“Our Lord decide thou between us and our people in truth,
for thou art the best to decide” God speaks the truth.

Great people,

Brave men of our valiant armed forces,
Arab freedom fighters and strugglers,
Peace be upon you,
Moral and Principled Obligation

On this day, every year, we recall with you the two days of the revolution on 17 and 30 July 1968. But today, on the thirtieth anniversary of the revolution we will not engross you, like on traditional occasions, in figures and achievements that acquaint you with what rests you assured of its genuine course and with sincere pledge and promise made to the brave and genuine revolutionists. Rather, it is sufficient to mention some indications of what we can scoop up from its great sea in a manner that makes you more confident and certain that the meanings and spirit of the revolution which broke out at the starting point, on 17 and 30 July 1968, and throughout the subsequent course, are condensing and gathering in an interactive way at every step on its path, as a not-deviated moral and principled obligation, and to highlight at every stage what is new, renewable and ready to leap forward in a manner that angers the enemies and pleases the friends, because talking about figures and achievements does not reflect on the course of the revolution, as the revolution of the new model in Arab life and human life, what is necessary, now its basic achievements have become known to those who follow up its reality and the nature of the battle with the enemies. And because the level of the legendary steadfastness of the people of civilizations and peaks speaks in the utmost eloquence about the level of what assures the sons of our glorious great nation and our friends in the world that the revolution of the new model is continuos and firm, its people and knights are genuine and faithful to their pledge and promise. In the midst of future, it is glorious, prosperous, promising and in the midst of present it depends on its known qualities.  

This is your revolution, glorious men and women of Iraq, revolutionists, freedom fighters, strugglers, and sons of our glorious Arab nation.  

This is the revolution that you know, friends, and appreciate its true pledge, obligation and position.

It is the glorious revolution of July in great Iraq, the base of challenge, great building, civilizations, position and great Jihad.

The Embargo is Eroding
Great people
We, all, face the plight of the embargo, threats, conspiracy and the courses of evil coming from outside Iraq. We, all, live up to the honor of firmness, position and the ability to face the threats, relying on God, the Almighty, more confident of the relentless enthusiasm, which cannot be severed from its fountain and resort, of a great people of Jihad.

On previous occasions, we said that the embargo would not be lifted by a unanimous resolution of the Security Council, like it had been depicted that it had been adopted by a unanimous resolution of the Council. Rather, it will be eroded as long as Iraqis hold up to their position, and as the meanings of this position become more clear to the Arabs who increasingly interact with that position as well as to those who bear a serious extent of the meanings of humanity and friendship in the world.

In late 1997, and in the beginning of 1998, Iraqis waged battles and took positions that put the witnesses who have no interest in the embargo, vis-a-vis the tendentious and evil people in a manner that makes the two lines separated by a clear plain determining unequivocally what is in the battlefield between them without allowing an unexposed maneuver.


Alternative Strategy

If the enemies of Iraq imagine that they are able to deceive a people mobilized with all the factors of national zeal and the experiences of life it has experienced, burned with the fire of its enemies, motivated by the factors of defending life in the midst of its great principles and the immortal legacy of our nation, towards those who wanted and are still trying to assassinate them, a people that made tens of thousands of generous sacrifices of valuable lives every short period of time as a result of the shortage of food and medicine and due to the use of force, we say to them, in the name of the great people of Iraq, that they are wrong and it is better for them to re-read the ancient history and this glorious history carefully in order to derive the lessons that distant us and them from the abyss of their evils and their souls inciting them to evil. We reiterate that the letter addressed to the Security Council and the UN Secretary-General by the joint meeting of the Leadership of Arab Ba’th Socialist Party and the Revolution Command Council on 1 May 1998 is not just a protest cry, but rather it is a will and alternative strategy in case other means and methods fail to return life to its natural track and to put the firm right in its proper place. The Leadership and the Council will meet in a short time to study this subject in depth and to act accordingly with their great people who are always in the pupils of the eyes and in the depth of consciences that pulse patriotism and national zeal.

Nothing will be true but right. God is Great.

The embargo began to erode actually through the steadfastness of Iraqis, their solid adherence to the necessity for the lifting of the embargo and their deep preparation for supporting the assets of sacrifices with additional honour.

This year and the subsequent additional time will be the year and time, God willing, of the serious erosion of the embargo on Iraq. They will be, with the assets of the revolutionary, patriotic and faithful energy as well as the genuine national position of those who take it, the stock of the aquiver and the fountain of the great waterfall to conquer the embargo, break its restrictions, dishonor its masters, the evil and vile. God willing.


