Defiant India conducted two more underground nuclear tests on May 13, 98 Indian Prime Minister said, India is ready to face sanctions; expressed readiness to sign CTBT with conditions; Clinton imposed economic sanctions, all US assistance except humanitarian has been stopped; Norway, Netherlands and Sweden freeze aid, Iran has asked Pakistan to conduct N-test.(News/N.Waqt/Jang/Nation). Japan has also imposed economic sanctions on India.(Nation). France and Russia on May 13, 98 cautioned against the US decision to slap sanctions on India and called instead on New Delhi to join a global test ban.(News). Britain will not impose sanctions against India.(Jang).

US President Bill Clinton has assured the Prime Minister on telephone from Berlin on May 13, 98 that his administration is determined to enforce US laws relating to nuclear explosions; The Prime Minister has told Bill Clinton that we have to ensure our security.(News). We will take appropriate steps, the Prime Minister told US President Clinton.(Nation).

The Prime Minister on May 13, 98 presided over a meeting of Defence Committee of the Cabinet on May 13, 98 in which DCC took stock of the situation arising from Indian nuclear tests and overt weaponisation by India; rejected any unilateral and discriminatory pressure on its matters of national security.(APP/Pakistan Observer). Top political and military leadership firmed up strategy for responding to nuclear tests.(News). Failed to evolve any strategy to counter the situation arising out of India, nuclear device.(Al-Akhbar). It was decided in DCC meeting to counter Indian nuclear threats; scientists have been given green signal to explode nuclear test.(Jang). Cash crisis puts the policy markers in a fix.(Frontier Post).

Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan on May 13, 98 briefed the Finance Committee of the Cabinet on Pakistan’s nuclear capability and the implications of India’s five nuclear tests.(Nation).

The Kazakhstan Foreign Ministry issued a statement on May 13, 98 to express its deep concern about the underground nuclear tests in India.(Pakistan Observer).

A US delegation led by US Assistant Secretary of State Strobe Talbott and General Anthony Zinni was to leave Washington on May 13, 98 for Pakistan the State Department said.(News).

Political Advisor to the Indian Prime Minister has said, if Pakistan wants to conduct nuclear test, it should do so; Vajpayee has not written any letter of clarification to Nawaz Sharif on nuclear experiments.(Jang).

Indian media see little impact of sanctions on India majority of Indians have approved nuclear tests.(News).

A spokesman of the Foreign Office has termed the latest nuclear tests by the Indian government as provocative and said by nature these are aimed at threatening the security of its immediate neighbours.(News/Pakistan Observer).

Government has decided to adopt "wait and see policy" in the wake of Indian nuclear tests.(Jang).

The traders’ organisation have demanded of the Prime Minister to impose a special tax for nuclear bomb.(Khabrain/AFP).

Pakistan will carry out a nuclear test of its own before the end of June, in response to India’s nuclear tests, Jane’s defence group said on May 13, 98.(Nation/Khabrain).

Mushahid Hussain Sayed says in a BBC interview that the conducting of two more nuclear tests earlier on May 13, 98 by India "unveils India’s real mask and shows that the militarist state is seeking to drum up popular support at home via jingosim and chauvinism.(News/Pakistan Observer).

COAS General Jehangir Karamat held extensive discussions with the Prime Minister on May 13, 98 and discussed the issues relating to Indian nuclear tests and the situation arising out of it.(News/Pakistan Observer).

A special meeting of the Federal Cabinet will be held today to discuss a 3-point agenda.(Khabrain/N.Waqt). Will determine and fix time and site for detonating a nuclear device today.(Al-Akhbar). Will decide response to India today.(Muslim/PPI).Will discuss the options today.(News).

Foreign Minister has stated that Pakistan is reviewing its earlier stance of signing the CTBT if India did it.(News). Invoking of mandatory sanctions under US laws against India hardly constitutes an effective response to Indian provocative actions.(Nation). Accused the US of double standards.(Pakistan Observer). Pakistan will definitely response to Indian nuclear tests.(N.Waqt).Expressed surprise over the fact how the Americans could not monitor preparations for nuclear tests in India. It is in complicity or naivity on the part of the United States.(News). Pakistan was to more bound by its commitment to sign the CTBT alongwith India; does not rule out threat of Indian attack on Pakistan’s soil particularly in Azad Kashmir.(Frontier Post).

China’s Foreign Ministry said on May 13, 98 it was carefully weighing its response to India’s latest surprise round of nuclear tests. It is not so quick, the response. It has to go through certain channels, a spokesman for the Foreign Ministry told AFP(News).

US Senator John Goyan, who sponsored the 1994 law that requires the US to impose sanctions on any non-nuclear country that tests nuclear device, says he is saddened by Indian nuclear testing.(News).

Benazir Bhutto has said that after Nuclear tests by India, Pakistan should also test a nuclear device.(News/Frontier Post).

Asif Ali Zardari says, all the political parties should adopt a united course of action on Indian nuclear experiments.(Pakistan).

Ajmal Khattak says, India is spreading war mania by N-tests.(News).

Opposition in the Senate on May 13, 98 criticised the absence of the prime Minister from the House and demanded of him to make his policy statement without further delay as the situation in the region had become fragile.(Nation). Senators have asked the government to review stance on CTBT.(News).

Jamaat-e-Islami on May 13, 98 staged a big rally in Islamabad to protest against five Indian nuclear tests and called upon the government to immediately carry out nuclear blasts.(Pakistan Observer/News).

PPP, MQM and other parliamentary groups on May 13, 98 demanded immediate convening of the session of the National Assembly for evolving a joint strategy to effectively counter India’s nuclear threats.(Frontier Post).

Leaders of the world’s leading eight industrialised countries will express their "dismay and condemnation" of India’s nuclear tests when they meet in Birmingham later this week, a Downing Street spokesman said on May 13, 98. It will be the first thing the G8 leaders discuss when they gather in the city in Central England on May 15, 98 said British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s spokesman.(News).