Permanent Mission To The United Nations
New York

For immediate release
N.Y. May 21, 1998

Following is a statement issued by an official Spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on 21 May 1998:

The Government of the Republic of Iraq utterly and totally rejects the draft resolution circulated on 20 May 1998 by the United States delegation to some members of the Security Council on the Oil-for-Food program.

This draft deviates from Resolution 986(1995) and the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the Government of Iraq and the United Nations on 20 May 1996.  The Government of Iraq reiterates that it will not accept any measures that deviate from the temporary and exceptional nature of this program, as well as its legal context which is represented in the MOU and Res. 986(1995).

This draft unveils, once again, the inhumane and hostile behavior of the American Administration, and its disregard of the Security Council resolutions when it wants to serve its conspiratorial plots.  Otherwise, how can one explain the logic behind a draft entitled (Oil-for-Food) while it totally deviates from the MOU and Resolution 986(1995).

The Government of Iraq urges members of the Security Council to foil this provocative draft and to abide by the Memorandum of Understanding and Resolution 986(1995).