Lessons of History
There are always affluent lessons in history, the incitement of which underlines an important aspect of what is possible and not possible at present, when the zeal and faith become active to prepare and mobilize the capability for its role pursuant to the appropriate framework and timing. On this occasion, the thirtieth anniversary of the auspicious revolution, and as some Arabs talk about full and comprehensive summits, and others talk about small or medium summits to discuss the issue of Palestine or the national issues in their comprehensive meaning, and further to our previous speech on the same occasion in July 1997 on the issue of Palestine, we say:


The Establishment of the Arab League


In 1945 the representatives of seven Arab states met in Bloudan. The meeting resulted in the establishment of the Arab League which is still existing although the representatives of only seven independent countries at that time took that decision, not the representatives of 22 states and entities as it is the present case with the political and constitutional division of the nations homeland. Despite foreign interventions, particularly British and French, were made to make the establishment of the Arab League as a substitute for the Arab unity whose slogans were strongly raised by the Arab masses which called for the unity and by which they rocked the chairs of government and the remnants of colonialism in the great Arab homeland, the old colonialism was not able to control the subsequent march of the Arab League because the Arab masses and their great slogans and struggle were against the colonialist will. Thus, that situation preserved the Arab League and kept some zeal to hold its conferences, including the summits. Had the position of the Arab masses not been as we described, the Arab League would have been abolished at earlier stages of its march after the foreigners failed to make it a colonialist project that could be achieved as a substitute for the glorious Arab unity.

Khartoum Summit 1967


In 1967, in the aftermath of 5 June relapse, the Arabs met in Khartoum. The meeting did not include all the Arab officials, on the level of the first officials or those who follow them directly in rank. Nevertheless, the summit took decisions, the most important of which were the decisions which constituted the base of the Arab steadfastness which prepared the possibility of confronting the aggression and the Zionist-American scheme against Palestine and the Arab homeland. The summit was named at that time as (the conference of the three no's). Although some winked at the summit, the rejection of the defeat and the insistence of Naser on liberation constituted the political and psychological foundation of the military position in 1973. This happened because the Arab masses had supported the will of the decisions adopted by the summit and because Naser, God rest his soul, with his patriotic, national and international weight pushed for such decisions. Thus, those decisions remained valid until Sadat deviated from the Arab line by his known position of 1977.


Baghdad Summit 1978
Despite the horrible shock inflicted upon the Arab masses, an Arab summit was held in Baghdad in 1978, which Egypt did not attend and some first officials of the Arab states did not attend too. However, since the convening of that summit and the minimum position required had met or come on the basis of Arab national desire based on the Arab popular mindful position, many decisions were made, a vital part of which was implemented and constituted the basic psychological and practical foundation of others’ steadfastness and their non-collapse as expected by Zionism and imperialist planners after Sadat’s position.


October War 1973


In 1973, on the margin of the Arab October war against the Zionist entity, a small number of the Arab states called upon the influential international parties to take a fair position, or at least the minimum position after which the evil would be a flood; otherwise the Arabs would be forced to put the interest of the Arab national security in their considerations and their oil and economic relations with the concerned parties. Since the masses’ will had supported that call which did not exceed its declaration in the policies of most of the concerned Arab states, or because that call represented an aspect of the genuine position of the Arab masses, the Arabs won in that field without making a serious sacrifice which they were to make at that time.


The Nation's Respect and Prestige

In 1980, we visited Saudi Arabia after the Zionist entity put pressures on the states having diplomatic relations with it to move their diplomatic missions and Embassies from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, and gave them a short respite, otherwise it would sever and terminate its diplomatic relations with them. A number of those states responded to that Zionist pressure. But, only by our agreement with King Khalid, God rest his soul, and authenticating that agreement in a statement which we declared after meeting with King Fahad who was crown prince then, not only the process of moving the embassies to Jerusalem had been ceased but even the embassies which had been already moved to Jerusalem, prior to the Zionist ultimatum, were returned to Tel Aviv. Thus, you see how a brief statement by only two Arab states, Iraq and Saudi Arabia, succeeded in increasing the respect and prestige of the Arab nation amongst other nations. Although it was a joint statement by only two Arab states, its meanings represented the will of the whole nation as well as the whole people. Since the statement had been based on a resolution firmly established in the souls that the warning by the two states to those who would respond to the Zionist ultimatum, was serious, and it was taken to be implemented not just for propaganda, the concerned parties realized that the two states would reconsider their relations with them and that all the Arabs might follow suit. Therefore, they responded immediately and refrained from moving their embassies to Jerusalem, and even those who had already moved their embassies to Jerusalem, before declaring the statement, returned them to Tel Aviv.


