The Prime Minister while talking to reporters at PAF Base Chaklala, Rawalpindi on his return from Almaty declared that Pakistan alone will decide as to what is essential to safeguard its security in the wake of Indian explosions and will not take any dictation from any body.(Nation/N.Waqt/Pak.Observer/Pakistan/Jang). We would alone decide our response.(News).

The Prime Minister while talking to Pakistanis in Almaty before his departure to Islamabad said, Kashmir will soon be liberated.(N.Waqt/Jang).

The Prime Minister after his return from Kazakhstan held consultations with the federal ministers, political advisors and defence experts on May 12, 98 over the nuclear tests conducted by India.(Jang).

The President while talking to reporters after inaugurating the 67th annual session of the Pakistan Engineering Council in Lahore said that proper action would be taken at proper time to counter Indian nuclear explosions.(Nation). Defence of the country is in safe hands.(Pak.Observer). Pakistan is fully capable of meeting any threat (Muslim).

Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan called on the Prime Minister on May 12, 98 and discussed most important and sensitive aspects of the nuclear tests conducted by India.(Jang). They discussed matching response to Indian nuclear tests.(Pak.Observer).

President Bill Clinton pledged on May 12, 98 to `implement fully` tough sanctions on India for its surprise underground nuclear tests, which he described as a defiant threat to global security; said "I am deeply disturbed by tests", urged Indian neighbours not to follow the suit.(Nation). US recalls its Ambassador to India for consultations; Australia and Newzealand have also called their Ambassadors back as a protest (Jang). Japan may impose sanctions, will review $1 billion loan; Germany has cancelled talks with India over aid.(Nation/Jang/N.Waqt/News).

In the wake of the Indian nuclear tests, President Bill Clinton’s tour to India will not be changed; says US Advisor to National Security. (Pakistan).

Gohar Ayub Khan told the Senate on May 12,98 that India has been categorically informed by Pakistan that its nuclear pursuits will find a fitting response by Pakistan. (Nation/N.Waqt). Reaffirms befitting answer to Indian nuclear explosions. (Pak.Observer). India has drawn widespread condemnation from around the world, for carrying out three underground nuclear tests on May 12, 98, reports VOA. White House spokesman Mike McCurry said US will formally protest to India over nuclear blats. Washington is considering whether to slap sanctions on New Delhi, he added. Japan has said that it may impose economic sanctions against India and will also review a $1 billion loan to New Delhi. Spain has also threatened trade sanctions against India. Germany cancelled talks, scheduled for May 13,98 over aid with India throwing 300 million mark aid package in cold storage. China expressed grave concern over India’s nuclear blasts and said they will destabilise peace and security in South Asia. Russia regretted Indian move and said New Delhi has let them down by carrying out nuclear tests. Denmark is also reviewing aid to India. Australia and New Zealand have called back their High Commissioners from New Delhi as a mark of protest. Australian Foreign Minister launched a campaign for a global protest over nuclear explosions. Canada summoned Indian Ambassador in Toronto to register its protest and called on New Delhi to sign NPT and CTBT. The UN, EU, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and other countries strongly condemned India’s nuclear tests. Mayors of Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, targets of atomic bombs in World War II also condemned blasts.(Nation).

A high lever meeting in M/O Foreign Affairs has decided to lodge a strong protest with the Security Council over Indian nuclear tests. (ASAS). Dr. Abdul Qaddeer Khan said on May12,98 that he would not let down the nation against the Indian move; Pakistan had possessed nuclear capability as had been asserted by successive governments.(Nation/N.Waqt). India has conducted nuclear tests to become a member of nuclear atomic club.(Pakistan). Pakistan is capable to meet any nuclear challenge.(Pak.Observer). We would also conduct a nuclear test if asked by the Prime Minister.(Jang). India conducted thermo-nuclear explosion to join the club of nuclear nations.(News). Mushahid Hussain Syed says, the world community should exert pressure on India instead of appealing Pakistan not to go for nuclear explosion.(Jang/Pakistan Observer). Replying to a question, about Pakistan’s response, he said, the issue is not what will Pakistan do, the issue is whether the west will be able to match its concern for non-proliferation with specific policy decision. The Minister said, is just following a peaceful policy of self-defence given India’s track record for the last fifty years.(News). Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhu Bangzao said on the National State-run evening television news programme said that India’s nuclear tests will harm peace and stability in South Asia. China is "seriously concerned" about the tests.(News). Gen. (Retd). Hamid Gul says, he is hundred per cent sure that India has made nuclear bomb blasts with the consent of USA.(ASAS). The Pakistan Government has decided to enhance its defence budget in the wake of Indian nuclear explosion.(Pakistan). Urging Pakistan to show restraint in the face of Indian nuclear tests, a senior US arms control official warned that a nuclear arms race would cost Islamabad more than New Delhi, John Holum, Director of the US Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, reminded that US sanctions would also come into force against Pakistan if Islamabad responds to the Indian tests with a nuclear test of its own.(F.Post/APP). Indian Minister Murli Manohar Joshi has said that Indian scientists would cap the country’s missiles with nuclear warheads "as soon as the situation requires".(Pakistan Observer/Jang). The Indian Prime Minister in his letter to the US President has claimed that India should be recognized as the sixth nuclear power.(Khabrain/NNI). There is a growing feeling among the Pakistani official circles that Pakistan must respond to the Indian nuclear explosions by testing a nuclear device of its own, if it wants to maintain the credibility of its nuclear capability.(Nation/Jang). Chairman Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf(PTI) Imran Khan on May 12, 98 urged the United States to impose sanctions on India without further delay.(News). The freedom fighters on May 12, 98 attacked India’s Hindu nationalist government for conducting three nuclear tests, saying the exercise would jeopardise regional stability. Ali Shah Gilani, chairman of the All-Party Freedom Conference, described Monday’s tests as an aggressive act by India’s ruling rightwing Hindu party.(News). A high-ranking UN official urged on May 12, 98 that the Conference on Disarmament needs to step up efforts in Geneva following India’s shock nuclear weapons tests.(News). The Prime Minister held a meeting with the Turkish President in Almaty on May 12, 98 and discussed regional and global matters and promotion of economic and trade relations between the two countries.(Al-Akhbar/NNI).

The Prime Minister will preside-over a meeting of the Defence Committee of the Federal Cabinet today; important decision will be taken about Pakistan’s strategy after reviewing all the facts of the Indian nuclear tests.(Jang). Strongly reacting to the nuclear explosions by India, Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) has asked the government to openly reject the signing of Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) and make the defence of the country impregnable.(News).