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Title:  "US Condemns Iraqi Missile Attacks Against Israel." Kuwait will help fund Operation Desert Storm. (910125)

Date:  19910125


01/25/91 1Ne Re U.S. CONDEMNS IRAQI MISSILE ATTACKS AGAINST ISRAEL (Kuwait to help fund Operation Desert Storm) (790) By Edmund F. Scherr USIA Diplomatic Correspondent

Washington -- The State Department has condemned as terrorism the latest Iraqi Scud missile attacks against Israel, and announced that additional U.S. Patriot anti- missile units will be going to Israel.

Iraq January 25 unleashed a barrage of seven Scud missiles against Israel, reportedly killing one person and wounding more than 60 others.

Also at the State Department January 25, the ambassador of Kuwait announced a 13,500-million-dollar contribution from his government for Operation Desert Storm -- the coalition military operation to free Kuwait from Iraqi occupation. This amount was for the first three months of 1991.

Kuwaiti Ambassador Shaikh Saud Nasir al-Sabah made the announcement after meeting with Secretary of State Baker. The secretary told reporters that "we are extraordinarily pleased with the forthcoming response of the government (of Kuwait) to our request for responsibility sharing."

Department spokesman Margaret Tutwiler told a news briefing that the latest Iraqi Scud attack against Israel "demonstrates once again that we are dealing with a regime prepared to use all means of terror against innocents in pursuit of its goals. This serves as one more reminder of Saddam Hussein's brutality and his determination to attack innocent people.

"We condemn this brutal act," she emphasized. "The secretary of state again expresses his sorrow over these unprovoked attacks and his deep appreciation of Israeli restraint."

The spokesman reported that the United States will be supplying Israel with more Patriot anti-missile missiles to defend against Scud attacks. "These Patriot units will be coming out of Europe and they will have American crews," she said.

Asked about a possible Israeli retaliatory strike against Iraq, she emphasized that the United States is committed to the security of Israel. "We recognize and respect the right of every sovereign state to defend itself, and thus

GE 2 SFF506 we have never questioned Israel's right to respond to this attack," Tutwiler said.

"We also recognize and respect Israel's desire not to be drawn into this conflict, and greatly admire Israel's restraint in the face of Iraq's deliberate and murderous effort to widen the conflict caused by its (Iraq's) aggression against Kuwait," Tutwiler said.

Reviewing recent terrorist incidents, she said that several attacks during the past 24 hours occurred at private or commercial facilities associated with the United States or coalition member countries. "There were no attacks on U.S. diplomatic or military facilities, and there were no injuries reported," Tutwiler said.

She cited one incident in Kampala, Uganda, where a bomb was thrown over the wall of the American Recreation Club and landed on the tennis court. The device exploded on impact, but there were no injuries. The U.S. ambassador had used the court shortly before the explosion.

The department on January 24 issued a travel advisory for Tanzania warning Americans to defer nonessential travel because of uncertain conditions caused by the outbreak of hostilities in the gulf. Citing a "credible terrorist threat" against official Americans in Tanzania, the advisory said the department has ordered the departure of all dependents and non-essential U.S. government personnel from the embassy in Dar Es Salaam.

Tutwiler reported January 25 that the U.S. Embassy in Seoul, Korea, is advising Americans that due to the potential danger of terrorist acts, they should avoid areas where Americans tend to gather after business hours.

After meeting with the Kuwaiti ambassador, Baker told reporters that the Iraqi terrorist threat is "serious." He said that "we have solid evidence of efforts to accomplish terrorist acts. And so we take them (Iraqi officials) at their word when they say that they are serious about this."

Tutwiler could not confirm reports that Iraq has closed its border with Jordan, thereby stopping the flow of refugees. "Of course, the United States would want refugees, if they choose to flee," Tutwiler said.

She also reported that Deputy Secretary of State Eagleburger was returning from his trip to Israel.

The spokesman said the United States was "concerned" about reports that the chairman of a Brazilian company, Avibas, has said it would continue to provide technical assistance to Iraq on multiple rocket launchers and air defense radar. The United States is "seeking clarification from the Brazilian government" on this matter, she said.

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If true, she continued, "we would ask Brazil to block the company's assistance (to Iraq). Such activities, if they were taking place, would clearly be in violation of the U.N. Security Council resolutions prohibiting trade with Iraq."

She also noted that the Israeli finance minister had called Baker and denied reports that he had made a "formal" request for 13,000 million dollars in additional U.S. aid. NNNN

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