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Title:  "UNCHR to Vote on Iraqi Human Rights Violations." The UN Commission on Human Rights will vote on two resolutions condemning Iraq for 'grave' violations of human rights against the Kuwaiti people during the seven-month Iraqi occupation of Kuwait. (910305)

Translated Title:  "Graves violations des droits de l'homme en Irak." (910305)
Date:  19910305


03/05/91 1Ne Re UNCHR TO VOTE ON IRAQI HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS (U.S. notes obligation to condemn abuses) (520) By Robin Newmann USIA European Correspondent

Geneva -- The U.N. Commission on Human Rights will vote this week on two resolutions condemning Iraq for "grave" violations of human rights against the Kuwaiti people during its seven-month occupation of the country, and for "flagrant" rights violations against its own people.

"The human rights violations in Kuwait were tragic and the world community waits on this commission to close the book on that sad saga of human rights violations," said J. Kenneth Blackwell, U.S. representative to the 43-nation commission.

"We have an obligation to condemn those violations and lay a marker down for reparations and the restoration of a prosperous and peaceful Kuwait," he added March 5 while commenting on the resolutions.

"In Iraq itself," Blackwell said, "torture, summary executions, and disappearances are commonplace." It would be a "tragic irony," he noted, "if Saddam Hussein's regime could get off the hook for internal human rights violations" after having invaded a sovereign state.

Blackwell expressed the hope that the resolutions would be adopted by the commission when it considers them March 7-8, the last two days of this year's six-week UNCHR session.

"The integrity of our process and this commission rides on our ability to condemn Iraq for human rights violations," he said.

Both resolutions call for the appointment of special rapporteurs to investigate the violations and report back to the commission.

The resolution regarding Iraq's internal violations expresses the commission's concern over "reliable reports" of enforced or involuntary disappearances of people, "mass extrajudicial executions," and "torture and arbitrary detention by the government of Iraq."

It adds that it is especially concerned by "the fact that chemical weapons have been used on the Kurdish civilian population, by the forced displacement of hundreds of

GE 2 POL204 thousands of Kurds and the destruction of Kurdish towns and villages."

The resolution recalls that the government of Iraq denies the fundamental rights of freedom of expression and of the press to its citizens, and calls on the government of Iraq to abide by its obligations under international human rights conventions.

The resolution regarding Kuwait criticizes Iraq for the "enormous human suffering" its troops caused to the civilian population in Kuwait during the military occupation.

It expresses the commission's "grave concern" over the "abduction from Kuwait and the continued detention of prisoners of war and civilians," and over Iraq's treatment of prisoners of war and detained civilians, which "does not conform to the internationally recognized principles of humanitarian law."

The resolution "strongly condemns" the Iraqi authorities for "acts of torture, arbitrary arrests, summary executions and disappearances" and expresses "serious concern" about the "systematic destruction, dismantling and pillaging of the economic infrastructure of Kuwait."

The resolution also condemns Iraq for having failed to respect international humanitarian standards during its occupation by not allowing international humanitarian agencies to extend assistance to the civilian population in Kuwait, notably for refusing to give access to the International Red Cross. NNNN

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