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Title:  President Bush told reporters while touring a Raytheon Co plant in Andover, MA, that Iraq's Revolution Command Council statement does not indicate compliance with UN resolutions and presents nothing new. Add to PO 502. (910215)

Date:  19910215



In Andover, Massachusetts, Bush told reporters he has seen no sign of an Iraqi withdrawal from Kuwait, and said he does not know what the Revolution Command Council meant by using the word "withdrawal" in its February 15 statement. "It doesn't mean compliance with the United Nations resolutions," he asserted. "Until that happens, regrettably, there will not be a cessation of hostilities. There will be no pause, there will be no cease-fire...."

Bush toured the Raytheon company plant in Andover which produces the Patriot anti-missile missile used with such success against Iraqi Scud missiles. During a photo session, he said members of the U.N. coalition recognized the Baghdad statement as a ploy which was "dead on arrival because there wasn't anything new or significant" in its content.

The president noted that instead of asking the U.S. taxpayer to pay for damage done to Iraq, the U.N. resolutions call on Iraq to pay reparations for damage it did in Kuwait. But Bush pointed out that Iraq could not "make amends" for the loss of life it has caused.

"There's nothing in this thing," he said regretfully, "to offer hope. I wish I thought there was; there's not." NNNN

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