Permanent Mission To The United Nations
New York

"Unofficial Translation"
In the Name of Allah,
The Benevolent, the Merciful
“Ye both go to Pharaoh who has indeed transgressed all bounds.”
(The Holy Koran, TAHA, XX, 43)
Allah Sayeth the Truth

Your Excellences,
The President and Members of the Security Council,

Peace Be Upon Those Who Follow the Guidance of Faith,

Your institutions were born and established in the aftermath of the Second World War and the failure of the League of Nations in preserving international security and peace. This is what has been said, and continues to be said to date, by those countries which are called, or rather which call themselves, Superpowers. These institutions have garnered the attention of the peoples of the world through the principles of the UN Charter, the basic objectives of which, it was said, was to establish a world free of tyranny, hegemony, and the scourge of war. The Security Council was entrusted with certain powers to achieve that objective. Wars, as is well known, generally occur as a result either of a feeling of excessive injustice in which war appears to those suffering the injustice to be a way out, especially when they see, or they believe they see, no possibility left for any other avenue whereby the injustice done to them may be removed; or war may come about as a result of a sense of excessive brutish power coupled with a feeling that the others are too frail or enfeebled to be able to thwart this brutish force or prevent it from achieving its goals by armed force or by whatever means akin to it.

In the first case, God Almighty, in his wisdom, invariably stands by the oppressed if they rise against injustice on the grounds of true revolution in the care of the most Benevolent and Most Merciful, the Great and Omnipotent, the possessor of all possessions, He who knows all secrets.

As for the second case, it can only be in the care of the devil.

In the case of Iraq, this country has been subjected to such iniquitous justice as has never been recorded in history books. Iraq has suffered the injustice of repeated military aggressions since January 17th, 1991. The latest was the aggression of the Third Return perpetrated in 1996. Iraq has also been subjected to a series of threats supported by military build-up which began in 1990 and have continued unabated ever since. Iraq has for eight years now been fettered with a blockade unrivaled in its immorality and unique in the death of conscience among those imposing it. You also know, Excellences, that, in fighting injustice, tyranny, and corruption, has not only proceeded from its own true nationalism and genuine pan-Arab principles, but also because Iraq realized from the beginning that the kind of bullyist arrogance which had possessed the official U.S. mentality, following the imbalance that had hit the world for reasons known to all, had in fact meant that the U.S. Officialdom had lost both its mind and the ability to see the right direction or follow the right methods of dealing with the world. The U.S. centers of power had been intoxicated by a hollow, blind, and destructive sense of ecstacy, coupled with a ruthless urge, cruel both to themselves as well as to others, for the use of force in dealing with the world as a whole, so that all would come to kiss the hands of the tyrants seated on their high chairs in the “Black House”; or at least all would succumb, and the policy dictated by the “Black House” would prevail with all its directions, implications, objectives, and impact. Thus, the whole world would become slave to the United States of America, and the freedom fighters of the world would be incapacitated and unable to determine their destiny.

Iraq realized all of this, along with all that may occur to the minds of the freedom fighters in the world, with regard to the bleak destiny designed by the United States to the whole of mankind. Iraq has therefore acquired an immense human capacity, incalculably deep in its meaning and positive impact; a capacity graced by Allah Almighty to be convincing to the people of Iraq and the Arab Nation as well as to be a substantial and vital part of humanity at large. Iraq is thus imbued with greater strength to withstand injustice and face up to its perpetrators, raising the high banner of “Allah Akbar” (Allah is Great) in the Great Jihad, so that it will be seen from every distance. This is how Iraq rose with justice against the storming American bull which threatens the whole world, including the USA itself, with destruction. This is how Iraq, despite the adversity of injustice done to it, has withstood America’s unipolar tyranny, deriving strength from God, the Merciful. It is on the basis of this feeling and this analysis that the patient resilience of the Iraqi people has remained firm and on solid ground, in the face of every step or measure of injustice inflicted by the USA against Iraq and its people. Iraq has endure and withstood all this injustice in the hope that the countries and peoples of the world will rise, or at least that the leaders of those countries will have the minimum level of responsibility needed to preserve security and safety, and to distinguish right from wrong, injustice and its perpetrators from truth and the oppressed and tyrants from those who persevere in tyranny. What is most hurtful to the Iraqi soul, however, is the extent to which the US tyrant has continued perpetrating the crime of the blockade imposed on Iraq under the pretext that the sanctions were imposed by a resolution of the Security Council. Furthermore, although you know, as well as we do, the circumstances under which those resolutions were adopted by the Security Council without the most basic meanings of objectivity or justification, the people of Iraq find it most painful today to see the Security Council remain hostage to the single member-state supported by the watch-dog of the old colonialist English devil. The people of Iraq are further hurt when they realize that your will is not free to say what ought to be said in truth to the party that has sunk so deep in the quagmire of vicious falsity that nothing is seen anymore of him but the very top of his head, when even his eyes and ears are sunk in filth. It is truly painful to see those who call themselves big powers in the Security Council unable to conduct themselves in a manner commensurate with responsibility and the stature carried by the position of being a big power in the Security Council. Worst of all is the fact that the US demands what it wants from them in arrogant dictate, while they address the US beggingly or bashfully, even when they exercise their unquestionable right on the basis of the Charter. At best, they negotiate with the USA their inalienable rights from the position of the weaker party, which leaves to the Americans the door open to accept, reject, amend or change at will and without any sense of shame or fear and consideration for the consequences of arrogance.

