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Title:  "Baker Says Iraqi Move 'Extraordinarily Regrettable'." Secretary of State Baker termed Iraq's refusal to allow a team of UN inspectors to leave an Iraqi weapons facility with documents they had discovered quite regrettable and hinted that military action in support of the team was possible. (910923)

Translated Title:  Baker califica negative Iraqui `extraordinariamente lamentable`. (910923)
Date:  19910923


09/23/91 HBAKER SAYS IRAQI MOVE "EXTRAORDINARILY REGRETTABLE" SH(U.N. resolutions "unconditional, unqualified") (540) BYBy Russell Dybvik BIUSIA Diplomatic Correspondent

TNew York -- Secretary of State Baker September 23 termed Iraq's refusal to allow a team of United Nations inspectors to leave an Iraqi weapons facility with documents they had discovered "extraordinarily regrettable" and hinted that military action in support of the team was possible.

The stand-off involved a U.N. team looking for evidence of Iraqi nuclear weapons capabilities and ballistic missiles; news reports said the team had discovered documents in the facility that indicated a continuing effort on Iraq's part to develop a nuclear weapons program.

Baker, just before meeting privately with Zimbabwe's Foreign Minister Shamuyaira in New York, refused to say the U.N. team was being held hostage.

But he made it plain that "the (U.N.) Security Council resolutions that call for inspections are unconditional and unqualified. The whole purpose of these resolutions is to determine the extent and degree to which Iraq is trying to continue to maintain capabilities with respect to weapons of mass destruction."

Last February the Security Council adopted resolution 687, which set out the conditions for a cease-fire in the Persian Gulf war. It specifically authorized inspectors of the U.N. Special Commission and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to search out and render harmless Iraq's weapons of mass destruction -- chemical, biological and nuclear -- as well as Iraq's ballistic missiles. Last month the Security Council adopted resolution 707, which specifically authorizes the U.N. inspection teams to use their own helicopters and aircraft inside Iraq to carry out their mission. Iraq so far has prevented those missions.

Recalling Iraq's refusal to comply with last November's Security Council resolution demanding a complete withdrawal from Kuwait by January 15, the secretary reminded reporters "we saw earlier the tragic consequences of failure to comply with Security Council resolutions. There should be full compliance with Security Council resolutions."

Asked if there is a need to set a deadline, Baker noted "the Security Council talks about unqualified compliance. There are no conditions in there."

Meanwhile, President Bush said in an address to the U.N. General Assembly and later at a photo session with Brazil's President Collor that he wants full implementation of pertinent U.N. resolutions on Iraq.

Asked if he would send troops to the Middle East, Bush told questioners that "We are trying to sort all this out, find out what the facts are. We're determined that the resolutions be implemented fully. I tried to set that tone in the (UNGA) speech. Until we know a little more, why, no decisions will be made as to what the United States will do."

During a meeting earlier in the day with Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Nakayama, Baker reiterated the United States' call for full and unconditional Iraqi compliance with the U.N. resolutions.

The secretary characterized Iraq's attitude as "not as cooperative, frankly, as I think the international community has every right to expect."

Baker is in New York for the annual general debate of the U.N. General Assembly and is expected to confer with a wide variety of foreign dignitaries during the remainder of the week. NNNN

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