07/0800 HOURS OF 13-05-1998(WEDNESDAY)

CONDEMNATION: People from various walks of life at home also continue to condemn the nuclear tests carried out by India.

The Federal Information Minister Mr. Mushahid Hussain Syed in an interview with BBC television has urged the International Community to put pressure on India to its nuclear policy.

Pakistan, he said is just following a peaceful policy of self defence given Indiaís track record for the last 30 years.

He said we have no intentions of doing anything which is perceived as a provocative act unlike what India has done.

SARWAR: The Chairman National Assembly Special Committee on Kashmir Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar described nuclear tests by India as an Indian attempt to distract the world attention from the Kashmir issue.

SULTAN: The Azad Jammu and Kashmir Prime Minister Sultan Mahmood Chaudhry has called for exercising nuclear option by Pakistan to give a matching response to India.

Addressing a news conference in Islamabad Tuesday prior to his departure on a 10 day visit to UK he said that owing to the aggressive designs of India and its nuclear threats to Pakistan it has become necessary that a similar response should be given to her as a deterrence.

CONDEMNATION -ZAKI: The Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs Mr. Akram Zaki has described the Indian nuclear tests as unfortunate.

In an interview in Islamabad he said world community should take notice of Indian nuclear and missiles tests. He regretted that Pakistan has been subjected to discriminatory sanctions by the United States but these were never applied against India.

The Chairman Standing Committee of the National Assembly on Foreign Affairs . Abdul Waheed in an interview has said that India has proved that he has no regard for the World opinion because the Ruling Bhartiya Janata party is following a manifesto aimed at aggression instead of peace.

The Chief of Muttahada Qaumi Movement Mr. Altaf Hussain had described the Indian nuclear explosions a serious threat to the regional peace. He said international powers should take notice of Indian nuclear explosions.

The Chief of Tehreek-e-Jafferia Pakistan Allama Syed Sajjid Ali Naqvi said that government should take special measures to augment Pakistanís defence and acquire an effective deterrent against Indian designs.

EHTESAB: A spokesman of the Ehtesab Bureau has termed as unfortunate the vilification campaign launched by vested interests against patriotic Pakistanis who divulged information to the Bureau about corrupt persons and practices to the Ehtesab Bureau which resulted in recovery of looted wealth of the country in a number of cases.

The success of the Ehtesab Bureau in unearthing startling, evidence against some leading personalities has resulted in a campaign in the press and elsewhere against those who are fulfilling their legal obligations concerning the Ehtesab process.

21/2200 HOURS OF 12-05-1998(TUESDAY)

NAWAZ: The Prime Minister Mr. Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has assured the nation that his government is fully alive to the security situation following Indian nuclear tests and would take all essential measures to safeguard the legitimate interests of the country.

He was talking to newsmen at Chaklala air base Tuesday afternoon on return from Kazakhistan where he attended the ECO summit.

Mr. Muhammad Nawaz Sharif said that Pakistan will alone decide what is essential to meet its security needs and will not take dictation from anyone in this matter. He said Pakistan is not unaware of Indian nuclear programme and had been warning the international community to take cognizance of the Indian designs. The Prime Minister said Pakistan is carefully watching and analysing the situation and will take whatever steps are essential for its security defence and sovereignty.

PM STATEMENT: Earlier, in a statement on board the plane, the Prime Minister said the responsibility for delivering a death blow to the global efforts at non proliferation rests squarely with India.

He regretted that Pakistanís warnings remained unheeded. In fact, these tests were encouraged by the discriminatory attitude of the powers which profess commitment to non proliferation.

PRESIDENT PRESS: Talking to newsmen in Lahore Tuesday the President Mr. Muhammad Rafiq Tarar said that India has demonstrated her aggressive designs by conducting nuclear tests, posing threat to peace in South Asia as well as the world. He said Pakistan has the ability to respond to such threats from any side and is fully capable to defend every inch of motherland. The President said that Pakistan has a right to respond to such threats at a suitable time.

PRESIDENT-PEC: The President Mr. Muhammad Rafiq Tarar has categorically stated that defence and security of the country is in safe hands and will not be compromised in any case.

Inaugurating the 67th annual session of the Pakistan Engineering Congress in Lahore Tuesday, he said that Ghauri missile test is indeed matter of pride and satisfaction for all of us as it has amply demonstrated that Pakistani scientists and engineers are capable of rising to the occasion inn providing effective response to challenges posed to the nation. He expressed the confidence that our scientists would provide similar effective response to the present and future challenges.

Mr. Muhammad Rafiq Tarar said the present government is working hard to turn around the economy and to bring much deserved relief to the people who are confronted with genuine hardship.

Referring to the problems of engineers the President assured that the matter would be taken up with the concerned authorities for removal of disparities and ensuring that the brilliance, perseverance and hard work is recognised and adequately compensated across the spectrum.

Later, the President gave away gold medals and shields to the eminent engineers including Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan for their excellent services.

GOHAR: The Foreign Minister, Mr. Gohar Ayub Khan has announced that the government stands by its commitment that any steps of nuclear escalation by India will find a matching response from Pakistan.

He was making opening statement during discussion on a motion moved in the Senate by Minister for parliamentary Affairs Mian Muhammad Yasin Khan Wattoo to discuss the situation arising out of 3 nuclear tests conducted by India Tuesday.

The Foreign Minister assured the nation that Pakistan has the technical capability to respond to any threat to its security. He said the ideological and geographical frontiers of the country are by the grace of Almighty Allah secure and impregnable.