinet reviewed the serious threat to peace and security in the region in wake of Indian nuclear tests. The Cabinet noted with satisfaction that the country's, "state of preparedness and defence capability can deter any threat from any quarter."

Pakistan to behave responsibly

ISLAMABAD, May 15 (APP): Pakistan said on Thursday that it would give, "well-considered, sober, mature and comprehensive response," to India's growing threats to its security. "Pakistan, in terms of its action, will keep in view the threat posed to its security and the response will be in keeping with our vital national interests," Foreign Office spokesman Tariq Altaf told reporters. He said the Federal cabinet in its meeting took stock of the situation and all aspects of the situation were comprehensively reviewed. He said the government expressed the resolve that Pakistan would not yield to any discriminatory, unilateral and selective pressure from any quarter on matters of national security. "Pakistan's response to the present situation will be totally in consonance with the threat faced by it and in keeping with its vital national interests." He said India's nuclear tests have strategically changed the situation and world community should decide as to how to cope with it. "Non-proliferation efforts have come to knot, they are shattered," he added.

Pakistan to take possible step for country's security:Gohar

ISLAMABAD, May 15 (APP): Reiterating that country's defence is impregnable, Foreign Minister, Gohar Ayub Khan told the Senate on Thursday, that Pakistan will take every necessary step in the face of perilous development of India's nuclear blasts. "The security situation in South Asia is now radically changed," he said and added "Pakistan cannot remain oblivious to this perilous development." Gohar said that the country's security is government's paramount concern, and "it will not be compromised at any cost." He assured the nation that every further necessary step would be taken, "without any hesitation, to ensure security of our beloved country against any potential threat." India has struck a fatal blow to international efforts at nuclear non-proliferation by conducting the nuclear tests, and has totally shattered the international community's wish to create a nuclear weapons free world. "The responsibility rests squarely with India," he added. He assured the Senate and the nation that the government is fully seized with the obtaining situation.

Great powers must act to curb Indian adventurism: Abdul Sattar

ISLAMABAD, May 15 (APP) :Declarations of dismay,condemnations and disappointments alone cannot be credible and great powers have to act to curb Indian adventurism, said former Foreign Secretary Abdul Sattar here Thursday. "Defiant and dismissive of global condemnation, India has proved itself a reckless and dangerous state," Sattar told APP here. They face a test in the wake of two more nuclear underground explosions by India at Pokhran on Wednesday. Sattar said the great powers have to, "demonstrate a capacity for action to curb Indian adventurism and guarantee the security of Indian neighbours." With its experience of Indian intimidation and aggression, Pakistan, has to take effective measures to safeguard its security, said Sattar who also served as Foreign Minister in a caretaker Government led by Moeen Qureshi. Abdul Sattar said nuclear threats can be contained only through nuclear deterrence. Pakistan has never been in any arms race."It does not need to match India, explosion for explosion or bomb for bombs," said the career diplomat.But Pakistan must strengthen its existing capacity which is minimal.

Sultan urges world community to sever political and diplomatic relations with India

ISLAMABAD, May 15 (APP):- Prime Minister of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Barrister Sultan Mehmood Chudhary Thursday urged world community to sever political and diplomatic relations with India for conducting five nuclear tests. According to a message received here Thursday he was addressing the Newcastle Council's reception hosted in his honour by the Council. Leader of the Council Tony Felon, AJK Minister Ali Muhammad Chacha, councillers Sajawal Khan and Zafar Jang also spoke on the occasion. He said, "world community should not only strongly condemn India for conducting five nuclear tests but also severe their political and diplomatic relations with her". "Unless these sanctions were effectively implemented and India punished for triggering a nuclear armament race, Pakistan would have no option but to give a matching response to India and go ahead with her own nuclear programme," he added. The AJK prime minister asked the world community to take serious notice of the Indian aggressive designs of becoming nuclear power in South Asia. He said that Indian nuclear tests have jeopardized peace and security and posing great threat to the region.

Socio-political organisations protest against Indian nuclear tests

ISLAMABAD, May 15 (APP): Scores of socio-political and non government organisations (NGOs) Thursday took out a procession here to condemn Indian nuclear explosions and termed it reckless act against human being. Carrying placards and banners, a large number of demonstrators marched from Aabpara Chowk to Foreign Office to register their condemnation and concern over detonation of nuclear devices by the Indian government. The demonstrators, who planned to reach Indian High Commission to hand over memorandum, were halted near Foreign Office. However,police allowed only eight representatives to go inside the Indian High Commission to hand over a memorandum. The organisations including Aurat Foundation, Christian Study Centre, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, Human Rights society of Pakistan, The Network, Pakistan India Peoples Forum for Peace and Democracy, Pakistan Physicians for Prevention of Nuclear War, Progressive Women Association, Savera, Social Democratic Movement, Sustainable Development Policy Institute and Women Action Forum, participated in the march against the explosions by India.

Pakistan to safeguard its security no matter what it costs

ISLAMABAD, May 14 (APP): The Senate on Thursday passed a unanimous resolution saying Pakistan will not submit to Indian hegemony and will safeguard national security whatever the cost. Deputy Opposition Leader Mian Raza Rabbani presented the resolution which won unanimous approval of the House including the independent members. Condemning the adamant stand of India to continue to pursue its aggressive designs in the backdrop of international community's disregard to Pakistan's warnings about Indian designs the Upper House also resolved to stave off any unilateral or discriminatory pressures while taking steps for the country's security.

Rabbani says Pakistan faces 1971-like challenge

ISLAMABAD, May 15 (APP): Deputy Opposition Leader Raza Rabbani on Thursday said the challenge facing Pakistan in the wake of Indian nuclear blasts, is of the magnitude of the 1971 war. The Senator said this while presenting a resolution which the Upper House adopted unanimously with the resolve to take every possible step to stave off any threat to country's security in the wake of Indian nuclear explosions. "The threat arising from Indian explosions demands equal response from Pakistan, otherwise future generations will not forgive us," he emphasized. He said, the resolution was drafted after consultations with the members of the august House including the independent members.

Pakistan should explode nuclear device; must weigh global pressure

ISLAMABAD, May 15 (APP): The Senators on Thursday, taking part in the debate on the Indian nuclear explosions, demanded that the government must explode a nuclear device to counter Indian intentions of hegemony but warned that Pakistan ought to be cautious of international economic sanctions. Dr Javed Iqbal said people's sentiments were such that they were demanding tit for tat and there could be no two opinions about it. He, however said it must be weighed very carefully that if Pakistan goes for the "bang", how will it cope with the international economic sanctions which would be imposed by the West. Mustafa Kamal Rizvi said the nations are stronger not because they have the nuclear capability but because they have unity, faith and discipline amongst them. He stressed that the national security, in view of the Indian nuclear tests, should be the government's prime concern. Kamal called on the international community to impose immediate sanctions against India.

Int community should understand Pak security concerns: Akram

ISLAMABAD, May 15 (APP): Pakistan's Envoy to UN Munir Akram said Thursday that the International community should not only react strongly to India's provocative actions but also understand Pakistan's security concerns. He was talking to BBC television about the situation arising in the wake of five underground nuclear tests carried out by India at Pokhran on Monday and Wednesday. "As we are the prime victim of this development which is not a consequence of any action that we have taken, so we need to find the answer for our security problems", Akram stressed.