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Title:  US policy on Iraq reiterated; US will not intervene in Iraq's internal affairs. WH Report. (910405)

Date:  19910405


04/05/91 WHITE HOUSE REPORT, FRIDAY, APRIL 5 (Iraq) (320)


White House Press Secretary Marlin Fitzwater stressed that the administration has been "very clear from the beginning" about its policy of nonintervention in Iraq's internal affairs.

Speaking briefly with reporters in Newport Beach, California, Fitzwater recalled that President Bush, in a joint news conference with Japanese Prime Minister Kaifu, said April 4 that not one coalition partner has urged intervention in Iraq's internal turmoil.

Fitzwater noted that for months, U.S. policy was very explicit that "we would not target (Iraqi President) Saddam Hussein, we were not going to get involved in their internal strife, we would not try to dictate who the new (Iraqi) government should be...."

And it was in the face of all of those policy declarations, Fitzwater added, that the president had said: "If Saddam is going to be overthrown, it has to come from the people within."

There was never any suggestion, "any way, shape or form, that we were going to be involved," Fitzwater said. "Indeed, the reason that we had to call for the people to deal with this problem themselves was because we had said so emphatically we would not be involved."

Asked if President Bush had known who the people would be who would rise up against Saddam Hussein, Fitzwater replied, "We still don't know. There's no way of knowing at any time."

Fitzwater said Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Israel agree with the United States and do not want outside forces to get involved in Iraq. One reason, he added, is there's no way to predict what regime might emerge.

Asked about Secretary of State Baker's upcoming trip to the Middle East, Fitzwater said he "is going primarily to explore the Middle East peace process." He noted that Baker will consult with Bush in Houston before he departs for the region. NNNN

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