Baghdad Summit 1990

In 1990, the Arabs gathered in an Arab summit held in Baghdad. Syria did not attend that summit although its officials were invited. Some Arab states did not attend on the level of the first officials. Nevertheless, its decision had a thunderous impact on the Zionist entity and on the makers or followers of its aggressive policies. The Arab masses positively responded to those decisions to the highest and largest degree because they put their confidence in that summit and built their hopes on it as soon as it had been decided to hold the summit. Before announcing what had been announced of its decisions, those decisions, attitude and the nature of the roles and its known positions had a reflective reaction in the plans of the plotters of the black conspiracy preceded August 1990 against Baghdad, its men, attitude, policy, capability. Hence, the unjust thirty-nation aggression took place.


Cairo Summit 1996

Arab brothers,  

In 1996, the concerned Arabs held a meeting on the level of the summit in Cairo. One of its important decisions was to facilitate the task of America and its supporters to continue the embargo on Iraq under the facade that Iraq should implement the so-called resolutions of the Security Council, as if the concerned Arabs were to play the role of a UN office on behalf of America. They also took other decisions, including those decisions taken under the facade of the Palestinian issue.

What did happen after that meeting? Did any of those who are concerned in the Zionist entity turn a hair? Or did the White House, the supplier of the requirements of the Zionist occupation, aggression and expansion at the expense of the Arabs, pay any attention? Did those resolutions have any positive effect on the conscience of the Arabs from the shores of the Atlantic ocean and Mediterranean sea to the shores of the Arabian Gulf and the depths of the Arabian Peninsula?  

The answer to this question is clear enough, for us, to take a decisive decision based on a confidence that cannot be rocked by the adorned words of whoever. But, is it clear for those who are responsible for that summit held in Cairo without the meanings that Baghdad represents now in the Arab’s position and history? And when discussing Arab issues, did the conference give serious consideration to the Arabs’ aspirations and attitudes?

The return to an aspect of the near past may involve some embarrassment to some Arabs. But, we do not mean that per se. However, we are in bad need for such direct inquiries, for us or against us alike, because we are under the titles of the rulers or leaders, each according to his description. In our this capacity, we need those inquiries more than we need them as mere normal citizens in our countries.  

Since the walls of government palaces are not always transparent, and as this is their objective description in general, and in order to make everyone of us close to the token, aspirations and the vision of the people, his conscience and principles should be transparent and living.  

And because what the transparent and living conscience and principles, that reflect the reality of the nation, mostly need is truth as it is, talking of it and about it and inquiring into it and about it loudly, by us or by others, is an honorable patriotic and national act. Rather it is a sacred religious duty.


America's Position

Therefore, Arab brothers, we return to say:

If some ask for America's view in advance, or depend on its view of the acceptance or non-acceptance of holding the summit and of its venue and nature, then how we can imagine their conduct regarding the agenda and the trend of the summit's resolutions, particularly on the issues in which America has a clear and previously determined view. This view is biased, non-neutral, at the expense of the Arabs and not in the middle between the Arabs and their enemy?! 

Some Arabs have shown courtesy to America. Many of them hoped that it would take into consideration their friendship and sacrifices for it during two or three decades. However, Palestine and other Arab territories are still under occupation. Al-Quds, the second holy shrine is still under occupation. There are still some Moslem rulers, including some Arabs, who say that they are Moslems, representing their people and believing in the divine book, the Holy Quran, but they do not feel, in spite of this, any embarrassment or deep wound in their hearts and chests as a result of the occupation of Al-Quds by the Zionists by means of injustice and aggression. Doesn't this contradict the truth, reality, responsibility and faith?


Thirty Years of Struggle and Jihad
Brother Arab leaders,

We have learnt from the experience of thirty years of struggle, Jihad and building in power, and prior to this, from the record of our underground struggle and the meanings of the lofty principles in which we believe and never bargain over them, that it is of wisdom for anyone whom God enable to have some capability, should seek more, depend on God, and not dispense the simplest emotions, capabilities and view of the people for achieving these objectives, because the achievement of the higher objectives requires large concentration, for which the officials cannot dispense with the youngster, the elderly, those who are on the front-line or in the far depths of the battle field. However, if you find that it is in the best interest of the nation and it will mobilize the enthusiasm of its sons, to hold a summit or any other arrangement with a part of its potentials, not its entire potentials, to regain its usurped rights, to immunize the inherent rights that should be immunized and protect them from the threats of the greedy, the malicious and the tendentious, we will be more than happy because this will prove that the nation is well as we believe and see. More importantly, if you, or some of you, are able to achieve that within the minimum requirements that satisfy God and the good sons of the nation, this will prove, for the whole world to see, that the main parties concerned are a living part of their nation. Then, it does not matter, if your dispensing with Baghdad's capabilities and their effectiveness is not an avoidance or ignorance of them but a mere gesture of warriors so that Baghdad may take some rest after its long march of Jihad when there is that who can fill its post on the honorable front of Jihad, although this, even according to this condition and its motivations, does not satisfy Baghdad, its people, lovers and the great people of Iraq who never remain indifferent or accept the warrior's rest on the margins of the battlefields when fighting is fierce or there is a need for deliberation and consultation.

