Friday, March 10, 2000 7:28

“Nuclear testing” was an Israeli test of car bombs


Former MK Abd el-Wahab Darawsha, last year accused Israel of conducting secret nuclear testing in the Gulf of Eilat. ISRAELWIRE on June 16, 1999, reported that the MK raised the issue in the Knesset, demanding an explanation of what was recorded by Egyptian scientists.

Darawsha based his Knesset query on a report submitted by an Egyptian nuclear expert, Dr. Tariq el-Nimar, who indicated that Israeli nuclear testing in the Gulf has taken place, and he indicated a test was conducted on May 28, 1998, which caused an earthquake in the area.

According to a report in the daily Ma’ariv, the tests that were conducted a year ago were dealing with the ability of buildings to withstand car-bombing attacks following the attack against the Federal Building in Oklahoma City in the United States. Israeli officials according to Ma’ariv were studying the phenomenon of car bombing attacks against buildings in an attempt to better prepare security agencies for such eventualities in Israel.

Ma’ariv concluded that official IDF sources stated it is likely that Egyptian seismological readings led experts to suspect a nuclear test. The senior officials acknowledged the car-bombing tests, which they added, contributed a great deal of knowledge to local officials in the continuing battle against terrorism.