Coalition aircraft respond to Iraqi radar, AAA fire

UNITED STATES EUROPEAN COMMAND (2 July 1999) -- Between approximately 12:30 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. Iraqi time today, Operation Northern Watch (ONW) aircraft were shot at by Iraqi anti-aircraft artillery. Responding in self-defense, U.S. Air Force F-16C Fighting Falcons and F-15E Strike Eagles dropped GBU-10 and GBU-12 precision guided munitions on a communication site southeast of Mosul.  The site is used to relay Iraqi radar information from south of the 36th parallel to target ONW aircraft.

Damage to Iraqi forces is currently being assessed.

All coalition aircraft departed the area safely.

Coalition aircraft have been enforcing the Northern No-fly Zone for more than eight years. Since Dec. 28, 1998, Saddam Hussein has opted to challenge this enforcement by targeting coalition aircraft with radar, surface-to-air missile systems and anti-aircraft artillery. Operation Northern Watch aircraft will respond in self-defense to these threats while continuing to enforce the no-fly zone.

The Combined Task Force Combined Information Bureau can be reached at 
90-322-316-3704 or DSN: 314-676-3704

Updated 02 July 1999 13:40