Nevertheless, brothers, you should remember a wisdom derived from this immortal and glorious record, that is that who wants to brandish a sword, which he would not use only if necessary, against the enemy, should brandish it against him without hesitation and with tested and known sword. He who seeks wisdom should ask an experienced man. And he who wants to warn his enemy, his capabilities should be visible with a view to give him a chance to make a choice before getting involved. He who wants to use force against his enemy as an unavoidable choice, should thrust into the battlefields those men who can win one part of the battle by their symbols and the other part by their genuine swords.

Success is granted by God..

On God we depend, first and last..
God is Great..
The Reality of the Arab-Zionist Struggle
Arab brothers,

During the past two years, some Arab officials distressingly tried to falsify the facts deliberately or due to their ignorance of the factors and reasons for the conflict between the Arabs and the entity which usurped their sanctuaries and territories. Moreover, it threatens them with cruelest threats to life, sovereignty and security. It also uses whatever it has and whenever it can use it against their people and territory. No one can ignore the severe suffering of the injured and struggler people of Palestine, the struggler people of Lebanon and the Arab people in the occupied Golan as a result of the Zionist entity’s recklessness of the simplest requirements of right, even in non-Arab perspective. I say, some Arabs began publicly and openly to turn the fact of the conflict between the Arabs and the usurper and aggressor, the Zionist entity, in addition to the great meanings they lost due to this entity’s usurpation and aggression, into a mere difference of policies. They also started to minimize and dwarf the fields and meanings of this difference depicting them as if they are between some Arab rulers and Netanyahu on some provisional, tactical and secondary matters, not on basic, strategic and fateful issues which constitute a great concern of the nation. Thus, they gave in to their enemy in advance because the conflict in which one of its parties calls for its entire objectives and reveals them to the quarters that are required to make sacrifices and prepare the strategic requirements necessary for their success, while the other party hides or waive the whole issue by declaring only a part of it and asking only for a mobilization of forces and potentials that are parallel to that part only. In such a conflict, the latter party will inevitably be defeated, rather it is psychologically and actually defeated from the very beginning and before entering the battlefield. This is the case with some Arabs who started to beg the sympathy of the biased American administration to help them by pressurizing Netanyahu for resuming the discussion of the so-called peaceful solution pursuant to the so-called Madrid and Oslo resolutions, while their curses are poured upon Netanyahu only. This negligence by some Arabs is prompted by the Zionist American administration through throwing dust in the eyes of some Arabs from time to time.


Tactics is Part of Known and Understood Strategy

Some may say that the speaker does not master the art of tactics because such Arab conduct can help the Arabs win friends in the world, while the Zionist entity loses. Commenting on this, I should like to say: Arab brothers, Tactics is neither (juggling) nor a magic technique in today's international politics. Rather, it is an action comprising capability and time in a manner that serves the strategy designed for particular field, objective or objectives, or for an action calculated for a specific time in the light of a capability allocated and mobilized in the field. Accordingly, tactics is part of a known and understood strategy on the level of the government and people, otherwise it cannot succeed, on the one hand. On the other hand, the enemy masters the art of tactics and the tactic and strategic dealings with its popular quarters, its enemies and friends. It also fully understands the nature of nowadays international politics, as it was the case in the past. Therefore, it will not wait until international politics give it voluntarily what it hopes to get or works for. Rather, it will snatch that from international politics and force it to use some of its concepts and objectives against you in order to force you to give in without fighting and attrition of the enemy. Thus, the enemy never lose from this policy, or rather the non-policy.

Since the enemy masters the art of utilizing tactics as a part of its strategy, it knows that your feet should not be on the extreme edges of the target you defend. Rather, the target should be behind you in order to protect it from the enemy's attacks. The enemy also knows that it is impossible to mobilize a force capable to effectively confront the enemy and snatch from it any target which is stripped of sanctity and the attractive public interest of the people and nation. Therefore, we see the enemy always speaks about objectives which are deeper, larger and more severe than the objectives you talk about and demand. It mobilizes its forces on the basis of the declared and undeclared objectives. It investigates and calculates its alliances accordingly.

