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Title:  "IAEA Team Finds Evidence of H-Bomb Work in Iraq." The IAEA said that its inspectors found dramatic new evidence of an advanced and sophisticated nuclear weapons program in Iraq. (911008)

Translated Title:  L`Irak se preparait a fabriquer une bombe H.; Equiop OIEA descubre en Irak pruebas de trabajos relacionados con bomba H. (911008)
Date:  19911008


10/08/91 * IAEA TEAM FINDS EVIDENCE OF H-BOMB WORK IN IRAQ (Inspectors uncover documents on lithium 6) (370) By Judy Aita USIA United Nations Correspondent

United Nations -- The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said October 8 that its inspectors found "dramatic" new evidence of an "advanced and sophisticated nuclear weapons program" in Iraq, including work to produce a powerful thermo-nuclear bomb.

In a report to the Security Council, IAEA director Hans Blix said that the documents found by the IAEA's sixth inspection team in Baghdad indicated that Iraq was in the process of producing several kilograms of lithium 6, whose only known use is in hydrogen bombs.

"The key result of the sixth inspection is the uncovering of documents that show conclusively that Iraq was very well advanced in a program to develop an implosion-type nuclear weapon and that links existed to a surface-to-surface missile project," Blix said.

The program was "so advanced," Blix said, "that the time needed to reach bomb-making capacity seems to have been determined by the time required for the enrichment activities rather than the weapons design activities."

"Contrary to Iraq's claims of having only a peaceful nuclear program the team found documents showing that Iraq had been working on the revision of a nuclear weapons design and one linking the Iraqi Atomic Energy Commission to work on a surface-to-surface missile project -- presumably the intended delivery system for their nuclear weapons," the IAEA preliminary report to the council said.

The inspection unit -- which was in Iraq in late September and remained trapped in a parking lot under Iraqi guards rather than give up the documents it found -- also uncovered evidence of a "broad-based Iraqi international procurement effort," the IAEA director said.

"It is quite possible -- even probable -- that some of the procurement that has taken place, e.g., of sensitive equipment or material, has occurred in violation of laws of states from which the export originated," he said.

Blix said it is too early to indicate which contractors might have been breaking laws. But he noted that after careful analysis IAEA would release the names of contractors that had violated laws. NNNN

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