PT 2/2, The Belligerent Statements of the Iraqi Leadership

Iraq News, Fri, 15 Jan 1999

By Laurie Mylroie

The central focus of Iraq News is the tension between the considerable, proscribed WMD capabilities that Iraq is holding on to and its increasing stridency that it has complied with UNSCR 687 and it is time to lift sanctions. If you wish to receive Iraq News by email, a service which includes full-text of news reports not archived here, send your request to Laurie Mylroie .


Baghdad INA in Arabic 1240 GMT 14 Jan 99 
[FBIS Translated Text] Baghdad, 14 Jan (INA) -- President Saddam Husayn 
held a meeting that included Vice President Taha Yasin Ramadan, Deputy 
Prime Minister Tariq 'Aziz, and fighter Staff General 'Ali Hasan 
al-Majid, member of the Revolution Command Council.
   During the meeting, the participants discussed developments related 
to the US-UK aggression on Iraq and the various activities, some of 
which are suspicious and encouraged by the United States, Britain, and 
their agents and henchmen in the region.
   The approach employed to find a serious and fair solution to any 
issue is important. If the approach is fair then subsequent procedures 
and measures could lead to some justice. If the approach is not so, then 
nothing can be hoped from those who are behind this approach in terms of 
fairness and justice.
   Therefore, Iraq is of the view that the approach to any solution on 
Iraq and the other parties must include the following basic elements, 
otherwise we will regard it as having dishonest intentions and aims and 
that it is opposed to right and justice.
   In our view, the basic elements are the following: First: Keeping 
clear of double standards and unequal measures in terms of what Iraq is 
asked to respect or abide by in all the previous and subsequent issues; 
applying this principle to everyone without exception, particularly 
those who committed the latest aggression against Iraq, especially the 
United States and Britain; demanding these requirements and commitments 
of the Zionist entity with the result that the same measures and 
procedures that were applied against Iraq must be applied against it, 
especially with regard to the usurped rights of the Arabs in
Palestine and the other occupied Arab territories; establishing and 
affirming all of this on the principles of international law and the 
well-known precedents in all cases and not on the basis of special 
considerations and descriptions pertaining to every case and each side, 
or subject to the balance of power and influence at the UN Security 
Council and other circles, thus disregarding fairness and justice.
   Second, based on these principles, we believe that: 
1. The embargo imposed on Iraq must be immediately lifted in all its 
forms. What has thus far been achieved regarding the so-called issue of 
weapons of mass destruction is considered sufficient and fully 
compatible with the circumstances known at the time, even though many 
countries in the region still possess such weapons.
   The Zionist entity possesses all these types of weapons, in addition 
to nuclear weapons, which are far more fatal and dangerous. What is 
impermissible for Iraq must be made impermissible for all others without 
exception, and Article 14 of Resolution 687 must apply to the Zionist 
entity first.
2. The issue of Iraq's due compensation for the aggression inflicted in 
several stages since 1991 and the demands that others are making to Iraq 
must be dealt with on the basis of international law and legal 
precedents so that each party can get what is rightfully his.
3. It would be unfair to make Iraq bear the expenses and the cost of UN 
activities, and it would be impossible for Iraq to do so. If there are 
expenses to be born, then all the parties concerned must contribute in 
sharing the cost.
4. Everyone must respect Iraq's sovereignty, security, and independence 
in a serious manner, and they must not interfere in Iraq's internal 
affairs. The illegitimate no-fly zone in northern and southern Iraq must 
especially be lifted.
   The meeting was attended by Foreign Minister Muhammad Sa'id 

Baghdad Republic of Iraq Radio Network in Arabic
2003 GMT 12 Jan 99 
[FBIS Translated Text] Leader President Saddam Husayn, may God preserve 
and protect him, met with a number of officials. The conferees discussed 
the latest developments in the political situation.
Following the meeting, an official source stated the following:
   Iraq believes that an equitable dialogue -- which is based on 
goodwill and held under the canopy of the Arab nation's supreme 
interests in a manner that expresses the conscience of the nation and 
the feelings of the Arab masses and the Arab national security -- can 
provide practical solutions to the various, or conflicting positions and 
opinions of this party or that. Such solutions cannot be reached by
ignoring the others' opinions or through conspiracies and maneuvers that 
take place in dark alleyways.
  If there is a need to reach serious solutions and stands that serve 
the nation, the sound basis is to consider pan-Arab security an 
indivisible whole and to consider any foreign aggression against any 
Arab country an aggression against the entire Arab nation.
   This requires each Arab country to carry out its duty toward this 
aggression in accordance with the Collective Arab Defense Pact. This 
also requires Arab officials to take a clear and specific stand,
condemning and denouncing the American-British aggression against Iraq 
and those who supported and provided facilities, requirements, and 
practical and political support to this aggression.
   The meeting was attended by Vice President Taha Yasin Ramadan, Deputy 
Prime Minister Tariq 'Aziz, National Assembly Speaker Dr. Sa'dun 
Hammadi, Foreign Minister Muhammad Sa'id al-Sahhaf, and Culture and 
Information Minister Humam 'Abd-al-Khaliq.