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Title:  "Editorial: Iraq, a State Ruled by Terror." The world is well aware of the torture, rape and pillage that Iraqi occupation forces have inflicted on Kuwait, but fewer people realized the extent to which Hussein subjects his own citizens to the same treatment. (910204)

Translated Title:  "L`Irak: un etat gouverne par la terreur." (910204)
Date:  19910204



(Following is an editorial, broadcast by the Voice of America February 3, reflecting the views of the U.S. government.)

The world is well aware of the torture, rape and pillage that Iraqi occupation forces have inflicted on helpless Kuwaiti citizens. But fewer people may realize the extent to which Saddam Hussein subjects his own citizens to the same inhuman treatment.

Iraq under dictator Saddam Hussein has been a state ruled by terror. The secret police have engaged in extensive surveillance and have used torture and summary execution to deal with political opposition. Many Iraqi families have suffered the disappearance and arbitrary detention of family members. Victims include children.

Every year, there have been reports to dozens and sometimes hundreds of deaths in Iraq, with bodies often returned to families bearing marks of torture. According to testimony given to Middle East Watch, a human rights organization, in December 1979 a lecturer at Baghdad University was dragged from his house in the middle of the night. He was blindfolded, handcuffed and beaten with a rubber truncheon. He was taken to the security headquarters in Baghdad where he was accused of being the leader of an opposition party. When he denied it, he was tortured almost every day for the following 35 days. He was beaten on the feet and for long periods of time he was left to hang by his arms from ropes anchored in the ceiling.

Torture is also used against children, either to obtain information from them, to punish them for acts of opposition, or to punish their parents. One Iraqi mother testified about the horror of the morgue where she collected the mutilated remains of her son in September 1982. He had been arrested in December 1981 and held without charge or trial. His body was in a sitting position when his mother found him. He had blood all over him and his body was eaten away and bleeding. Other bodies in the room had been hacked to pieces with an axe, with eyes gouged out and noses and ears chopped off.

The Iraqi people have suffered greatly at the hands of the savage dictator Saddam Hussein, a man with total disregard for the sanctity of human life. A man who has brutalized

GE 2 TXT105 and tortured his own citizens has now subjected them to a war he has no hope of winning. The Iraqi people should not have to suffer any longer. NNNN

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