Hence, you should return to right, brothers, as it is. Then, right will return to you, under God's patronage, as it is. At that time, tactics will be successful.

At that time, any policy, whatever the minor aspects the Arabs missed, will not cause them a loss of their historical right under variables in which time cannot wait for the helpless and the weak indefinitely to provide them with ready-made gains.


Serious Arab Summit

Nevertheless, Baghdad of the Arabs and Islam, which is full of zeal for the principles, lofty ideals and love for its nation's sons, does not accept for itself to be a cause, cover or an obstacle that impede the holding of a serious meeting of the Arabs on the level of summit to take decisions that put the nation in a better situation towards itself, its lovers and enemies.  

What is important, brothers, is that you meet and your meeting should be a serious aimed at deciding on your nation's affairs what satisfies God and the sons of the nation. You should wisely consider your affairs without being distracted from your duty by an obstacle or whim that impede your position.

Your meetings should be regular, with their dates and venues are pre-scheduled every time irrespective of difference or agreement on this or that matter.

Only then, you can provide yourselves with a strong reason to be a living part of your nation, and your nation will be in a higher status and better situation.


The Price of Rightful Stand and Saying

Brave Arabs,

The Iraqis know that they have to pay the price of any rightful stand and true saying. Nowadays, the price of the rightful stand and saying is not economic, such as terminating an agreement or assistance, diplomatic, such as lowering the relations between two or more countries, cultural or the like, but it is all of this soaked in the sacred blood of the dutiful martyrs. But, Iraqis also know, they remind each other and do not forget, that sacrifices should be on the level of wishes, hopes and goals. Those who have such wishes, hopes and goals should be prepared for their level. There is no way for those who aspire to reach the peaks, not the stagnant valleys, but this level of sacrifice. There is no way out of any plight or impasse created by the greedy imperialist foreigner or the foreign occupier and usurper, through building on a low land since the flood will sweep it off and render it a mere scum. The usurping and greedy enemy does not understand reality and does not respond to what is right and just through shameful submission, but through the adoption of an honorable stance and being prepared for this situation. At that time, the foreigner may retreat without shedding blood. As regards the positions of shameful submission, they will not get anyone out of his impasse, or the impasse in which he has been entangled. They will not open any honorable doors to get out of the plight, doors that get the capability out of the reach of those who besiege it, set it hard punishments or threaten the titles of its components. The Iraqis repeat the following verses of the great poet, Kamal Al-Hadithi:


Bustards cannot escape humiliation by flying away , for the falcon will hunt them.

Flourishing and green is life , and only he whose life is short perishes ,

So many are the people who come to our springs that everyone is bewildered when things are confused,

We stir them up to our liking and depart, only to drink the purest part which is the best.

God is Great.


Firm Rightful Position

Arab brothers,

The firm position based on the ground of truth and its goals brings us closer to our consciences or brings our consciences to us. It makes us a living part of our people and nation. We provide that position with additional means of wisdom and capability, while it in turn provides us with a great flow of wisdom, capability and love. More importantly, it brings us closer to the Lord of the absolute might and wisdom, God, the Almighty, and grants us the opportunity of God's gratification and forgiveness for the uncountable mistakes of power. However, we neither come closer to Whom we so hope, nor He comes closer to us, unless we become a living part of the Arab collective conscience, and unless these considerations become the obsession of all of us, rather than the gratification or non-gratification of this or that of the nation's enemies and those who underestimate its capability.

Only then, and by relying on God and the nation, rather than on any international official, the Arabs can hold a summit with whoever attends it. A summit which polarize the attention and interaction of the Arabs from the Atlantic ocean and the Mediterranean to the Arabian Gulf, whether this or that Arab ruler or leader is present or not.

At that time, the concerned parties will act with confidence. They will feel a kind of love which they do not know before in the eyes and hearts of their people. They will feel the appreciation which fills them with confidence by the states of the world and their representatives when they make their enemies feel the due respect.



“ Our Lord, condemn us not if we forget or fall in error, our Lord, Lay not us a burden like that which thou didst lay on those before us, our Lord, lay not on us a burden greater than we have strength to bear, blot out our sins, and grant us forgiveness, have mercy on us. Thou art our protector, help us against those who stand against faith.”

God speak the truth.

Long live the Arabs..

Long live the sons of our glorious nation..
Long live Iraq..
Long live Iraq of Jihad..
Long live Palestine, free and lofty Arab country..
Glory and immortality to the martyrs of Iraq and the Arab nation..
Glory and immortality to the martyrs of Palestine..
God is Great..
God is Great..
Let the despicable be despised.