This is a shameful state of affairs, Gentlemen, but it is also one which  urges us to stick, in a strong and able manner, while relying on God’s  assistance, by what is rightfully ours, by our true path, and by our  great struggle for the rights of our people, our Nation, and humanity  at large, and not to resign ourselves to despair and submission,  because we are fully convinced that, at its peak, brute force is also on  the verge on sliding down the precipice. If examples are needed  about what we have said to you, then ponder over the following:

1) It has been eight years now since the blockade was imposed on  Iraq, and it has not been lifted, nor has indeed paragraph 22 of  Security Council Resolution 687 been  implemented, even though  the so-called proscribed weapons have been destroyed along with  their means of production, and although none of the 397 inspection  teams and monitoring groups which have conducted since  November 1991 more than 7000 inspection visits, employing some  3200 inspectors, have discovered or proven the contrary. It is our  belief that failure by the members of the Security Council,  particularly the permanent members, to state this obvious fact  forcefully or firmly enough, is to spare themselves the  embarrassment of America’s wrath and because they are unable to  implement paragraph 22 and lift the sanctions, they tend to leave the  issue unresolved, subject to indecision and for some indefinite period

2) The contradiction between the so-called “no-fly zones” imposed  on Northern and Southern Iraq and the constant interference in  Iraq’s internal affairs on the one hand, and what has been decided by  the Security Council. Indeed the US claims that there are grounds  in the Security Council resolution for its illegal measures imposing  the no-fly-zones In the meantime, the Security Council is  incapable  of warning the US, a permanent member in it, along with  Britain, against their violation of Iraq’s sovereignty and  security, or  force these two members to rectify the situation.

3) The deployment of air and naval forces within, or in the vicinity of,  the Arab Gulf is tantamount to an occupation under various and  varying pretexts, acquiring a new guise everyday, with a view to  hegemonize this part of the world and controlling its strategic oil  reserves, thus placing the whole world under the grip of the neo  imperialists/Zionist alliance while continuing to threaten Iraq and  the other peaceful Gulf states.
4) Ponder over the double-standards constantly employed in dealing  with the Arab Nations and Muslim Umma, while failing to  implement the relevant Security Council resolution on Palestine, and  other issues; and the promises given to some parties in the Arab  world while preparing for the 1991 thirty-state aggression against  Iraq. Consider also the free hand given to the Zionist entity  (Israel) in threatening and aggressing, and using military force   against the Palestinian people, and against Lebanon, Syria, and  other Arab States.

5) The failure to replace Mr. Richard Butler, the executive chairman  of the so-called UNSCOM even though he was exposed as having  made false allegations and told flagrant lies in all his claims, or even  to rebuke him for his misconduct, as a serious step to rectify the work  of UNSCOM on the basis of objective criteria for disarmament and  maintain some serious balance in the Special Commission so that the  members of the Security Council may be urged out of the  enfeeblement and ineffectiveness that have prevailed amongst  certain members.


You may find our approach to be peculiar, especially at the time  when many rulers, not their peoples however, think that the  USA  is the ultimate arbiter on everything, even matters of life and death.  We believe, that God alone is the only Arbiter on life and death. God  bestows His lofty titles upon those who say the truth and defend it in  this world and the world hereafter. The US policy makes the US  nothing more than a raging bull which is bound eventually to find  itself fallen down the ditch of life, pushed by the valiant resistance of  the people, a bull which will find itself chains by God Almighty and  burning in the fire of its own sins and vicious actions, so that the  banner of “Allah Akbar”(God is Great) remains raised high, and the  voice of truth prevails over the voice of falsity everywhere and in all  directions. In the words of the Prophet Mohammed, “He who sees  something wrong, must endeavour to rectify it with his own hands.  If he cannot do that, let him change it in his heart; and this last is the  weakest for of faith.” Mohammed’s was always the Word of Truth.

Gentlemen, The President and Members of the Security Council,
In none of the words which have been used, including those we may seem to you to have been used to hurt your feelings, have we had any intention to infringe in any way upon your feelings. Indeed, our intention, in the first place, is to show nothing but increased respect  to you peoples and nations.

In the Name of Allah
The Benevolent, the Merciful,

“We made you into nations and tribes, that ye may know each other. The most reverend of you in the eyes of Allah are those who are most righteous amongst you.”

What we have attempted to do in this letter is to bring home to you some bitter facts, be they to do with the inhumanity of the brutal members of the Security Council or with the weakness of the timid, or eve of the failure of the parties concerned to see their own potential and use it as it ought to be used. Our intention is to say to you as forcefully as we can:

In the Name of Allah
The Benevolent, the Merciful,

“Those against who war is made, are permitted to fight because they have been wronged. And verily Allah is Most Powerful in their aid.”

The fact that, for the past eight years, the people of Iraq have made great sacrifices through their cooperation with the Security Council and UNSCOM and are yet to see their most basic rights granted by the lifting of the blockade, will lead to grave consequences. In spite of all this, however, our moral, constitutional and human responsibility, urges us to wait and see how the Security Council will conduct itself on Iraq following this letter. The Arab Nations and the Great Country of Iraq, which have faced old colonial and imperialist empires, including the invasion of the Moguls and Tartars, will always be ready to defend their security, their rights and their sovereignty. Each affair will require its proper talk. And soon will the unjust know what vicissitudes their affairs will take.

Allahu Akbar....Allahu Akbar (God is Great). The wicked shall be repelled.

April 30, 1998