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Title:  "Editorial: No Compromise on Iraq." The UN should not compromise in seeing that Iraq destroys all of its weapons of mass destruction and the means to deliver them, and the US is determined to insure that the UN resolutions are enforced. (910924)

Translated Title:  Editorial: no hay concesiones a Irak. (910924)
Date:  19910924



N(Following is an editorial, broadcast by the Voice of America September 24, reflecting the views of the U.S. government.)

TBush said the liberation of Kuwait from the aggression of Iraqi tyrant Saddam Hussein was one of the "finest moments" for the United Nations. But Bush also pointed out that six months after the passage of U.N. Security Council resolutions setting terms for a cease-fire in the Persian Gulf war, "Saddam continues to rebuild his weapons of mass destruction and subject the Iraqi people to brutal repression."

Iraq is obligated under U.N. Resolution 687 to eliminate all of its material for making chemical, biological and nuclear weapons and the ballistic missiles that can be used to deliver them. A special U.N. commission has sent inspection teams to Iraq to ensure its compliance with these provisions. But Iraq has continued to use concealment and deception to obstruct the inspection teams.

This pattern of behavior resulted in the adoption last month of U.N. Security Council Resolution 707, which holds Iraq in material breach of its obligations. The new resolution demands that Iraq allow the U.N. inspection teams to conduct flights throughout the country to look for prohibited weapons.

Recently, Iraq denied the U.N. commission the right to use U.N. helicopters for the inspections. Then Iraq tried to impose conditions on their use. These are clear violations of U.N. Resolutions 707. The members of the Security Council have informed Iraq that it must fully comply with all relevant U.N. resolutions without delay.

As President Bush said this week, the United Nations should not compromise in seeing that Iraq destroys all of its weapons of mass destruction and the means to deliver them. He said the U.N. economic sanctions against Iraq should stay in place as long as Saddam Hussein remains in power. Bush stressed that it is not the U.S. intention to punish the Iraqi people. "Our argument has never been with the people of Iraq," he said. "It was -- and is -- with a brutal dictator whose arrogance dishonors the Iraqi people."

President Bush noted that U.N. Security Council Resolution 706 created a mechanism for sending humanitarian aid to Iraqi citizens. Adopted last month, this resolution allows the sale of a limited amount of Iraqi oil in order to finance relief for Iraq's civilian population. Some of the funds from the oil sale would be used to compensate victims of Iraq's invasion and occupation of Kuwait.

The United States is determined to insure that the U.N. resolutions are enforced. As President Bush said to the U.N. General Assembly, "We must not abandon our principled stand against Saddam's aggression. This cooperative effort has liberated Kuwait, and now it can lead to a just government in Iraq. And when it does, the Iraqi people can look forward to better lives -- free at home, free to engage in a world beyond their borders." NNNN

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